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Walkthroughs of Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition Secrets Guide

Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition Secrets Guide Walkthroughs

Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition Secrets Guide

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| GAME NAME : Duke Nukem 3D and Atomic Edition |
| FAQ NAME : Secrets and Easter Eggs Guide |
| PLATFORM : PC / Macintosh |
| VERSION : 1.50 |
| DATE : 2005.07.28 |
| AUTHOR : Keith McLeod |
| E-MAIL : sturmtiger@gmail.com |
| COMPOSED WITH : Notepad 80 pt. |

| [01-00] Table of Contents |==================================================

[01-00] Table of Contents
[01-01] Quick Search
[02-00] Introduction
[02-01] Abbreviations
[03-00] Secrets
[03-01] Episode 1 - L.A. Meltdown
[03-02] Episode 2 - Lunar Apocalypse
[03-03] Episode 3 - Shrapnel City
[03-04] Episode 4 - The Birth
[04-00] Cheats
[05-00] Easter Eggs
[06-00] FAQ Information and Copyright
[06-01] Version Information
[06-02] Credits
[06-03] Contacting Me
[06-04] Copyright

| [02-00] Introduction |=======================================================

Hello, this a brief secrets guide for Duke3D, compressed for portability :)

Looks like I forgot about this guide, so I updated it with everything that I
missed and now the guide is more or less complete. There shouldn't be many
more updates to this guide; for the main guide check the Complete FAQs at
GameFaqs for more.
=| [02-01] Abbreviations |=====================================================

Here is a list of all the acronyms that may or may not be used in this guide.

| ADRN - Alien Drone | OB - Octabrain |
| AQ - Alien Queen | OLRD - Overlord |
| AH - Atomic Health | PA - Pistol Ammo |
| BA - Body Armor | PB - Pipebomb |
| BK - Blue Key | PIG - Pig Cop |
| BLRD - Battle Lord | PIGT - Pig Tank |
| BTS - Boots | PMED - Portable Medikit |
| CA - Chaingun Cannon Ammo | PROT - Protozoid Slimer |
| CE - Cycloid Emperor | PREG - Protozoid Slimer Egg |
| CAP - Captain | PSTL - Pistol |
| CGUN - Chaingun Cannon | RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade |
| CMD - Commander | RPGA - RPG Ammo |
| DV - Devastator | RPV - Recon Patrol Vehicle |
| DVA - Devastator Ammo | RK - Red Key |
| ENF - Enforcer | SCG - Scuba Gear |
| ERAY - Expander | SDRN - Sentry Drone |
| EXA - Expander Ammo | SGUN - Shotgun |
| FF - Forcefield | SHA - Shrinker Ammo |
| FZR - Freezer | SHL - Shotgun Shells |
| FZRA - Freezer Ammo | SK - Small Medikit |
| GOG - Nightvision Goggles | SRAY - Shrinker |
| HDK - Holoduke | SRK - Shark |
| JP - Jetpack | STR - Steroids |
| LK - Large Medikit | TP - Teleport Pad |
| LTB - Laser Tripbomb | TRP - Trooper |
| MFT - Duke's Mighty Foot | YK - Yellow Key |
| MG - Mounted Gun | |

| [03-00] Secrets |============================================================

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-01] Hollywood Holocaust | 01:45 | 00:53 | 08 |

[SECRET 1] At the beginning of the level, jump onto the box and onto the ledge
here. From the ledge, jump from here to the higher ledge that is under
the "innocent" sign. Walk over to the indentation on the ground and take the
RPG that raises up from it.

[SECRET 2] From the ledge in Secret 1, jump into one of the windows on this
side (its invisible but looks solid). Once you get in there, there is a
monitor and some RPG ammo on the bed, but before you get that be sure to kill
the Trooper that is in the dark. Go to the "Biker Bimbo" poster and open it.
There are Steroids in the new room.

[SECRET 3] In the snack stand area, you can touch the cash register; it
will open a secret door that you cannot reach by jumping. However, go under
this new area and touch the wall underneath the far right of it. A small
elevator will rise so you can get the BA in that room.

[SECRET 4] There is an ARCADE sign in the area here. Jump onto the trash can
that is near there and open the wall when you are standing on it. A room
will be opened up, inside it there is some Pipebombs, a Small Medikit, and
Nightvision Goggles.

[SECRET 5] In the bathroom, go to the end of the vent. Kill the Trooper from
inside the vent but be careful of the babe. There are two other Troopers in
there, as well as some shotgun shells. Just going in the room gets the secret

[SECRET 6] Jump onto the movie projector in the movie projector room. A door
will open beside the projector. In the room there is a Trooper and a captain
in it, as a well as an RPG.

[SECRET 7] Press switch beside the window in the movie projector room; they
will move the curtains that are in front of the movie screen. There is a crack
in the screen that you can destroy; jump into the hole in the screen. Kill the
two troopers and take the shotgun ammo and the jetpack.

[SECRET 8] Drop down onto the ledge that just below the bridge to the end of
the level. Follow it around to the front of the street (there is a LM on the
way). Continue until the cinema sign. Jump onto the palm tree that is near
here, then face the windows and try to jump into them. You will reach a room
that has a Ripper, a Shotgun, an RPG, and some pipebombs. Go back to the bridge.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-02] Red Light District | 05:10 | 03:21 | 08 |

[SECRET 1] Jump on top of the shelves in the main porn magazine room and get
the atomic health. Try opening the wall here, there is a small compartment with
a HDK in the corner near where the atomic health was.

