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Walkthroughs of Halo - Combat Evolved

Halo - Combat Evolved Walkthroughs

Halo - Combat Evolved FAQ/Walkthrough

For the PC (DOS/Windows)
Written by peach freak or peachfreak90@hotmail.com
Copyright 2005 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
Version 2.25

Welcome! This FAQ is a Walkthrough for Halo: Combat Evolved, one of the best
games out there, and it was ported to the PC as well. If you have any
questions, comments, or if I make a mistake somewhere, email me at
peachfreak90@hotmail.com or if you have AIM, you can IM me. My AIM screen name
is sonicdoommario.

Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on
your website without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law.
You can, however, save this onto your computer in a location like My Documents
for offline (if you have limited internet access) and LEGAL use. That said,
let's move onto the rest of the guide.

Here are the minimum requirements for this game:

Processor: 733 MHZ
Free/Uncompressed Hard Drive Space: 1.2 GB
Memory/RAM: 128MB of RAM
Windows Operating System: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
Video Card: 32MB/3D Compatible (Direct X/Direct3D/OpenGL)
Other stuff: 8x CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers/headphones

Now, onto the table of contents:

1. Update History
2. Controls
3. Enemies
4. Weapons
5. Vehicles
6. Characters
7. Options
8. Walkthrough
9. Multiplayer
10. PC/Xbox Changes
11. Overshield/Active Camouflage Locations
12. Credits

1. Update History

Version 1.00, December 18, 2005: Here it is. This is the first version of this
FAQ. The walkthrough is completed and every other section is, except for
Multiplayer, which should be completed next update.

Version 1.25, December 21, 2005: Did some major updates to this FAQ. First off,
I changed some of the descriptions for the enemies in the enemies section,
thanks to Ivanov Moreno, a person who emailed me. I also added the Multiplayer
Controls in the controls section, as I completely forgot all about them. And
lastly, I started working on my Multiplayer section. I got the maps done, the
game types done, and I'll work on the last parts of this section next update.

Version 1.50, December 23, 2005: Finally finished my Multiplayer section. That
took a lot longer than I thought it would be. I may add more to that section in
the future.

Version 1.60, December 26, 2005: Did some more fixing to this guide. In the
controls section, I moved the Multiplayer controls to the keyboard section, as
I had them in the mouse section by accident. I also fixed some spelling/grammar
mistakes, and I added the Rocket Warthog/Flamethrower/Fuel Rod Gun to the
weapon/vehicle sections respectively. The next part I did was add another
change to the PC/Xbox changes section, and in my Multiplayer, I added a
"Multiplayer Tips" part at the end of the section. Right know I only have tips
for using the weapons, but more is still to come. I also added Travis Combs to
the credits section.

Version 1.75, December 29, 2005: Fixed up my Pillar of Autumn walkthrough. At
the beginning of the walkthrough, I mentioned that you could skip the first
part of the level if you were on Legendary (as it is completely skipped on
Legendary during the game). I also finished my Multiplayer Tips section, and
now the whole section is finally finished.

Version 2.00, January 13, 2006: Well, there goes another bad Friday the 13th
for me into the books. But for this update, I added a whole new section,
showing the locations for the Over Shields and Active Camouflages throughout
the game.

Version 2.25, August 22, 2006: Added in the secrets section for this guide
which I promised a way while back. Also, I added in missing Active Camouflages
and over shields, thank to filaria, a user on GameFAQs. The last thing I did
was fix up Foehammer's description in my character's section.

2. Controls

Here are the controls to use while playing this game. They may take a while to
get used to, but if you don't like them, you can customize them (if you don't
know how to do it, it will be in my options section):


Escape: View Menu

Movement Controls

W: Walk Forward
S: Walk Backward
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right

Combat Controls

G: Switch between Fragmentation/Plasma Grenades
Tab: Switch Enemy
R: Reload Weapon
F: Melee Attack
X: Exchange Weapon

Action Controls

Spacebar: Jump
Left CTRL: Crouch
Q: Flashlight on/off
Z: Zoom in with weapon (works with a Pistol, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle)
E: Action (getting in/out of vehicle, swapping weapon, activating switch, etc)

Multiplayer Controls

F1: Show current Multiplayer score
H: Vehicle Chat
Y: Team Chat
T: Everyone Chat


Mouse Controls

Left Mouse Button: Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button: Throw Grenades/fire vehicle's alternate weapon (only for a

3. Enemies

There are two types of enemies in this game, the Covenant and the Flood. I will
describe both of them below.

Covenant Enemies

Grunts: The weakest enemy out of all the Covenant. They have different
"uniforms" showing how tough they are. An Orange Grunt is the most cowardly and
rarely fights on easy difficulties, a Red Grunt is less cowardly and fights
more often, and a silver grunt is pretty much not afraid of you. Mostly these
enemies are scattered in groups. The weapons Grunts will have are Plasma
Pistols (which they never charge up), Needlers (which they only fire in pieces,
so it shouldn't be much of a threat), and the silver Grunts may have a Needler
or a Fuel Rod Gun, which is a very dangerous weapon. The best weapons to take
these out with are Pistols and an Assault Rifle, as they will go down in a
matter of shots.

Jackals: A more annoying enemy you will find commonly in the early level, but
you won't see them at all in Keyes and the Maw. They are kind of a "scouting"
enemy for the Covenant, as they carry around a shield to protect them. Their
weapon of use is only the Plasma Pistol, but they are very skilled and good at
using it. They can charge it up to full blast, which can knock out your shields
for a few seconds if it. The easiest way to get rid of these enemies are to
melee attack them and it will hurt/kill them. You can also use a Plasma Pistol
to melt their shield away and they can easily be killed before their shield

Elites: Now here are the big boys for the Covenant, and taking them down are
not pretty. Just like you, they have shields, and you'll need to get rid of
them to kill them first. If you hit them and white lines surround their bodies,
it means their shields are still up. But when hit, they will retreat for
protection and then go out and attack you, so it could take a while. Elites
carry either a Plasma Rifle or a Needler, and on Heroic and Legendary, either
weapon can take you down in a matter of seconds when you're not careful. They
will fire the Needler in bursts, so it'll be enough needles to blow you up.
They fire their Plasma Rifles very fast before recharging, and it will knock
out your shields and almost go down to minimum health. The best weapons to get
rid of these skilled Covenant troops is pretty much any Covenant weapon. If you
use a Plasma Pistol or a Plasma Rifle, their shields will be gone easily, and
then you can melee attack them or shoot them to finish them off. A Shotgun or a
Sniper Rifle does the job too. Better yet, if an Elite as their back to you,
you can melee attack their back and kill them in 1 hit. There are 4 types of
Elites: A blue elite, purple, silver, and gold.

