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Walkthroughs of Dungeon Siege II - Broken World FAQ

Dungeon Siege II - Broken World FAQ Walkthroughs

Dungeon Siege II - Broken World FAQ

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V1.11 2006-09-16
Copyright 2006 by Barry Scott "PapaGamer" Will

A premium version of this guide is available. See


for more details.

Dungeon Siege II Broken World is Copyright 2006 by 2K Games and Gas Powered
Games. This FAQ/walkthrough is not endorsed by, nor is the author associated
with, 2K Games or Gas Powered Games.

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@_/_/_/_/_| ____ CONTACT INFORMATION )
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To contact me about the guide, send email to:


Please include "Broken World FAQ" in your subject line so I do not auto-
discard the message. Also, please read the FAQ carefully prior to asking for
help on any part of the game. If you send me additional suggestions or hints
for the game and I find them useful, you will be acknowledged in the Credits.

If you find this guide useful and would like to contribute a small token for
my efforts, you may send money through PayPal to:


Or use the Donate link found on my Web site:


Thank you, and enjoy the guide!

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@_/_/_/_/_| ____ TABLE OF CONTENTS )
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[1.1] What's New in Broken World
[1.2] How to Start DS2 and DS2: Broken World
[1.3] Tips to Get You Started
[1.4] FAQ


[2.1] Part 1, Chapter 1: Kanred the Mage
[2.2] Part 1, Chapter 2: The Mage's Tutor
[2.3] Part 1, Chapter 3: In Search of Celia
[2.4] Part 2, Chapter 1: Elves Under Siege
[2.5] Part 2, Chapter 2: The Familiars
[2.6] Part 2, Chapter 3: The Second Familiar Surgeon
[2.7] Part 2, Chapter 4: Solanum
[2.8] Part 3, Chapter 1: The Dwarves of Glorydeep
[2.9] Part 3, Chapter 2: The Overmage of the Cinbri

[2.10] Hunt for the Lost Dwarves
[2.11] Missing
[2.12] Lumilla's Special Recipe
[2.13] Naturalist Ithara's Research
[2.14] Anya
[2.15] The Ancient Tome
[2.16] Morden Redemption
[2.17] Morden Ravagers
[2.18] Greylok of the Kurgan
[2.19] The Human Refugees

[2.20] Naturalist Ithara's Research, Part II
[2.21] Celeb'hel the Elder
[2.22] Minli the Faerie
[2.23] The Aman'lu Arena
[2.24] Questionable Methods
[2.25] The Vai'kesh
[2.26] The Vai'kesh, Part 2
[2.27] Treasure Hunting

[2.28] Naturalist Ithara's Research, Part III
[2.29] Captured Miners
[2.30] The Explosives Tunnel

[3] LORE
[3.1] Handbook
[3.2] Quest Items
[3.3] Books
[3.4] Reagent Recipes
[3.5] Unique Items
[3.6] Item Sets
[3.7] Monster Book

[4.1] Character Races
[4.2] Classes, Skills & Powers
[4.2.1] Blood Assassin
[4.2.2] Stone Fist
[4.2.3] Fighter Skill Tables & Powers
[4.2.4] Ranger Skill Tables & Powers
[4.2.5] Combat Mage Skill Tables & Powers
[4.2.6] Nature Mage Skill Tables & Powers

[5.1] Henchmen
[5.2] Pets


To jump to a specific topic, open the Edit menu and choose Find in this Page
(or just press Control-F) and enter the bracketed number, including the
brackets. For example, enter [2.10] as the search text to jump straight to
the walkthrough for "Hunt for the Lost Dwarves".

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@_/_/_/_/_| ____ [1] GAME OVERVIEW )
\__ \___________________________________________________ /

[1.1] What's New in Broken World

Dungeon Siege II Broken World is an expansion pack for Dungeon Siege II. You
must have DS2 installed, though the expansion installs into a different
directory. The story picks up one year after the end of the original DS2 and
most of the same characters return. You can play through the original
campaign using the new content; or, convert one of your DS2 characters over
to BW and continue with that savegame; or, start directly into BW using a
converted DS2 character or one of the six pre-made characters that come with
the expansion.

* Gameplay: everything pretty much works the same as in DS2. All the keyboard
and mouse controls are the same as the original; however, hotkey settings do
not carry over from DS2 to BW. If you've made changes to the keyboard
controls in DS2, you'll have to go in and make those same changes to BW
(Options > Input tab > Hotkeys button).

* Original campaign: you can play through the original DS2 using the new race,
classes and spells, but it's the same game.

* Henchmen: you get three new henchmen in BW, though you have to complete
quests to get them. If you convert a DS2 character, any henchmen in your
active party, as well as all pets and henchmen stored at the Inn will
transfer with you. Henchmen not stored at the Inn will be hanging out in the
first area (Dryad Outpost). *NOTE* The party inventory at the Inn is pretty
badly bugged and you may not be able to take out anyone in there. See the FAQ
for more information.

* Chants: there are no new chants in Broken World. Any chants learned by your
character in DS2 are carried over and useable in BW.

* Race: added dwarves (males only). Full details appear in the Characters
section of this guide.

* Classes: added two multi-class classes. Full details appear in the
Characters section of this guide.

* Spells: there are now four autocast spell slots instead of two; and, two
reserve spell slots instead of four. The total number of spell slots per
spell book remains 10 (4 active + 4 autocast + 2 reserve). New spells, mostly
weapon enchant spells for the new classes, have been added.

* Skills: skill ranks now go up to 30, but only with magic bonuses. You can
only buy 20 ranks in a skill; magic enhancements can take you up to rank 30.
But, don't get too excited, all the effects from skill ranks have been
"rebalanced", so, in some cases, rank 30 in the skill doesn't provide as much
effect as rank 20 under the old rules. For example, in DS2, Fortitude 20
provided +45% health; in BW, Fortitude 20 provides +30% health and Fortitude
30 provides +34% health. Whoopee. All the new skill tables are in the
Characters section of this guide.

* Powers: in addition to rebalanced skills, some powers have also been
changed. For example, Waves of Force does less damage per wave. All the
powers with their new stats are listed in the Characters section of this

* Trainer: a new trainer merchant can reset the skill points for any
character in your party. Speak to the person in the Dryad Outpost with the
curved arrow over her head.

* Henchmen: added three new henchmen. Full details appear in the Characters
section of this guide.

* Pets: two new pets have been added. Full details appear in the Companions
section of this guide.

* Lots of new monsters: some with particularly nasty special abilities.

* A new story that continues the previous story and actually makes use of the
big plot twist that occurs during the final battle of DS2.