[SECRET 2] From the counter in the room above, count the number of shelves on
the wall with the buttons, on the fourth one from the counter, open it. There
is some pipebombs and armor behind it.

[SECRET 3] After the room with the switches, you will go down another hallway
that branches off to the left and right; to the left there is a pig cop and
Atomic Health and to the right is a Trooper.

[SECRET 4] In the washroom, breaking the toilet causes a door to be opened
right behind it. There are two pig cops right away when you enter, so rig the
door with a pipebomb first to kill them quickly. Go down the ramp and kill the
extra pig. There is a jetpack, steroids, and a HDK on the shelf. In the
sewer area, if you follow it to the end, there is a babe, an atomic health,
and your very first octabrain. Kill the octabrain with the shotgun at close
range for best results. Go back to the bathroom.

[SECRET 5] In the strip club, on the left side of the room, there is a couch.
Stand on the couch to cause a secret door to be opened where there is a
stripper wearing tan clothing (its right across from your position). It closes
quickly so get there fast. There is a ripper and ammo in there.

[SECRET 6] In the strip club, go into the vent in the right side of the room.
Though you have to go through this to finish the level, it still counts as a

[SECRET 7] In the backstage area, there is a platform that leads to the end of
the level. Jump up to the top of the platform and look to the right. Jump from
the platform and go onto the other raised platform to get the GOG on there.

[SECRET 8] Near some boxes at the end of the level is a part of wall that is
lighter than the others. Open this to find a PMED.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-03] Death Row | 05:35 | 03:41 | 10 |

[SECRET 1] Pressing the left switch in the guard room lowers the electric
chair, you can go down and behind the chair to get a shotgun and some shells.

[SECRET 2] Look at the front of the altar; there seems to be a face. Press the
face; it will cause the screen to go red and the cross to turn upside down.
It will also cause a secret door to open in the stained glass window on the
left. Go in there; there is an octabrain so take him out with the shotgun. If
you follow the passage to the end, there is a CGUN.

[SECRET 3] Go to the end of the chapel opposite the cross and altar. You will
notice a button; shoot it with your shotgun or pistol and when you hit it, a
small elevator will raise. Take this elevator up to some atomic health and
armor. It's timed but you can do it again if you have to.

[SECRET 4] Crouch down and use the bed in the jail cell. It will move to
reveal a small passage with some RPG ammo.

[SECRET 5] Outside the jail cells, you can jump onto some slanted ramps and get
onto the ledge above. On the ledge, you will notice some ramps in the middle of
the ledge. area, run up those ramps to pass through an invisible wall and
emerge in a small hallway with three atomic healths.

[SECRET 6] On the upper side of the ledge that is closest to the RK, there is a
large crack in the wall. Blow this up to get access to some STR. If you want,
you can blow up the crack at the end of this small crevice to get early access
to Cell Block 1 and earlier in the level.

[SECRET 7] After the rotating room, there is a bridge that was rigged with 4
LTBs; at the end of the bridge is a map. Open the map; this opens two
compartments to your left or right. Jump into the compartment on the left to
get some pipebombs.

[SECRET 8] Follow the instructions above, but jump into the compartment on the
right instead to get an atomic health.

[SECRET 9] There is a large door near the submarine area that leads back to the
jail cell area. There are two columns on either side with slight ramp on them.
Jump on the ramp of the right column and open the wall on it; doing this will
reveal nightvision goggles.

[SECRET 10] Near the back of the submarine is a crate, open part of the wall of
the back wall of the submarine (it's on the right) near this crate. This room
has an engine in it as well as a portable medikit.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-04] Toxic Dump | 07:20 | 04:40 | 14 |

[SECRET 1] When you emerge from the submarine, there is a cave in the water that
you can go in; there is a crack in the wall here. Swim to the end of this
area and go to the piece of land with the babe and the barrels. Toss a pipebomb
on the barrels and detonate it; this will open a passage to the outdoor
portion of the level. The secret counts when you come up onto the piece of

[SECRET 2] When you get to the cliff with the BK, jump into the right hole and
open the back wall. There are some RPG rounds in the secret room.

[SECRET 3] On top of the submarine, there is a small fire that is burning.
Step into the indentation on the submarine where the fire is burning. This will
cause a secret to register. You don't have to get the spoils, but they are
back in the top of the submarine. There is armor, atomic health, and a portable
medikit in the small compartment.

[SECRET 4] In the hallway after the BK door, you will notice some metal archways
that are part of the hallway. To the left of the very first metal arch on the
right side of the wall there is a secret door. The door leads to another
passage, which has another door that leads to the front of the building. It has
a ripper in it and you can get the stuff that the troopers dropped.

[SECRET 5] Go down the conveyor belt until you reach a small tub of acid on the
side of the conveyor belt. Go in the acid to the far end of the pool. There is
a hidden door here which leads to some ripper ammo.

[SECRET 6] Continue down the conveyor belt and you will come to a room with some
capsules that you can open with a switch. The capsule on the left doesn't have
anything in it right away, but if you go in it and jump up, you can get two
atomic healths.

[SECRET 7] There are two slanted platforms on the same piece of
land that you are on after you emerged and raised the water level in this place.
On the right platform, you can jump to a hole in the rock face which contains
RPG ammo. This is not the secret however. There is another ledge in there that
contains a portable medikit and a shotgun.

[SECRET 8] Where the switches that open the 02 doors are, in the space of rock
between the video monitor and the red column there is a hidden door which leads
to some shells and scuba gear.

