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Walkthroughs of Geneforge 2

Geneforge 2 Walkthroughs

Geneforge 2


FAQ/WALKTHROUGH (version 1.5) by Matt P,
Contact elementalizard@aol.com for information/comments on this FAQ.
If I use your comments in this FAQ, you will be given full credit.
Geneforge 2 and all names in this FAQ are copyright
Spiderweb Software (www.spidweb.com)

If you are playing the Windows version, be sure to update your game!
You'll get a lot more bang for each level up if you do!

Seletine has helped me finish the directions part of this FAQ, for
which I am very grateful.

0. Quick question guide
1. Class Guide
2. Skill Guide
3. Creation Guide (incomplete)
4. Spell Guide
5. Strategies and Frequently asked questions
6. Walkthrough (incomplete)
7. Sect Guide (incomplete- Barzites still needed)
8. Skill and stat locations (incomplete)
9. Item Guide (incomplete)
10. Opinion Guide (from Publicly Displayed Name)
11. Thanks and Acknowledgements, version info

Q: Can I use the Geneforge?
A: No.

Q: Can I enter the NW room in Benerii-Uss Holding?
A: No.

Q: How do I get into Gazak-Uss?
A: First talk with the hermit to the SW. This gets you into outer
Gazak-Uss. Then collect 3 broken crystal pieces- this gets you into
inner Gazak-Uss.

Q: Where do I find ____?
A: Check the Item Guide at the end of the FAQ. It has ingredient
items, puresteel rings and broken crystal pieces. Otherwise, use ctrl
+ F to open up the Find box, and look for it that way.

Guardian- the Warrior Class
Basic Play- Guardians are good at giving and taking damage. They are
pretty lousy at casting spells, but can still shape decently. Make one
or two creations for assistance, maybe some sort of range attacker.
Skill Focus- Melee skills should be your primary focus. Choose one
shaping skill and stick with it. I'd suggest either magic or fire, as
you're as good or better than most of the battle creations. You will
want some spell skills, especially mental magic (5 is a good goal,
although that will cost ~30 skill points. Blessing magic is also very
useful. Ignore spellcraft, although maybe you could get a few points
from a trainer. Increase strength and endurance, with some focus on
intelligence (enough to cast a spell every now and then). A Guardian
tip from Scales: Here's another small tidbit on playing as a Guardian.
Spend all your initial points on parry and quick action. This maximizes
the bonus Shanti gives you and makes the first half of the game really,
really easy (I play on torment).
Item Focus- Strong weapons, and heavy armor. Strength should be one
of your focus skills, so heavy armor shouldn't be too much of a
problem. Melee weapons should make up your main attack, although a
baton or wand won't hurt.
Difficulty- Have not tried this character as of yet. In Geneforge,
Guardians were fairly easy at the beginning, but progressively became
more difficult. Some on the spiderweb message boards report similar
HP (Hit Points)- 24 + 5/8 * End * (Level + 1)
SP (Spell Points)- 6 + 1/2 * Int * (Level + 1)
EP (Essence Points)- 6 + 3/4 * Int * (Level + 1)

Agent- the Mage Class
Basic Play- Agents are the spell slingers of the group. They get the
most energy, and can cast spells for a long time before running out of
energy. Essence is best saved for spells. I find a hit-and-run agent
works best. Namely, strike an opponent hard, then run off and let his
buddies come for you. Turrets and pylons should be fairly easy for an
Skill Focus- Magic and melee. I would suggest completely ignoring
creation skills. At most, put one point in them, maybe into magic
shaping so as to make glaahks when necessary. Strength and
intelligence help improve your main areas of skill.
Item Focus- Always use melee weapons. Use your spells for missile
weapons. Firebolt will probably hit as often as a missile, and it
barely costs a thing.
Difficulty- Hard at the beginning, easier at the end. Going solo
means you get all of the experience for yourself, which can add up.
HP- 20 + 1/2 * End * (Level + 1)
SP- 6 + 3/2 * Int * (Level + 1)
EP- 6 + 3/4 * Int * (Level + 1)

Shaper- the Conjuror class
Basic Play- Your creations should do your fighting for you. You'll
generally be too weak to take many hits, so stay off of the frontlines
unless you're going in for a killing blow. Shapers are surprisingly
skilled with melee attacks at higher levels, often getting to hit%
similar to those of a battle alpha. Missile weapons are great at the
start, but later you'll want to equip a stat-enhancing melee weapon,
like the guardian claymore (+2 to creation's strength makes them
significantly more powerful). Also, don't worry if you're weighed down
at the beginning of the game. If you have ~5 AP, you're about as
useful as a low-level shaper will be at that point. Additionally, you
can always drop items at the beginning of your turn in combat (dropping
items uses no AP), allowing for a unfettered second round.
Skill Focus- Shaping skills and magic. Don't worry too much about
melee skills, you'll find ample opportunity to increase them with a
trainer early in the game. Intelligence should be your main primary
stat, as you'll need a large pool of essence to make you creation army.
Item Focus- Heavy armor is a bad idea. I'd stick with some sort of
magical chitin, as basically if you're getting hurt, you're playing
wrong. I like the crystal woven chitin, and used it for the majority
of the game. Infiltrator items are nice at the beginning. However,
once you get the emerald chestguard, definitely switch to it. +2 AP is
well worth whatever problems come with it.
Difficulty- Stays about average the whole way through the game.
Create new creations when you get them to see how they perform, and
maybe keep a few steady creations to fight with you through the whole
game (like a cryoa, vlish, or searing artila).
HP- 12 + 3/8 * End * (Level + 1)
SP- 6 + Int * (Level + 1)
EP- 6 + Int * (Level + 1)

Skill points are a valuable commodity, one which is all too small in
number, especially when playing the Windows version. Ideally, the way
you'll want to play is to train with a trainer, then increase a skill
with skill points, then get a bonus from a quest or book. This is not
always possible, especially when trainers for some of these skills are
a LONG way from the start. This may be possible with melee skill
trainers and perhaps spell skill trainers, although you'd have to aim
for doing this at the start of the game.

Primary stats:
Strength: This skill affects your melee damage and chance to hit, as
well as your carrying capacity. Guardians and Agents will both want a
high score in this skill. Shapers will find it not as necessary, but
still quite nice. I'd recommend trying for about 5 points in it
overall. From Blueman00- for creations, this affects chance to hit
(+5%) and damage.
Dexterity: Affects your missile weapon chance to hit, helps increase
your dodge %, and also helps you act faster in combat. I didn't find
this skill to be nearly as necessary as some of the others. I waited
till I purchased two points in this skill from Learned Guas before
adding points to it. From Blueman00- for creations this affects chance
to dodge by 5%, but does not affect chance to hit even for missile
Intelligence: Necessary for everyone. Shapers and Agents especially
need this skill, or else they'll be extremely limited. My shaper has
around about 10 points in it, and still could use more. Higher energy
and essence means more creations for shapers, and more spell casting
for agents. Guardians still should not neglect this skill. Creations
need 2 points to be controlled. More points increase spell points and
some resistances.
Endurance: Adds hit points and increases poison resistance. Very
useful, for you may often find yourself dying in one hit without a few
points in this skill. Get it up to about four before using any
canisters or getting any quest rewards. Creations gain more HP and a
few resistances from this stat.

