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Walkthroughs of Nethergate

Nethergate Walkthroughs

Nethergate FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.2, 1/31/02,
By Matt P

What's new: Added a bunch of changes from Zeviz, who has also made a
webpage of this faq! (www.geocities.com/zeviz1/nethergate)

Nethergate is copyright spiderweb software. It's a great game, with
at least one replay guaranteed. Buy it and support this great software
company. Supporting them will have them continue production of great
games such as Nethergate. Spiderweb has also made such games as
Geneforge, Avernum (1&2), Exile (1-3), and Blades of Exile! Check them
out (www.spidweb.com)!

FAQ purpose:

Why this walkthrough? There are few Nethergate sites out there.
Since the Spiderweb message boards opened up (again, check them out at
www.spidweb.com), there has been a subdued but renewed interest in
Nethergate. This FAQ is intended to be a source for information about
Nethergate in part, and also I hope to acquire more information about
the game, as my own playing experience has been somewhat limited.

This is my second attempt at a walkthrough. Unfortunately, this game
is a lot more non-linear than Avernum 2, and the levels are bigger, but
the items are less noticeable, so there is a quality difference between
the 2 FAQs. This is a rather rough version of the FAQ, but more
versions shall follow. Some people have offered their assistance, and
full credit will be given where it's due to all whom aid this FAQ.

If you'd like to post this FAQ on your site, please request
permission by emailing me at elementalizard@aol.com. If you post this
on your site without permission, I will ask you to remove it, and
definitely won't let you post it again. It's not too hard just to
contact me.

I. Map
II. Skills, assessment
III. Character Trait assessment
IV. Spell assessment
V. Walkthrough
VI. Index
A. Blessing Pool item list
B. Spell locator
C. NPC stats
D. Riddle answers
E. Either/Or quests
F. Sylak Items
G. Bugs and cheats
VII. FAQ Version
I. The world of Nethergate consists of a 5X5 map, with almost every
square possessing one major dungeon. The following map is referenced
throughout this FAQ:

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 0

1 Goagh-Nar
2 Aerie
3 Vale of the Sould
4 Goblin Pits
5 Nethergate
6 Lair of Reptrakos
7 Faerie Bazaar
8 Celt Shrine
9 Blackfang woods
0 Galag-Trav
A Vanarium
B Stone Circle
C Spire
D Ruined Hall
E Annwn
F Maze of Thorns
G Selkie Home
H Three Crones
I Burial Glen
J Spider Area
K Castle Aethdoc
L Hollow Hills
M Hagfen
N Abandoned Mines
P Shadow Valley Fort

On each section, there are several things to do. The dungeons consist
of several floors usually, and the outdoors section always has
something unique, and probably a hidden item somewhere. If you're
lucky enough, you may find it!

II. Base skills

Strength: Affects your carrying capacity, your damage, and your
weaponry skills. It is always worth increasing this skill.

Dexterity: Affects the timing of your attack, your weapon skills, and
your ability to dodge. It is always worth increasing this skill.

Intelligence: Affects the number of spell points you have, the strength
of your spells, you rune reading, item lore, and willpower. Increase
this for your spellcasters often. It doesn't help your warriors.

Endurance: Affects your hit points and resistance. Skip it. It's too
expensive, and has minimal benefits. Go for hardiness instead.


Melee: Affects your chance to hit with swords, axes, cudgels and other
weapons. Does not affect damage (from Zeviz). It's worth increasing
up to a point, although you'll eventually reach 100% hit rate and will
want to stop.

Spears: Affects your chance to hit with spears. Does not affect
damage. It's worth increasing up to a point, although you'll
eventually reach 100% hit rate and will want to stop.

Javelins: Affects your chance to hit with javelins. Celts- Go for
slings instead- they're cheaper, and you don't have to worry about
ammunition. Romans- Go for these. You'll find plenty of javelins, and
you're most skilled with these. They do more damage than slings.

Slings: Affects your chance to hit with slings. Celts- Go for it,
especially for your spellcasters. You'll want something to use when
not casting spells. Romans- skip it for the most part. You won't find
many slings until later in the game, when missile weapons become less

Armor Use: Get as needed. It reduces the penalty associated with
wearing heavy armor, and will restore AP lost if you have on too much.

Berserker: Increases damage at the expense of defense. Your choice.
It's a good way to hit things harder, but try to couple it with a point
in defense. Romans can't obtain this skill.

Hardiness: Blocks points of damage. Get this instead of endurance.
It's better.

Defense: Reduces enemy's chance of hitting you. Cheap and worthwhile.

Roman Training: Very potent, and a good way to nullify the effects of
heavy armor (however, it does not restore lost APs- from Zeviz). Can
make even the wussiest character more powerful than the Celts. Get it
when it's cheap. Celts can't obtain this skill.

??? (Crystal Wand): Affects your chance to hit with crystal wands. The
most powerful skill out there, which you don't get till late. Good
thing too, or it'd spoil the game. Romans don't seem to get as much
skill in this as the Celts.


Druidism: Affects your spell points and resistance. Also limits your
spell growth. Get a few points, but try to increase mainly

Health Circle: Affects your health spell strength and level.
Initially, have one druid focus on health and the other on war.
Eventually you'll want to balance the two out.

War Circle: Affects your war spell strength and level. Initially, have
one druid focus on health and the other on war. Eventually you'll want
to balance the two out.

Beast Circle: Affects your beast spell strength and level. Limited by
your war circle strength.

Craft Circle: Affects your craft spell strength and level. Limited by
your health circle strength.

Spirit Circle: Affects your spirit spell strength and level. The
hardest to raise. Limited by your beast and craft circle skills.
Romans are forbidden from getting points in this circle.

Useful Skills

First Aid: Affects your skill with healing kits, and potion making.
Not too useful, but moreso than it is for the Avernum series. Spells
usually work better. Romans will find more use for it.

Herbcraft: Helps you find herbs, and increases your potion making. Go
for a few points.

??? (Faerie Lore): Affects your luck with some special encounters.
This skill is required. 2-3 points for everyone are all that you need.
Romans can't train in this skill, but can gain it from a few special

Woodscraft: Helps you find herbs, food, and avoid monsters. Go for a
few points, it sure doesn't hurt. (Zeviz:)Some woodscraft is also
necessary in finding a spell and doing some minor quests outdoors.
Eventually you'll want about 10 points (counted for your entire party).

Barter: Money isn't usually a problem, but with this, it's even less of
a problem. A point or two every now and then doesn't hurt.

Luck: Affects random encounters, resistance, and gives you a chance to
avoid death. Go for it.

??? (Tool Use): Gained through a few special encounters for the celts,
trainable for the Romans. This skill gives huge bonuses to Romans. A
few points results in a nearly 100% success rate. Very useful, try
maxing your skill out for at least one character. Celts can't train in
this skill.