* New items, including new set items.

* Codes that allow items to be "transferred" to "Dungeon Siege 2: Throne of
Agony" on the PSP, and vice-versa. You get or give codes to the F&K Society
representative near the south gate of the Dryad Outpost.

* The "Take Aim" Ranger power bug (used melee levels to calculate extra
damage for Take Aim 1 and 2) has been fixed. Take Aim 1 and 2 now properly
use your ranged levels to calculate extra damage.

This guide is only going to cover the new material. For full coverage of the
original game, including gameplay mechanics, pets, character races and
classes and lore, see the original DS2 Walkthrough at:


[1.2] How to Start DS2 and DS2: Broken World

Dungeon Siege 2 used a special CRC check to verify saved games. The primary
result was corrupted saved games, due to the use of mods or NoCD cracks. To
combat the problem, Elys released a DS2 All*Saves loader that would allow you
to load up any savegame. She's recently released an updated version of this
loader for use with Broken World:


If you have any trouble converting your DS2 characters to BW, download and
install Elys' DS2BW All*Saves and launch Broken World using her loader. (The
BW All*Saves also includes a hack to unlock the camera, which you may or may
not like. Try converting without the All*Saves first.)

1) From the main menu, choose Single Player.

2) Under the list of heroes, click the Convert Hero button.

3) Choose from your list of characters from DS2 and click the Convert arrow.

4) Your character now shows up in the main list of heroes.

The conversion converts the character’s last saved game; so, if you’re in the
middle of DS2, you can convert the character and continue playing DS2 using
the Broken World content.

If you want to play the most recent saved game, just click Continue from the
main menu screen.

To start a new game or load a saved game:

1) From the main menu, choose Single Player.

2) Select the hero you want to use and click Next.

3) Select the map you want to play, either DS2 or BW. If you select DS2, you
can play the original game with the new race, classes, spells and magic items.

4) Click Next, and select the difficulty level. To play...
> DS2 Mercenary: no requirement, recommended levels 0 - 39
> BW Mercenary: you must complete DS2 Merc, recommended levels 39 – 47
> DS2 Veteran: you must complete BW Merc, recommended levels 47 – 68
> BW Veteran: you must complete DS2 Vet, recommended levels 68 – 74
> DS2 Elite: you must complete BW Vet, recommended levels 74 – 94
> BW Elite: you must complete DS2 Elite, recommended levels 94 – 100

Clicking the difficulty level begins play. If you have a saved game from that
difficulty using the selected hero, you will load the saved game.

[1.3] Tips to Get You Started

This is an expanded version of the 10 Tips that first appeared in the
original DS2 guide.

Explore the whole map
There are lots of little cul-de-sacs branching off from the main path. These
cul-de-sacs usually contain a reagent or reagent recipe, so it's worth the
time to make sure you're clearing the whole map to the edges.

Pay attention to creature stats
The developers have mixed things up a little more in Broken World. Right off
the bat you'll encounter creatures that shield themselves, becoming
completely invulnerable, when their health gets low. Wasting attacks on them
at that point is a bad idea, especially if there are other mobs around. Stay
on your toes; if your party is diverse (as it should be) you won't have much
of a problem.

Use Mirror party orders and take out enemies one at a time
The most effective combat tactic is to focus all your party's attacks on one
enemy at a time using the Mirror party orders. Rampage only works if you're
being swarmed by very weak creatures, which doesn't really happen that often.
Rather than disperse your attacks, and possibly end up with one character
being ineffectual (such as your fighter running after a melee resistant mob),
keep all characters on one mob until it's dead (which shouldn't take more
than a few seconds) and then move on to the next.

Use Powers to take out swarms or boss mobs
Use area-of-effect (AoE) powers (such as Whirling Strike, Corrosive Eruption
or Aether Blast) to handle swarms of enemies. When you encounter a boss-level
mob (distinguished by the glowing ring surrounding them), use a high-damage
single-target power (such as Brutal Strike or Take Aim) to quickly down the
boss mob.

If you encounter orange-colored mobs, back off
Enemy stats in DS2 are color-coded based on your active character's level:

* Green--the mob is five or more levels lower
* Blue--the mob is two to four levels lower
* Yellow--the mob is from one level lower to one level higher
* Orange--the mob is two to four levels higher
* Red--the mob is five or more levels higher

Red mobs, while not unbeatable, will give you heaps of problems individually.
If you encounter red mobs, you're in way over your head. Orange mobs mean
you're in a little deep. While you might be able to fight your way through;
in large numbers, orange mobs will be the death of you.

Anytime the mobs start getting into orange, back off and find an area where
the mobs are blue or yellow and keep coming back (the monsters respawn) until
you've gained some levels. Green level mobs don't provide enough experience
for power leveling.

Learn to calculate your Damage Per Second (DPS)
In order to truly understand how much damage you are doing, you must learn to
calculate DPS (damage per second). Since weapon damage is dependant on your
ability stats and class levels, it will vary from person to person. However,
you can compare two different weapons for your character by equipping each
and calculating DPS for each.

DPS can be calculated with this formula:



MAX DMG = Maximum damage of the weapon
MIN DMG = Minimum damage of the weapon
SPEED = Speed factor of the weapon according to the following table:

Speed Factor
------ ------
Slow 0.9
Normal 0.73
Fast 0.67
Faster 0.625

For example, you want to calculate DPS between a bow and crossbow. Bows are
Faster weapons while crossbows are Slow; but crossbows do more damage. Your
34th level ranger has a crossbow with a damage range of 97 to 165 and a bow
with a damage range of 78 - 134 (damage ranges are from equipped weapons).
The speed factor of the bow is 0.625 and the crossbow is 0.9. The DPS of each
weapon is:

Crossbow: (165 + 97) / (2 * 0.9) = 145.5
Bow: (134 + 78) / (2 * 0.625) = 169.6

As you can see, the bow in this case is clearly superior under normal

Now let's consider a 34th level fighter choosing between a one-handed and
two-handed weapon. The 2h weapon has a damage range of 90 to 143, the 1h is
67 to 105. Two-handed weapons have a speed factor of 0.9 and 1h is 0.67:

2h: (143 + 90) / (2 * 0.9) = 129.4
1h: (105 + 67) / (2 * 0.67) = 128.6

The DPS of the weapons are almost identical. However, the 1h weapon allows
the fighter to use a shield, thus drastically increasing armor ratings. On
the other hand, the 2h weapon can stun enemies and would be greatly superior
used with Brutal Strike.