Blue Elites are your basic ones, and they have little shields to deal with. A
purple Elite is more skilled and has slightly more armor, while a gold Elite
has a ton of armor and can take you down easily. Silver Elites are the most
skilled. They can throw a Plasma Grenade submarine style (like Mike Myers in
Major League Baseball) and it can stick onto you pretty accurately. There are
also Elites who are cloaked, which me and my friend call "InvisiElites". Even
though they were invisible, they have no shields, so you can take them down
easily once you find them. Watch out, gold Elites and cloaked ones may have
swords in their hands, and 1 swipe of these swords can kill you. Try to keep at
a safe distance when encountered.

Hunters: The biggest Covenant enemy out of all of them. Although they do not
fight like Elites do, they have a lot of power on them and you need to kill
them the right way. Most Hunters are found in groups of two. To kill Hunters
the best way, you'll notice an orange spot in the middle of their body. If you
take a Pistol and shoot there, it will die in 1 hit. If you have other weapons,
you'll need to get behind one and keep shooting its orange spot until it dies.
But to get behind him, you'll need to take course 1, which is dodging him. If
you are close up to him, he'll swipe at you and then melee you with his Fuel
Rod Gun. Dodge this by backing up when he swipes at you, and then when he tries
to melee you, run around him from either side, and then keep shooting. You can
also jump as well. But if you are far away from one, he'll fire his Fuel Rod
Gun at you, and THESE HURT. They can knock out your shields and put you at near
minimal health. Duck behind something or jump over it when fired at you.

The Flood

Sometime during the middle of the game, you'll release a new enemy called the
Flood. Most forms of the Flood are rumored to be dead marines from the past.
The Flood comes in all different shapes and sizes. Since the Covenant fear
these enemies, you can sit back with a bag of Popcorn watching Flood vs.
Covenant matches fighting each other. Sometimes either side will win in a big
blowout, or they may have a fight to a death with 1 man standing. Be warned,
however, that you may get the hell scared out of you the level you meet the
Flood. On with them:

Infection Form: Found a lot in 343 Guilty Spark. These are little blobs that
run around on the floor in HUGE groups. They can bite onto you and suck up your
shields and health, but they are extremely weak. Just take an Assault Rifle and
spray all of them with one clip. DO NOT TAKE A PLASMA GRENADE AND STICK ONE
ONTO THEM. You have been warned. If you stick one onto them, they'll just run
up to you and the grenade will explode right in your face. Other ways of
getting with of them are simple melee attacks or a Shotgun at best. When one
explodes, it can set off a reaction, causing several more to blow up, so use
this as an advantage. Instead of using a Shotgun, Covenant weapons (except for
a Needler, which you should stay away from) work great against these. One shot
from a Plasma Pistol/Rifle will make them explode, causing a reaction of other

Combat Form: Since many people call the flood Dead Marines, this is what I'll
put. Most of these will have claws, and if you're short of ammo, they can just
come up to them and swipe you while you reload. Other of these dead marines
will be equipped with a weapon, which can be any weapon in this game, except
for a Fuel Rod gun or a Sniper Rifle. So if you see one with a Shotgun, kill it
and pick it up. They may have a few grenades on them as well. Again, the
Assault Rifle and Shotgun are the best to take any flood form out.

Carrier Form: The most annoying enemy in this whole game. They walk on two legs
and their face is nothing but a fat stomach. If they get near you, they'll drop
down to the ground and explode. This can most likely kill you and it gets
really annoying. The best way to get rid of this is to have a different
explosion kill you or take a Shotgun and shoot them FAR away, because once you
do, they'll explode without them touching you. Once they explode, they'll
release a few Infection Forms, but it's only about 4 or 5.

Other Enemies

Sentinals: These are actually 343 Guilty Spark's personal guards called
Sentinals. When you are in the Library, they are your friends as they will help
you take out the Flood with their lasers. But after that, you and the monitor
will hate each other, causing the Sentinals to be your enemies. They will
attack you with their lasers, and if they attack in a group, they can burn down
your shields and health pretty quickly, but 1 or 2 shouldn't be a problem. The
best way to get rid of these enemies are to use a charged up Plasma Pistol
shot, as it will destroy it in one hint. Another useful was is to put a Plasma
Grenade in their path, as they are pretty sensitive to close up explosions. If
you get one stuck onto them, it can destroy the rest of the group if they are
close as well.

4. Weapons

This is the weapon list for both the UNSC marines and the Covenant. I will
describe each weapon, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Remember
that you can only have up to two weapons at any time during the game.

UNSC Weapons

Assault Rifle: You will start out with this weapon in every level except the
Pillar of Autumn and Two Betrayals. Being one of your early weapons, it is a
pretty solid weapon for combat. It can hold 60 bullets a clip, and you can have
up to 10 reloads max (600 bullets). You will find that nearly ALL of your
marines will be using this weapon, but they fire in 3 round bursts, making it
less effective and less helpful for you. It can be found near dead marines at
the beginning of the game, or you can find the Flood carrying this weapon in
the later level. Advantages of this weapon are that it can take out any form of
the flood easily. When the flood is first released, use this weapon to take out
the corn blobs, it'll be really helpful. It can also take out a group of guns
with about 1 climb. But some of this weapon's disadvantages are that it's not
great for silver and gold Elites, as it'll take forever to knock out their
shields with this weapon.

Pistol: One of my favorite weapons in this game, both for single player and
multiplayer. It will be one of your default weapons early on in the game, but
it will be less common late in the game. The Pistol can hold 12 bullets a clip,
and you can have up to 10 reloads (120 bullets). It also has a zoom in scope
which makes this gun EXCELLENT. This weapon has its advantages for taking out
any sort of enemy at long distance, including Elites, as it'll drain their
shields in about 5 or 6 shots. It's good for taking out enemies solo, but it's
not a good weapon for attacking enemies at short distances or taking out
stronger enemies in larger groups. But in multiplayer 1 vs. 1 or whatever
you're doing, this will be a big help in taking out your enemy.

