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Walkthroughs of Mafia Walkthrough

Mafia Walkthrough Walkthroughs

Mafia Walkthrough

Written by Acid Wolf.
Email- acidwolf_2000@yahoo.com.sg

All contents copyright 2002- Acid Wolf



Brief introduction
Some Technical stuff
Walkthrough-(Extreme Free Ride)
Free Ride Unique Cars
Real Car Names


-Added the Extreme Ride 19 subquests by Hirisque.
-Added Free Ride Unique Cars by Hirisque.
-Added Real Car Names by Hirisque.

-Added the alternate route for the speed explosive truck mission for the Free
Ride Extreme.
-Added the alternate way for the exploding car mission for the Free Ride


Mafia is a game based during the 1930's era where gangsters & mobsters rule the
city. It is a 3rd person perspective game where you play Tommy Angelo. A lowly
cabbie who rises through the ranks of the gangster family: Salieri. This game
may be compared by others with the likes of GTA 3. But for my opinion, it is
quite similar but with the experience of the 1930's built into it. It is a good
game for those who would like to immerse themselves into that era. Everything
is made in such a way (music, layout, setup) that it brings the 1930's back to


Basically I will not explain the controls here as they are found at the options
screen and can be remapped to almost any keys on your keyboard or joysticks.


In game radar color codes:

RED - enemies chasing you or police wanting to arrest you.

Yellow - trams.

BLUE - police on the job.

WHITE - normal cars on the road.

There are a few things that you should take note:

- Do not whip out your guns in front of police
- Do not fire gun shots unless necessary
- Try not to kill civilians
- Do not drive above the speed limit (should be 60Kmh)
- Do not kill police or civilians with your car
- Do not cause car crashes
- Do not speed (above 60Kmh & 120Kmh)
- Do not run from police when you have the "fine" icon

The above hints will either get you a "fine" (pay an amount of money to get
away) or "arrest"(have to go to jail). Note that if you pay a fine, you will be
on your way asap. But if you go to jail, you will fail that mission.

There are 3 types of police icons that appear at the top center of screen:


- Will have to pay an amount to get clear of charges like:
- running the red lights
- crash into someone's car (light damage)
- crash into someone (hurt)
- speeding over 60 Kmh

HANDCUFFS (may have wanted bar)

- Will have to go to jail and things you do to get this:
- runaway from the police with the 'fine' icon
- show weapon when police are around
- shoot/crash into Police/Police Car
- crash into someone's car (does heavy damage)
- crash into someone and killing him/her
- speeding over 120 Kmh

9MM HANDGUN (may have wanted bar)

- Will get you killed and things you do to get it:
- fired shots get detected by the police
- fired shots kill either the police or civilians

Note: all these will disappear if you lay low for a while and do not let the
police see you.

Always check the map at all times. It will shows most of the locations that you
have to go.


This walkthrough is just based on my knowledge of the game I have played.
Therefore I did not include the details of the storyline or plots. You have to
experience it yourself. For the general locations of the enemies, it acts as a
guide. Since the enemies can move around the place according to what actions
takes place.

The best weapon I frequently use is the Tommy gun. You can fire single shots
one at a time and the damage is somewhat similar to the shotgun at a distance.
And it packs 200 shots + 50 more in the round magazine.

I have incorporated Lucas's quests into the main missions for every mission. If
you want to play fast, you can skip Lucas's quests.

Only the Mosin Nagant is a sniper rifle (has a viewscope mounted on it). The US
Rifle M 1903 Springfield is not a sniper rifle.

When driving around the city, if you happen to piss off the police (arrest
mode), find a quiet spot, stop the car and pump those police full of lead. This
will prevent further implications.

Some Technical stuff

If you experience some crashes or freezes during the game, you can:

-reinstall the game (remove the saves first).
-restart the game.
-lower your display settings (try the lowest first).
-disable the EAX sound settings. Or just using the sound emulation.
-do not use the trainer unless it is necessary. Game trainers may cause some
problems with the game.
-try not to use a single key/button for multiple actions. Like shift gear
up/down with the in car weapon cycle.
-close down some of your background programs. E.g. anti-virus.......


An offer you can't refuse

At the start, you get a cutscene of our main character Tommy entering the cafe
to meet up with detective Norman. Tommy will exchange names, accounts,
schedules for police protection of both him and his family. This is where the
story starts as Tommy tells the detective about how he got into the

After that, another cutscene will play showing a car chase and Tommy taking a
smoke by his taxi. Then 2 guys getting into Tommy's taxi and "asking" Tommy to
shake off the pursuers.

Hint: check the radar for the pursuers' car (it is a red mark). And they will
try to ram your car on your left side.

-Drive straight

-Try going through narrow spaces (between the lamppost, pillars, cars,
signposts and the
buildings) this will cause the pursuers car to crash into those objects and
slow them down.
Once they slowdown, try to step on the gas and turn into other roads away from
the pursuers
(try not to go straight down a single road as they are much faster than you).

-After you have shaken them off, bring both your passengers to Salieri's bar.
Open the map and you will see a blue arrow pointing in a direction. Just
move in that direction and you will arrive at Salieri's Bar (the blue "x").

Once you've reached the bar, you will get a cutscene about getting paid for the
taxi's damage and the fare those passengers owe you.

Alternate way

There is another way of completing this mission, but it is more dangerous.
through narrow spaces and cause the pursuers' car to crash into various
This will lower their HP. After about 6-7 crashes, stop your car and let them
you. Then align yourself with the pursuers' car andlet your passengers shoot
hell out of the pursuers. Once the pursuers are dead, you take your passengers
to Salieri's Bar as usual.


Running Man

Hint: turn on the speed limiter before moving as police stops will slow down
your time

You start the mission driving the passengers to their destination.

-drive the first passenger to the church (follow the blue arrow to the blue

Pick up the passenger at the church.

-drive the second passenger to the hospital (follow the blue arrow to the blue

Pick up the third passenger from the hospital.

-drive the passenger to the theater (you have to go through the guiliano
bridge: the bridge looks like the golden gate bridge).

Pick up the fourth passenger from the theater.

-drive the fourth passenger to the Pompeii Bar in Hoboken.

Pick up the passenger from the Pompeii Bar.

-drive the fifth passenger to the department store car lot in Little Italy.

-park in the car lot and not across it.

