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Walkthroughs of Maifa - Level Walkthrough

Maifa - Level Walkthrough Walkthroughs

Maifa - Level Walkthrough

Submitted by: flozzer9

Mission 1: "An offer you can't refuse":

+After the cut-scene, some gangsters will follow you and try to
kill you, Paulie, and Sam.
+ Remember you are driving a taxi so you won't be able to out-
speed them, so try to make them crash and take lot's of corners.
+They will always ram into you from the left, to avoid this, drive
close to a car driving in the opposite direction or a lamp post,
e.t.c. so they will crash.
+ Use the TAB button to show your map to get to Salieri's.
END of Mission.

Mission 2: "The Running Man":

+First after the cutscene go straight ahead and see the arrow.
Turn right.
+Follow the alley to the end and after you see the main road at
the end of the alley and a bar with the billboard "Rose Bar" in
your left go to that direction.
+You will see another arrow and enter the alley with a man
standing in front of it.
Immediately AFTER you go past the man TURN LEFT.
+Go up to the stairs and go straight.
+At the FIRST turn go right and left, you will see a man in a
white - blue suit
standing in front of you.
+Go to his direction but turn right downstairs. You will see the
main street again (its the end of the alley)
+After you exit the alley IMMIDIATELY turn LEFT and you'll see
another ARROW.
+Enter that alley and you will see a guy standing and another guy
is doing something to a car, head RIGHT and you'll see some kind
of tunnel.
+Enter the tunnel and you'll see a girl waiting, and in front of
you is the tunnel exit.
+Exit the tunnel and head LEFT and you SHALL see the Salieri's Bar
because its just right ahead).

*Remember to run in zig-zag directions so they can't aim at you or
at least some bullets will miss.
END of Mission.

Mission 3: Molotov-Party:

+First, get into Morello's area and park beside his garage.
+You should be able to enter the garage from BEHIND ( There's a
small alley ) and lockpick the small gate ( Right Click ).
+Knock Down the guard at the main gate with that brand new
Baseball Bat of yours.
+Then damage one of the cars with the bat.
+Then get back to Salieri's....
+Easy peasy!!!
END of Mission.

Mission 4: Pure routine:

+You should see some boxes arranged at the back of the house.
Press "JUMP" to climb those boxes and get inside the house.
+After you get inside, turn right and open the door to reveal the
BATHROOM and a guy peeing there.
+Shoot him dead and prepare for a three men assault from the
+Hide behind the door or enter a room and kill them one by one.
+There's two accessible rooms at the second floor, one has the
TommyGun on the bed and the other room has a medicine kit in the
bathroom ( Its a yellow box with a red cross on it ).
+Head down carefully, at the room with billiard tables there's 3
men, one at the left armed with the Tommy Gun, finish him later.
The other two are equipped with some handgun .
+I reccomend to finish these two first.
+After killing all three you should see a big old man with white
clothes - KILL him too or he will punch you.
+Enter the room to see Sam, but after you got out prepare for an
one on one gunfight.
+This should be easy considering you still have the Tommy Gun
* The Chase * First of all just go to your car and do your best to
tail him. It's almost impossible to speed him out because his car
is way better than yours. Just tail him and shoot him. Eventually
he will fall down.

Before you enter the house, shoot the tires of the yellow car so
when you chase him down he'll be really slow.
END of Mission.

Mission 5: Fairplay:

+After you've got there, talk to the guard and he'll open the gate
for you.
+Go to the garage and take the car.
+When you're driving it in the city, remember to watch the radar
screen for police because they'll chase you as soon as they see
you. And please DO NOT DAMAGE the car by bumping into someone /
+Go to Luca Bertone's and wait for a moment.
+After he's finished you just drove back and put the car to where
it was. * The Race * RACING difficulty : 15 / 10 --> [waaah can't
they make it a little easier ?] Apparantly Salieri's racing guy
has broke his arm so he won't be driving for the race, soo...,
guess who'll drive ?
+Now use the cheat/tip at the top of the page.

END of Mission.

Mission 6: "Sarah":

+Just punch the punks out with a full power bar and get some
weapons dropped.
+Watch Sarah's and your lifebar.
+There's not only 3 punks in there but almost 7 or 8 so better
watch your back.
+After knocking everybody off, escort her to her house.

END of Mission.