[SECRET 9] Blow up the crack in the wall that is around Secret 8 area. A TRP
will drop, fire at nothing, and then you can kill him. This is the secret.
[SECRET 10] You can blow up another crack in the Secret 9 area, there is an
atomic health in there.

[SECRET 11] You can blow up a third crack in the wall. Go into the resulting
space to get the secret; this is also a pathway to the beginning of the level.

[SECRET 12] Go slowly down the waterfall's river. At about the second curve,
you shoot an RPG round at the wall. There is a small room with a large medikit
and a teleporter. Go in that teleporter. You will emerge in a secret room with
some troopers and some RPG rounds. Go down the waterfall to continue.

[SECRET 13] You'll notice acid pouring out of a fan near the end of the level;
you can shoot the fan and jump into the resulting hole (if you are having
trouble jumping try jumping on the cement and not the acid). There are two
atomic healths in there.

[SECRET 14] The sewer that leads to the exit of level is the location of this
secret. Though the sewer is dark, pay attention to the lighted portions. The
very last one you see has a faint crack in it on the left side of the wall.
Shoot it and go in. There are some troopers in there and some pistol and ripper

[SECRET LEVEL] In Secret 14's location, the exit symbol to the level Launch
Facility is here.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-05] The Abyss | 09:10 | 05:00 | 06 |

[SECRET 1] On the ledge surrounding the fire pit, go to the left of the
pipebombs and you will see a portion of wall that is protruding. Open the front
face of that wall to find some steroids.

[SECRET 2] Run right into the fire. You will teleport into a secret room. There
is an octabrain that you have fight right away in here. After you kill it,
there are two atomic healths on a shelf, if you get those, then you will cause
another octabrain to spawn.

[SECRET 3] Near the fire in Secret 2's location there is a rock beside some
wooden fences. Jump onto the rock and up onto the ledge. There is RPG ammo

[SECRET 4] Climb up a series of ledges near an acidfall until the path meets
the wall. Near the pipebombs, there is a crack in the wall. Blow it up and
enter the hole. Follow the resultant path to find two boxes of shells, some
ripper ammo, a clip and a large medikit. At the end of the path you will
emerge near the entrance of the level, you will get the secret credit around

[SECRET 5] On the side of the river with the acid falls there is platform, and
on its wall there is a hand print. Touch it and a wall above an acid fall to
your left will open. Go in it, and follow the acid river to a rocky path.
Follow that path to a place where you will find three atomic health and a

[SECRET 6] Facing the big door that you come to after jumping across all the
platforms, go to the right wall. Search around there and a secret door will
open. Enter, and follow the path up to get an AH.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [1-06] Launch Facility | 05:15 | 02:58 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] You will have to opened the second FF in this level to get this , a
new hole will open in an acid pit that you came across early in the level; swim
through and emerge at the end. There are two atomic healths here and two boxes
of shotgun ammo.

[SECRET 2] Just before you open the big doors to reveal the rocket, there is a
"Restricted Area". There is part of the wall on the top of the incline that's a
secret door. There is no noticeable marks on the wall, but its the second panel
on the right side of the computers. In the room there is armor.

[SECRET 3] Backtrack to Path 01, where the fan above the RPG was. Break the
fan and use your jetpack to get into the top of the fan; there are pipebombs
in here.

[SECRET 4] You can open the big computer near the acid river for three atomic

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-01] Space Port | 02:30 | 01:19 | 06 |

[SECRET 1] Go the left as soon as you can at the beginning of the level and go
to the monitor that you see. When you go close to it, a secret door opposite
the monitor will open, containing RPGA. Timed.

[SECRET 2] If you don't destroy any computers in the computer room, there
will still be one that is broken by default, you can open this to reveal a room
that has two TRP and an AH in it. If you did break the computers here don't
worry you can still get the secret.

[SECRET 3] In the BK room, There is a vent. Go in it; you will reach a
dead end, jump and you will reach another dead end, jump a third time and you
will reach a small shaft with some PB.

[SECRET 4] JP up the forcefield pipe to the top. You will get attacked by an
enforcer, kill it and go to where it died to get a DV and an AH.

[SECRET 5] This is pretty easy to miss. Go back up to the ledge that had the
AH on it at one of the top levels of the pipe. You will hear a door open; to
get to this door, you will have to jump down the big pipe, all the way to the
water. Get out of the pipe, turn around, and between the elevator and the door
a small door will be open on a timer. In that room there is two CA.

[SECRET 6] When you enter the door in the observing room, where you can see the
Earth, the hallway has a floor that will give out. At the bottom, you can
exit to a room. In this room, fight an ENF, and get the SRAY, BA, and LK.
Entering this room counts as the secret.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-02] Incubator | 02:30 | 01:26 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] Go to the obvious looking door near the computers at the beginning
of the level. Open it and get the PBs.

[SECRET 2] In the back of the compartment of Secret 1, there is a secret door
that leads to some BA.

[SECRET 3] You will notice an "Earth Defense Forces" logo on the wall, you
can jump through it to get a PMED.

[SECRET 4] Facing the armory, go right until you see some panels with green
lights on them. Open the right panel to get to the secret area (this will
cause an ENF to drop). In the secret room is a FZR and a HDK.