After all those passengers, Tommy goes for coffee break. A cutscene will show
those pursuers from the previous mission wrecking Tommy's taxi and hitting
Tommy. They are Morello's men. Once you gain control of Tommy, run like hell
out of there unless you want to get yourself killed. You should run to
Salieri's Bar.

Hint: try not to run in a straight line. This will make the killer's job
easier. Try zigzag running.

-follow the pathway marked by green transparent arrows through the alleyways to
getting shot by Morello's men.

-read the signboards to look for Salieri's Bar.

-run into the bar.

A cutscene will show Morello's men entering the bar but getting themselves
killed inside.


Molotov Party

Now Tommy is introduced into the organization. He meets Paulie & Sam which were
Tommy's passengers from the previous mission. The boss, Salieri and the lawyer
Frankie are also there. After that, Tommy & Paulie go to get some firepower
from Vincenzo and grab some wheels from Ralph.

-drive to Morello's Bar together with Paulie (use the blue arrow & "x" to go

Paulie will tell Tommy to take out the guard first before smashing up the cars
parked at the back of Morello's Bar and then torch them Mafia style using 2
molotov cocktails.

-park your car somewhere just behind the backyard of Morello's Bar.

-enter into the backyard through the rusty metal gate at the north side of the

-sneak up behind the guard (guarding the red doors) knock him out with the bat.
Hold the button to gain full power of the bat before releasing it on the guard.

-go behind any of the 3 cars there and smash it up. Stop only when the damage
meter is full. Finish off all 3 of them.

Hint: you can molotov 2 of them then smash only one of them. Or if you prefer
smash all 3 of them. Try not to smash the windows of the car nearest to the
building as this will attract guards from inside the building (same for using
the molotovs). Just don't make too much noise. Stand behind the car and smash
it up (damage still counts).

Note: you can take the guard's S&W MODEL 10M&P from him for usage.

-take the blue Falconer from the shed in the northwest of the backyard.

After you have taken the Falconer, Paulie will drive the car that brought you
guys here. Just move up to Paulie and follow him back to Salieri's bar.

-park the cars and walk back into the bar.

Now enjoy the celebrations cutscene. You have both the bolt Ace Forder Green &
the Falconer blue.


Ordinary Routine

A cutscene will show Tommy getting the 2nd job. Now for Tommy's 2nd job.
Collect protection money from 3 locations. Once you gain control of Tommy:

-go through the back door.

-head out the backyard at the east side and climb the stairs on the opposite
building (vincenzo office).

-ask Vincenzo for a weapon (he'll give you a S&W MODEL 10M&P).

-talk to Ralph and he'll teach Tommy to lockpick a Bolt Model B Fordor car.
Just lock pick the car by pressing & hold down the action button. Get in and
both Paulie & Sam will followsuit.

-drive to the restaurant on Central Island & wait for Paulie to get the money.

-drive to the Pompeii Bar next.

-after the bar drive to Clark's Motel outside of town (you will get a "Out of
City Limits" message across your map, just follow the radar to get there).

A cutscene will show you that Paulie & Sam went into the motel to collect the
money. Later 3 shots are heard and Paulie scrambles out with a gunshot wound.
He asks Tommy to get Sam out before information is leaked.

Dog trick 1

-go around to the right hand side of the motel & go through the small fence by
the side.

-you will hear a dog bark.

-position yourself just behind the 2 barrels closest to the motel just in front
of you the moment you pass the fence.

-the dog will be "stuck" behind the barrels for a few seconds, take him out
during this time (2 shots will do).

-run behind the motel & climb up the crates there to reach 2nd floor.

Dog trick 2

-go to the left hand side of the motel and climb up the crates behind the

-the dog will run towards you or not. Just take the dog out when you are high

-climb up the crates there to reach the 2nd floor.

Dog trick 3

-run to the left hand side of motel & up the crates.

-climb up the crates (move near the platform and press the jump button) just
behind the motel to reach the second floor. Leave the dog behind.


-take out the guy shitting inside the WC room at the far right corridor.

-take his colt 1911

-move into the first room on Tommy's right to get the Thompson 1928.

Note: that you probably have 3 gangster/s running onto the 2nd floor so take
them out.

-move into the right corridor at the end (do not go down the stairs).

-go into the room at the end and go into the washroom inside there.

-take the health (heal 30HP) just above the basin.

-move down the stairs & take out the first 3 guys if you have not engaged them
before. Take their S&W MODEL 10M&P & S&W MODEL 27 magnum from them if you ran
out of bullets.

-take out another 3 of them inside the caferia, one of them has a Thompson

-after all the gangsters are dead, a bald guy in the white shirt will run
towards you. Don't think that he is going to give you a big hug for all that
help. He's going to punch you in the face. Take him out also.

-go into the only room in the caferia to save Sam.

After the cutscene of rescuing Sam, the same bald guy came up with a colt
detective special.

-take him out again, this time for good.

-go near sam by the table for a cutscene

All of a sudden, a guy crashes through the locked door near the bar counter.
And he has the dough with a gun in his hand.

-drive your Bolt Model B Fordor to after him.

-'Stick with him' and fire shots at his wheels to slow him down. Try to make
him stop by using the traffic.

-after he has stopped, get down and pump him full of lead.

Note: this is quite difficult to do as his car is much faster than your's. But
once you have taken out his wheels, it is much easier to stop him.

You'll get a cutscene where Norman is taking down notes and Tommys spilling all
the beans.



At the start, in 1932, Salieri has a job for Tommy to steal a fast European car
from the race track garage and take it to his mechanic.

-talk to Ralph and he'll teach Tommy how to lockpick the Schubert Six red.

-take the Shubert Six red to find Bobby at the racing circuit.

-you have to go out of the city to reach there. Stop the car at the guard house
near the tunnel.

-take Bobby to the garage, Bobby opens the garage door.

-take the Carrozella C-Otto 4WD to Bertone's autoservice.

You will get a cutscene of Tommy taking a break.

-take the modified Carrozella C-Otto 4WD back to the racing circuit garage.

Note: do not fill the damage bar, otherwise mission fails.

-drive your Schubert Six red back to Salieri's bar.

A cutscene will have a phone call for Tommy. Now he's the driver for the
circuit race.

-drive your car back to the racing circuit.

Cutscene shows Frankie talking to Tommy about the big race ahead.

-step on the gas and go.

-run around the circuit to note where the corners are and where to increase or
decrease the speed.

-avoid all the other cars during the start.