Mission 7: "Better Get Used To It":

+First go to Vincenzo's for some weapon ( Bat and Handgun ) and
drive off to see Big Biff for information.
+After you reached the used Service Station, you'll encounter some
meelee fightings and you'll be outnumbered.
+Keep an eye to Paulie's lifebar because it seems that he have no
fear dealing with 5 guys at the same time.
+If you manage to keep Paulie (and of course yourself) alive,
carry on to another area.
+DO NOT SHOOT before THEY SHOOT at you or the mission WILL fail.
Take care of the punks and go on to see another cutscene.
* The Chase *
+Go to your car and start to drive as fast as you can, make sure
you don't lose them and after some time they will crash into a
wall and watch another cutscene.

END of Mission.

Mission 8: The Whore:

+Get into the Corleone Brothel, before you get there I suggest
that you HIDE your weapon away.
+The first thing you should do is to find the big-mouthed whore
and knock her off.
+Go to the third floor and search the rooms there, you should find
her bathing and a cutscene.
+Well, after dealing with the whore, go to the ground floor and to
the restaurant.
+CLOSE the DOOR first and kill the man in BLACK SUIT first before
you kill the Manager ( Guy in White Suit ).
+Finish off the other bodyguards.
+Go behind the receptionist's desk and collect the Key to the
manager's office on the top floor.
you open the door QUICKLY get your weapons ready ! ( He's hiding
to the right of the manager's office door ). BOOM !
*The Rooftops *
+First climb out the stairs and open the two doors, climb the
walls and jump over the building to your right.
+Snipe out the polices here and watch out for one using the US
Army Springfield Rifle, he can kill you with one good shot.
+Watch out for the police hiding at the rooftop of the building of
which a lots of police came out from. ( I think there's 3 cops
there ).
+ When you feel it's kind of safe search the left side for a
wooden stair and you should see a cutscene.
* The Priest *
+Dont forget to pickup the health medicine on your way down the
+Yet another cutscene and a crowded gunfight.
+ Hide behind the coffin and slaughter them one by one.
+ Watch out for the man using Tommy Gun from upstairs.
+ After you kill the first wave of hoods, there'll be a second
wave of hoods equipped with shotguns.
+Be careful for them ! Well if you manage to kill them all safely,
just walk out from the church and lose the police.

END of Mission.

Mission 9: "A Trip To The Country":

+Prepare for a real good fight !
+After you arrive at the farm, Paulie noticed that something's
fishy. There seemed to be no signs of people. He asks you to go
check it out.
+Go through the farm and search for a truck parked at the back of
the farm.
+A few hoods will come out and shower you with shells from their
pump action shotguns.
+I really suggest you avoid close range fights with these guys if
you don't want to end up getting blown up.
+Get back to the truck immediately and then shoot the hoods, with
help from Paulie. (I suggest running down the outside of the farm
to get further away.)
+Your destination is the truck and Paulie. You'll see another set
of hoods firing at the trucks, finish 'em off and Paulie will
force you to find Sam together.
+After some time Paulie will found some kind of tool to open the
locked Barn, where Sam was hid by the hoods.
+Arm your guns because after the door opened you'll encounter -yet-
another set of hoods. One with handgun and the other with a pump
action s-gun.
+Go upstairs with full alert.
+You'll find Sam at the top floor of the barn, just laying there
+Paulie will then go get some help, but before he manage to get to
the barn some crooked cops arrive.
+Shooting them from the top floor of the barn should be easy.
+ After the gunfight, Paulie will carry Sam into the truck but
from faraway Tom saw two cars heading to them !
* The Tommy Gun Massacre *
+Do not waste your ammo, limit them so you can blow a car with
less than 50 bullets each.
+If you shoot the driver, the car should veer off and crash.
+A few cutscenes come in and you'll dropped in the warehouse.

+You can visit Luca Bertone for some side quests, this function is
also available in some missions. This time, you'll have to warn
Luca's friend that the police is coming for him.
+You will have to speed up your car so you can get to his house in
+After warning Luca's friend, go back to Luca and he'll teach you
to steal an Ulver Airstream Fordor down in Oakwood.

END of Mission.