[SECRET 5] Facing the rotating platforms with AH on them, look right. There are
two panels with green lights on it. Open the right one; get the CA for the

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-03] Warp Factor | 05:00 | 02:26 | 02 |

[SECRET 1] You can get to this secret in the outer part of the circular room.
In the compartment that had the steroids in it and that was the lighted panel
there is a switch on the wall (if you are facing the inside of the compartment
it is on the upper left). Shoot the switch and run around to the other side of
the circle. An elevated platform will have been lowered on a time lock. In this
room is a door that leads to an elevator, which leads to the bridge of a
ship. Go down to the observing screen and get the RPG and the AH, and in the
middle circle there is some PB on a ledge. There is a CGUN on the top half of
the outside circle, on some computers. There is a door near the observing
screen, which leads to a small room. When you go here, some SDRN and ENF will
spawn and attack you. There is a PMED behind the desk.

[SECRET 2] Use the computer on the desk in Secret 1. This will open another
secret door, which has a DV and an FRZ inside.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-04] Fusion Station | 04:30 | 02:14 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] On this shelf (that has the three LTB, its at the end of a dark
hallway) search around the walls here to find a hidden door. Go in. Follow the
tunnel down to the right and you will get two AH. You have to exit the chamber
with the AH the same way you came in.

[SECRET 2] From Secret 1 to the left of the wall, there's a PREG and a LK. Face
the left wall and jump up; get the PBs. Now, go back down the tunnel and find
the piece of wall that doesn't look like the rest. Open it.

[SECRET 3] In the room with the large pistons or generators or something. Under
here, between the generators, search the back wall to open a small compartment
that has two CA.

[SECRET 4] To get this secret, you first must hit the underwater switches in the
room that makes a bridge form for you. Then go to the monitor in the main room.
Run across the room to the door that opened opposite of you when you hit the
switch (there were SHL in here). In this time-locked door, there are a FRZ and

[SECRET 5] In the room directly left to the entrance of the egg room, there's a
column that opens up to reveal some BA. Face the entrance to this room; the
column is to the far left, near the window.

[SECRET 6] In the room with two large beams across the roof. The explosion will
cause a crack in the wall, and you can climb up the platforms to a beam. You
have to go through the vents on the wall to get to the other platform; in the
vents there are PREGs and an enforcer in the roof so watch out for that and use
a PB. Go through the pipe and to the end of the other beam; at the end there is
a babe, with two SHA and an AH that you can just jump onto the babe to get.

[SECRET 7] In the area of Secret 6, there is a crack on the wall to your right
(facing the compartment with the AH). There is a RPGA in there.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-05] Occupied Territory | 03:00 | 01:26 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] Go to where the big door went down at the beginning of the level.
Face the right jamb; there is an AH in a small alcove.

[SECRET 2] In the room where there are various COMs and SDRN that will attack
you, there is a large arch in it. As you pass under the arch, go up the right
ramp. There is a grate up there; go in and get an RPG and a BA.

[SECRET 3] In the same main room as Secret 2, JP up to where the SDRNs came
out. There are some RPGA and an AH in there.

[SECRET 4] At the back end of the room with the Birds in it, there are some
computer monitors. You can either jump in the upper left computer or search the
lower right computer for a secret door; you will find two LTBs and an AH.

[SECRET LEVEL] On the platforms that lead to the exit, face the exit, turn left
and look up. There is a switch that you can hit with a gun. Shoot it, and to
the right a door will open in the wall. There is a secret exit symbol in here,
which leads to Spin Cycle.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-06] Tiberius Station | 02:30 | 01:04 | 08 |

[SECRET 1] Between the shelves with the two BA in the supplies room, there is a
secret door which leads to a door with a PMED.

[SECRET 2] Right when you enter the room with the mirror, look to the upper
right if you are facing the mirror. There is a large crack in the wall which
you can destroy. Jump in there to get access to the vents and get two SHL.

[SECRET 3] Before you go up the elevator at the end of the mirror hallway, you
will notice another dark hallway to your right, with some PREG in it. Kill them
and go to the water fountain. Face the wall opposite the fountain; walk right
through it and get the two boxes of PBs inside.

[SECRET 4] To the left of the door that leads to the Red Lighted room there
is a secret door on the wall. It leads to a small room that has an ENF and GOG
on the ground. There is also a small compartment on the right wall that you
have to open to get the STR and CA inside.

[SECRET 5] When you are crossing the bridge that you made from the platforms;
from where you hit the switch, to the left and right there are indentations
in the wall where the platforms that made the bridge were. Jump off this to the
left and swim to the indentation. Open the wall at the surface. There are two
AH in the room.

[SECRET 6] Follow the same instructions as above, except go to the third
platform and drop off to the left. There are some RPGA in this room.

[SECRET 7] On the hallway to the door, above the large mainframe part of the
computer there is a crack in the wall to your left which you can blow up. It
leads to a JP and a way to get back to a previous part of the level.

[SECRET 8] After the bridge where you fight the BLRD. There is a vent on the
ground in this room. Break the grate and go in. There's a PMED as you enter. As
you proceed you will notice another grate to your left. As you approach this, a
secret door will open across from you; you can see it from the vents. You have
to JP over to get it; there is an RPG in the secret area.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-07] Lunar Reactor | 04:45 | 02:15 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] At the entrance to the sewers, hit the switch, and go to the left.
There is a small room here with some SHL and a LK. Now, while the walls are
back in their default position, face the danger sign and go to the left corner
of this room. Open the wall and get the two AH which count as a secret. Back
in the room with the SHL there is a switch that opens the big walls again.

[SECRET 2] There are two computers on the first ledge of the rock face. Face
the right one and search it. It opens a secret room which has some CA and a LK
in it.

[SECRET 3] Jetpack over to the ventilation shaft in the outer part of the rock
face; it has a hole in it. Land on it, and if you face one side of the wall
that it is attached to it there is a cave in the wall that has RPGA, BA, and AH
in it.