-at the first hairpin corner, turn onto the grass the moment your car arrives
(just cut through the grass while the others have to take the racing road).
This should make you first if the other cars have not passed you. Keep them
behind you by using the radar.

-take care not to speed at the corners as you will tend to spun out. Brakes at
the corners.

-keep it steady until you've finished all 5 laps.

You may not get it at the first try, keep practicing till you get it right.
Like they say the first corner is the most important.

After the race, back at the Salieri's Bar, celebrations are up with Tommy as
the hero.

-drive any of your cars to Bertone's autoservice.

A cutscene will shows Lucas Bertone teaching Tommy how to steal a Lassiter.

-go steal the Lassiter at the municipal building.

-bring it back to Salieri's bar.

Now you have the Lassiter V16 Phaeton yellow in your garage.


Better get used to it

At the start, cutscene shows Luigi asks a favour of Tommy. So this branchs off
to a side quest.


-escort Sarah home.

Cutscene show 3 punks try to get some action with Tommy & Sarah.

-take out all of them but keep track of Sarah.

-keep up with Sarah and you will have 2 more punks waiting there for you.

-beat them off with your brass knuckle.

After the action, carry on your mission of escorting Sarah. A cutscene of Sarah
& Tommy getting intimate will show before this mission came to end.

Better get used to it


AT the start, Tommy tells Salieri about the hoodlums causing trouble in his

-take Paulie to Vincenzo for some weapons.

-grab the baseball bat & Colt 1911.

-take one of your cars and go find Big Biff in Chinatown.

-go to the service station and take on those punks.

-Paulie kicks the red doors to get in.

Note: use the bat only. Return fire (use Colt 1911) only when they fire shots
at you. Check on Paulie's HP. And don't bat into Paulie as he will take damage

-smash the punk in front after the cutscene. The other one runs away.

-go right and 2 punks are lock picking the shed. Smash them up too.

-go back to the start to take out another punk there. But this one is a chicken
shit and he will either 'stick' to the ground or run away. Just leave him.

-head to the back alley and 2 more punks will run to you. Take them out.

-there are another 2 that get away. But they will be back after those previous
2 are being taken out.

-talk to the guy by the metal fence up ahead. You can kill him if you want to.

Now you will know that someone is backing up those punks.

-take the stairs up front to the 2nd floor.

-drop over the wooden fence onto the crates & barrels.

-prepare yourselve with the Colt 1911.

-take out those punks that shot at you. There are 3 of them in this yard.

-move on and take out 2 more at the start of the narrow alleyway.

-2 more punks at the back of the alleyway with one of them at the 2nd floor
just opposite you.

I took some shots at the punk on the 2nd floor and then he jumped down from
there thus killing himself. Cool.....

After that just move to the back and a cutscene will show.

-chase the car that got away.

-those punks will crash into something and a cutscene will show.

Alternate punks chase

-shoot at the car tires to immobilize them. When the punks' car try to run up
the kerbs, they will be 'stuck' at the kerbs. Just let Paulie be trigger happy
and wait for a cutscene.

After Paulie has finished the job, you will move onto the next mission.



Cutscene shows Frankie talking to Tommy about the one that got away last night.
But that has to wait as the new mission is to take out the Corleone Hotel

-drive the Falconer to the location.

-go to the main door.

-check with the receptionist about your targets.

-go to the dining room and press the action button near the guy in white suit.

You'll hear something about Morello. After that, the waiter will sound the

-take out the guy in white suit first.

Note: if you let the guy in white suit gets away, he will stop near the
"director" room at the top floor.

-take out the only guard sitting in the dining room plus the receptionist & 2
door guards that come in.

Don't forget about the sailor that was hugging the woman outside the dining
room earlier.

-go behind the reception counter and take that first aid (on the wall) if you
need it. Also take the key to the left of the first aid.

-go to the 3rd floor by taking the emergency stairs (metal). Or the main stairs
(with carpet).

If you take the main stairs, be careful as 3 more guards can be found on the
2nd & 3rd floor.

-go to the 4th room to your right counting from the first room from your left.

This is where Tommy will find Michelle the "big mouth".

-go to the top floor and go through the door with the "director" sign on it.

-take out the guy inside.

-search the desk to plant the explosives.

-get out of the room before the time is up.

Cutscene time......

-get onto the ledge to your right.

-run onto the metal stairs there & up.

-turn right and run til the end. Open the door and go in.

-exit through the only other door.

-climb onto the ledge by the side to get to the higher ledge in front of you.

-go right and jump to the next building.

-go straight and jump to the 3rd building (raised roofs) with 2 white barrels
on it.

There is a police just opposite the building in front you firing shots with his
US rifle M1903 Springfield.

-take him out & get to his location. There are 5 policemen (ambush) down on the
building between you and the policeman that had the Springfield rifle.

-also take out the 2 policemen on top of the building to the left where the
ambushers are.

-climb onto the wooden stairs by the side of the building (near the one that
has the US rifle).

-turn around the corner to find the ladder and the cutscene.

The Priest

-go down into the church and take the first aid on the wall along the way.

A cutscene shows Billy's funeral (leader of the punks) and unlucky enough for
Tommy, he is discovered by the priest and then all hell breaks loose.

-pull back for some cover first.

-take out the one nearest to you first. Then go for the one shooting at you
from the benches.

-make a clean run to the back of the altar for cover.

Note: there are 2 gunmen to the right side of your initial starting cover. One
of them is high up in those box seats. And the other is below him.

Hint: move out a little and draw their shots at you then quickly go back to
hiding. Once they have stopped, I suppose they are reloading, run to the back
of the church for cover. This should at least buy Tommy some time.

-do the crouch plus side roll and take out the gunman at the box seat on top
(has to do this many times).

-then take out the bottom one.

-run to the box seat and crouch.

-now take out the gunman that has the tommy gun on the 2nd floor of the church.
He's a lousy shooter.

-kill the gunman just behind the pillar opposite your location. He's hiding in
the shadows.

-run back behind the altar and prepare for the 2nd wave of gunmen.

After you have taken out 6 gunmen, 4 more will run in as the 2nd wave. 2 of
them have shotguns so take them out quickly.

-do the crouch side roll to tke them out.

Once you have taken all 4 gunmen from the 2nd wave out, a cutscene will show.

Hint: i suggest using the magnum to take out those guys with pump-action
shotguns. Just a shot to the head will do.


-drop or hide any weapon Tommy has in his hands.