Mission 10: "Omerta":

+Go collect information about Frank's whereabouts.
+First go to Chinatown and then the Art Gallery, after you get the
information you should go to the small hut behind Luca Bertone's
Service Station.
+Talk to the bald guy there for a few times and when you think
your patience have run out, punch him right in the head for a few
+Before you continue, make sure you are driving a car with good
acceleration and a good speed. You'll need one to make things
easier. At the time being I would really recommend a Bolt V8
Roadster to do the job.
+Go to Oakwood and see a cutscene, then follow Frank's car to the
airport. +First you should arrange the cars parked at the parking
lot to be a barricade so you can hide behind them, and then just
drive out of the airport.
+The guys who hid at the airport will come out and chase you.
+Drive behind the barricade and shoot them one by one. This should
be easier then to shoot them when they're hiding.
+If you kill them all you'll see a cutscene of Frank running
inside the airport.
+Go after him but watchout for enemies.
+Go right and you'll se an empty hangar. when you go near the
+A truck will come and then you should kill the driver.
+Then I drive the truck and kill all the hoodls by crashing the
truck to them. +With this method you don't have to waste a single
+ Find Frank at another parking lot behind a small hangar/garage.
+Be careful for a guy with a Tommy Gun guarding Frank.
+Talk to Frank after you finish the guy and he'll ask you to find
his family.
+Go to the building at the left side of the parking lot and kill
two guys guarding the building.
+Watch out for another one inside the building.
+When you enter the building you'll see a woman and a girl, that's
Frank's family.
+Talk to them and then talk to Frank again and bring Frank to
+ When you're asked to search the tickets you can find the tickets
at the very first room where you encounter the cops guarding
+ Go deliver the tickets to Frank and see a cutscene.

+This time Luca would like to send a "message" to someone called
Big Stan at the Black Cats Bar near the Works Quarter.
+Go there and punch him a few times until the runs from you, but
don't kill him or Luca won't give you the hints to steal the car.
+After he runs go back to Luca and you'll learn how to steal a
Thor 810 down in Oak Hill.
+Watch out for the guy near the car, he's the owner and
unfortunately beside the car he also owns a gun.
+Be careful if you're low on health here.

END of Mission.

Mission 11: "Visiting Rich People":

+Pick up Salvatore on your way to Oak Hills.
+Take the small, almost unseen tiny gate at the side of the villa.
+Ask Salvatore to pick the locks.
+As soon as the game finishes saving, go left to the statue and
+When crouching, click the action button on Salvatore to order him
to wait for you.
+Arm yourself with the baseball bat and wait for a guard that will
go pass your hiding place.
+Hit him hard from the back and collect the PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN
and the KEY from him.
+Then head right to find a guy standing inside a gazebo.
+Hit him in the back too and collect his shotgun.
+If you manage to disable these two guards fast, the guard at the
front of the house should be walking around the stairs.
+And again, hit him on the back ( you will have to move fast ).
+Go to Salvatore and order him to follow you.
+Go up the stairs and enter the dining room. If you happen to meet
the maid you can just knock her off from behind too.
+Remember, when you're inside the house, DO NOT SWITCH ON any of
the light switches; guards will come and shoot you off with a
+Find the stairs to the second floor and find the safe, see the
+ After the cutscene ends, go back downstairs.
+Tell Salvatore to wait inside the room with the stairs.
+Go to the dining room and prepare your baseball bat.
+Collect a Tommy Gun from the guard if you happen to come across
one. +Then order Salvatore to follow you and just walk outside the

Mission 12: "A Great Deal!":

+When you arrive at the parking lot, go to the top floor and find
the guys waiting to exchange the whiskey with money.
+But it seems that Morello is trying to wage a war again.
+After a cutscene you'll confront Morello's guys, most of them are
using Tommy Gun and Pump Action Shotguns so be extra careful.
+And you'll have to watch Sam's and Paulie's health too.
+Go downstairs and kill the hoods.
+Pay attention when you see two cars blocking your way at the 2nd
level and when you take the emergency stairs.
+Some guys there have grenades and they don't mind to throw them
at you. +When you feel that somebody is throwing something at you,
run like hell because one good blow can kill you right away.
+After you kill them all, go to the top level again and drive the
truck with the goods to the bottom level.
+There should be some gangsters around the corner waiting to chase
you, kill all of them and it should be easier to get back to the
+See a cutscene and you'll have to drive the truck to the
warehouse in Hoboken.