III. Character Traits:

A note on experience penalties, from Zeviz:
I just ran some test and here are the results:
1. Experience is split completely randomly between your party members.
So if a goblin is worth 8exp, and you have 2 guys, they could split it
5/3, 4/4, 8/0, or any other way. This means that is doesn't matter who
strikes the final blow.
2. Experience bonuses and penalties are random and appear to be less
severe than stated. For example a single character with 67% exp bonus
got 8.7exp per goblin. A character with 50%exp penalty got over 7 exp
per goblin. There was also a slight difference in the rate at which
they were gaining skill points, but not nearly as much as I expected.
More tests are necessary, but experience penalties don't look nearly as
severe as they are supposed to be.


Faerie Blood: I haven't tried it, but it doesn't sound half-bad.

Toughness: Reduces damage. A good skill.

Nimble Fingers: One person should have this. Preferably a spellcaster,
since they'll have high intelligence and decent dexterity, so will have
a naturally high tool use skill.

Recuperation: Faster healing can be replicated with jewelry. Not worth
it according to Fallen on the message boards.

Beastmaster: You may want it. I never remembered to use it. According
to General Baziron, it's useful at the beginning (but steadily drops
off, in my opinion).

Fast on Feet: Increases your AP occasionally, as well as you attack
timing. Worthwhile. Especially for a warrior, according to Zeviz.

Faerie Familiar: You may want it. I never remembered to use it.
According to General Baziron, it's useful at the beginning (but
steadily drops off, in my opinion).

Nature Lore: Cheap and useful. Go for it for at least one person.

Highly Alert: Okay, but there aren't many paralyzing monsters, and very
few sleep casting monsters.

Mighty Warrior: Makes you better in combat. Not too bad a skill,
although it's quite expensive. May only increase to hit %, which would
make it pretty crummy (from Zeviz). Further investigation is needed.


Cursed at Birth: Too painful. Skip it.

Sluggish: Being slow isn't too bad. Your choice. Works well for
Druids (Nooboon). Prevents you from hasting druids. (Zeviz)

Frail: Not too bad (Zeviz). Your choice.

Berserk rage: Give everyone this. It should be a positive trait- your
characters act faster and hit harder, for the cost of getting hit more
often. Sure, you don't have control over it, but you're still very
powerful. Berserk gives you 20% to hit, and improved damage.

Rational Mind: Myeh, if you're Celtish- you probably haven't even heard
of Pythagorus. Skip it. Romans can go for it, but the experience
penalties in this game aren't too big a deal.



Minor Healing: A useful, cheap way of getting healed. It's a standard
spell to the Celt repetoire. It restores ~10HP.

Purge Venom: A necessary spell, removes venom caused by disease and a
few rare creatures.

Alertness: Okay, but not too useful. Few creatures cast sleep.

Healing: A stronger version of minor healing, it restores ~30 HP.

Recovery: Cures disease. A necessary spell, since you will be doing
some swamp roaming.

Unshackle Mind: For the few cases in which you get paralyzed, it's

Total Healing: A powerful spell, the top of the line for healing.

Raise Dead: Supposedly restores life, but it requires a balm of life.
Doesn't work too well, in my experience. Just reload.


Battle Rage: One of the three standard Celt attack spells. Cast it
before any big fight, at least until you get beast ceremony.

Shielding: One of the three standard Celt attack spells. Cast it
before any big fight, at least until you get beast ceremony.

Lance of Fire: A damaging but costly spell that grows with your level.
Save it for tougher enemies, like fights with goblin shamen.

Quicksilver: One of the three standard Celt attack spells. Cast it
before any big fight, at least until you get beast ceremony.

Beast Ceremony: Very nice. Cast it before any major fight, if you can.
It'll save you a lot of time and SP.

Darts of Ice: A nice, multi-enemy attack spell. It'll kill a lot of

Heartshock: Very potent damaging spell. Use it on very tough enemies.

Hero of Old: The best spell in the game. Unfortunately, you can't get
it till late.


Call Aid: Summons a minor creature, usually wolves. Bleh.

Bite of the Serpent: May poison your target. Doesn't work too often.

Coil of the Serpent: May slow your target. Again, doesn't work too

Charm Beast: Not too bad, although I usually just kill the beast.

Beast Call: Summons stronger beasts- worgs, giant lizards, plague and
mung rats. Okay.

Capture Soul: Get a basilisk, and maybe a few other critters. Then
bring them back with simulacrum. Unfortunately, you can't use it in
many places.

Simulacrum: The second half to the spell Capture Soul. Nice and

Mighty Beast: Summons big monsters- foul rats, dark wolves, lava and


Create Light: Generates some light. Not too bad.

Piercing Sight: Scans for secret doors on your map. Very useful, but
expensive. The map will give some indication of secret doors, just
become familiar with it and you'll see what I mean.

Pass Portal: Unlocks doors. Necessary until you get a lot of tool use.
Still, an expensive spell.

Remove Curse: Save before equipping an item, then try to take it off.
If you can't, then it's cursed, and you should get rid of it. Voila,
no need for Remove curse!

Word of Recall: Nice spell that instantly warps you back home to
Nethergate. It must be used outdoors, though.

Create Food: A necessary spell, especially in some of the later areas.
Cast this spell whenever you're going on a long walk, just to build up
some free food.

Break Barrier: A necessary spell, somewhat hard to acquire.

Stone Guardian: Summons up a carytid, a very powerful monster.
Probably better than all of the beast circle spells.


Disrupt Spirit: Hurts the undead. Very useful in some locations.

Sever Seal: An almost necessary spell. Get it from the stone circle,
don't pay the outlandish price of salespeople.

Spirit Ceremony: Decent way of healing, although I prefer simpler
spells like heal and purge venom. (Zeviz:) Costing an equivalent of
1.5 heal spells, this is the most cost-effective way to heal yourself.
The only problem is that it can not be cast in combat

Ravage Life: A potent and useful spell. Unfortunately, by the time you
get it, you're probably more than powerful enough and don't need to use

Control Life: Interesting spell, I don't use it much though. Let me
know if it's any good.

Soul Lance: Powerful spell, moreso than ice lances.

Call Spirit: Summons some undead. Okay, but you can probably do better
with your SP.

Doom: Very potent and hard to acquire. Use with care.

Nether spells

Miraculous Revival: I couldn't get this one to work. Let me know if
you can.

Wind Warriors: Summons some ultra-powerful wind warriors.

Call Hunt: Summons some big wolves. Wind Warriors is probably better.

Create Elixir: Makes a beast elixir, which is very potent.
Unfortunately, it costs a skill point, which you may not be willing to
spend. The only Nether spell usable by the Romans. Zeviz: Why would
you want to permanently loose a skill point if you can make the same
elixir using alchemy or buy it in a store (what else are you going to
do with your money anyway?)

Clouds of the night: Powerful, multitarget spell. Probably the most
worthwhile Nether spell.