The upshot of all this: when choosing among several weapons, equip each one
and run the formula. Take the one with the higher DPS or one with only
slightly less DPS but more bonus enhancements. In the long run, the faster
your enemies die, the better off you'll be.

Pause the game. Frequently.
Don't try to play this as an action/combat game, relying on the twitchiness
of your trigger finger to win the day. The combat in DS2 is very tactical,
and pausing regularly during combat will help you assess your characters'
positions, their health and mana status and the best available targets.

You should also pause every time you stop to manage inventory or add skill
points--especially if you are in hostile territory where a monster could
wander up and start beating on you while you're absorbed in whether or not
you should equip the Sword of Uberness or the Axe of Leetness.

Don't be afraid to use potions. And carry plenty around with you
Whether you choose to invest in Natural Bond and Survival so you can harvest
potions, or you just buy some from the friendly neighborhood potion pusher
whenever you're in town; always keep plenty of health and mana potions in
your Inventory.

Versatility is a good thing
Monsters are resistant--or flat out invulnerable--to different types of
damage, especially as you get deeper into the game. You must have a variety
of damage types available to you. If you've got a party of two fighters and a
ranger and you run into a mob that's resistant to melee and ranged damage,
you're in trouble.

The best way to handle versatility is to have one of each class in your party:
fighter, ranger, combat mage and nature mage. Of the four, the combat mage is
inherently the most versatile as she can fling death, fire or lightning
damage as needed; and, she can curse enemies to make them weak to her favored
attacks. Add a shield tank or mythrilhorn pet to Provoke mobs away from the
caster and you've got all you really need. You can then add in ranged or
healing/buffing/summoning support as suits your playing style.

Don't forget the Summon Teleporter spell
Summon Teleporter is a level-0 nature magic spell. Level 0 means any
character can cast it to open a town portal for a quick rest and refit. The
standard teleporters are rather thick throughout Aranna, but it never hurts
to have a quick escape method at hand. Make sure every one of your characters
has a spell book with Summon Teleporter in it, even if they never cast any
other spell throughout the entire game. Just remember that town portals do
not last through a save/reload and are single-use only.

You've got to know when to walk away, know when to run
Sometimes, when you're being overwhelmed, a "tactical realignment" is in
order. In other words: run away, run away! This is especially important if
you have casters. If they get surrounded by brutish thugs, they'll end up
unconscious pretty quickly. Since your mages are generally your highest-
damage dealers, any time mobs gang up on them, running to a clear area and
regrouping your party is a good idea.

Backup your saves
By default, your save games are stored in

My Documents\My Games\Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World\Save\SinglePlayer

The game keeps your most recent save and five backups. This doesn’t allow a
lot of leeway if you get stuck, hit a glitch, etc. Every time you start a new
chapter, ALT-TAB out of the game, ZIP up your character's save game folder
and archive it somewhere. If you hit a showstopper bug, replace your current
save folder with the most recent archived save folder.

The toughest enemy isn't always the biggest enemy
When in combat, try to identify the mobs that are hurting you the most. It
might be the boss, or it might be the boss' minions. You can even get
seriously injured by green-level mobs if you are especially vulnerable to
their attack. In boss fights, it is generally advisable to draw minions away
from the boss and destroy them piecemeal before confronting the boss party-a-

You also need to be aware of any mobs that are hanging back casting nasty
spells or summoning critters. Destroying a summoner also rids you of their
summons, which is a good thing. Again, use the PAUSE key a lot to keep an eye
on the ebb and flow of battle. Figure out which mobs pose the gravest danger
to your health and focus your attacks on them.

Use the map
If, for some strange reason, this guide alone isn't helping you find your way,
keep an eye on your map. It is full of helpful icons:

* Green dots point out friendly NPCs
* Blue dots point out interactive items (buttons, levers, doors, etc.) or
treasure that's lying on the ground (including reagents and recipes)
* Gold stars mark primary quest objectives
* White stars mark secondary quest objectives
* The compass map always shows a gold arrow pointing you in the direction you
need to go to complete your current primary quest task

You can zoom the maps (both small and large) using the slider under the
compass map. Use it to search for secret switches and get your bearings.

[1.4] FAQ

Q. How do I unlock the higher difficulty levels?

A. To play...
> DS2 Mercenary: no requirement, recommended levels 0 - 39
> BW Mercenary: you must complete DS2 Merc, recommended levels 39 – 47
> DS2 Veteran: you must complete BW Merc, recommended levels 47 – 68
> BW Veteran: you must complete DS2 Vet, recommended levels 68 – 74
> DS2 Elite: you must complete BW Vet, recommended levels 74 – 94
> BW Elite: you must complete DS2 Elite, recommended levels 94 – 100

Q. How do I add more than four characters to my party?

A. Four characters is the limit for Merc difficulty. At Vet difficulty
you can add a fifth party member. At Elite difficulty, you can add a sixth
party member. To add party member slots, speak to an innkeeper.

Q. What are the item codes from the PSP?

A. As codes are discovered and circulated, they'll be added to this guide.
However, it should be noted there are no *unique* items in the PSP
DS2: Throne of Agony. The F&K codes are, essentially, "cheat codes" that
give you a free item in one game when you find that same item in the
other. All magic items are available in both games and can be found as
random loot, etc. If you look through the lists of reagent, unique and
set items, you'll note that some are listed as "Crossover". These are
the items that can be transferred between games.

Q. What's with the ??? guy?

A. This treasure thief showed up in DS2 and helped launch an Easter egg quest.
He's back in BW, but seems to serve no similar purpose here. He's still
annoying though.

__ ___________________________________________________|'-,
__________/____/ \
@_/_/_/_/_| ____ [2] WALKTHROUGH )
\__ \___________________________________________________ /

This is a complete walkthrough of the Broken World expansion story only. For
a complete walkthrough of the original Dungeon Siege II, see:


If you've never played through DS2, you should do so. (You can play the
original campaign using the Broken World interface, which will allow you to
use new classes, races, etc.) The story in Broken World will make absolutely
no sense unless you've finished DS2.

First up is a step-by-step walkthrough of the main quest with basic details
on the secondary quests included. Full details on each secondary quest are in
the second section of the walkthrough, broken down by quest.

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ PRIMARY QUESTS ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

[2.1] Part 1, Chapter 1: Kanred the Mage

After learning that Valdis was merely the Dark Wizard's puppet,
you watched in shock as the Dark Wizard escaped with Azunai's

For the last year, you have traveled across Aranna and are
determined that the Dark Wizard will not get away again.

You arrived late last night at a Dryad Outpost in the foothills
near Aman'lu, and awoke early in the morning to the sound of voices
arguing. After leaving your tent, you met Burk, a Human refugee
involved in the argument.