Combat skills
Melee Weapons: Melee weapons are the most powerful in the end game
mainly because of the bonuses they give. Shapers can neglect this
until buying a few points from a trainer or two, but Agents and
Guardians may not want to.
Missile Weapons: Reaper batons are very powerful. Wands and crystals
also use this skill to determine their to hit%. Nonetheless, it's easy
to hold off till you get a few points from trainers before attempting
to buy this skill with skill points.
Quick Action: Occasionally gives you a second attack, and also helps
you attack faster in combat. Very useful, especially since it's fairly
ubiquitous- numerous trainers and quests will give you a few points in
this skill.
Parry: Extremely nice for guardians, who can really get high values
in this skill. The ability to completely dodge a skill should not be
overlooked. The rare chance of riposting shouldn't be a factor in
getting this skill, however, as you'll probably only get a 5% chance at
high levels.

Magic Skills
Battle Magic: Casting potent spells is the hallmark of the agent.
Damage from a distance will save her some furious fights, especially
with immobile enemies. Other classes won't find too much use for this
skill, as missile weapons and melee weapons can generally do more
damage relative to the investment in the skill.
Mental Magic: Some extremely potent skills are part of the mental
magic tree. It is highly recommended that ALL classes aim for at least
five in this skill to get the all-important spell, mass daze. Agents
should go even higher.
Blessing Magic: A very useful branch for both shapers and agents.
Aim for at least three points in this skill for all classes (even with
guardians). Speed is extremely nice, especially when coupled with some
AP-raising items. Five points for shapers will get them the spell mass
energize, which is a great blessing.
Spellcraft: Agents will be able to purchase a lot of points in this
skill, and they should. Shapers can as well, and guardians will find
it quite difficult to do the same. Nonetheless, agents will be spell
slinging some great spells after getting this. There are a few other
sources of this spell, don't neglect them.

Fire Shaping: Shapers will want several points in all shaping skills.
It's often advantageous to pick a specialty and increase that somewhat
exclusively, but you'll probably want about seven in all these skills
near the end of the game (with items). This way you can create
everything. Fire shaping allows you to create fire creations, which
are both good at melee and missile attacks. Seven points in this skill
will let you create all of the creations.
Battle Shaping: Battle creations are great at the start with thahds,
and battle shaping never really loses its good graces. Clawbugs can do
a great job, as can battle alphas. Again, aim for 7 with a shaper.
Magic Shaping: Some of the most useful creations are magic creations.
Again, aim for seven with a shaper.
Healing Craft: All classes should invest a few points in this skill.
Shapers should invest the most, as it's quite cheap for them, but
agents and guardians shouldn't ignore it. However, agents probably
don't need to get above 4 or 5 in this skill, after benefits from
charms and such, as they will be fighting alone, generally speaking.

Leadership: Very useful for getting good rewards and getting out of
sticky situations. Aim for 10 with equipment by the time you're in the
central Barzite lands. This means spending skill points to get about 6
or 7 pre-equipment.
Mechanics: Similarly quite useful. Aim for about 12 after clearing
the clockwork maze.
Luck: A bit subtle, but still very nice. With adequate luck I was
able to claim the roamertooth band, which helps fire shaping immensely.
I wouldn't focus on this skill, as there are several items which add
points to it (including boots and a LOT of charms), but put at least 1
point into it at the start.

3. Creation Guide
Note that Blueman's FAQ does an excellent job discussing creations.
I refer you to that guide if you have any questions.
Name of creation (base essence cost, base essence cost +2 points of
intelligence) [starting level]: description. A creation's level is
determined by the starting level + skill in that creation + skill in
the respective creation class (i.e. Fire, Magic, or Battle) +
experience level gained. Creations gain +1 to all primary stats every
two levels.
Fire creations
Fyora (8, 11) [0]: A faithful little lizard. The fyora is a staple
creation capable of launching firebolts and also possessing a nasty
Cryoa (30, 39) [6]: Similar to the fyora, only it spits the ice spray
Roamer (15, 20) [7]: An acid-spitting dog-like reptile. Casts
searer, just like an artila, but is a bit hardier and also has a decent
bite. It costs a bit more as far as essence is concerned, however.
Pyroroamer (12, 17) [3]: Exploding Kamikaze Roamers. May be useful
in some situations, but generally just there for fun.
Drayk (60, 75) [18]
Cryodrayk (90, 111) [21]
Drakon (150, 183) [26]
Ur-Drakon (300, 363) [30]:By the time you get this creation, you
probably won't need it.

Thahd (8, 11) [3]: These are your starting meatbags. They have no
missile attack, but can take a lot of punishment. Having a few of
these guys around can save your life. Agents may also find that making
a whole bunch of these (using a shaper cloak or the fanged bracelet)
with no intelligence provides an excellent set of meat shields.
Thahd Shade (28, 35) [10]
Clawbug (20, 27) [7]: A somewhat stronger battle creation, the
clawbug hits harder and lasts longer than the thahd.
Plated Clawbug (48, 59) [12]: The Plated Clawbug gets 2 AP per round,
and, according to Stughalf, who kept his plated clawbug through the
entire game, it did ~140 damage per hit, and with two attacks per
round, that's not something to scoff at.
Battle Alpha (50, 63) [15]: Nice big tanks. You'll find Plated
Clawbugs to be somewhat more interesting, but they're still a fine
Battle Beta (80, 99) [19]: Even bigger tanks, and with a lot of
strength. They are quite expensive though, and not as fun as some of
the other creations. However, until I got the Ur-Glaahk, this guy hit
harder than anything else in my party.
Rotghroth (125, 152) [24]: Wow. I like these guys a lot- they can
take a lot of damage, and have a strong attack as well. Their attack
does acid damage, and they have a chance of a second attack per hit
(like quick action with your shaper). They're a nice step up from
Battle Betas.
Rotdhizon (250, 303) [28]: By the time you get this creation, you
probably won't need it.