Mission 13: "Bon Apetit!":

+When the mission starts, immediately duck behind the table and
shoot / kill the guy at the rightmost of the screen.
+There should be two guys there, one with a handgun and another
with a shotgun.
+Now go to the back of the restaurant and watch for the door to
your left.
+When you enter the door you'll see a stair heading up, go
upstairs but watch out for a guy with a Tommy Gun here.
+Collect his Tommy Gun and snipe the guys downstairs from the
window. (REMEMBER to watch for Salieri's health).
+Go out trough the same door and go out to the streets from a
small alley to your right.
+Watch out for a guy with a Tommy Gun / Shotgun. After you're out
in the streets you can.
Shoot the remaining guys from a distance. I think if you get
things right you should be able to kill them easily.
+After a cutscene, go to Carlo's flat and chase him down through
the fire- escape stairs.
+Watch out for punks here, they're armed with baseball bats but
you should be able to finish them off. Just don't get too close to
+Carlo is the guy wearing polkadot shortskirt / underwear and he's
got a handgun with him.
+There're two other guys with handguns so watch your back.

Mission 14: "Happy Birthday!":

+Salieri's ordered you to kill a politician when he's celebrating
his Birthday at a SteamBoat.
+Go to the destination assigned at the map and to the steamboat,
but apparantly the guard won't let you in so...
+Go the the building with a door opened just in front of the
steamboat and find a sailor's suit there and a minute later you'll
transform into Sailor.
+When you're in the boat find the men's room where Vicenzo
smuggled the gun to assasinate the politician.
+First go to the men's room at the left side of the boat to find a
bucket, take it.
+Then you'll have to find a room with the label "SKIPPER HAS THE
KEY" written on the door (it's a little tricky, quite-hidden and
near the stairs) then find a sailor with a white-blue line cloth
and talk to him.
+He'll give you the key and you can take the gun.
+Then assasinate the politician and escape the boat (search for a
speedboat drove by Paulie) after that you can call it a day!

Mission 15: "You Lucky Bastard!":

+First of all go to the Italian Garden restaurant and see the
+Then escape to Salieri's bar. And then you should head on to
OakWood and stop in front of Morello's house.
+Wait for a second and the man guarding the car in the front of
the house should enter the house, that's when you strap the TNTs
below Morello's car. +See the cutscene and again head back to
+Paulie will have a bright idea to assasinate Morello so you go to
the place Paulie pointed at the map, but then again Paulie proved
his clumsiness in a cutscene after.
+Escape from the chase and head to Salieri's again.
+Sergio Morello was truly a lucky bastard.
+You'll see a cutscene and you'll know why. Chase Morello down
(you dont' have to shoot his car) the most important thing is that
you don't lose him. Chase him down to the harbor.

* The HARBOR *
+After the cutscene quickly crouch behind your car and arm your
Colt 1911, a guy will approach you from your right.
+Shoot him first and then shoot the guy with the Tommy Gun just in
front of your car.
+There will be another 2 guys with some Pump Actions, one will
approach you from your front and one is hiding behind the branches
at your left.
+Get into the Truck and go further into the harbor.
+Watch out for shotguns and Tommy Guns equipped guys, there're a
lot of them here.
+Don't let yourself to be in the open because there're 3/4 Rifle
using guys and they can shoot you from a very far distance and it
WILL hit you big time.
+With the truck just go straight to the left end of the harbor and
check the houses there, a guy is armed with a rifle here but he
won't be a threat because you can go behind him and kill him.
+ Collect the rifle and use it to kill the 3/4 guys using the
rifle at the top of the crate- mover (that red-tokyo-tower-like
building) just in front of the big ships. +You have to arrange the
railways / tracks so the train at the end of the rail will crash
into Morello's car. ( you have to search for a train-like
compartment which has a brickstone under the wheels ) after you
arrange the rails just duck there, press right mouse and the
brickstone will be removed, causing the train to crash into the
+ Enter the warehouse and be careful for shotgun users here,
there's a lot of them. You'll find Sergio Morello here and you can
finish him off easily using a Tommy Gun like I did.
+Now Sergio Morello is a Lucky but dead Bastard!

+This time Luca will ask you to pick up his wounded friend in
ChinaTown and bring him to the doctor in Oakwood, FAST !
+You gotta need a fast, small car but make sure your car can carry
4 passengers.
+I suggest using a Thor 810 Sedan FWD ! This is a little hard but
after 2 or 3 times trying you should be able to pass this one.
+Make sure you didn't move your car away from him.
+Just stay put until he get inside and voila, you're on.
+Back to Luca and he'll teach you how to steal a Bruno Speedster
851 at the parking
+You got your first sportscar!