Sniper Rifle: An extremely useful weapon that you won't be able to use very
often. You'll start out with this weapon on the Truth and Reconciliation, where
you'll highly need it. It is great for sniping out enemies in both single
player and multiplayer, and it can zoom in to 2X and 8X (it could be 10 in the
Xbox version). It can hold 4 shots before reloading (don't know its maximum
ammo), and it's a powerful weapon as well. Its advantages are being able to
take down an Elite in 2 hits and any other enemy in 1 shot, and it's a good
weapon for fighting enemies far away. It also has night vision, so if you can't
see very well, just hit your flashlight button to turn it on, but only when
zoomed in. Some of the disadvantages for this weapon are that it's a bad weapon
for fighting up close, it can be inaccurate up close, and using this CANNOT
kill the flood, so don't try it out.

Shotgun: This is pretty much the best weapon in the game. It is found a lot in
the later levels, especially with the Flood. If you kill a Flood creature and
they have this weapon, pick it up now. It can hold 12 shells a clip and can
hold 5 reloads at maximum (60 shells). When reloading, you can fire while
reloading, as it reloads 1 shell at a time. It can knock out any enemy except
an Elite or a Hunter in one hit. When taking out an Elite, it usually takes up
to 5 shots at best to knock one out. Advantages of this weapon are that like
said, it can take out any enemy quickly, and it's a great gun for fighting
enemies at close range. You can also fire while reloading, so when you are
being attacked, you can still attack back. Some of its few disadvantages are if
you overuse this weapon on pointless stuff, you may run out of ammo quickly,
and it's a bad weapon for attacking at faraway distances, as the gunshots are
more widespread.

Rocket Launcher: A decent weapon later on in the game, and it's a great weapon
if you know how to use it correctly. It can hold 2 rockets at once, with having
up to 4 reloads (8 rockets). Sometimes you may see the Flood with this weapon,
SO WATCH OUT. It is an essential weapon to beating the final weapon, although
you could use grenades as well. The best way to take out a large group of
enemies with this weapon is to shoot at the floor and knock everyone off their
feet. It also has a zoom in scope too. Watch out, this gun can hurt you as
well. Advantages of this weapon is that it can take out any group of enemies in
1 hit, and it is an excellent weapon for destroying the fusion reactors in the
final level. Its disadvantages is that it's very slow at reloading, and if you
try to attack up close, you could kill yourself. It's also not a great weapon
for attacking just 1 enemy.

Flamethrower: A new weapon added to the PC version of this game, but it a
multiplayer-only weapon. If you know how to use this weapon correctly, it can
be a pretty deadly weapon. Being a flamethrower, you'll need to attack your
enemies at a closer range. Doing this, you can drain their shields AND health
in a matter of seconds. It starts out with 400 bullets and you'll need to
reload it as well. But if you see an enemy trying to attack you with this
weapon, just stay at a far range from them and the flamethrower shouldn't
bother you.

Covenant Weapons

Just like you, the Covenant have their own types of weapons. I'd personally
prefer the UNSC weapons over Covenant weapons. The advantage that Covenant
weapons have over UNSC weapons are that since you will be fighting the Covenant
the whole game (except for one level), Plasma Pistols, Rifles, and Needlers
will be all over the place. If you are using a Plasma Pistol/Rifle and your
battery becomes depleted, then you can always swap out for a weapon with a
higher battery. If you have a Plasma Pistol with a battery of 67 and you find
one with 68 or high, you can swap out for it. But you can't swap out for a
weapon with lower batteries. This is great for fighting the Covenant,
especially when playing on harder difficulties.

Plasma Pistol: A lot of people consider this the worst weapon in the game, but
it is an ok weapon. It can fire faster than a Plasma Rifle, but if you fire
consistently without stopping, the battery gets overheated and it must cool
down. Its battery can go up to 100, and it's a good weapon for taking out
Elites. If you hold down your fire button, a huge plasma ball will appear. When
you fire, it will be like a homing missile. This can knock out a Sentinal in
one hit as well. When you charge it, it uses up about 11 shots, so just
conserve your shots here and there. Advantages of this weapon are that it is
awesome at killing Elites. Charge it up and fire at them to get rid of their
shields, and then keep firing until they die. The charging is also great for
Sentinals. The bad part about this weapon is that it's not great for taking out
the Flood or other large group of enemies.

Plasma Rifle: This weapon and the Shotgun is my favorite combination in the
whole game. It fires slightly slower than the Plasma Pistol, but it's a
powerful weapon. Its battery can go up to 100 and if you fire consistently
without stopping, the battery gets overheated and it needs to be cooled down
before firing again. Good things about this weapon are that it can take out any
Covenant enemy quickly, including Elites. This can get rid of their shields
quickly and then you could kill them afterwards. This weapon is also good for
getting rid of a Jackal's shield, which you could just kill them afterward
without being annoyed. One of its only disadvantages are that it's not too
effective than a UNSC weapon against the Flood.

Needler: A Needler can be your best friend or it can be instant hell if you
don't use it right. You will find Grunts and Elites firing these weapons at
you. It can hold 20 needles a clip and can have up to 4 reloads stored (80
needles). If you fire all 20 (or near 20) at an enemy, the needles will cause a
huge explosion on the enemy, causing other nearby enemies to get killed. If
playing levels on Legendary, you can use this to take out Elites and watch them
explode. It can be a living hell if you fire this weapon and it explodes too
close to you. So its advantages are that it's like a free grenade that can take
out any enemy easily, but its bad part is that it can affect you as well. Just
make the best use out of these. It also works for the Flood too.

Fuel Rod Gun: These are the weapons the more advanced Grunts carry later in the
game. Hunters also have a powered up version of this weapon. Even though you
can't use this in single player, this is a new weapon in multiplayer. Either
way, it can be a very deadly weapon. In one hit, it can knock out your shields
and put your health near minimum. The best way to dodge this weapon is to duck,
jump, or hide behind something. But if you know how to use it right, it can be
a nice weapon in multiplayer. In Multiplayer, it has a maximum battery of 100.
Each shot uses 4 rounds of the battery, and if you fire it too much, then the
battery will overheat and you'll need to wait for it to cool down before
recharging it again.


There are two grenades in this game. The marines have their own type of
grenades and the Covenant have their own type. They are listed below.

Fragmentation Grenades: The better of the two grenades in my opinion. These are
the UNSC grenades and you can have up to 4 grenades at maximum. If used right,
this could be a little hero to you in both single player and multiplayer. If
throwing this grenade at short distances, throw it at the ground. If throwing
it to a longer distance, try throwing it in the air. Advantages of this grenade
are that it can take out a huge group of enemies if thrown right, and it can
damage/kill Elites. It is also great for taking out a large group of Flood
enemies. Bad parts about this grenade is that it can bounce around the walls
and you may not know where it lands, so be on the lookout.