-run away from that place. Find somewhere safe and wait for the wanted bar to

Once the police have stopped chasing Tommy, grab some wheels and head back to
Salieri's Bar.



A trip to the country

At the start, Frankie has a job for Tommy and that is to go keep an eye on the
Canadian liquor transaction.

-get some wheels from Ralph.

Tommy will learn how to lockpick the Bolt V8 Roadster.

-go and meet up with Paulie.

A cutscene will show that Tommy and Paulie getting the same truck. Then those 2
trucks will drive to the country side farm to meet with Sam and the liquor.
Once they are there, time for some action.

-run to the center barn (biggest building there with doors open) and take the
first aid there on the wall (besides the stairs) if you need it.

-go to the truck at the far back to get a cutscene.

Looks like a welcoming party. Let's party!!!!!

-run to the stacks of hay and crouch.

-since they have pump-action shotgun, just do the crouch side roll shooting or
standing & crouching shooting.

Take out 3 of them.

-run back to the 2 trucks where Paulie is.

-along the way go to the center barn (biggest building there with doors open)
where 3 gunmen are on the 2nd floor. Take them out and get their weapons.

-2 more gunmen will appear below after you have taken care of those upstairs.

-exit the barn and head back to Paulie taking the dirt track.

-2 gunmen will emerge from the wooden house to your left. Take them out.

-there are 2 more gunmen in the other wooden house to your right after the
previous one. Finish them off and move on.

-you may have to help out Paulie by taking out some of the gunmen there.


-head back to the center barn with Paulie and watch him look for a crowbar to
the pry open the door on the other barn (one that is locked).

-take out the 2 gunmen inside (one of them has a shotgun).

-go upstairs take the first aid in front of you and take out the other 2 gunmen

-go to the top floor and you'll find Sam there.

After the cutscene, go downstairs and you'll have more company. 3 of them.

-take them out.

Note: the 4th one is Paulie. Stop shooting.......

Cutscene............more company.........

-keep the cars behind the truck. Do not let them over take you.

-blast them out.

Cutscene............look for the Doc............

-drive your Bolt V8 Roadster back to the Salieri's bar.

-stop by Bertone's autoservice for something.

Lucas will ask Tommy to warn his friend about a police raid on him.

-drive to the location knock on the door.

-head back to Lucas for a reward.

-after Tommy has learn how to lock pick the Ulver Airstream Fordor, go to
Oakwood and steal that car.

-head back to Salieri's Bar.

End of this mission..............



At the start, Salieri wants Tommy to find Frank and make him tell you where the
accounts books are before you liquidate him.

-get to Vincenzo for both the colt 1911 & the sawed-off shotgun.

-go to Ralph for wheels.

Tommy will learn how to steal the Schrubert Extra Six.

-take the car and go look for Big Biff in Chinatown.

-next go to Little Tony in the southern part of Central Island.

-go and find Idiot Joey under the bridge just behind Bertone's autoservice.

Tommy will be pissed off by Joe's stupid replies. Just punch him a few times
and he'll talk.

-go to the Oakwood tennis courts and find Frank.


-follow the armour plated police car to the Airport. Don't lose them as they
are not on the map.

-take out the 4 police escorts in the registraion building.

A cutscene will show that Frank will run through the other door.

-replenish your weapons by taking the escorts' weapons. Use the first aid at
the left side of the building.

-go to the hangar no: 1.

-take out the 4 police escorts here.

Note: I used the Bolt flatbed truck that will drive into the scene in front of
you, if you wait for it to appear when you face the 2nd plane to your right. Do
the drive by shooting if you want to preserve your HP. Or you can flatten them
(much harder than it looks: not like GTA 3).

-exit the hangar through the other side.

-take out the sniper at the top of the red/white metal tower to your immediate

Note: there are 3 long buildings to your right after you exit the hangar and
turn left.

-take out 4 guys in trench coats around here (they will run around here).

-go to the back of the 3 long buildings where the parking lots are to look for

A cutscene will show that Frank is being blackmailed by the "COPS", those
bastards. Now save Frank's family.

-to your right if you face the 3 long buildings is a wooden building (i think
it is the waiting area).

-go there and take out the 2 stooges there.

-go into the wooden building and take the first aid in the same room where the
woman & her child is.

-talk to the woman.

-bring Frank to her.


-get the tickets at the registration building (the starting building). It's on
the counter.

Note: there are 6 policemen here at the carpark in front of the building. You
can kill them or just sneak in from the back, grab the tickets and get the hell
out of there as 3 of them have pump-action shotgun.

-head back to Frank for a cutscene.

-go take the account books from the deposit at the First National Bank.

-head back to Salieri's Bar.

On the way stop by Bertone's autoservice for an added quest. Lucas wants Tommy
to teach Big Stan a lesson for bullying Carlos.

-go to the Black Cat's Bar.

-beat up Big Stan but do not kill him (tempting isn't it.....).

-go back to Lucas.

Lucas will teach Tommy how to steal a Thor 810.

-drive to Oak Hill and steal that Thor 810.

-go to the right side of the Thor 810. Once the guard walks past the front of
the car, lockpick it.

-once you got it, wait for him to walk further before driving that baby away.

-go to Salieri's Bar.

Mission ends.........


Visiting Rich People

Salieri wants Tommy to go to the Prosecutor's house and steal the evidence that
is discriminating against him. Tommy has to take Salvatore (the best at
cracking safes).

-go to Vincenzo to get a bat & a Colt 1911.

-drive any of your cars to pick up Salvatore.

-go to Oak Hill.

-stop the car near the back door (Just by the road).

-ask Salvatore to lockpick the door & go in.

Once Tommy & Salvatore get in..........

-run to the statue on your left & crouch at the left hand side of that statue
(Salvatore will follow suit).

-order Salvatore to stay there.

Note: do not stand up!!!

-whip out your bat and wait for the guard to move past (coming in from the
right if you face the path).

-once the guard has stopped, go behind him and let him have the bat.

-take the key and the pump-action shotgun.

-move to where the guard came from. Ignore the 2 guards at the fountain as they
will not notice you unless you move too close. Head across the center path of
trees to the right of the garden.

-drop the shotgun before sneaking into the pavilion through the only entrance &
bat the guard out. Take the shotgun and go back to where you dropped your

-move near to the mansion and you will see a guard patrolling by the pool. Take
him out too after you have changed your shotgun for the bat. Take the shotgun
and pickup the previous shotgun. Now you have 8/32 shots in your shotgun.