* Speak with Burk.
* Find Kanred the Mage and try to reason with him.
* Defeat Kanred the Mage.
* Return to Burk at the Dryad Outpost.

You begin in a Dryad Outpost somewhere in the wilderness. Standing right in
front of you (with that nice little question mark floating over his head) is
Burk, who's brother, Kanred, is a mage gone mad. The Dryads are out to kill
Kanred and Burk wants you to find him first. This kicks off your first
primary quest.

Spend some time exploring the Outpost. You'll find these are the Dryads from
Eirulan, and you'll discover the fate of Greilyn Isle. You'll meet old
friends such as Celia and Kirani, who all hate you now. Boy, isn't that a
change! You'll also find hanging around, not doing much, any henchmen NPCs
from DS2 that you had not hired (or released from the Inn). There's an
Innkeeper who will bring up your party inventory, which will have all pets
and henchmen from DS2 you left there.

There's one new "merchant" in the Outpost, a trainer. She will, for a fee,
reset all skill points of any character in your active party. This will allow
you to "fix" a broken character or re-purpose a character. For example, you
decide you want your sword & shield fighter to dual wield, you can reset
skill points and put more points into the dual wield tree and none into the
shield skills. Or you want your bowman to be a throwing weapons ranger. Etc.

On the west side of the Outpost is the teleporter and your storage vault,
which still has all your old stuff from DS2. (You can't teleport from the
Outpost to previous locations in DS2, they are separate games.) And, there
are a few secondary quests you can pick up as well.

Talk to the dwarf, Yoren, to get the quest "Hunt for the Lost Dwarves".
Lumilla, the enchantress, will introduce you to reagent recipes, a new
feature in Broken World. Reagent recipes are special combinations of
enchantable items and reagents that produce a more powerful unique item when
used together. Lumilla will also put you on a quest for three reagents for
one of her special recipes.

Soram is a man missing his wife; he'll set you on a quest to find her.
Finally, Ithara is a naturalist who wants to study some of the new "bound"
creatures that have begun to appear since the breaking of the world. (The
breaking caused by you, just in case the Dryads don't mention it often

Also in the outpost, near the south gate, is an F&K Society representative.
This guy serves two purposes. First, you can buy items from him by giving him
the Agallan Tablets you will find as you adventure. Give him a tablet and he
will give you a choice of several items. These items are all Crossover unique
or set items (see lists later in this guide). Second, the F&K Society handles
transferring items between Broken World on the PC and Throne of Agony on the
PSP. The F&K trader can give or receive codes for transferring items.

When you're set, go through the south gate of the Outpost into the Blasted
Valley. You'll quickly run into a merchant, Tomas, who will give you another
quest. His partner, Anya, went mad (a recurring theme in Broken World),
attacked him and made off with his backpack of trade goods. He wants you to
get the backpack; Anya he's not so concerned about.

Continue south, making sure to explore the map thoroughly. There are lots of
little cul-de-sacs branching off from the main path. These cul-de-sacs
usually contain a reagent or reagent recipe, so it's worth the time to make
sure you're clearing the whole map to the edges.

You will also find, during your trek, Anya's encampment. It's to your left
(east) after you go over the bridge south of the first teleporter (Blasted
Valley North). Kill her and her cronies and you'll automatically get Tomas'
backpack added to your Quest Items.

You'll also discover some caves that are currently blocked and one cave that
is not blocked. This cave entrance is south of the second teleporter, Blasted
Valley (South). It's right before you move from Blasted Valley to Blighted
Hills. Turn left (east) and work your way back into the woods to find the
entrance to an Abandoned Mine. Walk to the back of the mine to automatically
gain a clue for Yoren's Lost Dwarves quest.

Continue south until you find Kanred. Kanred is your first boss fight and
reveals what will become a typical pattern. One of his attacks is to teleport
into the center of your group and release a powerful, radial magic attack.
This attack is almost certain death for your mages and will put a serious
hurt on rangers and some fighters. When he teleports into your midst, run.
Then turn and pound on him. Beyond the teleport attack, Kanred isn't that
dangerous, with very average magic attacks.

After Kanred is dead, return to the Outpost and speak to Burk. Part of your
reward is Kanred's staff, repaired, which will now allow you to open some of
those caverns south of the Outpost.

[2.2] Part 1, Chapter 2: The Mage's Tutor

When you returned to Burk at the Outpost, you learned that the
same grandmaster mage who tutored Kanred was there while you
were gone.

Thinking it likely that this may be the Dark Wizard's latest
disguise, you immediately set off to find him.

* Use Kanred's staff on the magic sealing the cave in the Blighted hills.
* Find and confront Kanred's tutor.
* Defeat the Morden Gral rogue mage.
* Speak to Sentinel Kirani to get directions to Aman'lu.

Back at the Dryad Outpost, talk to Yoren about the clue you found and then
add him to your party. Teleport to Blasted Valley (North) and head almost due
west to one of the blocked caverns you passed by earlier. With Kanred's staff,
you can now go through into the cave. Deeper in will be a north branch; at
the end of the branch you'll see a glowing book on the floor. Click it and
choose to pick it up, entering "The Ancient Tome" quest into your journal.

Go back to the teleporter and jump ahead to Blighted Hills (North). Go north,
over the bridge, then turn east and find the Abandoned Mine you explored
earlier. Go to the corner where you found the clue and Yoren will find a
secret door. Click the now glowing symbol on the wall to open the door. Pick
up the glowing book inside to get an update to the Lost Dwarves.

That's all you can do with Yoren right now, so return to the Outpost if you
want to replace him. While you're at the Outpost, find Mage Nari in the
northeast sector, across from the Innkeeper. Talk to her to fill in "The
Ancient Tome". Return to the Blighted Hills (North) teleporter and open the
cave entrance to the east.

Follow this Dusty Cavern until you enter the Kelvaran Waste. You will quickly
come to a teleporter (Kelvaran Waste West) with a dryad nearby. Talk to the
dryad, Jorena, to open "Greylok of the Kurgan". Then continue into the Waste.

Along the way, before you reach the next teleporter, you'll find a camp of
peaceful Morden. Speak to their leader, Lorksul, to open the "Morden
Redemption" quest. Continue east until you reach the Kelvaran Waste (Central)
teleporter. Jump back to the Dryad Outpost and find the dryad quartermaster
in the northeast corner. She'll give you some poisoned bread.