[SECRET 4] Go to the computer where Secret 2 was found and jump off the ledge
here. Use your JP as you do and you will notice a cave in the wall; go into
it. There is a SHA here and, further in, an SRAY. When you get this, three OB
will spawn behind you, so you can open the back of this cave to get to a TP
which leads to a small room if you don't want to fight them. There is a switch
here that opens a door; you will be on the platform opposite where you started.

[SECRET 5] In the room where the RK was found, there is a computer in this room
that looks different than the others; it appears to have a yellow stripe down
he middle. Open this computer to reveal an ENF. There is a HDK and two FRZA in
this room.

[SECRET 6] From the entrance of the room with the big reactor go left until you
are behind a large column. There is a shelf in here that has two LTBs in it.

[SECRET 7] From the entrance of the room with the big reactor, go right until
you are behind a large column. There is a shelf in here that has a RPGA in it.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-08] Dark Side | 11:30 | 04:59 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] Go to the big computer monitor in the middle of the building; open
it. A small nook will be revealed with two AH in it. You have to go inside it
to get the secret credit.

[SECRET 2] There is a crack in the wall here near the waiting bay of Alpha
transport. Its opposite the entrance to the cart. Inside the crack there is a
TRP, with a DV and two SK.

[SECRET 3] Near the end of the room, near the big water filled canisters and
the left side of the counter with the HDK, there is a piece of wall in the
upper right corner of the room. Open it and take the elevator that is in the
same hallway. You will emerge on a catwalk of sorts; some CAP await to fight,
along with some PREGS. You can go into the water filled canisters from here,
by going in the canister second from the left leads to a SRAY.

[SECRET 4] Where the two paths meet after Gamma transport there is a computer
on the wall that you can open. Inside it there is an SRAY and two LTBs.

[SECRET 5] In the room with four babes and some OBs in it (its in the sewer
where you could raise some platforms) there is a crack in the wall. Blow it up
and crawl through the rubble to get three boxes of PBs.

[SECRET 6] Go under the ventilation shaft that the ENF dropped out of - it's in
the waiting area of Beta transport. JP up there into a secret area that has two
AH and access onto the Beta Transport tracks. Go back into the teleport pad
when you are done.

[Secret 7] After you go into the monolith, there is a crack in the wall that
is pretty hard to find. From where you spawn from the teleporter, to your left
is a crack that you can destroy. Jump in there to get the secret.

[SECRET LEVEL] Hit the green Exit Symbol in the secret above to get access to
the secret level, Lunatic Fringe.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-09] Overlord | 05:00 | 02:26 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] Whilst swimming on the surface of the water at the very beginning of
the level, you will notice several computer monitors on a higher ledge. Face
this area. You will notice two protruding columns; go to the left or right of
the respective column and you will enter a secret room. Its a semi circular
room, follow it to the middle to get two FRZA, a BA and a AH.

[SECRET 2] Get on the lighting column some how and run around it's surface. You
will hear a door open. There is a column across from the FRZ and a door will
open on its other side (the door is across from the vent). There is an RPG

[SECRET 3] When going up the first ramp in the big waterfall complex. There is
a crack on the wall when going up the second part of the ramp. There are two
PBs in it.

[SECRET 4] When the final battle is going on, run into the OLRD's room. Back
in the PREG chamber, a door will have opened on a time lock with a PMED, two
RPGA, a DVA and a AH. This should help you with the battle.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-10] Spin Cycle | 03:00 | 01:19 | 00 |

No secret areas.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [2-11] Lunatic Fringe | 03:00 | 00:52 | 00 |

No secret areas.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-01] Raw Meat | 02:30 | 01:11 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] Near the red statue in the main restaurant room, there is an
invisible wall. Within it, there is a CA and a SK.

[SECRET 2] There is a picture in the main restaurant room with a woman in a
bikini on it. You have to search the lower portion of the woman's bikini to
lower the picture and reveal a SRAY on the top of it.

[SECRET 3] There is a bloody handprint on a chalkboard in the main restaurant
room here; open it and jump in to get a BA (the secret credit requires you jump

[SECRET 4] There are three sushi rooms in the main restaurant area; face them
and go in the right room. There is a crack in this room that you have to bomb.
In it, you can find a SHA and two LK.

[SECRET 5] In the area where the water is circulating, there is a small
compartment with double doors. Search around this compartment to push the back
wall back; you will get some PBs and two CA.

[SECRET 6] There is a bloody handprint on the wall opposite the small
compartment in Secret 5, press it to open a secret door with a FRZ in it.

[SECRET 7] There is a wine shelf in the kitchen; open it to reveal two RPGA.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-02] Bank Roll | 04:45 | 02:18 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] There is a switch on the desk in the cubicle in the office area. It
opens a painting in the room that reveals a DV.

[SECRET 2] There are two ATM consoles here in this level; open either one of
them to reveal a secret room which contains a CGUN.

[SECRET 3] There is a switch on the right wall where the PIG is near the
entrance of the bank; its near the roof. Shoot it and it will open a door under
the phones. There is a HDK under there. Special note of this secret; if you
shoot the switch in there the door will close and you will be stuck in there.

[SECRET 4] Open the painting behind the desk in the second portion of the bank
to reveal a JP and two SK.