Food is good and necessary, unlike Avernum. Take as much as you can
find, even the nasty monster innards.
When fighting, first cast battle spells like rage, shielding, and
quicksilver. You'll kill your enemies with haste. Save the damaging
spells for tougher enemies.
Grab everything you can carry at first and sell it. You may have to
leave the dungeon a few times, but it's worth it. As you get higher in
level, don't bother- just pick up the valuable stuff.
If you can't get to someplace, most likely you don't have the proper
equipment or spell. Either that, or you need to play as the other
There are two big mysteries- Pearlblossom, and the puzzle box. Any
information on these two items would be most appreciated.


Q: Retrieve the bronze disk.
You wake up, confused in your hut. Get your items, and equip them.
You should wander around a bit, and get acquainted with the controls.
To the south there is a hut with 2 potion recipes. In order to make
these potions, you'll need to have adequate skill. To the north is
Morgan who will buy, sell, and identify items. Mugain is a druid who
will heal you. Cormac gives you a mission to retrieve the Bronze disk
and will sell you war 1-6, heal 1-6. Bituitus will train you (press
the question mark under your character's name. Elara will fix you food
every now and then, grab the bread for 6 food. Leave Nethergate and
circle around to find some poor leather armor, a fine leather helm, and
30c. Your next stop is the Goblin pits.
OUTSIDE: There's a misletoe patch to the SE. In the stone circle,
you can get into a fight with some goblins (with a regular large metal
shield as your reward). Further to the east, you'll find some

Q: Deliver hermit's scroll to hermit 3.
OUTSIDE: There are some goblin totems with goblins to the east. In
the center of the map, you'll find a fine spear hidden among the trees.
There's a blind man at the crossroads, give him coins to be a good
person. Elona sells potions and rings of protection, but at high
prices. Find your own instead. There are some goblins guarding the
pits if you try to enter from the east. Kill them for 15 coins, 15
food, and a healing elixir.
LATER: On the W side of the river, if you're lucky (based on skill)
you'll find 5 coins. There is the second hermit to the NE. You can
give the first hermit's scroll to it to get another scroll.
FIRST FLOOR: This is a large dungeon, full of small secrets. The
main object is to retrieve the bronze disk, but you should also grab
the three keys.
THE KEYS: There are 6 Sylak keys found throughout the game. The first
3 come pretty readily, but the last 3 are a chore to obtain.
Nonetheless, you want to obtain them all prior to doing the later
quests. Once you find one, many doors and chests will open up to you,
enabling you to loot as you please. You can get a lot of good stuff
this way, including valuable jewelry and potions.
Head south to the unguarded areas. If you try to take the fort head
on, the goblins will stone you. When you're wandering around to the
south, you'll have to fight some giant rats. There's a nearby secret
area with a sling, some food, herbs, and javelins. Eventually you'll
make your way up to the Fort Proper, and will get an option to fight or
hide from the Goblins. Do either (I like to fight, it gives decent
experience), and then head down the stairs.
SECOND FLOOR: The Goblins to the north of where you enter have a wand
of ice. In the hallway to the northeast, there is a secret passage to
small room with food, coins and herbs. You're noted to its existence
by a text box popping up saying, "This wall looks fuzzy" or something
like that. Continuing east, you'll find a Fomorian with the Bronze
disk, and a secret room with coins in the wolf room. Nearby this
Fomorian are the stairs to level 3. You'll find key 2 in the secret
room with lumber. Elsewhere, you'll find a blessed dagger on the altar
(guarded by goblin shamans and such) which summons 2 lost souls when
taken. To the NE are the halls of learning. In the first hall of
learning you'll find the hasting draught recipe. In the second hall of
learning, the west book summons 2 lost souls, and the east book will
teach you 1-4 craft circle spells. In the third hall a book teaches
you beast circle 1-4, and gives you some later info. To the SW of this
level is an arena with a secret room with a fine spear, and fine
leather armor. You have to fight a lizard to get out, then pull a
wheel. To the SE there is a room that you get up through the third
floor, and it has a blessed leather armor, 20 coins, and a jade
necklace. Descend to the third floor.
THIRD FLOOR: The room to the SE leads up to floor 2. There is a pool
with crone, it just supplies story info. In the "Rat room" there is a
secret passage to coins, and food. Key 3 can be obtained by getting to
the body on the ledge- go around the N side and search for secret
passages. The fire lizards to the SW are guarding a cursed ring and a
few other items. Finally, you can't get to the NW as the Celts, but
can as the Romans. Now head back up to the first floor.
FIRST FLOOR: You can explore the area with the goblins now that
you're better equipped and have more experience. There's a lot of
stuff here, and the rooms have nice small treasure. The Goblin chief
has key I. If you want you can kill the sheep and cows to get some
meat and amber charms (non-magical). Now that you have all of the
keys, you can open up the doors found in this dungeon:
First floor: II- wolf pen door: fine leather armor, potions.
III- Goblin room door: Wand of ice, draught.
Second floor: I or II- NW corner: experience pool (2 skill points). SE
corner, undead area: 100c, chain mail. Fomorian home: fine chain mail,
ring of skill. I, II or III- in arena: Woad, scroll (darts of ice).
Third floor: I or II: NE, secret room: healing herbs, ceremonial
dagger. III- SE: Monsters attack if you try for the chest south. The
trapped chests south have coins, a silver ring, several potions and a

Head back to Nethergate, and give Cormac your disk. Cartumnus will see
you (5xp) now. He tells you to go to the Ruined hall. Before doing
so, you may want to hit a few more areas, and build up your levels for
a bit. The best place to do this for now is Galag-Trav.
Alternatively, you may want to hurry through the initial story and grab
a fifth PC in Vanarium, then have them join you in accumulating skill

This is a relatively easy level with some decent rewards.
Q: Retrieve Hathwisa.
OUTSIDE: There is a misletoe patch in trees, and a fine sword in the
looped trees. There's a talking fish on river's edge. North of Goagh-
Nar is a goblin with a skull, the same is true to the south (you must
first have received the quest from area 9). The south goblin will
attack you, the north won't. I've not seen any difference between
having mercy and not in this case. There's a bunch of cheating goblins
here too. In order to have them play fair, bring your own dice. Or,
better yet, bring Sylak's dice! When you do this, they attack you
(minor reward).
FLOOR 1: Bevan of the Iceni greets you when you enter. He wants you
to find his daughter. Sounds like a worthy quest. In the Fomorian
shrine, destroy the altar (5xp) to summon up a spectral warrior and
wolf. Kill them, take the knife, then check W for a box with herbs.
West of here there's a room with a secret passage with a fire barrier.
Beyond is a trapped chest containing a ring of accuracy, a set of magic
lockpicks, and a few other goodies. Shade room S, go through doors to
find a battle axe. There are 3 buttons, 1 N, 1 SSE, 1 SSW. Pushing
the S buttons followed looping around to the N enables you to pass this
level without too much hassle. There's a secret pillar with a button
to push to the SW, use this to access the area slightly east, there's a
III key on the body there. There's a final button on the pillar near
the stairs, use it when you need to leave, after taking the stairs
down. There's a box that requires either keys I, II, or III: NW crypt-
a wight and a tomb with a fine chain mail (sell it). There's also a
pillar with information.
FLOOR 2: Hug the walls, and avoid the pit. There are Fomorians up
above who would love to throw a lot of rocks at you. You'll want to
make your way to the SE, and open the door, freeing the annoying
Hathwisa. Get her out of here after fighting off all the goblins she
attracts (5xp, endurance bracelet). There's a secret room SE, with
ruby hidden in pile of skulls. In the fire lizard room in the central
SE is a body with a fine spear, fine leather armor, and some lockpicks.
To the NE is a secret area with a barrier blocking the passage, which
is passable, but damaging. Open the box (and get poisoned) for a fury
helm, which is a great piece of armor, as anyone can wear it (it's non-
encumbering). Give it to a druid. To the N is a passage to get up,
and fight all those stone-throwing Fomorians. They're a tough foe, and
you may want to wait for a while. The leader is a Fomorian with a ruby
imbedded in his skull, the object of a later quest. Go ahead and grab
it, if you can. Also while you're here, check the NW room for a bunch
of goodies (gold ring, wine, entertaining scrolls, paper, magic
lockpicks). Near the altar there's a secret chamber with 4 spiritual
herbs nearby. The area to the SW can't be explored fully as the Celts.