Note: you will notice that the lights in the mansion will be on by time to
time. That's because the maid is doing her rounds.

-go back and get Salvatore.

-move towards the mansion by taking the western side of the garden. Once you
reach the 2 guards by the fountain, move behind the hedges around them. They
will not notice.

Note: those 2 guards will start talking to each other.

-head to the north side of the mansion and go through the side door there. Do
not wander too far to the front of the mansion as there are 2 guards there.

-go up the stairs all the way to reach 2nd floor.

-turn right then left and go through that door.

Note: if you want to bat some bitch, go through the first door on your right.
The woman by the dresser will call you 'darling'.

-move across the corridor crouch as the guard just patrolling in front of the
building will see you if you are standing.

-open the door in front and head left and go through the door. The safe is

After the cutscene..................

-take the documents from the safe.

-head straight through the door ahead and down the stairs. Go through the door
at the right of the stairs. Go left into the kitchen and then into the dining
room. You may encounter the maid but leave her (poses no threat). Kill any
guards you encounter along the way. From the dining room, run back to the
starting point and exit the place taking out any guards you may meet.
Please be careful as Salvatore is nearby.

Note: there are 5 guards left after you have follow the steps above.

Skip the alternate way to the continue..... part if you choose this way.

Alternate way

Once Tommy & Salvatore got in..........

-run to the statue on your left & crouch at the left hand side of that statue
(Salvatore will follow suit).

-order Salvatore to stay there.

Note: do not stand up!!!

-whip out your bat and wait for the guard to move past (coming in from the
right if you face the path).

-once the guard has stopped, go behind him and let him have the bat.

-take the key and the shotgun.

-move to where the guard came from. Ignore the 2 guards at the fountain as they
will not notice you unless you move to close. Head across the center path of
trees to the right of the garden.

-drop the shotgun before sneaking into the pavilion through the only entrance &
bat the guard out. Take the shotgun and go back where you dropped your shotgun.

-move near to the mansion and you will see a guard patrolling by the pool. Take
him out too after you have change your shotgun for the bat. Take the shotgun
and pickup the previous shotgun. Now you have 8/32 shots in your shotgun.

Note: you will notice that the lights in the mansion will be on by time to
time. That's because the maid is doing her rounds.

-go back and get Salvatore.

-move towards the mansion by taking the western side of the garden. Once you
reach the 2 guards by the fountain, move behind the hedges around them. They
will not notice.

Note: those 2 guards will start talking to each other.

-head to the north side of the mansion and go through the side door there. Do
not wander too far to the front of the mansion as there are 2 guards there.

-go up the stairs all the way to reach 2nd floor.

-turn right then left and go through that door.

Note: if you want to bat some bitch, go through the first door on your right.
Off the lights first. The woman by the dresser will call you 'darling'.

-move across the corridor crouch as the guard just patrolling in front
of the building will see you if you are standing.

-open the door in front and head left and go through the door. The safe is

After the cutscene..................

-take the documents from the safe.

Now the part is to take out all the guards around the place.

-leave Salvatore in the room.

-head straight through the door ahead and down the stairs. Go through the door
at the right of the stairs. Go left into the kitchen and then into the dining
room. You may encounter the maid but leave her (poses no threat). From the
dining room, run back to the garden. Remember the 2 guards at the fountain? Go
finish them first. Then run past the side door where you entered in
the first place. There is a guard in front so take him out. Next run back to
the garden to take out another one of the guards. That's 4 guards that you did
not take out before, right? Well there is one more which came in with the
Prosecutor by the car. He will be in the house so go find him and take him out.

-After the massacre, take Salvatore to the garage where the Prosecutors's car
is parked.

-Ask Salvatore to open the car, Salvatore shows Tommy how to steal a Silver

-lockpick the Prosecutor's Silver Fletcher and drive out of there in style.


-drop Salvatore off at his home.

-get back to Salieri's bar.


Great deal!

Cutscene will have everybody hearing about Paulie's proposal about the new
Kentucky whiskey which is way better than that selling in town. Now the boys
have to go pick up this beautiful booze. The boys will arrive at the
multi-storey carpark where the transaction is going to take place.

-go and find Bill, he is on the 3rd floor to your left if you take the stairs
on your right when you enter into the multi-storey carpark.

A gun fight cutscene will have 2 car loads of Morello's goons firing at all of

Note: when using the tommy gun, aim at the target and tap the button to fire
1-2 shots per fire. Normally the target will be dead by 2-3 bullets and range
is taken into account. Using it this way, you can save on bullets.

Hint: you can stack 1-2 cars to block the goons' cars and take those goons out
by making the cars explode. But comparing the amount of bullets it take to
destroy a car and taking out those goons using short bursts from the tommy gun;
it is not worth it (shooting the cars). As some goons may be too far away from
the cars when it explodes (remember they can move too).

-start killing those Morello's goons. Watch out for Paulie & Sam's HP bar.
There are about 12 goons including the extra 3rd goons' car that will arrive
after you have taken out 8 of them.

-collect weapons to replenish your ammo (shotguns, tommy guns & magnum).

-go down the ramp (not the stairs).

-take out the 2 goons inside the metal fence (storage area). There is 1 more at
the far side of the carpark. Take him out too.

Note: he may throw grenades at you so kill him at a distance.

-take the first aid to the side of the metal shelf inside the metal fence
(storage area).

-move to the white car at the far end where you killed that guy and take the
box of grenades (on the floor).

-approach the down ramp carefully as there are 4 more goons waiting there. Take
them out at a distance with your tommy gun's short bursts.

-move down the ramp till you are about to reach the ground floor.

-4 goons are behind 2 cars that block this ramp. Shoot or use the grenades
until the cars
explode to clear the way and those goons. Finish off remaining goons not
killed by the

-there is more health by the parking attendents office.

-go back up to 3rd floor and get the Bolt B Pickup that is loaded with booze.

-drive the Bolt B Pickup out of that place.

The game will be saved.

-drive the car out of that place. Ignore those gun shots as Morello's men are
outside the multi-story carpark. A lot of them. Do not engage them as your
priority is to get the booze to the warehouse.

-shake off 2 of morello's cars.

Hint: stop the car when Morello's cars catch up with you. Once those goons get
out of their
cars, drive away as they will take time to enter their car. You can do this
when there are a
lot of other cars nearby.

-drive to Salieri's warehouse.