[SECRET 5] There is a big crack on the wall in the Gamma portion of the back
of the bank, there is a crack that's all red; blow it up to get AH and access
to the beginning of the level.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-03] Flood Zone | 03:00 | 01:57 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] There are some sea weeds on the wall here near the beginning of the
level. There is a faint crack behind it. Blow it up. You will come to... a
shark farm? Take them out and get the DVA and CA on the ground and the SCG in a
nook on the wall. Now go up onto the water surface and be prepared to let off
some RPG rounds or some DVA to take out the mass of PREGs and OBs on a ledge.
After you finish them off, get the DV, SHA, PA, and LK on the ledge to get the

[SECRET 2] On the platform where you get the BK, you can jump into the back
wall. There is... nothing in here.

[SECRET 3] On the top of the building with the RK door, face the building
across from you, go to the very left of your building and jump off it into a
ledge on the wall. There are a couple of TRP and a CGUN here. Now, open the
window on the building here; it reveals a room with a shelf that has CA on it.

[SECRET 4] Near the YK door, there is a ledge that leads to some AH. Behind the
AH there is a secret door, open it to get a JP.

[SECRET 5] You will see a sign on the boxes "Hard Hat Area" search it, and a
box will be pushed in to reveal two ENF and two LK.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-04] L.A. Rumble | 03:15 | 01:46 | 03 |

[SECRET 1] Just after exiting the initial pipe blow up the crack on the wall to
your right. There is a FRZ in the resulting hole. This counts as the secret.

[SECRET 2] There is a knife on one of the counters later on in the room, search
right under it to cause a counter to be lowered right beside it. It reveals an

[SECRET 3] At the entrance of the office, near the stairs, there are two
pictures on either side of a wall. Facing into the room, the picture on the
right can be opened for some DVA.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-05] Movie Set | 02:30 | 01:04 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] Go to the room that has the two registers in it (where the PMED was)
and hit the right one. Run to the BK room, a secret door is opened with 3 AH in

[SECRET 2] Get onto the ledge with the movie poster and enter the far right
portion of the poster (you can walk through it). There is a AH initially and
a FRZ on a shelf higher up. Some DVA are on the ground. Exit here.

[SECRET 3] Try opening some of the crates in the room with all the stacked
crates. The one that the secret is in is under the biggest stack. While you are
searching for the door, you will hear it open. You either have to jump up the
crates to get to the secret room, or use the JP (recommended). Either way,
you'll encounter a nasty SDRN in there guarding a DV.

[SECRET 4] There is a Earth drawing on the wall that you can jump through
(jump right into where the ship is facing to fly). There is a JP and a SRAY in
the secret room.

[SECRET LEVEL] Notice the USA banner on the spaceship here, search it. This
will cause a door to open on the ship with an entrance to the secret level Tier

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-06] Rabid Transit | 03:30 | 01:30 | 06 |

[SECRET 1] There are 3 XXX stands here just after the revolving doors beside
each other. Jump on the left one and it will sink into the ground. There is a
HDK in the resulting room.

[SECRET 2] The big Lunar Apocalypse poster can be opened to reveal a CGUN.
When you enter this room, two SDRN will spawn elsewhere in the Entrance area
to this room.

[SECRET 3] There is a wall to the left of the compartment with the DV in it
(take the cart and you will see it); there is a crack in it. Blow it up to
find a STR, DVA and a AH.

[SECRET 4] Jump onto the post office box here and get the LK. Open the "No
Loitering" sign above you and get the RPGA inside.

[SECRET 5] At the very base of the staircase the one with the BLRD at the top
of it and the green canisters, there is a secret door, Open it to reveal a
secret room. As you enter this room, a COM will spawn behind you. There are
some FRZA here too. There is a switch in front of a computer map; use it to
open another door. Inside it there are 3 Babes, a DV and a RPGA.

[SECRET 6] JP onto the bookshelf on the left; the one with the AH in the water
room. The book shelf will sink into the ground, revealing a room with two ENF,
guarding 2 DVA, a RPGA, and 3 LK.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-07] Fahrenheit | 02:00 | 00:55 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] Above the couch in the office, facing the TV, is a painting that you
can open which contains two MG and a FRZ.

[SECRET 2] There is a shelf with a bunch of bottles on it in the same office as
above. Destroy the bottles on the two bottom shelves (or use a PB) and walk
through that wall to get a PMED.

[SECRET 3] In the radio station, There is a door on the wall in the far corner
of this room. Open it to find 3 CAP; enter the room and get the RK inside. You
need to get the RK and thus this secret to complete the level, but it still
counts as a secret.

[SECRET 4] Walk behind the red curtain at the back of the interview room to
find two FRZA and a AH.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-08] Hotel Hell | 02:15 | 01:09 | 03 |

[SECRET 1] There is a wine stand in the middle of the bar. Open the front of
it to reveal a HDK.

[SECRET 2] At the end wall of one part of the bar, that is between two shelves
full of drinks, there is a brown wall that can be opened. In it initially is a
PMED, and if you follow the ramp in it up there is a medical compartment here
that you can open to reveal PBs and SCG. You also have access to the aquarium
here, which has some PB ready sharks and a FRZ at the bottom of it.

[SECRET 3] There is a waterfall in the pool area, pouring water into the pool.
There are two flaming pots on either side of it. Jump into the waterfall. You
will emerge in a little jungle; just to the right of the entrance there is a
FRZ. Hit the bloody handprint here, it will open a rock wall. Go in it, Follow
the rock path down to the end and get the AH on the pedestal. Now, book it out
of there, because the ceiling will fall on you.

[SECRET LEVEL] In the Secret 3 area, before entering the cave, you can destroy
some palm trees here to reveal the secret exit symbol, to the secret level

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-09] Stadium | 02:45 | 01:17 | 00 |
No Secret Areas.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-10] Tier Drops | 00:45 | 00:10 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] The space between the two compartments on the Alpha platform can be
opened to reveal a SGUN, 2 DVA, and 4 PA.