Now that you're done there, you'll want to head someplace else, maybe
to the Burial Glen.

This is the only outdoor section without any indoor dungeon.
Q: Retrieve the lady's two skulls.
OUTSIDE: Stay away from the forest, at least until you have good
reason to explore them (which you eventually will). Go up to the rock
on the S side of the river to get a minor quest. Returning the skulls
nets you a wand of the coils. The skulls are found near Galag-Trav.

You can't get here till after you speak with the crones. Approach the
building, and you'll be informed that such is the way of things.
OUTSIDE: Pearlblossom- no clue on this one, her earrings don't seem
to be retrievable. You can't cross the west bridge until after you've
done everything in the Ruined Hall. At the Shepherd's place, killing
the sheep summons a Fomorian and 2 worgs. There's a patch of spiritual
herbs hidden in the NE section (just good once).
MUCH LATER: A bit to the N on the W side of the river, near the rock
you can find Sylak's exuberant trash (woopee!).

You won't be coming here for a looong time.
Q: Deliver the message to hermit 2.
OUTSIDE: There's a hut with herbs here, but you'd have to steal
them, which is probably not a good idea. There's a boulder to the NE
that can not be climbed. Come back with a captured soul from the Vale
of the Sould. There are 2 necklaces (Jade and magical Silver) up
there. Healing herbs can be found at the tree N of Annwn. The first
hermit can be found in the hut S of Annwn. There's a bunch of Celt
warriors who'll party with you.

This is an optional quest that you may want to save till after you've
crossed the bridge.
Q: Honor the Celt warrior.
OUTSIDE: The bridge is guarded by a bunch of inbred Fomorians. Teach
them a lesson, if you're strong enough (300c, fine small metal shield).
There's a misletoe patch on the N of the river. There's a stone circle
here with miscellaneous items. Return with a piece of horn (from area
B) to get a ring of accuracy. There's a scroll in the garbage piles to
the NW.
INSIDE: A decent level with good rewards. Pray at the eastern altar,
Celts receive healing and, after further exploring, a nether arts
spell, Miraculous Revival (come back after you've done more quests).
Talk to the lost soul in the SW building, and he'll tell you about the
vengeance blade (which does extra damage against Romans). The sword is
located in the W statue in the N building. In the courtyard you can
get the main quest in this area. In the NW building are 3 tombs with
buttons. W-opens up a door in the NE, C-summons 4 shades, E- summons
lava, which is bad. Enter the portal in the northern building, kill
the 2 wights, and go through the portal. In the next one, place "crate
crate barrel" from N to S, then go through the portal. This takes you
to the "cross" room. Go south through the barrier, and look at the
treasures (cursed ring of grief, paper, poison, energetic herb, silver
chalice). Kill the monsters that appear, this causes an earthquake.
Go look at the tomb again, and you'll burn the body (5xp, onyx necklace
on pillar). Then you can leave.

This is a rather bizarre area, with the GIFTSs that occur in all of
spiderweb's games.
Q: Talk with the spider queen.
Q: Kill the nasty spider.
Q: Get the insect-attracting amber.
OUTSIDE: You'll find Grizzle the sprite on the N side of the river.
SE of the spider area, you'll find a spider. Wait to talk with it.
INSIDE: If you enter from the west, you can speak with the
intelligent friendly spiders right away. Talk with the chief to get an
interesting quest. There's not too much here. There are some herbs
hidden to the SE, and there's a cursed ring to the NW. There are some
dead bodies SW, who have some minor items. Once you've talked with the
queen spider, come back for (5xp, necklace). They then give you a
quest to go kill a nasty spider to the north. Do so, and you'll get
5xp, and a blessed leather helmet. They then give you an amber quest.
If you complete this, you get Sylak's enlightening amber.

This is the head of operations for the Romans. You get here via a
second tunnel, which opens once you've completed Castle Aethdoc.
OUTSIDE: Celts can't go very far South. They can get into a fight
with a bunch of roman soldiers, and get some nice items out of it
(blessed sword).
LATER: If you have some special boots, give them to Julius for a fine
small wooden buckler.

Once you've complete Castle Aethdoc, you can get to the southern
OUTSIDE: There's a goblin village nearby. Don't hurt them, and you
can claim a nice magic item later, then you can kill them (100 coins,
50 food, blessed metal helmet). If you're lucky enough, you can find a
skill ring on the bony plain.

You can only access the Eastern half of this sector for now.
OUTSIDE: There's a ring of trees here that'll be important later.
There's a special ball on the coast, pick it up, there's a minor quest
for it later. There's a healer, Becca in this area. There are a bunch
of lizards on the hill there. Killing them gets you some food and a
fine large metal shield.
LATER: When you get to the other side, go to the center peninsula,
and a selkie child will want the ball. Give it to him.