END of Mission.

Mission 16: "Creme De La Creme":

+Go to the Theatre at Central Island and find Morello there to
assasinate him. +He will escape with his so called Bullet Proof
+Chase Morello into the airport and get out of the car immidiately
after the car broke down.
+Watch out for 2 guys with standard weapons when you walk inside
the airport area.
+When you see a plane moving, search for your car somewhere around
the middle of the airport and then you can chase the plane.
+Shoot it down and Morello's history !

+This time Luca will ask you to drop a car to the ocean somewhere
near the cliffs.
+If you already wander the town around it shouldn't be hard to
figure out that the only open sea with cliffs was the one at the
opening of the game, the one who has a lighthouse and its located
just below OakHills, and at the right side of Oakwood.
+Drive the car to the edge of the cliffs, steal another car and
ram it to the car so the car will fall off the cliffs and to the
+Luca will teach you how to steal a Celeste Marque 500.
+Go to the parking lot of Roy's Grill and kill the owner of the
car (you didnt have to kill him but he will shoot you a few times
while you're lockpicking his car so killing him would be one of
the good options I chose ) and you'll have a nice, powerful car!

END of Mission.

Mission 17: "Election Campaign":

+Go to the abandoned jail but look for a man standing in front of
a sewer (you can kill him if you want because he will give you
problems on your way out) and enter the sewer.
+You'll get inside the old prison.
+ When you get inside the jail look for a stair heading up and
prepare for a gunfight.
+I suggest to snipe a guy down first from the stairs (its also to
practise your sniping skill). Watch out for shotgun users here.
+Go straight because the stairs is broken, after a door you will
find another stairs heading up, go upstairs and again, prepare for
a gunfight.
+If you have any heavy artillery you better use one now (Pump
+Go right and go straight, turn right at the end of the alley and
you can find another set of stairs (up and down) you can go the
the bottom floor and finish the dogs so they won't get you on your
way out.
+You'll fight a lot of guys here at the stairs, and there're no
hiding place so you have to be fast and efficient, shoot them in
the head with Colt 1911.
+After you reached the top floor, find the politician (toggle your
sniper mode first) he's in a small island-like with a white
building on it.
+He's giving a speech in front of the building.
+Remember, you can only shoot once so if you miss the guards will
protect him and the mission will fail.
+If you manage to kill the guy, go down and get out thru the doors
which being guarded by the dogs.
+The door/gate have a lock so shoot the locks and you can get
outta the jail. +Remember the guy standing in front of the sewer ?
If you didn't kill him the last time, he'll point at you to the
police and the police will come after you.

+This time Luca will ask you to pick his friend up around the
Works Quarter are.
+The police is after him but Luca think that his friend didn't
even have a clue he's going to be arrested.
+You'll need fast car for this and I suggest to use Thor 810 Sedan
FWD, this car rocks big time.
+I can steer better with this thing and it's quite fast,
+Pick him up and bring him to Luca, and you'll learn how to pick a
Lassiter V16 Appolyon.
+Its a custom build car with a sweet color.
+Go to Oak Hills and see a parked Lassiter Appolyon there.
+Just go there, ignore the two guys talking about the car and pick
the lock and leave the place like hell.

END of Mission.

Mission 18: "Just for Relaxation":

+Get weapons from Vincenzo.
+Then learn how to steal the Lassiter V16 Fordor from Ralphy.
+Drop Sam off at the works quarter.
+Get to the harbour with Paulie.
+Wait for the truck to move before finding a safe spot to steal
+Park your car to block the road at the left side of the
+Wait for the truck to come out.
+When the truck stops, pull the driver out and punch him till he
drops the document papers.
+Take the papers and the truck to the harbour while Paulie will
take your car and meet up with Sam.
+When the guard at the gate lets you in, drive straight to the
warehouse with 2 little doors next to the main shutters.
+Go to the right side of it. Stop at the opened shutters at the
end (a man is standing there).
+Park your trucks backside facing the opened shutters (easier for
moving those cigars crates).
+Move to the man to get a chance to move those crates.
+He'll tell Tommy to move other crates as he is taking a piss.
+Go over to those crates and ask the 2 guys talking over there to
help you.
+After the crates are move into the warehouse, the supervisor will
inspectthose crates.
+Follow him back to the warehouse your are interested in and talk
to him.
+Now move those crates onto your truck after the supervisor is
+Drive out of the harbour.
+Lure those guards back to the meeting point where Paulie & Sam
will help you take them out.
+Drive the truck back to the Salieri's warehouse.