[SECRET 2] The space between the two compartments on the Beta platform can be
opened to reveal a SGUN, two SHA and two CA.

[SECRET 3] The space between the two compartments on the Gamma platform can be
opened to reveal a PSTL, 2 RPGA, and 3 SHL.

[SECRET 4] The space between the two compartments on the Delta platform can be
opened to reveal a PSTL, two PBs, and two FRZA.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [3-11] Freeway | 02:00 | 01:07 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] At the very end of this high ledge at the beginning of the level, as
the ledge meets the bridge, there is window that you can open. It is a bathroom
which contains a PIG guarding a FRZ. The switch here just turns on the lights.

[SECRET 2] In this doorway, opposite the BK door, there is a secret window to
the left that you can open. Inside there are a couple of ENF. Jump in and get
the SRAY and the DVA. There is also a staircase here, you can blow up the door
at the top of it to get to Secret 1's area.

[SECRET 3] Just opposite the candy machine in one of the office rooms that has
the BK in it is a bookshelf that you can open, to reveal two DVA.

[SECRET 4] Near the BK is a small part of a door that has a crack in it; blow
it up to reveal a room with several PREGs, a CGUN, and a FRZA.

[SECRET 5] There is a column at one end of the conveyor room with two striped
bands of wall on either side of it. Jump into the striped bands to enter a room
with 2 ENF, guarding PBs and BA.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-01] It's Impossible | 03:04 | 01:32 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] There is a tiny ledge on the cliff that has the PSTL at the
beginning of the level. You can climb up this ledge and get into the cave that
had the MG in it. There are PBs and a HDK in this cave.

[SECRET 2] Go onto the main ledge at the beginning of the level and face the
big doors. Walk to the right and across the little bridge and you will notice
a bloody handprint on the rock face, this will open a door under the bridge.
You can enter the cave that the doors leads to and get the GOG and the AH
inside it.

[SECRET 3] In the room in the kitchen with the fan there is a red handprint.
Pressing it will open a section of wall beside it; enter to find a computer
and a FF. Hit the computer to disable the FF and enter the next part of the
room. Inside this room, there is a SRAY and BA on some boxes. You can also
swim back to the Kitchen via the sink here.

{SECRET 4] On the counter in the bathroom there is a switch, and it opens a
wall above the toilet stall. There is a PMED in there.

[SECRET 5] On the bed across from the TV in the barracks, you can stand on it
and use it like an elevator. Take it up and you can go in the next door that
you see. A JP and two DVA are in this room.

[SECRET 6] The computer near the IMF logo can be used to open a portion of the
wall with a PIG and a RPG in there. You can also open a portion of the wall in
that room to get to the SECRET 5 area.

[SECRET 7] There is a switch near the vent that you came out of to get in the
mining room from the big door hallway. Pressing it will open the door to the
mine cart, revealing a SHL, a CA, an AH and two SK.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-02] Duke-Burger | 04:00 | 02:00 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] Go to the alley that had some RPV and the PIGT in it, as well as the
two PA. There are two ways of getting this secret but both involve the use of
an item. There is a barrel to the right of the alley, facing a T-Shaped
portion of wall. Jump on the barrel, use STR and run right into the wall. You
should get into the secret room. You can also use the JP and get into the
secret room that way (the secret entrance is right under the yellow line). In
the secret room are PBs, STR, PMED and two EXA. There is an exit in this room
that leads to inside the Duke Burger (so you don't actually need to use the
BK in this level!)

[SECRET 2] Behind the desk in the RK room, there is a small switch on the
bottom left side of it. Hit this switch to open a wall on top of some boxes
across from it. Climb the boxes and enter the compartment that was opened to
get a FRZ.

[SECRET 3] The room with the poster of the dog anatomy has a very unexpected
secret. The light switch near the entrance causes the wall beside it to rotate,
and if you rotate with it, you will emerge into a room with an RPG. Note that
it is very easy to get squished doing this.

[SECRET 4] You have to blow up the gates on the right block of cells for this
one (the one that has the little puppy in it). On the two cells beside the
ones with the puppy in it, the back of the top one can be opened to get some

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-03] Shop-N-Bag | 03:30 | 01:45 | 07 |

[SECRET 1] To the left of the shelf that has "1" on it, at the beginning of
the level, is a fire extinguisher on a wall. Destroy it to make a crack in the
wall, and enter to find two TRP guarding a DV and a PMED. This also leads back
to the little bedroom as detailed before.

[SECRET 2] Go to the right and look at the stack of boxes between aisles 1 & 2.
There is a darker stack of boxes in the middle of the stack. You can open the
middle stack and get some EXA and a BA.

[SECRET 3] There is a crack on some boxes in the meat room. Blow it up to get
access to the beginning of the level and get the CGUN stuck in there.

[SECRET 4] In the room with two ATM machines, you can open the left one.
Be prepared to move backwards very fast and launch an RPG or something in there
as three MGs await you. Then go in there and get the DV.

[SECRET 5] In the storage room with all the boxes there is a small box here
that you can jump on (to get to it, from the entrance to this room, go right,
the follow the path to the small box). You can jump up onto the small box and
into the little alcove above it. Open this to reveal a FRZA, PBs, and GOG.

[SECRET 6] Go behind the stack of crates nearest to the trash compactor doors.
There is a small arrow on the back of the box, open the part of the boxes
that it's pointing at to reveal STR, SHL and RPGA. Note that the trash
compactor doors are near the end of the level.