Artila (12, 17) [3]: A little worm that spits acid. It tends to run
out of energy quickly at low levels, but is still extremely useful,
especially since the acid attack lingers and continues to do damage
after the creature is hit. Increase their dexterity for a 5% better
chance to hit. They hit more often than your average fyora.
Searing Artila (30, 39) [13]: An improvement on the artila, this worm
has a lot more energy, and also better stats. They will probably never
run out of energy in a fight- you'll either slay your enemy first, or
they'll die in the process. Again, increase their dexterity to
increase their chance to hit%. Alex states that they're inferior to
Vlish, and I tend to agree, though they do seem to last a lot longer
(more HP).
Vlish (15, 20) [9]: A wonderful creation. These floating squids
launch stunning bolts at an enemy that do a fair bit of damage and also
immobilize the enemy. As such, they're quite useful, since stunning
can really save your life especially when fighting tough beasts. Vlish
also have a poisonous melee attack, which is especially useful when
they run out of energy (From ThirdParty). Vlish hit very often,
something very important to Geneforge (from Alex).
Terror Vlish (45, 56) [15]: Also a great creation. The terror effect
is superior to the stunning effect, as it's generally more likely to
hit. However, they can't attack as frequently as regular vlish can,
due to the high cost of the terror spell, and they tend to miss
frequently (from Alex). Stughalf states that investing a few points
into a terror vlish or leveling them up results in a very powerful
combination. One thing that people do not like about this creation is
the fact that terrified enemies run off, requiring you to chase them
down. Vlish also have a poisonous melee attack, which is especially
useful when they run out of energy (From ThirdParty)
Glaahk (40, 51) [15]: wow. This creation has a strength similar to a
battle alpha (so it hits as often), and it also frequently stuns the
enemy. If you get two hits with a glaahk, expect the enemy to lose its
next turn. These creations can't take the same amount of punishment as
a battle creation, but can definitely hold their own.
Ur-Glaahk (65, 80) [22]: wow. Wow again. My Ur-Glaahks have a to
hit% on par with that of a battle beta, and stun with great frequency.
They can take a fair bit of damage as well. I have two in my group,
and few fourth-level beasts can stand up to them. Unfortunately,
they're quite hard to get. The demonic depot holds the only glaahk
canister in the game.
Gazer (125, 152) [24]:a powerful ranged attacker. It's melee attack
is weaker, but almost always terrifies the victim (from ThirdParty)
Eyebeast (250, 303) [28]:the nastiest creation in the game by far.
Its attacks do decent damage (~100 hp) to every creature in its sight,
but more importantly they stun it. A single Eyebeast hit can be enough
to make a creature miss a turn. However, by the time you get this
creation, you probably won't need it.

4. Spell Guide
Battle Magic
Firebolt- a staple spell for all classes. Firebolt is cheap and
effective, and best of all, uses no essence. It won't do much damage,
but it's very dependable. This spell can be parried. Fyoras use this
Acid Spray- a spell that drenches acid on an opponent. It can be
quite useful for enemies with high parry, as they can not deflect this
spell (but it can still miss). This spell uses essence, and also acts
slowly, so it's not too useful except in certain circumstances.
Searer- a damaging spell that also coats an enemy with acid. This
spell can be quite potent, and is what artilas use. It doesn't cost
much essence, so it may not be a bad choice for agents looking for an
improvement over firebolt.
Ice Spray- a strong spell similar to firebolt that does ice damage.
Agents will find this to be an excellent replacement for firebolt when
they get a substantial energy pool.
Essence Orbs- the first multi-enemy spell, this spell is quite useful
when fighting hordes of enemies. It fires a maximum of three energy
balls at up to three enemies, with a strength similar to that of
searer. It's fairly expensive, so don't use it against solo enemies.
Acid Shower- covers all nearby enemies with acid. This is one of
those hit and run spells, as acid takes a while to damage enemies. It
has a high essence cost.
Kill- a potent one-on-one spell. It's a significant improvement from
ice spray, and will really toast an enemy. Its high cost prohibits it
from becoming the main attack for most any class, except maybe a high-
level agent (level 40 or more).
Aura of Flames- similar to acid shower, this spell strikes all
enemies with flames. This is an instant-hit spell, instead of a
delayed attack spell like acid shower. It's very expensive, so after
casting this a few times, you'll soon have to down some essence pods or
go back to town.

Mental Magic
Daze- causes an enemy to stop attacking unless it is attacked or
damaged. This spell is quite useful for preserving low level agents,
but is greatly overshadowed by its big brother, strong daze. Still,
potentially very useful.
Mental Barrier- blocks mental attacks. Not very useful for agents,
this spell prevents fear and domination. Agents won't have many
creations and thus won't need this (they resist most attacks without
much difficulty). Shapers and guardians may find it occasionally
useful, but not frequently.
Unlock- save those living tools! Get this spell, and those locks
that require one or two living tools are no longer a worry. Casting
this spell will save you a few living tools every now and then,
allowing you to conserve them for later.
Terror- a very nice spell. This spell has a high chance to hit, and
is very useful when facing tough solo enemies. Cast it successfully,
and a creation has a chance to either freeze in fear or run away like a
coward. Well worth the investment.
Dominate- similar to terror, except a bit less likely to hit
successfully. I haven't used this much but it could be potentially
quite useful.
Strong Daze- probably the best spell in the game, so much so that I'd
recommend even guardians attempt to get it. Stuns all nearby enemies,
allowing you to attack them one at a time. Extremely useful when
swarmed. My agent who was quite fast was able to take out many enemies
by attacking them for two hits, then dazing afterwards. When used this
way, this spell is something of a game-breaker, so don't do that unless
you're really having a tough time.
Charisma- adds a few points to leadership. A few points can make a
difference, but by the time you get this spell, it may no longer be
necessary. It may allow you to drop some leadership-raising items
though, and use other items that increase your power.
Mass Madness- can dominate, terrify or daze nearby enemies. Doesn't
always work, and is fairly expensive. I prefer strong daze, though
this spell sounds cool.

Blessing Magic
War Blessing- increases you and your creations to hit% by 20, and
also makes them hit harder. Extremely worthwhile, and always cast
before large combats.
Protection- decreases damage taken by 1/5 for you and your creations,
which can make the difference between life and death. Cast before all
large combats if possible.
Essence Shield- makes the target harder to hit. Lasts for the entire
map. Its high essence cost makes is less useful for the shaper, but
the agent can cast this spell once on a level and be happy. If you're
ever on a tough level and happen to find an essence pool, take the time
to give this to all of your creations, you won't regret it.
Speed- hastens the target, giving it 25 or 50% more AP (depending on
level). Mainly cast this on your main character to get the strategic
upper hand in a fight. Guardians should try to get this spell, agents
shouldn't go without it.
Mass Energize- blesses and hastens you and your creations, and heals
you slightly. Shapers will live by this spell. Agents won't really
care. Guardians may want it, but it is kind of expensive in terms of
skill points.
Steel skin- a permanent shield, similar to essence shield.
Essence Armor- a stronger version of essence shield, can be cast in
addition to steel skin. Agents will want to cast both these spells at
the start of a map if they're able. I do not know if the increasing of
hit points works or not, though.
Battle Roar- a stronger version of mass energize, shields and cures
in addition to blesses, heals, and hastens. Not an easy spell to get,
but still quite worthwhile.