Teleport back to Kelvaran Waste (Central). Go south to find a Ravager camp
and depopulate it. At the extreme southern end is a mini-boss fight with a
lot of minions. Get up on the platform the mini-boss is on (or was on, if he
jumped down to fight you). There are doors in the east and west walls that
will lead up to the platform. Grab the vial of blood.

Return north to the teleporter and then head west to the peaceful Morden camp.
Talk to Lorksul. You can give him the poisoned bread, or not, it makes no
difference in the final outcome. He'll then ask you to obtain a vial of the
Overmage's blood. Lucky you! You already have it. Give it to him, watch the
cutscene, then talk to him again to end the quest.

Continue east through the Waste. You're now looking for a plateau to the
north of the main path. Up on the plateau is a cave entrance that you can't
enter and a glowing trap on the ground out front. Click the trap to place the
meat you got from Jorena and you will be swarmed by Kurgan. Kill them,
including the mini-boss, Greylok.

Then go east some more to your Chapter 2 boss fight against Kikrak. This
fight is almost identical to the one against Kanred, except Kikrak has a
Familiar. Kill the Familiar first (you have to kill it twice, and watch for
the explosion after you kill it the first time). Make sure you run away when
Kikrak teleports inside your party. After the Familiar is dead, Kikrak
himself should be a piece of cake.

Walk back to the Kelvaran Waste (East) teleporter nearby and teleport to
Kelvaran Waste (West). Talk to Jorena to end the Greylok quest, then teleport
back to the Dryad Outpost.

[2.3] Part 1, Chapter 3: In Search of Celia

As you suspected, Kanred's tutor turned out to be the Cinbri
you knew as the Dark Wizard. He is now calling himself the
'Overmage' and told you his plans to return his people to Aranna.

He asked for your help, but instead you swore to gather the Elves
and oppose him. However, he revealed that the Elves have already
fallen before him.

Now, you are desperate to get to Aman'lu and find out what
happened to your hometown. However, Sentinel Kirani told you
that the path to Aman'lu is sealed and only Warden Celia can
open it.

She agrees to give you the password to the area in which Celia
is currently hunting another rogue mage so you can talk to Celia

* Give the password Kirani taught you to the Guardian statue
in Arinth's Heights.
* Find Warden Celia.
* Destroy Celeb'hel the Rogue Mage.
* Convince Warden Celia to open the path to Aman'lu.

Find Kirani in the domed structure on the east side of camp and speak to her.
She'll give you a password that will allow you to pass Dryad Guardian Statues
that block entrances with vines. Refit your party and teleport to Blasted
Valley (South).

Head north, over the bridge, then west to a cave blocked with the glowing
lights. In the back of the cave is a vine-blocked door. Use your password on
the statue to enter a large room containing Eliza (Soram's wife), who is now
a bound creature (and a mini-boss one at that). Defeat her and her minions,
then open the sanctuary doors around the room. There are four, one for each
main class and each requiring level 36 in that class.

Venture back to the Blasted Valley (South) teleporter and continue south into
the Blighted Hills. As you enter the Hills, before crossing the bridge, go
west to a cavern blocked with the vines and statue. Use your password to get
in and loot the place. There's nothing quest-related in here, but there are a
lot of goodies.

Teleport back to the Outpost and visit Soram in the southeast corner. He'll
be rather upset that you killed his wife and will fight you. When you reduce
his health, he surrenders and thereafter refuses to speak to you. Wow. Really
breaks you up, doesn't it?

Now it's time to explore the environs north of the Outpost. Leave by the
north gate and enter Arinth's Gorge. You'll go over a bridge, then down into
a gully and under that same bridge. As you go north, you'll go down a couple
of ramps. At the bottom of the ramps, look for a little cul-de-sac to the
southeast (your right). At the end is a broken mana shrine. Click it to
obtain the mana-infused stone you need for Mage Nari's "Ancient Tome" quest.

Continue north, past the Arinth's Gorge teleporter, to a vine-blocked cave.
Use the password to enter the Hak'u Tunnels. Beyond is Arinth's Heights. This
is a long, relatively straight climb with three teleporters along the way
(Lower, Upper and Summit).

About halfway between the Lower and Upper teleporters, you'll see a dryad
hanging about along the west side of the path. She has the distinctive orange
exclamation point over her head, so talk to her to do "The Human Refugees".
The canyon you need to clear is right behind the dryad, so you can wrap this
up immediately.

Continue on up to the summit of Arinth's Heights, where you encounter another
mage gone mad. This one is familiar; it's Celeb'hel, the Elder leader of the
Aman'lu. You are forced to fight him and the fight plays out exactly like the
ones against Kanred and Kikrak. The biggest difference this time is Celeb'hel
is a bit more dangerous even when not executing his teleport-circle-of-death
attack. You may need to buff up a bit and stock up on health potions using
the Arinth's Heights (Summit) teleporter before you take him on.

When Celeb'hel is defeated, you get a soulstone, an entry for "Celeb'hel the
Elder" side quest, a conversation with Celia and the next chapter.

[2.4] Part 2, Chapter 1: Elves Under Siege

The shock of encountering a maddened Celeb'hel the Elder makes
you even more worried about what's happened to the Elves. It's
hard to believe that the Overmage managed to break Celeb'hel,
and that does not bode well for the rest of the Elves.

At least you were able to convince Warden Celia of the serious-
ness of the situation and she's agreed to open the path to Aman'lu.

* Meet Warden Celia on the other side of the bridge north of the Outpost.
* Journey to Aman'lu.
* Look for Elven Survivors.

Teleport back to the Dryad Outpost and refit. By this point you should have
finished every Part 1 secondary quest except "Hunt for the Lost Dwarves",
"Naturalist Ithara's Research" and "The Ancient Tome". Go north out of the
Outpost and find Celia right across the first bridge. She'll open the Passage
to Aman'lu.

As you enter, you encounter some bound hyenas, the last creature on Ithara's
list. After you've killed them, run back to the Outpost and complete her
quest. She'll give you some nice armor and another Research quest. Go back to
the Passage and head through to Aman'lu.

You'll find the town mostly destroyed (which, come to think of it, was the
state it was in last time...). This time it's a bit worse. After clearing out
the areas south of town, talk your way through the gate to end this rather
short chapter.

[2.5] Part 2, Chapter 2: The Familiars

You arrived in Aman'lu to find it a very changed place. Most of
the Elves are dead, and the survivors are despairing the loss of
their visionary powers in the cataclysm.

Danadel, the de-facto leader of the Elves, explained that they
are currently threatened by their ancient enemy, the Familiars.
The Familiar Surgeons are adept at creating horrific mutilations
of creatures and people. Unable to face these horrors, the Elves
barricaded themselves in a small section of town near the tavern.