Plasma Grenades: These are fairly pointless, but they have their own uses.
These are also the grenades the Covenant use. They are like big blue fire when
thrown, so you'll easily know where they are. Just like the Fragmentation
Grenades, you can hold up to 4. If you throw this grenade, it can stick onto
enemies, which can be good or bad. If you stick it onto an Elite, it can kill
it, but if you stick it onto a corn blob from the Flood, it can run up to you
and explode in your face. So I don't recommend these grenades against the
Flood, use them only on the Covenant.

5. Vehicles

With weapons, enemies, and all of that stuff, there are vehicles, both UNSC and
Covenant. I will describe each of them below. To control these vehicles, just
use the same controls you would use to fire weapons, throw grenades, and move.
These aren't too different.

UNSC Vehicles

Warthog: Just take my advice and don't mess this up with "Hogwart" or else
someone may yell at you going "This isn't Harry Potter!" Now the Warthog is a
nice little jeep. There is a driver seat, a passenger seat, and a gunner seat.
If you're in the driver's seat, then you control where the Warthog goes (same
controls for being on ground). The blue arrow is the direction the Warthog will
go if you go straight. If you are in the passenger seat, you can use your
weapons to kill enemies, but you can only turn left and right, making this a
bad spot to be in. The gun turret in the back is sweet. It has unlimited ammo
and can take out ANYTHING quickly, including Elites. So if you have an extra
marine, get one in the gunner seat. They'll take out EVERYTHING. It can also
get rid of enemies online during multiplayer. Bad part about the gunner is that
the range is limited, so you'll have to be closer than normal.

Scorpions: Scorpions are extremely heavy tanks. Being heavy, it is also a slow
tank with only a little bit of speed on it. But the power it has is awesome.
When you get in the driver's seat (which is in the middle of the tank), you can
control 1 of 2 weapons. If you click the left mouse button, you'll file a
missile than can kill anything easily, but it needs to be recharged before
using it again. The right mouse button is a machine gun. It is a pretty good
weapon, but not as good as the gun turret in a Warthog. You can have up to 4
passengers too, but to have passengers, someone has to be in the driver's seat,
so this could make a good multiplayer ambush. But each seat has its own limit
to where you can turn in terms of directions, so try to pick the seat that is
good for you.

Rocket Warthog: A new addition to the PC version of this game. But again it is
a multiplayer-only vehicle. It works the same way as a regular Warthog, except
that the gun turret in the back is replaced by a rocket launcher. Unlike the
gun turret, you'll need to reload it every few shots (you could fire the gun
turret as long as you want without stopping). It has its own advantages over
the regular Warthog, such as it can destroy vehicles easier, but it is pretty
inaccurate most of the time. The passenger seat is obviously still there. If
you can't pick out a Warthog from a Rocket Warthog, just remember the rocket
Warthog is a black vehicle.

Covenant Vehicles

Ghost: A fast vehicle, but it also lacks in health and can be destroyed easily.
For a weapon, you can fire around plasma cells while moving around, but they
are fairly weak. You'll find Elites riding these vehicles, but you can take out
the Elites WITHOUT destroying the Ghost if you want it. Its head is exposed
when riding, so go for the head until he dies, without hitting the Ghost. The
Ghost is also like a little glider. It glides in the air but it doesn't fly. In
large multiplayer maps like Sidewinder, use this to get from one base to
another quickly, as its pretty fast. Other than speed, this is a below average

Banshees: This is a plane you can use to fly around in the air to get from one
spot to another. You'll need these in Keyes, Two Betrayals, and Assault on the
Control Room so don't waste these. They have a good amount of speed but its
defense is average. When flying around, you can use this to attack enemies. The
left mouse button can fire plasma cells and the right mouse button can fire a
plasma missile, which can damage your Banshee if it but it can knock out
enemies easily. But if you fire this, it will need to be recharged before using
it again. To fly around in the air, use the mouse to point in the direction you
want to steer and then use the same controls to fly. The bad part about a
Banshee is that you can't take someone's Banshee while they're in it, otherwise
you'll destroy the Banshee if you fire at it too much.

Stationary Guns: This isn't a vehicle, but I'd thought I'd put it here anyway.
As its name says, it's stationary, so it cannot move. These are also known by
"Covenant Gun Turrets" or "Shades", but let's use Stationary Guns. You can hop
into them and use the weapon to take out enemies, both Covenant and Flood. The
plasma in this isn't too strong, but it's enough to take out anything. Also,
you can use this to take out all the Covenant troops at the gravity lift in
Truth and Reconciliation. Like I said, the bad part about this is that it
cannot move, meaning you if someone throws a Plasma Grenade onto this, it can
get stuck, so get out of the Stationary Gun before it explodes right in front
of you.

Wraiths: This is a vehicle, but too bad only Elites can use this. It moves
around very slowly, but the huge energy ball fired out is extremely powerful.
It can kill you very easily on a direct hit, or it could drain your shields and
put you at minimum health. But the energy ball is fired out slowly, giving you
more than enough time to dodge it. The other good part is that the Wraith is a
big target, so you can kill it with a Rocket Launcher or any weapon easily.
Just make sure you have enough ammo before fighting, because you'll need a lot
of it if you don't have a Rocket Launcher.

6. Characters

Here are the list of the main characters of the game and what their roles are
and such.

Master Chief = This is the person you will play as. He is a special type of
Marine called a SPARTAN II, and is the only one left of his kind. If you read
the book Halo: Fall of Reach, you found out he had a team with him, with Fred,
Kelly, and Linda, but they all died when Reach fell. He wakes up from is cryo
sleep and is out there to help the marines stop Halo from destroying the
universe. He is also aided with an Artificial Intelligence Cortana, who will
help you along the whole game except for two levels.

Cortana = This is the AI in the game. She is a pretty smart AI who finds out
what the ring was designed to do and she will guide you throughout the game
once you put her in the back of your helmet. She has a hologram that can be
purple or green with different designs on her. She'll call for evacuation and
do much more to help you, such as call in troops. Once you receive her and get
her off the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Keyes will tell you to keep her away from
the Covenant, because if the Covenant ever captured her (they can't in this
game), they could find out weapon research, stuff about marines and most
importantly - the location of Earth.