Healing Craft
Minor Heal- restores some hit points. This will completely heal your
standard shaper and mid-level agent. Always good to have around.
Cure Effects- removes poison and acid from the target. Quite useful,
and probably the last useful spell for the agent in this class (with
the possible exception of heal).
Augmentation- adds some health to the target. DougThompson has
stated that this spell does work on your main character, and is a great
way of helping out HP-poor characters. Only costs essence, so use it
around an essence pool if you're going to use it.
Heal- heals about double the damage of minor heal. Use it in combat,
otherwise use minor heal as it costs the least.
Group Heal- heals all of your characters, and you should use this
spell whenever you have two or three creations that need healing.
Remove Effects- Removes all bad effects except terror, as far as I
can tell. Cure effects is still probably better.
Major Heal- heals about three times better than minor heal. Useful
in combat mainly, especially on those creations that have a lot of hit
Mass Restore- acts as a cure all and heal all. Very potent, though
expensive. Use only in combat.

5. FAQs and Strategies
Q: How do trainers work?
A: Trainers will train you up to two times in a given skill or stat.
This is on top of whatever you have as your base skill. For instance,
all classes start with a point in create fyora. Using a trainer will
get you up to 3 in create fyora. However, if you get a point in create
fyora elsewhere, like from a canister or as a quest reward, and the
trainer will only train you one more time. Thus, it is in your best
interest to get trained first before getting canisters and quest
rewards, despite the high cost. This may not always be practical,
especially for stats like strength, but just keep it in mind.

Q: Should I use canisters?
A: It'll make your life much easier if you do. However, it'll also
make the ending less nice for you if you leave too soon or join the
loyalists. The game can be beaten without canisters, though it isn't
easy. Trainers and quests provide a lot of points. The end of this
FAQ summarizes where you can get points in skills and from what

Q: What are Opinions?
A: How you respond to a given question determines some of the sect
options available to you. You have the option of being either pro-
servile or pro-shaper. It should be fairly obvious which is which.
The area's opinion of you changes if you do specific quests, talk to
people, or join sects. Learned Darian can give you a one time bonus of
automatically setting the island's opinion of you to some level.
Publicly Displayed Name has provided an excellent opinion guide which
can be found at the end of this FAQ.

Q: When should I join a sect?
A: It's up to you. Some sects will give you good early bonuses that
can really help you get around. The Servants and the Awakened have
similar benefits- you can really learn a lot of nice skills from them
early. However, I'd strongly recommend not joining until you've seen
all of the sects. Note that some sects require violence against other
sects in order for you to join, thus preventing you from joining at a
later time. Also, joining a sect may cause other sects to refuse to do
business with you. I'd recommend attempting to clean out merchants
before joining most sects. In addition, there are cheap trainers at
the loyalists camp, and a few places are best for the unaligned (like
Phariton's hall). Finally, seeing each sect gives you an idea of what
belief you want to give a try.

Q: Can I join multiple sects?
A: I believe so. I've been able to go from Takers to Servants without
any problem, so I believe you can do the same. I believe you could
milk almost all of the sects of their good items if you don't complete
their quests. Join the Awakened first, and get modified to use their
potent magic, but don't do the Radiant college quest. Then join the
Barzites, get all of their creations and canisters, and finish up as
the Takers. Finally, try the unaligned route by killing everything
that moves. You'll be quite powerful at the end of all of this.

Q: How do I powergame the sects?
A: First join the Servants. This is fairly easy with only 6
leadership. You'll get a number of decent creations from this, in
addition to some high level spells. Then join the Awakened (praise
some of the serviles or do their quests) and get altered to get the
highest level spells, but don't do their Radiant College quest. Next
join the Barzites (either by insulting serviles or Learned Darian. Get
their canisters and train at the Radiant college, but stop before
offending the Takers. Then join the Takers (if possible). Get their
canisters. This is all hypothetical, but might be possible.

Q: Should I make creations or let creations join me?
A: Occasionally you will be presented with the option to let a creation
join you. These are all unique creations, and have their advantages
and disadvantages. Their advantages include not having to pay essence
for a creation so that your ability to cast spells and make more
creations in uninhibited, and the fact that you can claim them based
only on your leadership, not on your shaping skill, allowing you to
gain a high level creation without actually having to improve your
skill. They can also be quite strong and interesting- serviles who
cast spells or use batons, strong roamers, vlish, and battle alphas can
all join. Their disadvantages include their uniqueness (they are one
of a kind and count towards your four creation type limit), and they
cannot be controlled in combat. This last one will be the deciding
call for you. It's really not fun having a free-willed creation. In
this case, the creation can do whatever it so pleases, including the
most inopportune action possible. Imagine your shaper enters the room
to fight the battle gamma, only to have the huge roamer follow behind,
spitting at the battle gamma while blocking the doorway, preventing
your ur-glaahks from entering. Or imagine you're trying to use a bit
of stealth and get past some nasty pylons, only to have your abandoned
vlish decide to follow behind, attacking them because it wants to.
This is the main problem with joining creations. I found that as a
shaper, I quickly grew tired of this nonsense when I had a slew of
well-behaved creations who didn't do what the joined creations did.
However, as an agent, I was happy for the help, and actually felt a bit
sad when my huge roamer decided that pylon was annoying it a bit too
much and was vaporized trying to release its aggression. So, as usual,
it's up to you. Let a creation join if you want, but don't get too
attached to it.
Arguments to the contrary from Scales:
1. You can determine where you don't want them to go in combat. If
there is a room with a door present, just place them in the room and
close the door. For automatic ones, place them far enough away from the
door. If there is no room, create a few low level fyoras or thahds,
move the creature to a narrow enough corridor or some corner and block
its path with your creations.

2. You can control the placement for the first round. Place the
creation the desired distance away from place of combat and enter
combat mode. It will have to run up to the point of contact. This
generally keeps them from killing themselves by running up too close to
the enemy.

It's a lot of micromanagement, but I was able keep my huge roamer
alive. It's now lvl. 36.

6. WALKTHROUGH, Area by Area

Area Name
Q: Quests given
S: Skills obtained through quests/books/canisters
O: Opinions (who you can talk to so as to portray yourself as either
pro-servile or pro-shaper
$: Merchants with amount of money available for selling.
D: Directions to attached maps
Walkthrough for area.

