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Walkthroughs of Igor

Igor Walkthroughs


Walkthrough obatined from Theo Savidis (Theo.Savidis@lpul.slu.se)

Objective Uikokahonia - Walkthrough

After you've finished listening to Laura and Philip, pick up the note
they left behind. Go to your room in the dormitory. Pick up the CD
and open the nightstand and take the alarm clock. Open the window and
leave through it. Enter the open window. Take the butterfly net and
examine the shelf to get some matches. Look at the nail on the back
wall. Open the trunk and look in it to get a hammer. Use it on the
nail to create a small crack. Look in the trunk again to get a pick.
Use it on the small crack to widen it. look in the trunk and get
some dynamite. Put the dynamite in the crack and light it with the
matches. You can now leave through the hole in the wall.

Go to the faculty building and talk to Laura. Take Caroline's
folder outside the Examination room. Look at the papercase in the
Physics classroom to find a note. In the Chemistry classroom, take
the pen on the desk. Go to the Laboratory and take the instruments
to get a flask. Leave the building and you should see Philip and
Jimmy talking. Use Caroline's folder on Philip's folder to swap
them. Look at the folder to discover Philip's locker number. Now go
and open his locker. Take a bottle of whisky and use the flask with
the bottles. Leave the building and go somewhere else. The priest
now hurries away to exorcise Philip, leaving the church open.

Go to the park and look at the tree to find resin. Take some of it
and then go to the left and talk to the old woman to discover that
she is looking for a cat. Go to the church and put resin on the
stone to the left of the door. You'll catch a lizard. Enter the
church and go to the right. Light a candle with the matches. A monk
will appear and give you a vellum.

Go to the administration building. Examine the trashcan to find a
hamburger. Feed it to the lizard to fatten it. Go to the back of
the building and put the net in the hole just under the window. Also
pick up the slug in the drainpipe. Enter the Dean's office and give
him the bottle of whisky. When you leave, he'll drink it up and throw
the bottle out the window. Go to the back of the building and take
the empty bottle from the net. Go to the boys' bathroom in the
faculty and use the bottle on the faucet to fill it with water. Drop
the slug down the grate to empty out the girls' bathroom downstairs.
Go there and use the vellum on the hand dryer to make the text
appear. Examine the sink to get a bobby pin.

Go back to the Dean's office and give him the bottle of water. He'll
pass out when he drinks it. Take his newspaper and read it. Take a
book from his bookshelf and open it to discover a keyring. Use the
intercom to get rid of the secretary and then go to her room. Open
the file cabinet and enroll yourself in biology. Use the bobby pin
on the closet to open it and take the monkey costume inside. Go to
the library and take an astronomy book (third shelf from the top).
Read it to find some coordinates. Go to the observatory and use the
keyring to unlock the door. Enter the coordinates from the book
into the control panel. You will see a conversation between two
crooks. Go to the church and enter the tower. Look inside the bell
to find a password. Walk to the mosaic and use the combination from
the vellum to open it and reveal a passage.

Enter the passage and follow these directions to pass the maze:
(E=East, W=West, S=South, N=North, E3=East three times) E3, N2, W2,
N2, E3, S4, E2, N3, E, S3, E5, N4, E5, S4, E2, N4, E2, S5, W.

Go to the cemetery and give the CD to the gravedigger. He will let
you take the vase. Go to the forest. Take the flower and put in the
vase. Continue to the left and examine the lightning bugs. Use the
vase on their leader to capture them. Go to the lighthouse and give
the vase to the man there. He will send a message for you. Go back
to the cemetery and tell the gravedigger that you want to see John
O Callahan's grave. You can now enter the cemetery and take the
statuette. Go back to the secret passage and return to the church by
reversing the directions given above. When you leave the church you
will automatically go the police station and get a reward for
retrieving the stolen statuette.

Go to the park and give the fat lizard to the old woman. She will
give you a firecracker in return. Go to the spring and give the
firecracker to the photographer. This will get rid of him and you
can now take his camera. Go to Margaret and use Philip's note on
the sandwiches. If you have the pen, you will automatically rewrite
the note first. Now go to the library and give the second note to
Harrison. Go to the Laboratory. If you have the camera, you will
hide there and take a picture of the Margaret and Harrison's meeting.
Go back to the library and give the photo to Harrison. He will give
you his biology homework in return. Go to the janitor's room and
give him the homework and the reward.

The exams will now start, but you will fail them. Leave the faculty
building and you will find a cage outside it. Use the monkey costume
on the cage to get on the plane to Uikokahonia. Use the latch on the
door to open it. Take the parachute and use it to jump from the plane.
Now just sit back and enjoy the ending.

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