Foehammer = This is the pilot Cortana will always call in for evac at the end
of many levels. Sometimes Cortana will call her "Echo 419", but this is the
name of the ship Foehammer drives. You may see that name on the side of the
Pelican. So if Cortana calls her Foehammer or Echo 419, just remember it's the
same thing to clear up confusion. At the end of the game, two Banshees take her
down when trying to get you out of the Pillar of Autumn.

Captain Jacob Keyes = This is the captain of the UNSC forces. When he
discovered Halo, he wanted to land the Pillar of Autumn on it and wanted to
find out what it was and what it could do. He will give you your first weapon
of the game and he will give you Cortana to take care of as well. Although he
is the captain, he is pretty weird and gets into a lot of trouble. He will get
captured twice in this game, and the second time he gets captured, it's not
going to be a pretty scene. You just need to watch and find out. When he gets
captured the first time, you will rescue him and he will take a Needler. Now
the bad part is that you need to protect him, because he'll go too far and kill
himself, pissing you off. And if he dies, you go back to the last checkpoint.

UNSC Marines = There's so many marines in this game, but let's just call them
marines, because I don't want to find out the name of every single marine. They
are there to help you for the first 6 levels, and after you beat 343 Guilty
Spark, they're all gone. Some of the known marines in the game are SGT.
Johnson, a black marine who can be really funny, and PVT. Jenkins, whose video
you watch will become very important. These marines can be useful or useless.
They usually have Assault Rifles and fire in three round bursts, but in later
levels, they get Shotguns and Covenant weapons. Also, if you get one as a
gunner in a Warthog, they can seriously be your best friend.

Covenant = Although I already described each of them in the enemies section,
this is who they are. The Covenant are aliens who have taken down planet Reach
and many people, marines, and SPARTANS as well. Now they have a new objective -
find the location of Earth and take over the overpopulated Earth. It's your job
to prevent that from happening as you go and destroy Halo as well.

343 Guilty Spark = Even though this is the name of the level, it is actually a
floating monitor with a blue glow. You will meet him at the end of 343 Guilty
Spark while taking on the flood near a tower. He tells you that the Flood must
be stopped and you go out with him to retrieve the index, which can activate
Halo and wipe out the galaxy. His voice sounds like a total nerd and he is a
technical person as well. He is also pretty annoying, and he'll be in every
single level after you meet him except for Keyes. And when you follow him in
the Library, he'll start humming and singing, which actually sounds like
Cinderella singing in the shower.

7. Options

There are many types of options in this game. I will list them separately.

Title Screen Options

Campaign: Select this to start, load, or select a new level for the profile you
are currently using.

Multiplayer: Select this to go into multiplayer mode. You must have an internet
connection. Each time you will connect, it will check for updates. Read more
about this in my Multiplayer Section.

Profiles: Use this to create or delete a new player profile. You can name your
player whatever you want, but this will only be used for Multiplayer. Each
profile has their different file in the game. 1 person could be at level 4 and
another could already have the entire game beaten.

Settings: Use this to modify your profile and settings, such as audio, video,
color, controls, and so on. All of these will be described in a different
section for the Options.

Credits: View the Credits for who made the game. It also has the credits for
the original Xbox version.

Quit: Use this to quit the game. It's as obvious as it says.

While Game is Paused

Resume Game: When paused, use this to go back to the game you are currently

Save Checkpoint: If you don't feel like playing and you want to quit, you can
use this to save and record your last checkpoint that you got to and then you
can quit. When you want to load this back up, go to Campaign, Load Game, and
choose the checkpoint that you previously saved.

Load Checkpoint: When something is going wrong and you recently got a
checkpoint, you can use this to go back to your last checkpoint and try
something again. You probably will find yourself using this all the time on
harder difficulties.

Change Settings: Again, this is the same thing as "Settings" on the main menu.
This will be described later on in the section.

Quit: Quits the game without saving (unless you already saved a checkpoint),
and turns you back to the main screen.

Changing Your Settings

These are the settings you can change when you pause the game and go to "Change
Settings" or select "Settings" on the main menu. Also, when changing settings,
hit Ok on the settings section you're on, and then hit Ok on the options list
to save them, otherwise they won't be saved. On any section, remember there is
a default button to set those settings back at default if you mess up with

Change Name:

You can use this just to change the name of your player for Multiplayer. Names
can have up to 12 characters maximum.

Customize Controls:

If you are not comfortable with the controls (like to move, fire weapon, etc),
you can use this to customize the controls whatever way you want it. You can
have up to two controls per action, 1 keyboard control and 1 mouse control. If
your mouse has a scroller, you can use scroll up or scroll down for controls as


This option will be available if your are using a GamePad, in that case you can
customize controls for the GamePad.

Mouse Setup:

Horizontal Sensitivity: The default for this is 3. Adjust it higher to make
turning left and right faster, or lower it down to make turning left and right

Vertical Sensitivity: The default for this is 3. Adjust it higher to make
turning up and down faster, or lower it down to make turning up and down

Invert Vertical Axis: This can change the way you look up and down. The default
for this is "No". If you leave it on no, moving your mouse forward will look up
and moving your mouse backward will look down. If you set it to Yes, moving
your mouse forward will make you look down and moving it backwards will make
you look up.

Audio Setup:

This can be used to adjust your sound settings for the game.

Master Volume: This will be at 10. Adjust this to control the volume for both
sound effects and music.

Music Volume: This will be at 10. Adjust this to control the volume for the
game's music. Putting it at 0 will turn the music off.

Effects Volume: This will be at 10. Adjust this to control the volume for the
game's sound effects. Putting it at 0 will turn the sound effects off.

Hardware Acceleration: Putting it at no (the default) will not use any sound
buffers. Putting it on yes will use sound buffers.

Sound Quality: The default for this is Normal. Set it to low to have lower
audio quality and put it on high for higher sound quality, depending on the
speed of your computer that you have.

Environmental Sound: This option will be off and you can't ever adjust it.
Environmental Sounds comes from DirectX. They create the vibrating sounds and
the echos, and they were programmed by the game developers, and we have no way
to adjust them.

Sound Variety: The default for this will be at High. Putting it at Normal or
Low will reduce the variety of sounds for this game, and if you have a slower
computer, this may need to be adjusted.

Video Setup:

Resolution: The default for this is 800 x 600. You can choose between 640 x
480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1152 x 864, 1280 x 768, 1280 x 960, and 1280 x
1024. The higher the resolution is, the more detailed the game is and less
blurry. The lower the resolution, the less detailed and more blurry. Be warned,
however, that some monitors can't display some of these resolutions correctly,
so be careful in what you choose. A Higher resolution also means you'll need a
faster computer.