1. Entry Valley
Q: Locate Zakary and Barzahl
S: One class-dependent boost
O: none
$: none
D: N to Drypeak Gates, S to End game.
Welcome to Geneforge 2. You start out in the tutorial region, the
entry valley. Head south and you'll find your master, the agent
Shanti. She will be accompanying you for these two levels, and will
give you advice throughout the beginning of the game. To the south
you'll find the exit from the valley, which is where you'll head when
you've done as much as you're going to do. You'll also find a
gemstone. Generally I will not tell you the location of every single
item in an area, as that's quite tedious and not useful for someone who
is a meticulous player, but I will a bit for now. Head a bit west and
then south to fight a giant rat. Throughout the tutorial, you'll find
some minor items that you should equip, mainly armor and weapons.
Depending on your class, you may also want to equip melee weapons or
missile weapons. Generally agents should stick with spells as a
missile attack, and shapers should go missile all the way. A bit north
of here is an abandoned potion shop, in which you can find a healing
pod. Continue along the path, and Shanti tells you to check out a
building to the south. Do so for an essence pod. Proceed onwards, and
Shanti eventually tells you that she will teach you a skill. She
teaches Guardians parry and quick action (+1 to both), Agents the spell
daze, and Shapers get Create Artila. There are some thorns just east
of Shanti. Head north to Drypeak gates.

HINT: You'll be finding some iron bars through the tutorial. Keep
these and do not sell them to any old merchant. In addition, you will
want to keep all Shaper Equipment, Gemstones, emeralds, research notes,
mined crystals, and a few other miscellaneous items. Generally, if it
looks odd, don't sell it. A few items are very rare and valuable (like
demon claws), if you sell these you'll regret it.

2. Drypeak Gates
Q: none.
S: War Blessing.
O: none
$: none
D: S to Entry Valley, N to Drypeak
There is a locked door just north. In addition, you'll fight a few
fyoras. Most characters should have no trouble with the red lizards.
If you do, then you may need to make a creation for support (although
only shapers may be able to do this at this point). You'll also find
several locked doors and some living tools.
HINT: Living tools act as keys. You'll want to conserve them as best
you can, especially when it comes to doors that don't need many to
open. In this case, mark down somewhere that you've left a door
unopened, and come back when you can later, with either a higher
mechanics score, or the spell unlock. If you find a door with a lot of
living tool requirements, chances are that there is a key somewhere on
the level that will make your life much easier. This is the case for
this level.
If you come across a locked door, and have enough skill to open it with
or without some living tools, you'll gain some experience. Along the
way to Shanti, you'll find a locked door with some icy crystals inside.
When you reach Shanti she'll be battling some creations, help her, and
she tells you to find some means of getting into the northern ruins.
Head east to fight some rats and check out their nest for a key. Use
this key on the ruins and pull the lever to proceed to the next area.
There are a few more locked doors here, it is up to you whether or not
you want to use living tools to open them (if you don't need any living
tools to open them, then by all means go ahead). They generally
contain useful minor items. However, the door to the far west also
contains a book which will teach the spell War blessing.
HINT: It is not generally a good idea to learn every spell you can as
soon as you find it. Waiting is generally better, as teachers will
teach you 2 levels of spells and creations. If you have gained a spell
or creation already from a canister, book or quest, then you can not
learn 2 levels from the teacher. Therefore, wait to get the
canister/reward/book until after you have maximized your skill from the
teacher. This is such a case.
Head north to Drypeak.

Q: Kill rogue creatures, Bring Iron bars, Bring Saltweed, Bring Wiry
Moss, Rescue serviles from mine, find smart servile, find crystal
S: Cure effects (reward for rescue serviles quest), quick action
(Crystal caverns quest)
O: Keeper Thossila, Shanti (after meeting with Zakary)
$: Allizar-1600, Zuniga-750, Elili-580
D: S to Drypeak Gates, E to Drypeak Warrens, N to Drypeak Mines, W to
Drypeak Fields
Shanti has a confrontation with guard. Try to answer the "our
orders..." response. If not that, then I find it best to keep silent.
She head off to meet with Zakary, and leaves you on your own. Time to
explore some. You'll find several merchants here, as well as a number
of quests. All of the merchants and Keeper Thossila give you quests.
Zuniga is especially important, as he will buy your iron bars and give
you experience and cash. The reward per bar is rather low, but it
stays roughly constant (10 gold plus 6 xp). At later levels, when it's
harder to get xp from killing things, he is a good source. Zuniga
sells weapons, but most are useless as you'll find better just by
wandering around. Allizar gives you the kill rogues quests, mainly he
hopes you'll kill a warped thahd, old artila, and a fyora with a broken
fang. Completion of this quest gets you a shielding band, a potent
ring for someone with few creations (like an agent). Elili wants you
to get her some saltweed from Sharon, who you'll encounter while
exploring. Doing so gets you some pods and the second quest to bring
her some wiry moss. Completion of this quest again results in pods and
spores. Keeper Thossila gives you two quests: one to find some
serviles in the mines, the other to investigate an intelligent servile.
Talk to the serviles in the fields. You'll find one that seems
significantly more intelligent than the rest. Threaten it, and it'll
spill the beans. You can either turn it in, or if you have sufficient
leadership, can lie to Thossila about there being no intelligent
serviles. Both net you the same reward (experience). There are
several buildings in this area with locked doors. Enter them when you
want, and you'll find some good items (often iron bars).
HINT: Theft is not a crime unless you get caught in this game. In some
cases, closing the door to commit larceny will get you decent items and
no problems with the local authorities. There are a few cases where
you can not steal something without others knowing, but I will mention
these as separate discussions.
Takena is a guard near Elili. Talk with him and he'll give you the
crystal caverns quest. Completion of this quest gets you one point in
quick action. Finally, you'll find Zaph hiding to the SW. He tells
you to speak with Barzahl, and is also hungry. I don't know if there
are any consequences of feeding him. When you're ready head east.

Drypeak Warrens
Q: Search Drypeak Valley, Find source of rogues
S: Create fyora, Daze, Tyallea (trainer)
O: Zakary
$: none
D: W to Drypeak
Head east and north to find Shanti and Zakary discussing things.
Neither one seems happy with the other. They talk a bit, then Shanti
storms off, telling you to explore the valley. First explore this
region. There are some interesting items here, and most important is
Tyallea, a trainer. He will train you in the first two spells of all
spell classes, as well as creating fyoras, thahds, and artilas. Most
of your money for the next few regions should go to getting his help.
In addition, to the NE you'll find shaping platforms, with two artilas
on them. They go rogue, and you have to kill them. The book here will
improve your fyora creating skill, and if you complain to Tyallea about
the attack, with sufficient leadership he'll teach you the spell daze
for free. Finally, talk with Nova, a guardian, for a quest to find the
source of rogues. You get no reward for completion of this quest other
than experience. Head back into town and speak with Shanti.