You would like the Elves' support in the coming battle with the
Overmage, but first you'll have to help them regain their strength
by destroying the Familiars.

* Travel beyond the western Vai'lutra Forest in search of the
Familiar Surgeons.
* Look for the Familiar Surgeons within the abandoned Elven ruins.
* Destroy the Familiar Surgeon.
* Release Drianjul from the cell.
* Speak with Drianjul.

Aman'lu is a reduced-services home base. There's a base teleporter, a
necromancer, your storage vault and an all-in-one merchant inside the Inn.
However, there's no Innkeeper, Arcanist, Enchanter, Trainer, F&K Society
merchant, etc. You'll have to teleport back to the Outpost for those services.
Fortunately, every teleporter in the game can take you back to any of the
base teleporters, including the Dryad Outpost.

North of the Inn is a burned-out building. Talk to Kylis on the top floor to
get "Minli the Faerie" added to your quest log. Take the metal scraps he
drops on the ground, and go back to the south bridge leading out of town.
Drop the scraps on the ground (you have to actually open your inventory and
remove them, it's not automatic).

You'll be swarmed by faeries. Kill them and another wave comes at you, this
time with the mini-boss, Minli. Kill her and the remaining faeries, then
return to Kylis to complete his quest.

Right next to Kylis' building, down by the river, is an elf who will give you
a vial of Aman'lu water. This is an item needed for Mage Nari. Inside the Inn,
talk to Talain to start "The Vai'kesh" quest, and pull the lever in the south
wing to travel down to the Aman'lu Arena, which is still open for business.

When you're ready to go, head west into the Western Vai'lutra Forest. As
you're exploring, you'll come across, to the south, the entrance to a ruin
that is blocked by a door on which is nailed a bound elf.


You can't get through these doors yet, but you'll get the key soon enough. To
the north is a campsite where you meet Ressa. She's a Blood Assassin,
potential henchman (after you complete her quest) and will kick off
"Questionable Methods". You'll get to your first task, collect elf blood,

Continue west to the Western Vai'lutra Forest (South) teleporter. Here the
path splits, going west and north. Take the west path into the Western
Vai'kesh Forest. You cross over an ornate stone bridge as you enter the
Vai'kesh Forest, and the path splits after the bridge, going north and south.

Go south into a camp of peaceful Vai'kesh and speak to the leader. This
advances "The Vai'kesh". Now go north and you'll quickly find, off to your
right, the entrance to a crypt with a bunch of elven bodies. Entering the
crypt advances "The Vai'kesh" again.

Your path now turns west again, and you will soon reach the Western Vai'kesh
Forest teleporter, which is not far east of the entrance to a dungeon. Enter
the ruins, which are not that exciting, but quite gory, with plenty of blood
and body parts. Not to mention a large number of mobs.

When you reach the end of the dungeon, you're in for your next boss fight,
against a Familiar Surgeon. This giant brain is pretty nasty in a fight. It
uses primarily death magic against you, so beefing up your death resistance
would be a smart idea. Additionally, it summons crawlers from two pools
located near the entrance to its lair. These crawlers creep over to the
surgeon and regenerate it.

Fun stuff.

With decent death resistance, you can ignore the surgeon's attacks. Unload
high-damage, single target powers on it, then attack it. Keep one area power
in reserve. When crawlers pop out of the pools, unleash your AoE power on
them. If you can keep the surgeon at the far end of the chamber, away from
the pools, you'll have time to kill the crawlers before they get close enough
to the brain to restore its health. Then go back to your head banging.

After the Surgeon is dead, release Drianjul from her cage and talk to her.
When you killed the Surgeon, you got a strange metal object added to your
Quest Items. Drianjul tells you that item is a key that unlocks special doors
guarded by bound elves. She also tells you there's another Familiar Surgeon
in Calennor Stronghold to the north.

[2.6] Part 2, Chapter 3: The Second Familiar Surgeon

You discovered the chilling manner in which bound creatures are
created, and saved Drevin's sister, Drianjul, from becoming one.

She is grieving and in shock, but she is able to tell you about
a second Surgeon somewhere nearby.

You will have to find and destroy it too if you hope to gain the
Elves' help.

* Use the Surgeon's key to enter the Calennor Stronghold.
* Speak with the Overmage's projection.
* Find and destroy the second Familiar Surgeon.
* Return to Danadel in Aman'lu.

Return to Aman'lu for rest and refit. Teleport to the Western Vai'lutra
Forest (South) teleporter and go southeast to find the bound elf-blocked door
you saw earlier. You can now stick your key into the bound elf and release it,
kill it, then open the door. This is a simple treasure vault, nothing more.
However, to thoroughly loot it, you'll need to find all the secret doors.
Look for interactive torches on stands on the ground and on the walls. And
beware of one chest that turns out to be a mimic.

Go back to the teleporter and go north. You'll start encountering bound elves,
and they will drop vials of their blood. These are actual inventory items--
not Quest Items--that drop on the ground, so be sure to pick them up. As you
progress, keep an eye out to the east for an entrance to some ruins. This is
the Vault of Therayne and the "Treasure Hunting" side quest.

When you reach the Western Vai'lutra Forest (North) teleporter, teleport back
to the South teleporter and return to Ressa's camp (just to the east). You
should have ten vials of elf blood now, so give them to her and get your next
task: collect a child's tears.

Teleport back to the Dryad Outpost and find Arlen, Soram's son, in the
southeast corner of camp. Anything you say to him (regardless of whether you
completed his dad's quest) will make him cry and you'll automatically collect
his tears. Teleport back to Ressa's camp and give her the tears.

She now asks you to bind the soul of Lorethal himself. Teleport to Western
Vai'lutra Forest (North) and go a little bit north and then turn east to find
the entrance to the Sepulcher of the Crimson Hunters. It will be empty going
in. Make sure you loot the place thoroughly, including some level 42
Sanctuary Doors (one for each of the four main classes).

After binding Lorethal's soul, the dungeon fills with the ghosts of
Lorethal's Crimson Hunters. These are not pushovers--they're level 45 and
very angry. You can't summon a teleporter inside; but, there is a cheesy
trick you can use if you don't want to (or can't) fight your way out. Save
your game and quit. When you reload, you'll be back in Aman'lu.

Regardless of how you get out of the Sepulcher, teleport back to Ressa,
complete her quest and hire her if you're so inclined. (Note: Ressa is not
needed in the party for any future part of the story.)