Refresh Rate: The default is 60HZ, which it should be kept on. Putting it
higher may mess up the display and could do worse to your monitor, but make
sure your monitor/video card can hold whatever you're choosing.

Framerate: Adjusting this can make it so that the framerate can go higher or
lower than the refresh rate, which could affect the game's performance.

Specular: Keeping this on will add luster to objects, and turning it off will
take away the luster on objects.

Shadows: Turning this on will add dynamic shadows to the game, and turning it
off will get rid of the dynamic shadows.

Decals: This will add detail into the game such as bullet holes and blood.
Turning it off will get rid of the bullet holes and blood, and if you have a
slower PC, turning it off, could affect the game's performance and make it

Particles: This can adjust other details of the game, like sparks and dust.

Texture Quality: Set this to Low, Medium, and High to have the textures drawn
at that kind of quality.

Gamma: Lowering the gamma will make it darker and raising it will brighten it
up for those who have bad eye sights and such.

Network Options:

Connection Type: Use this to configure what kind of connection you have, such
as Dial Up, DSL or Cable. Faster connections can hold more people in a
Multiplayer game.

Server and Client Port: This will configure your ports for when creating a

Change Color:

Too bad this wasn't for single player. Changing Master Chief's color is only
for multiplayer. You can change to any of the colors listed or you can just use
the default uniform.


This shows your game's current ID for when you have a technical problem (in
which case you contact Microsoft), and the game's version number.

8. Walkthrough

Before starting the walkthrough, there are some things you should know. Before
starting a level, you can choose 1 of 4 difficulties to play the level on,
between Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary. If you are new to this game, try
it out on Easy or Normal, which is what I did. Heroic is obviously a step up
from Normal, and it's a little more fun to play on. Legendary is what it says -
enemies fire more quickly and accurately, and Elites are a lot harder to kill.
And don't expect your marines to be much help either.

Another thing you should note if you are new to this game is how your health
works. At the beginning of the game, you will get your health and shields set
up. It will look like this in the top right hand corner of the screen.
|_______________ |

The 8 boxes above are your health. These will not be affected until your
shields, which is the rectangular, pistol looking shape above, has run out.
When you get hit, your shields will drain, and when they get low, they will
make beeping sounds. Don't worry, your shields will recover automatically after
a few seconds to full. They will recover if lowered as well. But ones your
shields drain out, you will be vulnerable to attacks. Your health will go down
when hit, and you'll lose a health bar if hit enough. You can recover these
with Health Packs found throughout the game. So when your shields drain, take
cover and let them recharge before attacking again. With that, let's move onto
the walkthrough.

Level 1: The Pillar of Autumn

-Escape Intact as Covenant Forces board your ship.

In the Pillar of Autumn, you, the Master Chief, will be waken up from Cryo
Sleep after Planet Reach has fell to the Covenant. Being in the Pillar of
Autumn and being your first level, you will learn the basics of this game, what
to do, and how to play and such.


First you will get a glance of outer space and the Pillar of Autumn will come
flying in. You'll get a view inside the bridge and you'll hear Captain Keyes
and Cortana talking about how the Covenant escaped from Reach faster than they
did, as Covenant ships are faster. Cortana will also mention how Covenant
forces will be all over the Pillar of Autumn in about 90 seconds. Captain Keyes
will combat alert the ship.

You will get to see the marines, vehicles, and Pelicans in the next cut scene
(How did that first one get plasma swords?). Now, you'll see Sergeant Johnson
yelling at a group of marines. If you are playing on Legendary, he will scream
out something more different and with language in it. Now, after he talks,
you'll be taken to the Cryo room. The technicians will thaw you out and you
will wake up.

NOTE: The following two paragraphs are for when you're playing on Easy, Normal,
or Heroic. If you're playing on Legendary, skip the next to paragraphs. On
Legendary, you won't do the shielding testing or the looking test. You'll start
the level with your shields, health, and motion tracker already online. On
Easy, Normal, and Heroic, you won't get your motion tracker until much later in
this level.

Before you get out of the tube, your health will be put online so you'll be
able so see them. Now hit your action button to get out of the tube. As you get
out of the tube, take the time to run around, look around, and to get used to
the controls as well. Now follow the technician in this room and you'll see a
red square. Step into this red square and face the 5 yellow lights on the wall.
The object is to look up and down at each of the 5 lights. They will turn green
once looked at. When you have all 5 green, your mouse settings will be changed
to inverted. Look at the lights in inverted mode. If you want to remain
inverted, hit your action button. If you like it the normal way, hit Escape and
THEN your action button to change it back.

With that out of the way, follow him to the other end of the room, and there
will be a yellow square. Step in the middle of it and let the technicians put
your shields online. Once they are fully charged, hit your action button and
they will discharge your shields and show you how they work. Now get out of
this yellow square and Captain Keyes will request you to get up to the bridge
immediately. Elites will break into the upper room and kill the technicians up
there. Now to exit this room and start our way through the beginning of the


-Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge

Follow the technician and he will unlock the door, so enter it. Turn right in
this hall. Now there will be an explosion that will kill him and jam the door,
so let's go through the opening to the left. Jump over the pipes and go into
the opening in front of you. In here, turn right and enter the door across from
you. Enter the door across from you in this hallway and you will be in a bigger
room. Turn left and you will see a door that is half open. Crouch under this
door using your crouch button to get under it. There are Elites to your left,
but the door will shut on them. Turn right and go through the first door to
your left. In here, enter the door across from you. There may be an Elite in
front of you, but there are marines to take it out. Head left and follow this
hallway to an opening. You'll get to a room with more marines fighting. Head
through the opening in front of you, and a marine will guide you to the bridge,
but ignore him. You'll be in a room with marines on their "break". Just head
through the entrance at the other side of this room, as there is nothing else
special in this area.

In this hallway, head left and you'll see an entrance to your right, so enter
it. Follow this hallway to the bridge. Head to the other side of this room and
meet Captain Keyes.


Once the talking starts, the captain will explain that he and Cortana couldn't
get away from the Covenant. Cortana's hologram will appear and describe what's
happening as well, and then ask the Master Chief if he slept well. After that,
the Pillar of Autumn will be struck by a powerful cannon blast of some sort.
Captain Keyes then announces that he's going to Abandon this ship and try to
land it on Halo. Now the Captain will tell you to protect Cortana and keep her
away from the Covenant. She will take one last look at the bridge and then be
yanked out. Now she will be inserted into the back of your head.