Bon Appetit!

The Don is going to the Pepe's Restaurant. And he asks Tommy to take him there.

-drive Salieri to the restaurant in New Ark.


Note: it depends on whether the gunmen are being killed or not, their number
which appear at some places will be different. There are 9 gunmen in total
including the one on the 2nd floor.

-shoot the 2 gunmen at the right side of the broken door. Aim their heads as 2
shots will kill them.

-kill another one at the left side of the broken door if you have enough

Hint: when you see some gunmen running out of your sight into the left side,
they are going to flank you.

-move to the back door (brown in color) and open it. Crouch and wait for the
gunmen to appear (do not crouch at the doorway).

-take out 3 of them with your remaining bullets. If you get this right, your
bullets will run out by the time you finished with those 3.

-take the first aid to your left after you pass through the wooden door (one
which you crouch behind).

-take the weapons and go out into the yard.

-take out the tommy gun shooter at the left alley which leads to the street.

-go around the street corner to see the remaining gunman at the cars. Kill the
only one there with the short burst tommy gun trick.

-Go to the cars and careful of the tommy gun shooter on the 2nd floor just
above the open door. Take him out to view the cutscene.

Cutscene will show that after deduction, Carlos is the insider.

-go over to west marshall bridge where Carlos's abode is.

-go up to Carlos's apartment.

-break the door down and give chase to Carlos down the fire escape.

-look around the yard. Carlos is the one with the pink polka-dots boxer.

-finish him and the other 3 'helpers' around.

You will get the Lassiter V16 rosdster Green the one which you drove Salieri to
the restaurant with.

Cutscene..........oh Morello's brother shows up.............Sergio...........


Happy Birthday!

Time to take out Morello's supporter: the councilor who is throwing a shindig
at the steamboat.

-go to Ralphy to get a Crusader Chromium Fordor.

-get to the harbour at the southwestern of Central Island.

-when you get there, look for a group of people at the docks. The bouncer will
tell you to beat it.

-look for the opened doorway near the telephone booth around the party.

-go in, turn right through the door and downstairs is the men's room.

-change into the sailor's costume.

-go back to the bouncer and he will search your body for weapons. Just board
the steamboat.


-move along the right hand side of the steamboat. Go to the end through the
door and take the bucket.

-go onto the 2nd level using either of the stairs at the side of the steamboat.
Move to the back of the steamboat (you will know when you see the paddles
working extra time to keep the steamboat moving).

Hint: Tommy started at the helm of the steamboat.

-go to the door at your left (supposing you are facing the paddles) and try to
open it. "Skipper has the key" will be pasted at the door.

-cannot open the door? Go back to level 1 and look for the sailor that has blue
jeans (he wears different clothes than all other sailors).

-ask him for the key (talk to him several times).

-go back to the 'john' where the "skipper has the key" sign on it.

-see the weapon below the cupboard. Take the colt detective special.

Note: our Tommy can clean up the mess on the floor by closing the door. You
will hear Tommy flushing the bowl.

-return the key to the skipper for a little joke.

Note: the councilor will move from his private room onto the stage for a
speech. This cutscene is timed although the timer is not shown on the screen.

-go up to level 3 near the stage and wait for the cutscene.

-take out the councilor and run to the 1st level. Paulie is waiting for you at
the right side of the steamboat.

Take the boat out of here.

The new free ride options will be unlocked after this mission is cleared.


You Lucky Bastard!

Salieri wants the boys to take care of Sergio Morello Jr brother of Morello
himself. Should this mission be completed, a large part of Morello's income
will be cut off.

-go to Vincenzo with Paulie for weapons.

-go to Ralph for a Guardian Terraplane Fordor.

-drive to the Italian Garden Restaurant.

-stop near the phone booth.

-make the call.

-get into the car and get the hell out of there and back to Salieri's bar.

Note: there are police on the streets once you break the law, they will come
after you. You wouldn't want Morello's men plus the police on your trails
right? So use the objects on the streets to take out Morello's men.

You can lure Morello's men to your hideout (Salieri's Bar) and shoot it out. At
least that work for me.

You will get the Wright Fordor after this part of the mission. You may have to
discard one of your older cars.

Cutscene...........plan B..............

-drive any of your cars to Oakwood where Sergio visits his mistress.

-wait until the man in black outside of Sergio house finishes his smoke. He
will go into the house.

-use this time to place the bomb.

Cutscene..................HOT dame.............plan C............

-drive to Rainbow Garden Restaurant with Paulie.

Damn Paulie, he never cocked or checked his tommy gun first.

-drive around to lose the tail.

-drive back to Salieri's bar.

Note: the fuel for the car may be nearly empty. You can refuel at the gas
station somewhere at the criss-cross highways between Downtown & Oakwood.

For the cutscene, Salieri decided to hire professional help. Looks like they
have been taken out of their profession.

-give chase to Sergio's car.

-when you arrive at the harbour, a cutscene will show.

-take out the 4 goons here. And then take their weapons.

-go further straight into the empty space with 2 large warehouses at the right
of it. 2 trucks will move in from right with 4 shotgun men. Take them out or
ram them with your truck.

Note: if your truck take too much damage, it will blow up.

-move on further and you will see some cargo containers to your right (a goon
is somewhere there). To the right of the cargo containers, is a wooden
warehouse and a goon is on the 2nd floor. Take them out (long range as the
sniper on the red crane can shoot if you wander too close).

-drive a truck between the perimeter wall and the white warehouse.

Note: the white warehouse is just behind the wooden shed which is near the big
parking space where you come from.

-drive through slowly and let 2 goons come out from the white warehouse and
then ram them with your truck.

-move straight till you came across a red color roof wooden house. Ram your
truck into the shelter killing one goon and then stop the truck (not much space
to move around) and take out the other goon.

-move through the blue door ( 2 yellow barrels are in front of it) of the
nearest building (not the one with the red roof).

-go all the way till the end and through the door and take the first aid in the
men's room if you need it.

-back out that door, turn left into the room and take out the rifleman.

-take out 2 goons at the cargo containers nearest to the ship. And 2 sniper
goons, one on each red crane by the ship. Total: 4 goons.

-switch the railway tracks using the railway switch near the 2 train tank cars
(black in color and should have an explosive sign on it). Do it once.

-remove the wheel chocks from the train tank cars and watch it crash into the
warehouse by Morello's car.