This map can only be partially explored for now.
OUTSIDE: There are some energetic herbs past the swampy area on the
peninsula near to the hut (just once).
LATER: To the N, find a sprite near the columnar rock, pay him, and
from the mushrooms, go straight N. You'll find a Shaynee who'll sell
you recipes. Near the dead tree you'll be attacked by sprites. Once
you've done the ball quest in the Hagfen area, go to the tree and rock
to the south, and you'll get a druid's bracelet. After you've done
more stuff, you can attack some carytids guarding their base.
INSIDE: Going to see the 3 crones is a major point in the game for
the Celts. They don't much care for you, and send you to their pits.
PITS: All of your equipment is confiscated, and you're pretty much on
your own. There are a few secrets with crappy equipment here, pick it
up just to have something. In the rat room, there's a secret leading
to a bracelet and necklace (non-magical). As the Celts, you can't get
passed the green rune. In the rat ruins room, there's a secret to the
NW leading to fine lockpicks, and a wand of venom. When you get to the
spider ruins, there's a way to climb down to the west. This takes you
to 4 chests that hold your stuff! Reequip it! There's a secret room
to the NW that has a magic lockpick in it. Smash the wheel and leave.
Once you get out, there's a good bit of stuff out here to do. Rob each
of the witch's rooms, you get a lot of nice stuff for this, and hey,
they're evil anyway. A bit west, there's a room with a wight that is
guarding a few magic lockpicks in a box. In the NNE witch room there
is a secret passage leading to an altar and 3 wights. The altar
teaches heartshock, an excellent spell. There's a bunch of cursed
items in the rewards chamber. There are also some nice items hidden a
bit to the NW of the center crone room. There's a wolf to the west
that isn't really a wolf. Go grab the key found in the NNW tile room
(stay on the * tiles to avoid being transported to fight a basilisk).
Free the wolf to release Galitan, who will repay you later. There's a
blocked area to the east, use break barrier on it to fight a wind

Now that you've completed the crone's quest, you can go to the Ruined

Q: Recover the scroll, if possible.
Once you've freed the crone's prisoners, come back, and circle this
building. There are herbs to the NW, and a batch of hidden scrolls to
the NE. Enter the building proper. This gets you to Chapter 2. Go
north, and things'll go badly. Time to search the castle. W is a box
with lockpicks and a potion. Explore everything, there are secret
doors everywhere (use far sight), and eventually you'll want to go down
the stairs to the east.
BASEMENT: Straightforward enough, kill the spiders, pass the ghosts.
At the 3 pools, don't drink from the W one. The E one gives you a
piercing crystal, use it on the nearby barrier to access a box which
has some goodies, including a druid's bracelet. The altar will teach
you total healing. In the room with the 2 toned tiles, step on the
lower hexagon, and you'll fight 2 shades. They are carrying scrolls.
You can get the energy and strength draught recipes in the NW section.
Make it to center north and you'll fight the guilty sprite. On your
way out you're attacked by aranea. Head up and talk with the faeries.
They'll give you a scroll and send you back to Nethergate.

Return to Nethergate with the scroll, and a big celebration will take
place. A good old pagan ritual! You'll get cursed (10xp). Talk with
Cerridwen, and off to the faerie bazaar! Now you can cross the bridge
near the Ruined Hall without trouble.

Q: Get uncursed.
Q: Obtain the Ruby from Galag-Trav.
Q: Destroy 10 urns in the Vale of the Sould.
Q: Steal some spider eggs.
Q: Get a black fang.
Talk with Drotha. She'll give you info on how to fix your curse.
Time to visit Reptrakos (6)! Moonfire gives you a mission to kill the
Ruby-headed Fomorian in Galag-trav. For this, you get the rod of safe
descent, a vital and powerful wand. Skrog will give you key IV for 250
coins after you ask him about "keys." Solberg will let you use the
blessing pool for 2000 coins. The seeker will sell you spells 1-6 of
the beast, craft, and spirit circles. The bazaar master will give you
a Vale of the Sould quest: Destroy 10 urns in the Vale of the Sould.
Doing so nets you 5xp and a spidersilk cloak. Don't do this until
after you've invaded Shadow Valley Fort. He then gives you another
quest: steal eggs from the Spider Queen. Doing so gets you 5xp and a
dragonskin cloak. This leads to his final quest, to kill a wolf to get
its black fang. These wolves can be found at area 9. For this you get
5xp and Mighty Beast. You can also rob him if you have enough tool use
(15 total- from Zeviz)- he has a jade necklace. You can go down at any
of the staircases.
Underneath the Faerie Bazaar:
From Moonfire: Go east once you enter, then kill the undead. One
coffin has 50 coins, fine chain mail.
From Truly Fine Items: Cross the runes (a luck total of 7 is required
to cross them- Zeviz), and grab the shield and blessed studded armor.
From Colotha: Cross the runes, and you can grab the useless dragon's
From the library: Go SE, and jump off the cliff. Then go NW and use
Sever Seal to bring down the protection on the urn, and get the spell
inside, Wind Warriors. Then go south, and search the area. You'll
come up in the stables.
OUTSIDE: A Fomorian attacks you to the south. Kill him for a small
metal shield and 80 coins. Conn wants some money, go ahead and give
him some. There are several shops nearby here. There's a pool which
will heal all your characters to 70HP. There's a friendly brigand
settlement nearby too.

Q: Recover Reptrakos' tablet.
When you enter, Reptrakos won't seem so happy. Search around, and
get Gobo to join you. He can't fight well, but he's not too bad. He's
also the only way to get to Reptrakos, so you have to let him join.
He'll have you kill lizards and goblins, and will tell you about a
secret door. Check the north wall, and look at the wheel. Then go
west, and north, through the gate. If you have enough dexterity, you
can get sylak's bowl! Also grab the puzzle cube (of unknown use), and
the metal bar. Go back, and continue on, killing the charming goblins.
Go and speak with Reptrakos. He has a mission for you, to recover a
tablet. Go around back to get a scale. Go back to the lizard area,
and Gobo will open a passage for you. Kill the basilisk, then check
the wall for the tablet. Return it for the mighty beast and call
spirit spells. Go back to the faerie bazaar (gobo leaves- shucks!) and
give Drotha the scale. This gets you uncursed (phew!).
OUTSIDE: Starcap will sell you stuff. You can also get Julius's
boots here. A batch of witches will attack you in the central hut.
Kill them for some spiritual herbs. A bunch of basilisks will attack
you a bit to the west, kill them for 200 coins and an onyx necklace.

Q: Find Derek.
Q: Kill the shadow wolf.
Get someone to join you. They all make excellent additions. See the
end of this FAQ for the character's skill levels. Silius doesn't show
you very good stuff unless you're the romans. Titus will sell you lots
of recipes and heal you. Drusilla will buy items from you. You can
steal from the shrine, if you want. I haven't seen any ill effects.
Maneuver in the trees to get a magic lockpick. Midori will sell spells
to you. Velanna will give you a quest to find out what happened to
Derek, her lover. Finding his body (2) gives you 5xp, and a free room.
Take Sylak's Horn from Manius, if possible.
OUTSIDE: Adams lives to the SE. Sit with him, he tells you of the
shadow wolf. Kill it (B) for a freedom ring. 10 woodscraft skill is
needed (from Zeviz). Help out the faerie noble east of Vanarium for
250 coins.

Enter here. The Celts can obtain a few important spells: Break
barrier and sever seal. Getting them here will save you a lot of gold.
Return later for DOOM, the best spell of the spirit circle.
OUTSIDE: There's an animal horn (for Section I) here, to the east of
the river. Climb up the dry wastes and kill the Fomorians to claim
Sylak's skull. This skull will tell the locations of all the nether
arts spells, and will help you once or twice more beyond that.
Otherwise, he's just plain annoying.