[SECRET 7] Under the second trash compactor, the left wall (facing the exit
symbol) can be opened to get BTS, a PMED and RPGA. There is a crack in the wall
here that can be used to get back to just before the Meat Room.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-04] Babe Land | 06:32 | 03:16 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] This is kind of stupid, this one. You have to shoot the second
target from the left and the second target on the left; this will lower the
platform with the Prizes on it. Inside there, two PIG will attack. When you
kill them, you can get the RK, GOG, and BA inside there. This secret is
mandatory for level completion.

[SECRET 2] When you enter the gallery, you will notice a crack on the wall
across from the entrance; blow it up and two ADRN will jump out and attack you
so be careful. In the secret area there is a SHL.

[SECRET 3] There is a crack in the door near the prison cell on the ride to
the pirate ship, you can destroy it to enter it and get some RPGA.

[SECRET 4] A JP is required for this secret, which is very poorly designed
because there are really no clues on how to find it. Face the ship and look to
the right of it, you will see a security camera there whose sister monitor is in
the hull of the ship. JP up to the camera and try to enter to the right of the
camera (you have to be at the same height of the camera and touching the
ceiling. You will eventually pass through a secret wall into a ventilation
shaft; follow it down to get an AH.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-05] Pigsty | 02:02 | 01:01 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] You need a JP for this one, but it's pretty easy to miss. JP up
the building with windows on the outside. You can go in one of the windows here
(it has some graffiti under the window). Once you enter, you will get the
secret and can now get the FRZ, STR and EXA around this place and the DV and
RPG behind the desk.

[SECRET 2] At the bottom of the right flight of stairs in the L.A.R.D building
there is a switch. Hit it and run over to the phones to get a AH.

[SECRET 3] In the room with the audio equipment you can use the thing with
the two reels on it and this will open a door to the right of you. You can
go in this room to get the AH.

[SECRET 4] There is a bookshelf near the file cabinet in the room with the RK
door that you can open. Follow it down to get to the area that you can see at
the beginning of the level; it looks like an execution place. There is an AH
and 3 CGUN down here.

[SECRET 5] The big map in the room with the YK can be opened to acquire a PMED.

[SECRET LEVEL] Open the big George Washington picture behind where the judge
sits. You will come to the secret level exit symbol.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-06] Going Postal | 03:04 | 01:52 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] On the side of the fire truck with the fire hydrant there is a panel
on the side of the truck about the middle of it. You will hear a door open when
you hit it this door will be at the back of the truck. You have to jump through
this burning window to get on the inside of it to get the DV and the BTS. This
secret is timed and you can hit the switch to the right of the entrance to get
out of it.

[SECRET 2] The wanted poster near the main mail counter is there is a poster
with the Unabomber on it, here can be opened to reveal a vent that has some
PBs behind some mail.

[SECRET 3] You can open the back of the second locker from the left here in the
locker room. This reveals a secret room where there are two ADRN behind a desk.
On some of the sandbags there is a PSTL and beside it there are some PA. Around
more sandbags there is a PA and beside the boxes there is a PA a CGUN is on top
of it. There is also a grate to a vent in this room that has a SK in it, and if
you go behind the sandbags the little cage will open that has a PMED in it.

[SECRET 4] Alright, in this same room, notice the picture of the dog on the
wall. It has a target in the middle of it and the title "YOUR ENEMY". Shoot
the middle of of the target. A small shelf will open to your left, and inside
it is a AH and two RPGA [Credit Jacek D].

[SECRET 5] Notice the small conveyor that processes individual letters. Jump
over this and go to the center column; you can open it to reveal a vent. Follow
it through to get a SRAY.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-07] XXX-Stacy | 01:24 | 00:42 | 03 |

[SECRET 1] There is a box on top of the stack inside the building that has "Top
Secret" on the side; open the front of it to reveal a FRZ.

[SECRET 2] This requires a JP. JP up the side of the building that you are
on that doesn't have the open window (above the acid river) and move towards it.
The top of the building has a false wall that you can go through. There are
many, many canisters in there, so don't blow them up right away. Instead drop
a PB in and run out of the room, detonating it from afar. Go back in and get
the spoils, which include a DV, RPG and PB, and a path to a later part of the

[SECRET 3] In the room with the switch that lets you change the water level
outside, make the water level low, and when you do this a SRAY will be revealed
in one of the computers.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-08] Critical Mass | 03:18 | 01:59 | 04 |

[SECRET 1] In the room that collapses on you, instead of rushing to avoid
the ceiling coming down, you can wait right at the entrance of explosions room,
and opposite the door that you entered a secret door will eventually open.
Inside there is a AH and a TP to the area that you would normally run to if you
didn't use the secret. Be wary, however, if you do this because you will
teleport into the room and have to fight two ADRN and the 2 ENF that were there
if you didn't kill them.

[SECRET 2] After you avoid the trash compactor and get onto the platform, there
is a computer here that you touch to open a door near it, which conceals a PMED.

[SECRET 3] This secret is in the room with the big generator in it. From the
entrance, to the left is a clump of green canisters. Blow them up and go into
the resulting crack in the wall to get a RPG.

[SECRET 4] This secret is in the room with the large generator in it. From the
entrance, you can JP up in the darkness and go to the platform opposite the
entrance. There is a SRAY and a DVA up in this room.

| [#-##] Level | Par Time | 3D Realms Time | Secrets |
| [4-09] Derelict | 05:02 | 02:51 | 05 |

[SECRET 1] If you search the underbelly of the ship there is a hole that

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