Drypeak Mines
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none.
D: S to Drypeak, W to western mines.
You'll find Zora, who will join you if you have sufficient
leadership. Zora is not a good fighter, though, so don't expect him to
last long. Most of the nearby doors are locked, but when open have
iron bars and other minor goodies. There is a key in the western mines
for you to use if you want to save some living tools. Some other doors
to the NW have much tougher locks, and you may not be able to get them
open any time soon. Again, come back with the key- they have mined
crystals and iron bars. There are several wandering rogues in this
region and you have two options on how to kill them. The first is to
use your standard brute force. The second is to activate nearby pylons
and gain their assistance. Pylons can be activated by first speaking
with the Servant Mind. If you have sufficient leadership, you can
trick him into telling you how to turn on the pylons. Check the barrel
a bit west of him after doing this and you'll get the control key.
(FROM SELETINE: If you check the barrel before talking with the mind,
you won't find the key unless you have 2 points of luck or more.) Use
this on the big nearby generators and you'll have help when you fight.
(FROM SELETINE: you can also activate the pylons with adequate
mechanics skill or with the spell unlock). However, if the pylon kills
an enemy, then you do not get any experience. To the south you'll find
the three serviles Thossila told you about. Accompany them to the S
exit and they'll go home.

Drypeak Fields
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to Drypeak, S to Infested woods, W to Crags, N to Shanti's Grove
Not too much to do here. Del will give you some items if you have
sufficient leadership, but otherwise won't help much. There are plenty
of rogues wandering about, and a few decent items to the south, but
other than that, this is mainly a interlude area.

Infested Woods
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: N to Drypeak Fields
This are has a number of patrolling rogues, who will run off to help
if they spot you and you don't kill them. It's not too hard a region,
but can be difficult for inexperienced players. To the NE you'll find
an "old weathered artila", one of those needed for completion of the
Kill the three rogues quest. Also, you'll find some wiry moss. Keep
this, as it is an important ingredient and occasional quest item.
You'll find a servile here who is quite uncooperative, I don't think
you can do anything with it. South of the servile is a room with a
nice ring, the projection band. Finally, to the far south, you'll find
a spawner. These are dangerous creatures which make new creations
every couple of turns. Killing one almost always gets you a few
gemstones. This also completes the "find the source of the rogues"
quest from Nora. Additionally, you can tell Shanti about this beast.

Western Mines
Q: none
S: Searer
O: Ciphar
$: none
D: E to Drypeak mines, W to Salt marshes, S to Sharon's Grove
Straight to the west you'll find an iron key. This will help you to
open some doors. The rogues here can be a lot harder than the rogues
to the east, just as a warning. Again, you have the option of turning
on nearby pylons, with the same caveat as before. To the N you'll find
some particularly difficult rogues. However, if you're able, do try to
take them out. You'll get a number of decent items, including a lucky
charm, chain mail, an emerald, and some vat boots. You can head west
and eventually will clear the mines. Ciphar is to the north, and is a
warrior who will join you if you have enough leadership and gold. He
is also in possession of the spell searer. It's up to you whether you
want to learn it now. The nearest seller is a ways away.

The Crags
Q: Bring back servile.
S: none.
O: Braan
$: Braan-720
D: N to Saltmarsh, W to Crystal Caverns, E to Sharon's grove, S to
Drypeak Fields
This are has numerous rogues, as usual. The main points of interest
here are to the south, where there's the warped thahd (who drops a
thahd skin tunic upon death), which should complete your kill rogues
quest from Allizar. Also, there's a trap in the ruined building. If
you or one of your creations attempt to enter the main room, you'll be
attacked by a number of rogues. However, you still get some decent
items. NW you'll find Braan, a townsperson. Braan doesn't do much,
but complains about losing one of his serviles. The servile can be
found in the crystal caverns. Bringing the servile back results in
some xp as well as a new shopkeeper. It is probably a good idea to
bring the servile back to Braan. This region is also the only means of
getting to the crystal caverns, wherein you'll find a perfect crystal
if you're careful. Finally, you'll also find an Abandoned Thahd in the
NW. It needs leadership in order to be convinced to join, but it can
act as another creation if you so desire.

Crystal Caverns
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to the Crags
This area has a number of ghosts roaming about. They will not become
hostile unless you attempt to steal some of their crystals. It's worth
doing, however, if you can beat them. The crystals fetch a pretty
penny from most shops. Naturally, the more valuable the crystal, the
harder the shades. You'll also find Braan's servile here. In
addition, to the NW is a drayk who is holding a perfect crystal, one of
Sharon's required ingredients. If you have adequate leadership, you
can convince him to give it to you without a fight. Nonetheless,
fighting is always and option. He has a number of good items lying
around, and may also drop a draykskin tunic. Just keep it in mind.
However, if you fight him, you'll also have to fight his shades, who
can be quite troublesome for the unprepared. On my first playthrough,
I found a pair of Carnelian gloves on a dead body in the "lovely shade"
section. This has been confirmed by several readers, and are potent
gloves that raise a few magic skills.

Sharon's Grove
Q: Sharon's book, Search Guarded Tunnel
S: Create Clawbug, Spellcraft
O: Sharon
$: none
D: W to Crags, N to Western mines, S to Drypeak Fields
Sharon's grove is a neat area where you'll meet the shaper Sharon.
Make your way to the center of the map, ignoring the creations (they
won't attack). Sharon is a good ally, and will help direct you. Talk
with her about saltweed, and she'll say there's some in her trash pit
(to the NE, near the rats). She'll tell you her story, and say that
you can have any of her items in her shaping chambers. There are a
number of spores in her chambers. She also gives you two quests- one
is to gain info on how to translate a book she's acquired (which won't
be completed for some time), the other is to explore the guarded
tunnel. Doing so nets you Sharon's bracelet. This odd item gains
power from killing some creations she has stored to the east. The more
creations you slay, the stronger the bracelet becomes. At the end
you'll have to fight an experimental battle gamma, who will probably
kick your butt. There are a few strategies for beating him. Agents
surprisingly can beat him relatively early in the game by summoning a
group of thahds to serve as fodder, and then blessing, shielding and
hasting, followed by a large group attack. I was able to beat the
gamma at level 14-16 using this method. This gives you access to
Sharon's purified essence, one of the ingredients for her ring, along
with lots of other nice small items. Speaking of which, Sharon will
make you a very powerful ring if you bring her the following items:
purified essence, a drayk tendon, and a perfect crystal. The end of
this guide has the location of all of these objects. Her books are
found to the south. You will probably want to wait on learning create
clawbug, as you should first get some assistance from a trainer. The
other book is the book she wants your help translating. You'll find
the best translation at the Radiant College. Telling her this gets you
a point in spellcraft. Finally, if you're ready to venture to the SE
part of her chambers, you'll find a reaper turret with a number of
valuable items, including a reaper baton and a shaper's robe (very
useful for making creations). In addition, there's a shielding knife
in a chamber just to the north. This is the best weapon you'll get for
guardians and agents for a while, especially with its armor bonus.

Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: W to secret tunnel, S to the crags
This area has a number of tougher rogues. Turrets are also fairly
common. Finally, you'll meet your first hostile servile, Beka (who you
can get past with adequate leadership). There are a number of minor
goodies spread throughout the level. Most important are a grounded
robe in a pot to the NW, and a venom baton nearby. This area mainly
serves as a prelude to the underground tunnel. You may want to go back
and report to Shanti- telling her of your experiences gets you

Secret Tunnel
Q: none
S: Essence shield
O: none
$: none
D: E to saltmarsh, W to freegate
Here you have two options of exploration- north is the mechanics
route, west is the fighting route. Personally, I do both. The mines
give good experience when disarmed, and the creations (mainly exploding
roamers- with these, back off and kill them from a distance) drop good
items. There is a maddened artila near the center of the map behind a
locked door. Killing it gets you an artila skin tunic. Near the NW
you'll find your first canister. Using this gives you a point of
essence shield, a fairly useful spell, but will alter your End-game.
You may also want to wait till you've bought the spell from a trainer
as well. Nearby you'll also find a vat chitin, useful armor, albeit
with low defense. Head out to freegate after reporting to Shanti (one
last time)

Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to secret tunnel, S to Clawbug canyon, W to experimental valley,
N to Medab Road
Entrance to this region completes the "explore valley" quest. As you
proceed through this level, you'll be accosted by several serviles.
They are quite violent, but you'll luckily receive assistance from some
serviles from Medab. Once cleared, explore this region to get into a
number of fights. Other than that, there's not much to this region.

Medab Road
Q: none
S: none
O: Loyd Blade
$: none
D: N to Medab, S to Freegate, E to Patrolled path, W to Infiltrator's
A number of rogues can be found here. Most importantly, you'll find
two spawners here, one to the SE (which is also guarding a student's
belt), and one to the west. These spawners are part of the quest given
to you by Seli. Luckily the rogues they make aren't too annoying.
You'll find a nice number of gemstones near the western spawner as

Q: Get Shaper Equipment, Get Zyan's package, Find 3 lost ornks, Bring
strong healing spores, Find servile sickness cure, Clear Medab road,
Help Medab troops, Find Dayna's book
S: Create vlish, create artila, Carnelian (trainer)
O: Carnelian, Learned Pinner, Dayna
$: Medab inn- 230, Lora- 650, Zyan- 2300, Medab alchemist- 930
D: S to Medab Road, E to Eastern Medab, W to Medab West Bridge
All right, this is the second large city you'll find. There are a
bunch of quests for you to pick up. First and foremost, Lora will buy
your shaper equipment for 30 coins each, in addition to some xp. In
the same inn you can find a "letter to Rising", which you'll need for a
later quest. Put it aside for now. Zyan, the alchemist, lost a
package and wants you to retrieve it for her. Doing so (it's in the
warren of the three) gets you two nice pods. Praw, to the east, has
lost his three ornks and wants you to retrieve them. Doing so gets you
a few nice items and experience (per ornk). Be careful as the ornks
are easily slain. You can find a key to some of the guard doors nearby
Praw in a box. Carnelian is located to the NE, and is a
shaper who is helping out the serviles. It seems as though the
serviles are suffering from a nasty disease. She gives you a quest to
bring some major healing spores to her (with a create artila reward),
after which she gives you a quest to find a cure (which is in Taker
lands). Finding the Taker cure will get you a lot of experience, and
the Forbidden band (+1 to all primary stats), a great reward. She will
also teach you the first 4 spells of all 4 categories, in addition to
creating roamers and clawbugs, for a price. She also has a canister of
create vlish in her room. Seli is a human near Learned Pinner's
residence. Seli wants you to clear Medab Road of rogues (namely,
killing the two spawners). Doing so nets you a bunch of gems. After
doing this quest, Seli asks you to help out Medabs troops to the SW.
Again, doing this gets you a bunch of gems, in addition to a wand.
Dayna is a servile who was once an obeyer. She is ill, but asks you to
find her the book "Paths of Fire." Doing so gets you experience.
Finally, talking with Kashya will get you admittance to Learned Pinner.
If you have enough leadership, you can get past her without problems.
Learned Pinner is the leader of the Awakened, and will let you join if
you so desire. You can get in the rooms behind her if you have enough
living tools or have completed a few awakened quests. Inside you'll
find Awakened info (special item), a shaped breastplate, a reaper
baton, an agent robe, a coated cloak, shaped boots, and a lot of gold
and gems. It's well worth exploring. Watch out for the mines, though,
they'll kill you with ease.

East Medab
Q: none
S: Brodus Blade (trainer)
O: Ghree, Lorrick
$: none
D: W to Medab, S to Patrolled Path, E to Belik's crossing
This is the suburbs of Medab. There's not too much here, although
the buildings to the north have a number of packs of grain that are
good for selling (you won't get much, but you'll have a bunch to sell).
You can rob most of the houses here, except for Crillie. Crillie is a
spy for Rising. You can kill him if you want, it won't affect
anything. This is also one of the quests Pinner gives you. Probably
most important to this area is Brodus Blade. This servile will improve
your combat skills for money.

Patrolled Path
Q: none
S: Strength, Create Roamer, Augmentation
O: Twini
$: none
D: E to Stinking Marsh, W to Medab Road, N to East Medab
This area is loaded with rogues, generally clawbugs and vlish. A
nice reward can be found to the SW, where there are 2 books that teach
create roamer and the spell augmentation. To the NE you'll find one of
Praws Ornks, be careful with it as it'll gleefully rush off to its
death. The servile Twini is here, who is the object of a Taker quest.
Finally, to the NW you'll find a bunch of mines. I generally create a
thahd and send it off to bust the mines and die for the greater good.
At the end of the trapped path you'll find a pair of grounded boots and
a canister of strength, both very useful.

Belik's crossing
Q: Kill Twini, Open shaper pots
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: W to East Medab, S to Stinking Marsh, N to Complex Gate
Again, there are a number of rogues off of the main path. You'll
also find a Taker spy here who wants your help killing the Servile
Twini. Mekkan demands permission before he lets you cross, try to lie
your way past. FROM SELETINE: Mekkan will also let you go past if
you're Awakened, or if your opinions are pro-servile enough. Else,
just go talk with Brodus Blade. There's no real difference in outcome.
You'll find your way to an inn with the servile Belik inside. Talk
with him and he'll ask your help in getting rid of some rogues to the
west. Head west and fight the thahd shades. When you get to the
ruins, open each pot to release a charged thahd. Kill them (one drops
a thahd skin tunic), and return to Belik for some gems.