After, teleport back to Western Vai'lutra Forest (North) and continue your
journey north. After reaching the Calennor Wood (South) teleporter, start
looking for an unmarked path to your right (east). This will lead to a ruined
shrine where you find Celeb'hel.

Didn't you already kill him?

Well, talk to him to get the full story. You'll find his two other soulstones
in the near future. Continue north until you reach the Calennor Stronghold,
which is again guarded by a bound elf. The Stronghold, besides being the site
of your boss fight for this chapter, has a lot of treasure hidden behind
secret doors, some of which is quest related.

In the very first room, find the interactive torch on the north wall and open
a secret door. Inside the revealed room is a corpse. Click it to find a
Vai'kesh sword and open "The Vai'kesh, Part 2" in your quest log.

In the next large room of the dungeon, go through the southeast door and find
the secret entrance on the west wall. In that room, pick up a green stone
from the pile along the north wall. (Remember those stones? And how much you
came to loathe them in DS2?)

Next up, some prison cells. Behind the northeast cell is a room where you'll
find one of Celeb'hel's other bodies. Click it to collect the soulstone.
After the prison, there's a T-intersection. Go left (west) and find purple
stones on a bookcase in the end room. (Search carefully, they don't glow.)

Head back east, and then north as the hall turns. In the next room, find a
secret door in the southeast corner. Inside the room are yellow stones, lying
on the floor.

Now it's on to the boss fight against the Familiar Surgeon, which plays out
like the last Surgeon fight. Afterwards, walk back through the dungeon. When
you get to the room south of the prison cells, find the secret room to the
east and place a green, purple and yellow stone in the appropriate sockets to
open a small treasure room.

[2.7] Part 2, Chapter 4: Solanum

You destroyed the Familiars in the hopes of convincing the Elves
to help you against the Overmage, but the Elves remained steadfast
in their decision to not get involved.

However, you also learned that the Overmage is manipulating the
Dryads to concentrate all of Aranna's magic in one place.

Danadel also revealed that the Great Leader is a male Dryad--
the first ever known to exist. The Elves don't seem to find this
suspicious, but you're not so sure...

At least Danadel opened a portal to the Dryads' city of Solanum,
so you'll be able to question the Great Leader yourself.

* Go through Danadel's portal to Solanum.
* Enter the Great Leader's audience chamber.
* Defeat Keirok the Devourer.
* Go through the Overmage's portal.
* Explore the unfamiliar cavern.
* Speak to Stonepick.

Return to Aman'lu and speak to Danadel. He'll open a portal to Solanum (a
glowing white circle just north of the Aman'lu teleporter). Don't go through
it yet. Go talk to Talain at the Inn. Then teleport to the Western Vai'lutra
Forest (South) and run west to the Vai'kesh camp.

Confront the leader with the sword you found in the Stronghold, then kill the
leader and his minions. Enter the sanctuary that's right there in the camp
and kill everyone inside. A locked door in the back yields to a key you took
from the leader and leads to the Prophet, who's a pretty tough fight. You'll
also find a body of Celeb'hel.

Return to Aman'lu and talk to Talain to wrap up the Vai'kesh quests. Teleport
to The Calennor Wood (North) and head southeast to find the living Celeb'hel.
If you give him the soulstones, he blows himself to smithereens. End of quest.
If you don't give him the soulstones, he attacks you. After you fight him to
surrender, he offers to join up. You don't need him for any particular quest
after this.

The remainder of this chapter is a boss fight against Keirok the Devourer.
Return to Aman'lu and go through the portal made by Danadel. You quickly
enter a large, round chamber where you watch a cutscene that ends with you
facing a very large, very nasty creature.

There's no special trick to beating Keirok, it's just a test of endurance.
He's a strong melee attacker, so ranged attacks work better. He has one
special attack where he pounds on the ground, causing glowing lines to
radiate out from his body. When you see these forming, run to the outer edges
of the circle and get between the lines--they will erupt in flame. If you're
caught in them, it means almost certain death for any mages (and possibly
rangers) in your party.

However, this attack is pretty easy to avoid and he's not otherwise all that
tough. When he's dead, jump through the portal and find Glorydeep Mine. Yeah!
There's a base portal here, similar to the one in Aman'lu. Once you speak
with Stonepick, the next chapter begins...

[2.8] Part 3, Chapter 1: The Dwarves of Glorydeep

Your suspicions about the nature of the Great Leader were not
unfounded--he is the Overmage! The Dryads did not seem aware
that they were deceived, and they willingly went through the
Overmage's portal. The Overmage summoned a Familiar to stop you,
but you were able to defeat it.

However, the portal changed somehow. You went through anyway
and discovered a group of Dwarves enslaved by the Overmage.

Stonepick, the Dwarves' leader, explained that they haven't seen
the Overmage personally in years, but he resides within the Cinbri
city the Dwarves have been excavating. Stonepick agrees to help you
get inside the city if you aid the Dwarves in overthrowing the
oppressive Familiar Overseers.

* Destroy Hopekiller the Familiar Overseer.
* Destroy Merciless the Familiar Overseer
* Destroy Longwhip the Familiar Overseer
* Destroy Stench the Familiar Overseer
* Destroy Bloodgrin the Familiar Overseer
* Destroy Rockfist the Familiar Overseer
* Meet Stonepick at the bridge to the Cinbri City.

If you don't have Yoren in your party, teleport back to the Outpost and add
him. Then return to Glorydeep and find Rockmover; he's in a house to your
left (north) as you cross over the first bridge. Rockmover and Yoren will
talk, you'll get a reward and the "Hunt for the Lost Dwarves" will be
finished. You can safely discard Yoren at this point if you wish.

Continue east through the mine, defeating the Familiar Overseers and their
bound minions. Remember to watch out for the Overseers resurrection. As you
progress through the mine, you'll be able to quickly complete two side quests,
"Captured Miners" and "The Explosives Tunnel". See the individual
walkthroughs later in this guide. The last three Overseers are bunched up
together, so having the help of the captured miners and the explosion is a
good thing.

Once all the Overseers are dead, Stonepick extends the bridge across to
Cinbri City and your final dungeon run approaches.

[2.9] Part 3, Chapter 2: The Overmage of the Cinbri

You freed the Dwarves from the oppression of the Familiar
Overseers, and in return they extended the bridge to the
Cinbri City.

Stonepick advised you to work your way deep within the city
to the gateway chamber where the Overmage plans to become
Zaramoth Reborn.

Stonepick thinks the ritual has already begun--you should
get there fast if you want to stop it.

* Explore the Cinbri City.
* Explore the center of the city.
* Find the gateway chamber.
* Speak with the Overmage.
* Defeat the Overmage.
* Defeat Zaramoth Reborn.
* Speak with Kirani.