Q: Talk with the Celt shades on behalf of the Raven
OUTSIDE: Make a copy of the runes on the pillar outside. You'll need
some paper and a pen. Find the skeleton, this ends up being Derek.
Search the valley wall for a gryphon, free it, you'll be glad for it
INSIDE: An interesting level. Go east, then up to get to a place
with 4 lizards. Kill them and search the west wall for a body with
You'll find a block puzzle:
First move crate A by bumping into it (then wait). Move blocks B and C
south, then D east 2 spaces. Then move E up and out.
x H x
G x
Then move blocks F and G west, H east, and I north. Then place a block
on the pad (it's not too hard). Go a bit north, and see the gryphons.
To the NE there's a spot with some chests which can't be opened till
you have a few more keys. One of them holds a ruby necklace, the other
a sapphire necklace. There's a secret passage to the NE that leads to
an upper level. Search for secret doors, and you'll find 2 boxes that
contain potions, lockpicks, and a few other things. Heading to the NW,
you'll be able to go further if you've freed the gryphon outside, and
can acquire a feather from the gryphon in the NW corner. Look through
their nests to acquire an emerald. Go east, through the gryphons, then
head around again. You get attacked by a bunch of Fomorians. Continue
around, and you will be attacked by lava lizards. Next is the test of
knowledge. You have to have enough woodcraft, faerie lore, rune
reading, and tool use to continue. Go talk with the Raven. He wants
you to go to the stone circle. Do so and return for your reward, a
blessed skill ring and 10xp. On the way out, you may want to jump off
the cliffs to get to the second one, and search the east wall for
Sylak's scalpel, which aids your first aid skill.

Q: Retrieve the runes.
Q: Retrieve the insect-attracting amber.
Entering this area is a challenge. Many passages close up on you. A
lot of dead druids are here, pillage their bodies for good equipment.
There are also lots of homicidal aranea here. You objective is to get
to the center, and talk with the spider queen. She'll tell you what to
do about the GIFTSs, and will give you an amber quest (return with it
for 10xp, and boots of the leagues). You can steal some of her eggs
for a later quest by going around the north. To the west is a web that
asks you a question (the answer is below in the hints section). For
this you get Call Hunt.
OUTSIDE: To the north on the river is Kaja, who wants to see some
runes. They can be found at (2). Return for some tool use knowledge.
She also sells the power elixir and balm of life recipes. In the
forest there is a battle with some shades (which gives you 100 coins
and a scroll), and a healing herb patch. Threaten the druids and
they'll let you take some.

Q: Kill the big Fomorian.
Q: Retrieve Orim's soul.
Q: Kill the Wolf of the Fen.
Go to the outer shrine. You'll get 2 skill points, and can talk with
Aidan. He'll give you a quest to go grab Orim's soul from the Vale of
the Sould. You'll have to ask for the golden pelt, eventually. Owen
asks you to slay the wolf of the fen nearby. Finishing this quest gets
you a free dip in the blessing pool. In the orchard, you can find a
lot of misletoe. You can also see a sprite or two in the water.
UNDER THE SHRINE: Go south first. Look at the scrolls, you'll find
the restoring elixir recipe. Further, after the pit, search for secret
passages east. You'll find Mugain, and search the shelves for the
capture soul and simulacrum spells. Mugain will teach you tool use for
250 coins. Also, in the same room as Mugain, is a southerly secret
passage leading to the nether arts spell create elixir. Once you have
permission to obtain the golden pelt, go west from the beginning. In
the urn room, one of the pots has a druid's bracelet in it. Further
west is the blessing pool. The golden pelt is in the eastern
sarcophagus. Claim it, and fight the undead. Give it to Samael, then
return for your reward, 10xp, heartshock, and a use of the blessing
OUTSIDE: Talk with the sprites. They want you to kill a Fomorian who
lives to the north. Do so for 5xp, and their gratitude. On the
peninsula is the only seller of papyrus sheets. Buy a lot once you get
Sylak's pen- you'll get a lot of scrolls, many of which are good for
selling. Near the shrine is a swampy area. Get up on the hill, and
blow a horn, this'll summon the wolf. Check near the shrine for a
spiritual herb patch.

Q: Get the Ruby Stones.
Samael will rent out souls to you. If you have cash, you may want to
get one. They occasionally will help you (I've found 2 occurrences so
far). He will also free Orim for you if you can retrieve the Golden
Pelt for him. He also wants some stones (found in the Roman Goblin
caves), and will reward you handsomely for them (Hero of Old, Beast
Call, Raise Dead spells). His hideout is also the object of a quest
from the Faerie Bazaar head merchant. Finally, you can find a nether
arts spell here.
Faerie Bazaar Quest: Head to the east. You'll have to fight a bunch
of rats. Whenever you see a pot, approach it and smash it (except for
a few final exceptions). You'll be warned once by Samael, and if you
continue, he'll stop selling to you. Be sure to have done everything
you've wanted to first before proceeding. Then ignore his warnings.
Pull the 2 hidden wheels, then go and smash the 2 jars, and continue
east. You'll be presented with a series of riddles throughout this
dungeon. The riddle answers are near the end of this FAQ. You'll
enter a library, where you can read the deals people made in exchange
for their souls. Search for 3 secrets, 2 of which lead to jars, and
the other that leads to some scrolls. You'll run into some fire
lizards. You'll come to a staircase as you go west, search the south
wall for a secret passage. Continue west, and you'll eventually be
sent to a spider maze. Check the south wall for a secret passage out.
Pull a wheel a bit south and keep crushing the urns you come across.
Eventually, you'll run into a bunch of goblins. Kill them, then go
south. You'll be asked the final riddle. Enter, and don't try
breaking any of these urns. You'll come upon Samael. Kill him, this
is an age of vengeance. Plunder his treasure chest for a few goodies,
then head back to the beginning. Kill the mannequin, then go through
the portal. Now you can get Clouds of the Night.
OUTSIDE: The S cave has lizards in it. North of this one is a ring
cave. North from there is a basilisk cave. Killing them gets you a
lucky bracelet, and a sylak's bolt of cloth. Finally, N of this one is
the Fomorian the sprites want you to kill. On the E side of the river,
you can get the stone guardian spell from the S cave, to the E is a
cave with a dead body (100 coins, crystal necklace). N is an empty
cave, W is a lizard family cave.

Q: Get the selkie pelts.
This is a sad area. Maneuver to talk with Sleek. He'll give you a
quest to retrieve the selkie pelts from Hagfen. Do so for 10xp, and
they'll tear down a wall, allowing you to get key IIIII and a blessed
sling. Go to the North, and you can access a bunch of potions and some
coins. To the NE is the laboratory of Gulharus. The boxes contain
herbs, except for the box across the lava. This one has a silver
bracelet and a rare wand of disruption. You may be here to kill Sleek-
doing so makes all of the selkies hostile towards you, and would
probably go against the faerie-celt bond of trust.
OUTSIDE: There's the cheapest source of food here, in a hut on the
east side of the lake. Free the selkie man to the SW. There's a stone
circle that constantly summons up lost souls and big Fomorians. Use it
to gain experience, if you want.