Stinking Marsh
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: W to Patrolled Path, N to Belik's crossing, S to Crystal mines
Here is a rather dangerous area. Exploding roamers about, be sure to
kill them from a distance with either spells or missile weapons.
You'll regret it otherwise. One of the main problems with this area
are the shades to the NW. You'll have to fight 6 shades, but once all
of them are dead, you'll get a few items. The area will not clear till
you head south and slay the spawner in the cave. In addition, the
other two of Praw's ornks are here. Be very careful in returning them,
as they'll gladly rush an exploding roamer, with nasty results. Also,
to the SW is a dead body with a deadeye cloak on it. It's quite useful
for shapers wielding batons.

Crystal Mines
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: N to Stinking Marsh
Head immediately to your east. There's a spawner here spewing out
the explosive roamers. Kill it and you'll clear the Stinking Marsh
level. You may want to wait before attempting the rest of this level.
Shapers will find it more difficult than the other classes as they'll
have to constantly heal their creations. This level is similar to
those found in Geneforge 1 where damaging environments abounded.
Basically, you'll be hurt by an energy field every few turns you're in
this area. The best approach to these sorts of levels is to either go
at it slowly in combat mode. There are plenty of crystals similar to
those seen in the Crystal Caverns that, when touched, may drop decent
crystals. Shades abound here, and readily attack without cause or
provocation. The main enemy here is a drayk, he can be tough if you're
unprepared. He will talk with you first, however. Killing him may
result in a draykskin tunic. If you're here as part of the Awakened
quest, you can chase him away by using leadership (From ThirdParty).
The most important thing you can do here is loop around to the north
and search a dead servile body for a basket of Black Crystal Powder, an
ingredient for one of the items you'll be looking for later. If you're
daring, you can head to the center of the map. You'll find several
madness gems, and will also clear the level. One of the shades on this
level also dropped a shade cloak (500 gold!), but this may not happen

Complex Gates
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: S to Belik's crossing, E to Magus Complex, W to Power Station
This area can be quite difficult. You'll probably want to take the
stealthy route, to the west. The other option is to attack with full
force the roamer/artila nest near the center of the map. Avoid the
crystals to avoid being attacked, or walk next to them to encourage the
roamers to come out. The roamers are guarding several decent items,
including thrusting gauntlets (great for agents and guardians), wiry
moss, and an ivory band. To the NE you'll find the entrance to the
Magus complex. If you did Ty's "Kill Twini" quest, you'll find a
feathered token here as well. If you're feeling up to it, you can
attempt to take out the main batch of rogues. You'll find a rod of
battle, some shaped boots, and if you're lucky (in terms of the skill),
a roamertooth band (+2 to fire shaping!). Don't count on getting the
band though.

Magus Complex
Q: Deactivate Power Station, Find Swofford's books (2)
S: Create clawbug, heal, dominate, speed, Charye (trainer), Raeche
O: Loha
$: none
D: W to Complex gates, N to Complex Core
This is the first of the large research complexes you'll be
encountering. You're immediately stopped by a guard, who you can use
your leadership skills to get past with ease. The servile Loha will
ask you to deactivate the power core to the NW of the complex, and will
give you info on the complex. Deactivating the power core gets you
some gold. Swofford is a librarian who will speak with you about some
books she's looking for, and you'll also find the book "Paths of Fire"
to the NW. Returning "Runecasting" from the Radiant college gets you a
rod of succor. Getting "Ember and Onyx" from Benerii-Uss entry gets
you a fibrous shield. Nearby you'll also find a slate complex key. In
the faculty rooms you'll find some decent items, including an
infiltrator vest, which is useful to carry with you for special
situations. Check the rooms to the south for four books which teach
create clawbug, heal, speed, and dominate. There are two trainers
here, Charye and Raeche. One will teach you spells, the other will
teach you shaping. Both have fairly high prices for unaligned, so if
you can, you may want to hold off till the Upper Research Hall or
Loyalist Encampment.

Power Station
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to Complex gates, W to Golem Bridge, N to Experimental Chambers
This area is full of rogues. Your main goal should be to get to the
center of the map, and disarm the power core. First you will need to
turn off the power spirals, which requires adequate mechanics skill.
Once you have turned off enough of them, you'll receive a message along
those lines. Then go to the main machinery and take the ring (a ring
of the eye). This shuts down the power station permanently. There
isn't too much else to do here.

Golem Bridge
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to Power Station, W to Marsh Crossroads
There's a golem on the middle of the bridge here. Your main
objective is to get it to let you pass. You have a few options.
First, you can talk with Septi to the NE, and get him to tell you the
password (requires either high leadership or joining the Awakened).
Your other obvious option is to destroy it. Finally, you can also talk
with the golem and with high luck, guess the password. There are some
raiders to the SE who need killing. Other than that, not too much can
be found here.

Medab West bridge
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to Medab, S to Infiltrator's fort, N to Hunted Fen
Not so very much to do here. The guards let you pass without
incident. To the west you'll find a storeroom with an awakened guard.
You can lie to get past him and take his stuff. The thahd Grahg is the
main enemy of this region. Kill him to clear the map. He drops an
emerald and a thahd skin tunic. Continue east to fight some more
thahds. You'll find a pair of shaped gauntlets along the way.

Infiltrator fort
Q: none
S: Create Fyora, Essence Shield
O: none
$: none
D: E to Medab Road, N to Medab West Bridge
This is the subject of Seli's second quest. You can come in right
away and grab a crystal woven chitin from the east, which is guarded by
several vlish. Wandering around will get you in some fights, but
nothing you can't handle if you take it slowly. If you get swarmed,
retreat and try again. To the west is a room with an essence shield
canister in it. It is guarded by some serviles. You can get a lot of
help from the serviles if you talk to Alverny and have adequate
leadership. They will definitely help when you want to take on the
battle alphas. Remember that if you bless and shield your party,
you'll also bless and shield the serviles. At the end of the path
you'll have to fight a few serviles, but will get a physician's charm,
and access to a canister of create fyora. A warning from PUBLICLY
DISPLAYED NAME: There is an occasional Charged Artila hanging around.
It's almost impossible to defeat using a demo party.

Hunted Fen
Q: none
S: none
O: none
$: none
D: E to Triola, W to Bandit Marshes, N to Fort Muck
A relatively empty level. You'll find a bunch of rats

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