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Walkthroughs of Elvira 1 - Mistress of the Dark

Elvira 1 - Mistress of the Dark Walkthroughs

Elvira 1 - Mistress of the Dark

Submitted by: DJ Simo

Combat tips
In this game, healing spells is very rare. So if possible try to
win all combats without injuring yourself. This may sound
difficult but it is possible. I did! The best weapon is the
crusader's sword, followed by the longsword. So, when you started
playing, get the longsword as soon as possible, it is in the
armoury. The armoury has lots of weapons and armours but don't
take the armor unless you are carrying very little items, get the
shield instead, choose the one which give the best protection.
Weapons skill improve through practice, so stick to the
longsword at the beginning. Don't waste your spells on the
guards, save them for the gremlins that are inside the garden
maze. Fight at the in until you reach the monster's lair. Cast
two spells into the cave to finish the monsters inside. Once the
monsters in the lair is destroyed, none will appear anymore. Get
Elvira's ring and then use it to get the crusader's sword.

Make a save before any fight. When in combat, try to guess which
direction the enemy is attacking, prepare to block when they did.
If you are injured, carry on the fight but load in the saved
game and try again until you have defeated the enemy without any
injury. At first it might be difficult, but once you have a
weapon skill of 60 and above, combat is easy. So in the mean
time, endure! Remember one thing though, monsters get lesser and
lesser as you finish them off. So after a time, you don't have to
worry about combat anymore. To block an enemy attack correctly,
all you need is to block/parry at the correct timing, after a few
fights, you should be able to judge when to block/parry. As for
attacking, you can try any manner of attacking, but once in a
while change your combat style a bit to confuse the enemy.

Spell Ingredients
Ingredients are very limited. So try to collect them when you
came across them. Click on anything you see in the screen. Click
on trees to get herb, click on plants to get flowers, leaves,
etc. Click on hole to look inside them. Click on skull to get
the bottle inside. So, you can see that almost anything that is
visible is worth clicking. Try not to avoid those area you have
been to, they might contains some useful items.

Six gold keys must be found to open the chest.

1. Look for bolts in the drawers or cupboard upstairs. Find a
silver crucifix. Go to the blacksmith place. Get the crucible in
the box and place it in the fire. Place the silver cross inside
the crucible to melt it. Then put a bolt in the crucible to make
a silver tipped crossbolt. Go to stable. Look at man, when he
transform into a wolf, use the silver bolt to kill it. Now go
inside and check out the stable closely. One of the iron ring can
be removed, behind it is a gold key.

2. Go to kitchen. Mix the light spell. Turn left and click on the
dumb waiter. When Elvira opens it, drag the glowing pride to the
tunnel to light it up. Elvira will then enter it and give you a
gold key.

3. You will need to practice your crossbow skill with the wooden
target some where in the garden, just opposite the locked door.
Practice a few time until you have master it. Now go to the
falconer, when he release the falcon, use the crossbow to kill
the falcon. There is a gold key on the dead falcom.

4. Fight you way in the jail until you reach the torturer
chamber. You should see a fireplace with a pair of tongs. Click
on the iron ring on the floor and drag it to your inventory, This
will reveal a skeleton and a gold key. Bring the skeleton to the
catacomb to one of the empty coffin and let it rest in peace.

5. Kill the captain in the guardroom. Get the notice. There is a
gold key behind it.

6. Go to the knight which cannot be killed in close fight. When
he is approaching, use the crossbow. He will fall down the
castle. You will need to find his body in order to get the gold
key. His body lies beyond the gate under the well. You will need
a iron key to open it. The key is guarded by the weretiger at the
catacombs. You will need the crusader's sword to kill it.
Before you get the sword, you will need to find Elvira's ring.
The ring is in the monster's lair in the garden maze. Fight you
way in until you reach the cave. Cast a few spell into the cave
to kill all the monsters that are hiding inside. Go in and get
the ring. Go to the church. Go infront and click at the cross.
Now drag the ring to the hollow in the cross. A passage will be
revealed. Go inside and get the crown, go forward to see the
painting. Use your prayer scroll to open up the painting. Place
the crown on the king head and get the crusader's sword. Now go
and look for the weretiger. TIming is criticle, only hacking at
the right moment will you destroy it (one good hit will kill it).
Go to the chamber it is guarding and you will find a iron key in
the coffin. Go under the well, unlock the gate and look for the
knight's body. It is laying in the middle area, i.e. between the
wall and the vegetation. Remember, when you see the message
saying that you don't have enough air, surface immediately.

The chest

Get the pair of tongs in the torturer chamber. Remember, it can
only be place in a container or the torturer will get you. Go to
the kitchen. Move tongs out of the container, click on burning
coal and drag it to the inventory. The tongs will automatically
grabs the coal. If you enter water later on, the coal will when
off, and you can ignite it by coming back to the kitchen and
dropping it into the oven. Now go and find the cannon. Use the
tongs with the lit coal to light the cannon. This will blow part
of the tower off. The chest is in the blown off area. Go find it.
Remember, you will need 6 gold keys to open the locks. Take only
the scroll, leave the dagger alone first. Now drag the dagger
outside the chest, so that it is not on the screen but in the
room. Now click on the red 'R' to exit from the close up view.
Now drop your backpack, click on the room icon and drag the
dagger into the backpack. Then drag the backpack into your
inventory. You might get killed if you try other ways. So be
really careful.


She is hidding inside the catacombs. At exactly the middle of the
catacombs is a small little hole in the floor. Click on it to see
a close up view. Drag the rune stone to the hole, this will make
the hole bigger. Make sure you have the following before
proceeding: ceremonial dagger, scroll of spiritual mastery, and
the crusader's sword. Go down the hole and you will find Emelda
draining your life force, so better act fast. First you must drag
the crusader's sword to the pentagram to weaken Emelda. Then use
the scroll of spiritual mastery to weaken her further. Then use
the ceremonial dagger to go for the kill. With this you have
completed the game. Congratulations !

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