Q: Get a gryphon feather.
Q: Get the ruby stones.
Flaxen will sell you nice blessed equipment. Morden identifies,
Foglio sells potions and scrolls, and buys your stuff, and Thyme sells
miscellaneous goodies. Talk with Galitan (if you freed him) and he'll
teach you soul lance and stone guardian. The Rose lady will give you a
quest, if you desire to take it. Check her room for some nice magic
jewelry and other valuables. Talk with Toivo for information, and for
the chance to get into the closed building. Talk to Rippel (who sells
miscellaneous items), and ask about Weevil. Talk to Sylak (not THAT
Sylak), and enter the room through the east. Talk to Genevieve to get
the gryphon feather quest. You'll get one in the Aerie. Return with
one for 10xp, and key VI. At the closed magical pets store, go and
kill the ghost. You get a lucky bracelet for this. In the SW corner
of the village in the inn, there are some gambling faerie guards- use
Sylak's dice there for 100 coins (from Sarachim).
OUTSIDE: To get here, you've got to cross the river. You'll have to
wade through a lot of goblins to get there, though. There's a lake
with an island on it. Get to the island by searching to the west for a
path. There's also a gryphon nest to the SW, kill them if you want. A
bit north of the nest is an energetic herb patch. You can't get to it
unless you walk through all of the paths to the NE.

Q: Kill Sleek.
This place is a swamp. You may find a lot of herbs, if you do some
wandering. To the south is a piece of amber the spiders keep yearning
for. To the east are 3 basilisks, this is a good place to capture
their souls. Kill them and search the body for Key IV. Enter the
building and you can deal with the hags. They want you to kill Sleek,
leader of the selkies. Doing so will get you a crystal key that opens
a door in their basement to a scroll that gives you +4 to either the
beast or craft circle. It's not too worthwhile for the Celts. This
quest still can be taken and performed after doing the selkie quest, to
no adverse affect (Zeviz). It would go against role playing though.
DOWNSTAIRS: Jump off the cliff. There's the way out to the east,
though you have to fight some Fomorians. The hags are packrats, and
you can do a good deed and pillage them. A western box yields to one
of your numbered keys, and gives an amber charm and a silver necklace.
To the NW are a bunch of lava lizards, and in the pockmarked area you
can use a captured soul from the Vale of the Sould to grab a worthless
monkey bracelet and a warrior's bracelet. To the SW is the Main
treasure storage area. There's a chest that requires key V here. It
has Sylak's Mortar and Pestle. There's a gate to the SW that blocks an
important area. You can open it by going to the East and hitting the
tiles like so:
1 3
then opening the door and going through the portal. You'll find the
skins, some gold and some scrolls. You can get a copper necklace in a
chest to the South, provided you have key 6. If Sylak's skull talks to
you here, go and grab an intelligence bracelet from the red horse
statue near the beginning.

You can't get passed the thorns until the end of the game.
OUTSIDE: Poz will sell you miscellaneous items. You'll find a ring
belonging to a sprite to the NW, I gave it back to her.

Q: Kill Kharto.
You'll get here later, but there's something really useful here.
OUTSIDE: Near the center of this area are a bunch of goblins. Talk
with them to get started on a most worthwhile Sylak item quest: kill
Kharto. Go to (N) then to (M), circle of trees, and back to here. For
this you get Sylak's pen. Also, there is a strange area that will
strengthen you (+2 to all 4 primary stats), if and only if you've done
righteous deeds (donated money to beggars, given sprites their ring,
show mercy towards slaves, help free caught animals, etc.).

There's not too much else to do, so go on to Goagh-Nar.

Wait till you have all 6 keys to come here, that's my suggestion.
When you're ready, enter, and head west.
UNDER GOAGH-NAR: Talk to Roava. These are the friendly Fomorians.
He tells you to go speak with Gagg. There's a passage to the north
that holds a trapped chest, in it are some small goodies. Further
north is another trapped chest, in it are some mauling gauntlets,
regular chain mail, and a golden goblet. Go to the west and take some
herbs from their garden. Check a bit to the south for a secret passage
leading to Fomor zombies that challenge you. Kill them, and take their
stuff (You get a fury helm!). Talk to Gagg, and you'll get started on
the trial. Just don't try to take anything. You need some faerie lore
in order to survive one of the tests. If you've been plunking points
into it every now and then you should be fine. Go back, talk to Gagg
then Roava.
UNDER GOAGH-NAR 2: It's probably best to take Bendbones out. Go
unlock the door, and kill him. Then pillage his chest. Don't go up
the stairs yet, instead go to the east and search for a secret passage
N. Kill the sprites, then go to the room. Search for secret passages,
light the fire, kill the sprites, and repeat twice. Then go up the
stairs, and claim Fomorslayer. It does extra damage against Fomorians.
Go up the stairs to get to:
GOAGH-NAR: You end up in a storage room. There's a scroll in the
room to the South. Go south to the arena, and check one of the cells
for some needed info. Go west, and open the two boxes, you should be
able to do so if you have all of the keys. They have a blessed spear
and blessed axe. There is also a box that has a dexterity bracelet
near the center. You'll want to make your way around to the queen's
room, either by stealth or by might. There are a lot of goodies nearby
here: a wand of doom, and an energy elixir.
UNDER GOAGH-NAR 2: There are a lot of Fomorians here. Take a look
around, you'll find some herbs, and a temple. Go check the skulls in
the temple for beast ceremony (as if you don't have it already). Go up
and out.
UNDER GOAGH-NAR: Looks like the Romans stole the skull. Shoot. Talk
to Juniper, and leave.
GOAGH-NAR: Leave. The sprites give you the skull.
OUTSIDE: There's an energetic patch of herbs to the East. You can
beat up the Fomorians on top of the hill, if you desire. There's a
lot. Kill them, then search the totems for a blessed metal helmet.
There's also the last hermit here. Talk with him for 100 coins.

Return to Nethergate with the skull, and you'll get 10xp. Your next
stop is Castle Aethdoc. Once you enter, go south, down the stairs.
SOUTH CASTLE: Go east. Talk to Indigo. This is a BIG area. Agate,
to the East, will teach you Sever Seal for cheap. In the jail to the
SE is a body that has a blessed metal helmet. To the SSE is a library,
you can read one of the books if you have enough keys to get Doom,
Control life, and Soul lance. There's an altar to the SSW that'll heal
you. To the SW is a crypt. Go to the NE one, go through a secret
passage, and press the button to the N. 3 spectral warriors will fight
you. Kill them, and search the tombs for a wand of disruption, fine
metal large shield, and a dragonskin cloak. There's a room to the WSW
that's locked, open it and check the barrel for a golden bracelet and a
scroll. In the inner circle, there's a valuable treasure room to the
SE. You'll find mauling gloves, gems, and a blessed resistance ring.
Making it to the center is unnecessary, though you may want to talk
with Pelanth, though first you'll need to find a pass from Indigo in
the NW. She'll sell you Break Barrier. In the desk is a golden
goblet, a nice treasure to sell. Eventually head up the SE stairs.
INTERMISSION: Dispel the barriers. The Altar is the main attraction
here. Donate money several times (~8), and you'll get lots of xp,
health, and spell points, and finally sylak's pants of power (from
NORTH CASTLE: You're in a storage room. You can get raise dead and
total healing from the room to the SE. There are 3 ways to kill
Relatur. The first, and hardest, is to confront him directly.
Probably a bad idea. The second is to wait in his room and gut him
from there. This works well enough, and is my favorite (since I like
to kill bad guys). You'll need to sever a seal to do this. The third
is to acquire poison and kill him. Talk with the mage to the SE, and
he'll tell you about some poison he made. Go to his room a bit north,
and say "gryphon." Grab the poison, and dump it in the wine. Then
make for the exit. If you try #2, you can take all of his stuff
(blessed ring of protection, blessed sword). You can also go around
and kill everyone else, including the nobles in the center room, who
also have very nice equipment. Once done, leave, and talk with Indigo.
The eye is in Shadow valley fort! Head back to Nethergate.