Once inserted, she will go "Hm, your architecture isn't much different from the
Autumn's" with Master Chief going "Don't get any funny ideas".



-Get off the Pillar of Autumn

With that handled out, Captain Keyes will give you an empty Pistol. Now turn
around and leave the bridge. In this hallway, head left and follow this hallway
to an entrance. While walking, you'll pick up Pistol ammo. Head forward and
kill the three Grunts in this room, but you can't pick up their weapons yet.
Head into the entrance in front of you where you'll pick up an Assault Rifle
from a dead marine. In this dining room you will see marines fighting Grunts
and Elites. Take cover and help them out. Hide behind one of the alcoves and
use your Pistol to zoom in and take out the Grunts. For taking out Elites, use
your pistol to get rid of their Shields and then finish them off with the
Assault Rifle. Now once all the enemies are dead in here, head through 1 of the
two open doors at one side of the room.

Kill any remaining Grunts here and then head into the entrance in front of you.
Get the Health Pack in front of the entrance if needed. In this hallway, just
follow it until you get to an Elite fighting with two marines. The Elite won't
notice you just yet, so melee attack him on his back to kill him in one hit.
With the Elite dead, head through the entrance across from you. You will meet
with a few marines and you'll hear another rumbling on this ship. Follow the
marines to another room. You'll see two other marines guarding an airlock. It
will explode and Grunts and Elites will come out of it. Kill the Grunts and let
the marines help you out with the Elites. Now go through the entrance they came
out of. There are two Over Shields across from you. Pick up one of them and you
will gain two extra layers of shields. Leave the airlock now.

Back in this room, head right and follow this passage until you get to a locked
door. To the right of the locked door is an opening, so go through it. Kill the
Grunt right in front of you and then follow this hallway until you see an
opening to your right and in front of you. Go through the opening to the right.
Kill the Grunts in this hallway and follow it to another opening, and then head
through this opening. Out in this room, kill an Elite and swap one of your
weapons for its Plasma Rifle. Once all of the enemies here are dead, put your
back to the opening you came out of. Head right and you will see another
opening to your right. Grab the Health Pack next to the opening and go through
it. In here, follow this hallway until you get to a group of Grunts and an
Elite. Kill all of them with your Plasma Rifle and step back for protection if
needed. When all of the enemies are dead, go through the opening across from

In this room, there should be surviving marines. Follow them to another airlock
opening. Kill the Elites and Grunts in this area, and use the shields up in
this area for protection. There is another airlock here. Go through it and pick
up an Over Shield if your previous one ran out. Now leave this airlock. Back in
this room, head right and follow this passage until you get to a darker room.
Turn right and you will see a door half open. Crouch under this door. Elites
will ambush two technicians from the left and right. The best way to handle
them is to go through the entrance to the right and follow this hallway back to
the same room. Kill the Elites like this so you won't have to fight them in the
open. Now face the dead/alive technicians and go through the opening to the
left. In here, follow this hallway to a big room with a staircase. You will see
the staircase in the middle of the room, with Grunts and Elites on the higher
level and the marines on the lower levels. I would get to the middle of the
staircase and take out the Covenant from there using a Plasma Rifle or a
Pistol. Pray that the marines will help you as well.

Once all of the Covenant are dead on the higher floor, head up to the top of
the staircase onto the higher level. Up here, go through the opening across
from the staircase. In here, head right and use the pillars and boards for
protections against the next set of Grunts and Elites. Now once they are all
dead, head straight into a darker room. Turn right and you will see a set of
Grunts across from you. You can easily kill them. Kill the next set of Grunts
that come in and go into the next dark room. In here, turn left and kill the
Elite across from you. Head straight to the wall across from you and turn
right. Head all the way straight past this room. Now turn right and get in
front of the windows and watch the life pods get destroyed by Covenant cannons.
Once they stop coming out, turn right and follow this hallway into another

You will see so many openings leading to lifeboats to your left, but ignore
them. Kill all of the Grunts across from you and Cortana will warn you a blast
door behind you is closing. She will put up a NAV point. They are orange arrows
that show you where to go, and how far you are away from that distance,
measured in meters and kilometers for farther distances (why couldn't we have
an option to switch to feet and miles for those who hate the metric system like
me)? Anyway, follow it to a locked door, and then Cortana will unlock it. Enter
it to go into the dark maze. In this maze, go through the opening to the left.
In here, follow the left hand wall until you get to a locked door. This door
will not be locked on Legendary, however, but this walkthrough does not take
you through that direction When you get to this locked door, Cortana will
activate your motion tracker in the bottom left corner of the screen (unless
you are on Legendary, which in that case you'll already have it at the
beginning of the level). This will show you where enemies and marines are
located. Allies are yellow and enemies are red dots. Playing on Legendary or
not, go through the opening on the right wall. In this hallway, there will be
an unlocked door across from you, so enter it. In this room, there will be a
damaged door across from you if you are playing on Easy/Normal/Heroic, but it's
already opened on Legendary.

Melee attack this door to break it open and then go through it. In this
hallway, follow it and you'll see a Grunt's back to you. Let's try out our
melee attack. Melee attack the Grunt to kill him. Now follow this hallway to an
Elite. His back will be against you. Without firing your weapon, let's have
more fun and melee attack this Elite to kill him. Now go through the entrance
in front of you. In here, kill all of the Grunts and the last Elite. Now head
right and you will see an arrow with "Cryo B" on it pointing to an opening. Go
through this opening. Head down the ramp in front of you into a control you. To
your right is a window. Remember that little area? Elites are now there, as
they wanted to catch you napping. Now that we've seen this little area, go
through the opening to your left. In here, head up the ramp in front of you. At
the top, you will see an Elite. If you have a Plasma Rifle, blast the hell out
of it. Otherwise, walk into the opening across from you. In here, head right
and kill all of the Grunts over here. There will be a door to your left near
the explosion. Enter this door.