-kill 2 shotgun goons to the left side of the warehouse (one of them is on
top of the wooden planks) and 3 goons to the right side of warehouse.

-search for Sergio (has tommy gun) at the back of the warehouse.

Cutscene!!! An that's the end of the long lucky bastard mission.

-you can take the first aid inside the small room near Sergio's body.

-grab a vehicle and get out of the harbour.

Note: the 2 exits of the harbour will have Morello's goons trying to stop you.
Just drive out of there without engaging them.

-change a vehicle (make sure it is fast, has a roof and it has 4 doors) and
drive to Bertone's autoservice.

Hint: you can either snag one off the streets or go back to your garage and
change one. I used the Silver Fletcher with limiter on.

-Lucas wants you to pick up an injured friend of his and bring him to the doc
in Oakwood.

-go to Chinatown nd pick up that man and go to Oakwood.

Note: take the road by the sea. Go up then through the park, onto the highway
and to Chinatown (much faster this way). Same for the return to Oakwood.

-return back to Lucas.


-steal the Bruno Speedster at the multi-story carpark.

-head back to Salieri's bar.


Creme De La Creme

Time to finish Morello once and for all.

-take Paulie & Sam to Vincenzo for some weapons.

-take a fast car and go to the theater.

Looks like the show ends earlier.

-go after Morello's Silver Fletcher (bullet proof).

Once the boys reached the airport, the car broke down.

-move to the hanger and take out the 2 Morello's goons there.

-look around the air-field for your car where Paulie & Sam have gotten that
junk moving again.

-get into it and after the plane.

Note: there is a red bar at the top center screen. That's the plane's HP.

-take out the 2 propeller engines. Once the plane's HP is nil.

Cutscene..............Morello.............taken out HOT.

Alternate Way

After grabbing some weapons from Vincenzo............

-drive the Silver Fletcher to the theater.

-keep within a distance to Morello's Fletcher.

When Morello is about to reach the airport, he will go straight instead of
turning into the airport. I kept the chasing speed above 90. Once he goes
straight, follow him for a distance before a cutscene which will determine his
downfall as a rival to Salieri.

Note: the distance + the speed of your car determines whether he will turn into
the airport or not (i think???).

-bring Paulie & Sam back to the bar before going to Bertone's autoservice.

-drive that car to the lighthouse southeast of Oakwood.

-take the dirt road to the lighthouse.

-line up the car facing the sea.

-grab any car on the main road and use it to ram the car that needs to be

Alternate Way to Lucas's Quest

-alert one police to follow you to the lighthouse.

-exit your car and kill the police.

-take the police car and ram the tudor into the sea.


-head back to Lucas for the celeste marque 500 (learn how to steal it)

-go to Roy's Grill restaurant and get that car.

-if you missed it, check the map and follow it to Oakwood to get it.

-head back to Salieri's Bar.


Election Campaign

This mission is to take out a new threat; a politician.

-go to Vincenzo for the Mosin Nagant a.k.a sniper rifle & a Colt 1911.

-get a Wright from Ralphy and off to the mission.

-drive to the old prision.

-go to the left side of the building.

-ignore the man and go down the wood covered manhole.

-climb the only ladder here to get into the prison.

-turn left and go around the building and into the office.

-turn left and go through the metal gate. Go through the far metal gate also.

-go up the stairs but be careful to conceal yourself as there are 4 thugs on
the 2nd floor to your left.

-take them out and watch out for 4 more thugs around the corridor through the
right hand doorway.

-go past the metal fence at the left side on 2nd floor.

-go up the wooden stairs to reach 3rd floor.

-go through the room and take out the 4 thugs here.

-go through the doorway at the end of this hallway.

-take the first aid just by the side of the blown up wall (nice scenery).

-take out 2 thugs along the corridor.

-move up the stairs to your right just past the metal cage.

-kill the 4 thugs along the stairs.

-go to the top and through the last door there.

-use your Mosin Nagant sniper rifle and snipe your target on the island across
the water. He's the one giving speech.

Note: you only have one shot. Snipe the head for one shot kill. You may have a
couple of seconds before the target is being frisked away into his car.

-run all the way down the stairs to the ground floor. Take out the 4 guard dogs

-move to your left and shoot the lock on the door.

-drop all your weapons.

-get out of here.

2 detectives will question the first guy you met at the manhole. Then one of
them will run over to check you out. If you carry a weapon, the police alarm
will be sound.

Alternate Way 1

You can kill the guy at the manhole at the start of this mission. Then you will
have no problems after you've exited that place and you'll still have your

Alternate Way 2

Or you can drive your Wright fordor out of that place without having the
detective questioning you. Of course those detectives will shoot you & chase
you down but at least the police alarm won't sound. Just find a secluded spot
and pump them full of lead.


-drive to Bertone's autoservice.

-Lucas wants you to pick up his friend at the works quarters.

-drive there fast and bring Lucas's friend back to the autoservice.

-Lucas will tell you where to get the Lassiter V16 Appolyon.

-go to Oakhill.

-talk to the 2 guys staring at the Lassiter V16 Appolyon. They will leave after
the talk.

-just lock pick the car and drive back to Salieri's bar.


Just for Relaxation

What??? Salieri wants cigars!!!!

-get weapons from Vincenzo.

-then learn how to steal the Lassiter V16 Fordor from Ralphy.

-drop Sam off at the works quarter.

Looks like Paulie is not earning enough dough. And he wants to do some side

-get to the harbour with Paulie.

-wait for the truck to move before finding a safe spot to steal it.

-park your car to block the road at the left side of the warehouse.

-wait for the truck to come out.

-when the truck stops, pull the driver out and punch him till he drops the
document papers.

-take the papers and the truck to the harbour while Paulie will take your car
and meet up with Sam.

-when the guard at the gate lets you in, drive straight to the warehouse with 2
little doors next to the main shutters.

-go to the right side of it. Stop at the opened shutters at the end (a man is
standing there).

-park your trucks backside facing the opened shutters (easier for moving those
cigars crates).

-move to the man to get a chance to move those crates.

He'll tell Tommy to move other crates as he is taking a piss.

-go over to those crates and ask the 2 guys talking over there to help you.

-after the crates are move into the warehouse, the supervisor will inspect
those crates.

-follow him back to the warehouse your are interested in and talk to him.

-now move those crates onto your truck after the supervisor is gone.

Note: pick up those crates where you normally do and move to the truck and just
drop it. The crates will stack up automatically.

-drive out of the harbour.