Return to Nethergate once you've completed Castle Aethdoc, and you'll
get information on a tunnel to Shadowvale fort.

ABANDONED MINES: Once you've completed Castle Aethdoc, you can get
here. The locked room to the east has a chest with metal bars and
magic lockpicks. There's a room with 2 crates full of metal bars in
the center-west. In the NW corner there's a room with 2 emeralds.
Second floor: There's a ring in a locked room near the east center.
Third floor, southern stairs: There's a huge jump in the South-SW part
of the map. You need the rod of Safe descent to make it without dying.
This is the main reason we came here. Jump down the cliff after using
the rod, and press the button in one of the rooms with a ghoul. Doing
so summons 2 spirits, kill them, then plunder the stones from the
central, revealed cabinet. Exit through the portal. To the SE there's
a secret way up to pillage some dead bodies.
Third floor, northern stairs: There are some crypts nearby which you
can pillage. Destroy the ruby you find in a secret passage. You may
not see any benefits to doing this, but it doesn't hurt. The drake to
the NW wants you to attack, do so (by forcing an attack). Take his

This is the head of operations for the Romans.
You get here via a second tunnel, which opens once you completed
Castle Aethdoc. The tunnel doesn't have too much in the way of
secrets, but you will get into a nasty fight with a bunch of undead
warriors. Once defeated, you can enter the fort proper. You're only
allowed to explore the NE quad of the maps, if you try to go further
out, you will be instantly killed (see the bug section for a problem
associated with this). If you head towards the center of the map, you
get into a big fight with a bunch of Romans. Head into the
headquarters north of this fight, and you'll find a second pair of
seven league boots (from Zeviz)! There is also a pair of gauntlets of
might in the chest nearby, along with a potion and a few other items.
The eye is located in a building to the east, once you grab it, leave
and return to Nethergate.

Return with the Eye of Cathdoc and you'll get 10xp, and a Druid's
bracelet and Onyx necklace in a chest to the east. You'll then get
info on your next stop, Annwn.

Q: Kill a drake in the first area.
Q: Save a girl in the Village
Q: Recover a key from the battleground.
Q: Perform the hunt for Bel.
This is one of your final stops. Once you've obtained the Eye of
Cathrac, you can enter here. Once in, your rations rot away. I hope
you have the create food spell! Cast it 10 times, and that'll last you
for a while, especially if you have Sylak's bowl. Search this first
area thoroughly before going through any portals. There's a dead body
in here with 12 food on it a bit east of center. To the east a statue
asks you a question which you must answer in order to get up to the
next level. To the west is a wolf den, make it to the center to get a
lot of nice items (including a blessed metal helmet). There's a portal
to the west on the second floor that you'll want to take. This leads
to a drake, wait and then kill it. It has some good stuff. Then take
the portal in the center.
HALLS OF THE DEAD. Entering the portal to the north takes you to the
battlefield. Make your way east, and speak with Rhys, the spectral
warrior. He won't let you pass until you've done 2 of his 3 quests.
One is to recover a key, two is save a girl, and three is to kill a
drake. The portal to the east will send you back to intro area. Check
the wall a bit east of Rhys and you'll get into an area with several
jail cells (you'll occasionally get hurt while wandering around here).
Talk with a wight (Donovan) and he'll ask you to destroy his skull to
the NW. Do so for 2 points of hardiness. Another wight (Donelly)
teaches you control life if you ask him what he remembers. To the NW
is a platform that summons the hunt. It's kind of hard, but you'll
have to do at sometime. A bit to the west are the skulls, with a nasty
trap guarding them.
THE BATTLEFIELD. This is a tough area. As you walk, you'll get
attacked. You can hug the walls to avoid most encounters, although at
this point you could be strong enough to want to fight merely to get
the exp. The portal to the NW leads back to the halls, and the portal
to the NE leads to the village. In the SE, you find the key thief.
Once slain, the key will open a chest in the NE section of the halls
for a knowledge brew and a blessed ring of protection. The S portal
leads to the intro area.
VILLAGE. A unique area. There's some humor in here, with the cows
and such. You start off in the SW quad. There are runes separating
the various quads, these can be brought down with the sever seal spell.
The portal to the west goes to the halls. The girl is located here.
Find her to the north and take her to the exit. There's not too much
Once you do 2 of Rhys's quests, you can enter (and Rhys is tortured).
You then speak with Bel, who wants you to do the hunt. After doing the
hunt, you'll find out that the Romans beat you to it again. Go off to
the end, and kill the Romans outside waiting and obtain the crown.

Return the crown for an Onyx Necklace and a blessed small shield. Now
off to Spire! Once you've recovered all of the artifacts, walk on the
road to enter Spire. You'll be attacked by a crone and some nether
beasts. By this time, they shouldn't be much of a problem.

This is the last place you go to in the game. You can't get here for
a long time. Once you have all 3 artifacts, head on out to Spire. You
may want to take some wine with you, those Faeries know how to party!
In here you'll also be introduced to the Crystal wands, which are very
powerful missile weapons. Be sure to equip pretty much everyone with
one at some point. Most of the stuff here you should already have,
although you can really get a nice bit of cash if you grab the valuable
stuff and leave. To the SE there's a room that's locked with one of
the Sylak keys- unlock it and you can grab a few items. There are a
few other places of interest, but I'll let you find them. Go up to the
second floor and head east. Talk with Sylak and Shra. Then go up to
floor 3, and look around. The rooms to the NE and NW both contain a
whole bunch of potions. Then go up to the platform, and place the
items. The eye will give you a hard time, but the skull just wants to
get drunk. The crown doesn't care. Once you do, Sylak comes up, and
starts to open the gate. Then the Romans attack. Shra tells you to go
down and kill Vibius. Go down one floor and head east. Find the room
that looks like a shooting range and get some wands to the north, and
some skill to the south. Go down to the bottom floor, and start
chasing Vibius. Eventually you'll kill him on the second floor, then
you have to go back up to the third floor and watch the ending


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