In this maze, just simply follow the left handed wall to a door, killing the
Grunt in this maze. When you get to the door, walk up to it. Out in this big
room, kill an enemy 1 by 1, retreating whenever possible to recharge your
shield. Try to take out the Elite first, so that the Grunts will be easy. When
all is clear, head out into this room. In this room, head left and you will see
an opening to your left and right. Go through the opening on the left and
follow this long passage until you get to a life pod room, killing any Grunts
and Elites in your path. When you get to the life pod areas, walk up to the big
bars and pick up Fragmentation Grenades. Throw them into the large group of
Grunts to kill them all. Try to get the Elites in the explosions and then
finish them off. Once all of the enemies are dead, walk forward and go through
the small opening to the right. Wait for a cut scene to happen and then you
have finished the level.


A marine will fall onto the ground and the Master Chief will throw him into the
life pod. He will board on it and it will get off the Pillar of Autumn. Now the
Master Chief will look at Halo and then look at the back of the life pod. You
will notice the Pillar of Autumn is accelerating and Keyes is going to board
Halo manually. Now the life pod will board Halo with Cortana asking the Master
Chief "Don't you want to take a seat" with him saying "We'll be fine".

The scene will end with Cortana saying "If I had fingers they'll be crossed"

Level 2: Halo

-Seek out surviving marines and help them fight the Covenant.

You have now gotten off the Pillar of Autumn and are landing on the ring's
surface. However, you are in for a nasty surprise at the beginning of the



The life pod you left on is going nuts. The air breaks have failed and the
wings are falling off. On top of that, it's coming into Halo too fast. It will
crash and the screen will go white.


-Evade the Covenant Patrols searching for you.
-Head for higher grounds.
-Search for other lifeboats.

After being shocked by the crash, you will be able to look around. This crash
has caused everyone else, including the pilot, to die on this life pod. So now
that they're all dead, let's get out of this life pod and we'll be outside.
There will be some dead marines out here. Pick up their Assault Rifles and
Pistols for extra ammo, and get some of their Fragmentation Grenades as well.
Now Cortana will say there is a Covenant dropship on approach. With your back
to the crashed life pod, head straight to the bridge and cross it. By the time
you get to the end of the bridge, you should already see the Covenant dropship.
My best way to get protection is to get behind that rock to the left. Now once
the dropship drops off the Grunts and the Elite, the best way to kill them is
to zoom in with your Pistol and take out the Grunts one by one. When all of the
Grunts are dead, get closer to the bridge you crossed and take out the Elite
with the Pistol. Also, watch out for the two Banshees attacking you. Use either
weapon to take these out, otherwise they will leave.

Once everybody is dead, cross the bridge over to the lifeboat again. Pick up
the Plasma Grenades the Covenant may have dropped, and then get some extra
Assault Rifle and Pistol ammo from the dead marines so you'll have maximum ammo
for the next part. With that done, cross the same bridge again. Back over here,
head all the way right and continue straight. There will be no Covenant at
first, but when you get to an opening, you will find more Grunts and Elites.
When you get to the Grunts and Elites, get close enough so that you can attack
with your Pistol zoomed in. Take out the Grunts at first and then use the rocks
and trees as protection to fight the Elites. Once all of the Covenant enemies
are dead over here, swap out your Assault Rifle for a Plasma Rifle from one of
the dead Elites, as it will be really useful over the next part. Continue
straight and you'll get to a pit leading to lower ground, so head down it. Down
here, head left and a life pod will be detected by Cortana. You'll also notice
a Covenant dropship dropping out a few Grunts and some Elites.

Kill the Grunts and when you have the face the Elite, back off and using a
Plasma Rifle to get rid of its shields, and then finish it with your Pistol.
Now walk up to the marines and they will explain that they thought they were
the only survivors on the ring (until you showed up).


-Stay with the human survivors
-Protect the human survivors
-Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

At the end of the chat, a Covenant dropship will drop off Elites, Grunts, and
Jackals at the other side of this building you are next to. There are many
things you can use for protection here. There are trees, rocks, the top of the
large building, and even going inside of the smaller buildings that scatter
this area. Use these as your advantage to take out the Covenant. While fighting
them (or if you already killed all of them), another Covenant dropship will
drop off more Elites and Grunts near you. Help out the marines killed them off,
fighting for protection if you need to. If you ever run out of ammo, you could
swap out for a Covenant weapon, or there will be some extra ammo and health on
the top of the large structure in this area, where other marines are. There is
also a life pod where the marines came from near the building, containing more
health and ammo.

With two dropships gone, a third one will come in on the OTHER SIDE of this
building. If there are still any marines alive, one of them will claim "They're
trying to flank us". If you still have your Pistol, head over to the dropship
and take out at least 3 or 4 Grunts with your scope. Take out the remaining
Grunts and then take out the Elite last. But you're still not done. A FOURTH
dropship will drop off Jackals, Grunts, and Elites behind you. Take out the
Jackals first. Use a Plasma Pistol or a Rifle to take their shields out, and
then finish them off easily with a different weapon. Then get the Grunts next,
and then use the Covenant weapons to take out any other Elites. A FIFTH
dropship will then drop off more Covenant troops near you, usually with Grunts
and Jackals in this one. This is normally the last one. Kill off the Grunts and
Jackals and then you should get a call from Echo 419 asking for any survivors.

Cortana will tell her they are alive. Echo 419 will come with her Pelican
dropship and drop off a Warthog. If there any marines alive, they will go into
the dropship right now. Don't worry, your Warthog will already come with a
gunner in the back included. But before you go into the Warthog, grab any extra
ammo, health, and grenades so that you will be ready for your next fight. Now
get in the Warthog.


-Search for 3 additional groups of human survivors.
-Protect the human survivors.
-Wait for an evac dropship.

Now you will be in your first Warthog of the game. You will be in front of a
big hill. Drive up the hill and you'll see a long slope in front of you leading
into an opening. Head down this slope into the opening, and you'll be in a cave
that somebody has built. It is a straightforward cave, so there is no possible
way to get lost in here. Just follow this cave until you get to a gap. When you
get to this gap, drive at it at full speed to get over it (you need the Warthog
to do this). At the end of the gap, just head down the slope to your left and
you'll get into a bigger room. In here are Grunts, Elites, and Jackals
patrolling this area. Try to run most of them over. Also, your gunner that you
have can be a big help here, as he can use his gun turret to wipe out any
enemies easily, including the Elites. When all of the enemies in this area are
dead, face the opening you used to enter this room. Now get out of the Warthog
and head left. On the wall you are facing, there is an opening, so head up the
ramp inside.

At the top of the ramp, there will be an Elite to your left. My best way of
getting rid of it is to throw a Plasma Grenade on it, and it that cast it will
be killed easily. When the Elite is dead, follow this pathway until you see a

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