-lure those guards back to the meeting point where Paulie & Sam will help you
take them out.

-drive the truck back to the Salieri's warehouse.

Cutscene...............you'll never believe what's inside those



Regarding the side job mention Paulie mention earlier. Tommy may want a piece
of it.

-go with Paulie to the First National Bank to see the surroundings.

-get to Yellow Pete's weapons shop.

-go to Lucas for a fast car for the bank job.

-pick up Paulie from his apartment.

-go to the bank.

Note: just press the action key to get into the bank. But if you talk to
Paulie, he'll repeat the location of yellow Pete again & again. There are only
5 minutes to the bank heist job. So you have to move fast once you are inside.

After Paulie has gained the attention of all those in the bank............

-go through the wooden door at the end of the counter and turn left. Take out
the guard that is about to come in.

-take the keys to the gates in the basement they are on the shelves besides the
door which the guard came in from.

-go through the door near the keys and turn left, go straight and take out the
guard there engaging with Paulie.

After that talk to Paulie and he will ask the bank clerk about the keys to the

-go to the 2nd floor through the door behind the clerk.

-after you pass through that door, turn right and go up the stairs at the end.

-take out the 2 guards up there.

Note: the whole of 2nd floor has only 2 guards so if you miss one, he'll be

-once you reach the top of the stairs, go to the intersection and turn left.

-enter through the first door on your left (director sign on the door).

-ask the manager about the keys. And then take the keys in the cupboard to your

-head back down same stairs and then take the stairs down into the basement.

-go through the metal gate and all the way around to where the safe is. Take
out 2 guards that stand between you and the safe.

After the cutscene, meet up with Paulie and escape to the car.

-drive like hell to the Palermo club. You will be quite safe if you've done
this within 5 minutes and did not bump into police along the way to the club.

-drive into the club and talk to Paulie.

Cutscene...............we are loaded..................


The Death of Art

Christ!!! Paulie has lots of holes on him. After the cutscene, get the hell out
of Paulie's place fast.

-get out of the place before the police zoom in. Do not draw your weapon.

-run past 4 police along the stairs. Don't think about taking these gentlemen
out. You just don't stand a chance.

-grab any car you see and go look for Yellow Pete for some weapons first. You
cannot do anything without weapons.

-go to Lucas for some nice wheels. But he wants you to go follow a hooker that
works in the building (the Corleone Hotel) that you blew a big hole in.

Note: do not follow the hooker too close or you'll lose that quest.

-follow the hooker at a safe distance.

-get back to Lucas once you have the location.

-Lucas will tell you the location of the Thor 812 car.

-go to the used car lot in Chinatown. You will know it when you see it.

-open the locked gate at the north side of the bazaar. Before you shoot the
lock, make sure that there are no police around.

-take out the 4 dogs here if you do not want them to bite you in the ass when
you lock pick the orange Thor 812 at the back.

-head over to the city Gallery to meet Sam.

Cutscene...................double crosser............

-take out the 2 gunmen here.

-3 more will enter into the same hall. Take them out.

-go through the opened big door. Go through the gallery and take out the 2
gunmen in the gallery.

-get out the gallery through the other door and you have to face 4 more gunmen

-get down the short stairs and turn 180 degree and run back up as grenades are
thrown from the top of the central stairs.

-take out the 2 gunmen that will come down from the central staircase.

-go up the central stairs to view cutscene.

-run back down the same stairs you took to get up. Get some cover and take out
the tommy gun gunman.

Note: the same tommy gunman has grenades.

-kill the gunman at the central balcony at the top of the central stairs.

-take out another one at the right hand side balcony.

-"stick" to the right side hand rail, crouch and move up. 2 more gunmen are at
the top of the right hand stairs. Take them out.

-take out 3 gunmen in front at the circular hall.

-go through the gallery door to the right of the circular hall. And take out
the 4 gunmen just behind it.

-go through till the end of the gallery. Take out 5 more gunmen along the way.

-when you exited the gallery, there are 2 stairs to your left hand side. Watch
out for grenades near the stairs. After the explosion, you can take the first
aid on the left wall near the bench.

-get on top of either one of the stairs and take out the gunman there.

-go through the door (not the one with many chairs).

-go right till the end to get a cutscene.

It's the face off between Tommy & Sam.

-Sam will try to move opposite you so you have to take him out using range.

Note: I suggest the good 'Ol tommy gun. When Sam has taken the first tommy
bullet, give Sam one bullet at a time constantly. This will prevent him from
retaliating. As for the other weapons, they either do not have the range,
damage or more bullets to spray.

-once Sam stops firing, go after the blood trails he will leave behind.

-give him his last bullets to go into the final cutscene.

Finally the story ends in......................


Concise Free Ride Extreme Solutions
version 1.2 9/14/02
by HiRisque

The Missions are listed in the order the bonus cars have in the Free Ride
Prototype list.

Sniper Mission - Manta Prototype

This mission involves a Manta Prototype that is parked on the front steps of a
building in the
center of downtown. There is a sniper rifle next to it and 3 enemy snipers who
start shooting
as soon as you take the mission. Run towards the cars right side jumping as you
go. Pick up
the rifle and head back towards the building, go around the left to the back of
the building.You must jump when you're moving as the snipers are very good.
Continue around the back of the building. As you do you will notice a sniper
across the street from the drivers side of the Manta. He is up high on the
building. Kill him and continue around the building. The second sniper is
directly across the street from the front of the Manta halfway up the center of
the building. The last sniper is across the street from the passenger side of
the Manta. He is on the short black building by it's sign.

Invisible Man Mission - Bolt Thrower

This mission starts by Morello's Bar. It involves following an invisible man
who is relatively
difficult to see as he tries to escape. Although he can run a little faster
than you he pauses
frequently. The easiest place to lose him is as he gets on the elevated train.
It is best to
do this mission first if you are trying to save all the cars in the Extreme
Free Ride Home
gamesave. It seems that if the invisible man can see a dead body somewhere on
the map he will
stop moving at certain points.

Sea Monster Mission - Hotrod

This mission starts in the north west corner of the square in Chinatown. You
are given a
SW Model 27 with six rounds of ammo. You must rescue a fair damsel chained to
the rocks on the
beach in south west Downtown before she is devoured by a sea monster. This
location is where
Paulie had his gun jam in the Morello assasination attempt. It helps to use a
fast bonus car
for this mission such as the Flamer as you are not given much time.

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