The run through Cinbri City is strangely reminiscent of the run up Zaramoth's
Horns at the end of DS2. The main thing to watch out for is a Cinbri Gem
early on in one of the large rooms. It's on a bookcase and is glowing, so you
should be able to find it easily enough. This is the last item needed by Mage

When you finally reach the end, you'll want to stock up on health (and,
possibly, mana) potions and equip your best stuff. You've got a very long and
grueling boss fight ahead of you.

Enter the circular area where the Overmage is getting ready to transform
himself. He's surrounded by dryads in stasis. After your little chat, your
first inclination will be to pound on the Overmage.

Resist the urge.

Back off and wait. The Overmage summons a bunch of creatures and you have to
defeat them. Right now, the Overmage is invulnerable.


This cannot be stressed enough. If you want to shorten this part of the
battle--and you DEFINITELY want to shorten it--then save your powers. Be sure
to have all your highest damage powers selected (Brutal Strike, Take Aim,
etc.). When the last summons dies, the Overmage collapses.

Unload on him. Hit him with everything you've got. You only get about five to
ten seconds, then he revives, is once more invulnerable and summons more help.

Do the whole thing over again. If you do this right, you only have to go
through three or four waves of summons before you shave off all the
Overmage's health. When that happens, he transforms into Zaramoth Reborn.

Now the real fight gets underway.

Zaramoth Reborn is one very tough hombre. He's got a LOT of health (120,000
in Merc), is resistant to everything, knows every power and spell in the book
and has near-unlimited mana. In other words, he's equal to about ten of you.

Zaramoth will unleash a lot of stuff. Some of his favorites are:

* Whirling Strike with his sword: getting hit is pretty certain death. You
can avoid this one because he takes about ten seconds to wind up. When you
see him crouch and gather in on himself, he's about to let go, so run away.

* Glacial Aura: this one's pretty hard to avoid, especially for your melee
fighters, since running out of range means no damage being inflicted on Mr.
Bigshot. Your best bet is to stay in there, take your lumps and drink health

* Fire rings: you can see these coming, as they start from the outside of the
circle and move inward. When you see them, rush IN toward Zaramoth and gather
around him as the flames stop short of his body. (If you've got any
unconscious people lying around, they're toast. Get a Rez spell handy.) This
is actually a great time to unload on Zaramoth as he's busy tending the fire
and you have a perfect excuse to get in close and personal.

* Call Lightning: when sparks start dancing on the ground, run away. These
are pretty easy to avoid, but dangerous if you're not paying attention.

* Waves of Force: this one's just nasty. There's no warning, and you're
suddenly facing waves of high-damage streaming out from the front of Zaramoth.
The one upside is the narrow area-of-effect, you can easily run to the side
away from them. If any melee fighters are standing right in front of
him...well, hope they have lots of armor and health.

Zaramoth has other toys to play with too. This fight is, basically, a war of
attrition. Can you knock off his health before you run out of health potions
or Rez scrolls? He's resistant, but not immune to anything, and you can curse
him and attack him just like any normal enemy. (I.e. there's no special trick
to fighting him.)

The tactics are all about avoiding his attacks as much as possible, quaffing
health potions almost continuously and making sure you have a nature mage
with a Resurrect spell and plenty of Rez scrolls for when the nature mage is
unconscious or dead.

This is a long, grueling battle and there are no shortcuts. Use high-damage
powers as fast as they recharge. Run away when Zaramoth starts with one of
his specialty attacks. In fact, keep moving, a lot. It will be harder if you
have a melee-heavy party, so be sure to have some strong ranged support
(ranger, combat mage).

And bring lots and lots of potions, just in case you hadn't picked up on that
by now. When it's all over, talk to Kirani, the lone surviving dryad and the
main quest is officially complete. Return to the Dryad Outpost and wrap of
"The Ancient Tome" by talking to Mage Nari, giving her all the stuff, then
following up with the ghost of the murdered historian.

That should do it! Now it's off to DS2 in Vet, then BW in Vet, then DS2 in

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PART 1 SECONDARY QUESTS =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

[2.10] Hunt for the Lost Dwarves

Yoren Glitterdelve, an Ehb Dwarf, recently arrived at the outpost.
He is looking for the Glorydeep Dwarves, a large group of miners
who haven't been heard from for over one hundred and fifty years.

Yoren believes they have intentionally cut off contact with Ehb in
order to hoard the vast riches they've discovered. He intends to
track them down and bring them back into line according to the rules
of the Dwarven Mining Guild. Just because their new mine is a long
distance from Ehb doesn't mean they can escape the law.

* Look for clues of the Lost Dwarves.
* Return to Yoren with news of your find.
* Bring Yoren to the abandoned mine.
* Explore the hidden cache.
* Find a way to enter the Glorydeep Mine.
* Find someone with information about the Glitterdelve family's fate.

In the Dryad Outpost you'll find a dwarf named Yoren. Speak to him to
initiate this quest to find his lost brethren. He wants you to look for clues
to their whereabouts during your travels. As you travel south from the
Outpost, you will go through the Blasted Valley and then into the Blighted
Hills. Just before entering the Blighted Hills, there's a cave entrance to
the east. You have to leave the beaten track to find it. Inside is an
Abandoned Mine; entering it automatically gives you a "clue" and an update to
your journal.

Return to Yoren. He wants to join you and check out the mine himself. You
have to add him to your party to continue this quest. Once he's on board,
teleport to the Blighted Hills (North) teleporter, go north over the bridge,
then head east to the Abandoned Mine. Inside, approach the north wall of the
mine and Yoren can activate the switch that opens the secret door (the switch
starts to glow, so you can't miss it). Inside, collect the logbook.

That's it until you enter Glorydeep Mine at the beginning of Part 3 of the
main quest. Add Yoren to your party and find Rockmover; he's in a house to
your left as you cross the first bridge in the Enclave. Rockmover and Yoren
will converse, you'll get some treasure and that's the end of the quest.

[2.11] Missing

Soram, a Human refugee at the Outpost, is extremely concerned
about his wife, Eliza. She left the Outpost a few days ago to
collect berries and she hasn't returned.

The Dryad Sentinels at the gates forbade him to leave, and Soram
is forced to wait.

He is almost at the end of his patience.

* Look for Eliza.
* Return Eliza's locket to Soram in the Outpost.

Talk to Soram in the southeast corner of the Dryad Outpost (to your right as
you start the game) about his missing wife. You can't get anywhere in this
quest until you've finis

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