END of Mission.

Mission 19: "Moonlighting":

+Go with Paulie to the First National Bank to see the
+Get to Yellow Pete's weapons shop.
+Go to Lucas for a fast car for the bank job.
+Pick up Paulie from his apartment.
+Go to the bank.
+Go through the wooden door at the end of the counter and turn
left. Take out the guard that is about to come in.
+Take the keys to the gates in the basement they are on the
shelves besides the door which the guard came in from.
+Go through the door near the keys and turn left, go straight and
take out the guard there engaging with Paulie.
+After that talk to Paulie and he will ask the bank clerk about
the keys to the safe.
+Go to the 2nd floor through the door behind the clerk.
+After you pass through that door, turn right and go up the stairs
at the end.
+Take out the 2 guards up there.
Note: the whole of 2nd floor has only 2 guards so if you miss one,
he'll be
+Once you reach the top of the stairs, go to the intersection and
turn left.
+Enter through the first door on your left (director sign on the
+Ask the manager about the keys. And then take the keys in the
cupboard to your right.
+Head back down same stairs and then take the stairs down into the
+Go through the metal gate and all the way around to where the
safe is. Take out 2 guards that stand between you and the safe.
+After the cutscene, meet up with Paulie and escape to the car.
+Drive like hell to the Palermo club. You will be quite safe if
you've done this within 5 minutes and did not bump into police
along the way to the club.
+Drive into the club and talk to Paulie.

END of Mission.

Mission 20: "The Death of Art":

+Get out of the place before the police zoom in. Do not draw your
+Run past 4 police along the stairs. Don't think about taking
these gentlemen
out. You just don't stand a chance.
+Grab any car you see and go look for Yellow Pete for some weapons
first. +You cannot do anything without weapons.
+Go to Lucas for some nice wheels. But he wants you to go follow a
hooker that works in the building (the Corleone Hotel) that you
blew a big hole in.

Note: do not follow the hooker too close or you'll lose that

+Follow the hooker at a safe distance.
+Get back to Lucas once you have the location.
+Lucas will tell you the location of the Thor 812 car.
+Go to the used car lot in Chinatown. You will know it when you
see it.
+Open the locked gate at the north side of the bazaar. Before you
shoot the
lock, make sure that there are no police around.
+Take out the 4 dogs here if you do not want them to bite you in
the ass when
you lock pick the orange Thor 812 at the back.
+Head over to the city Gallery to meet Sam.
+Take out the 2 gunmen here.
+3 more will enter into the same hall. Take them out.
+Go through the opened big door. Go through the gallery and take
out the 2
gunmen in the gallery.
+Get out the gallery through the other door and you have to face 4
more gunmen here.
+Get down the short stairs and turn 180 degree and run back up as
grenades are thrown from the top of the central stairs.
+Take out the 2 gunmen that will come down from the central
+Go up the central stairs to view cutscene.
+Run back down the same stairs you took to get up. Get some cover
and take out the tommy gun gunman.

Note: the same tommy gunman has grenades.

+Kill the gunman at the central balcony at the top of the central
+Take out another one at the right hand side balcony.
+"Stick" to the right side hand rail, crouch and move up. 2 more
gunmen are at the top of the right hand stairs. Take them out.
+Take out 3 gunmen in front at the circular hall.
+Go through the gallery door to the right of the circular hall.
And take out
the 4 gunmen just behind it.
+Go through till the end of the gallery. Take out 5 more gunmen
along the way.
+When you exited the gallery, there are 2 stairs to your left hand
side. Watch
out for grenades near the stairs. After the explosion, you can
take the first
aid on the left wall near the bench.
+Get on top of either one of the stairs and take out the gunman
+Go through the door (not the one with many chairs).
+Go right till the end to get a cutscene.

It's the face off between Tommy & Sam.

+Sam will try to move opposite you so you have to take him out
using range.

Note: I suggest the good 'Ol tommy gun. When Sam has taken the
first tommy
bullet, give Sam one bullet at a time constantly. This will
prevent him from
retaliating. As for the other weapons, they either do not have the
damage or more bullets to spray.

+Once Sam stops firing, go after the blood trails he will leave

+Give him his last bullets to go into the final cutscene.

Finally the story ends in....................

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