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Walkthroughs of Neverwinter Nights - The Shadow of Undrentide

Neverwinter Nights - The Shadow of Undrentide Walkthroughs

Neverwinter Nights - The Shadow of Undrentide

FAQ and Walkthrough Finale version

If you have questions about my guide or want to add or correct something then
send me a message (y_orest@yahoo.com). But don't try to send letters with some
nasty remarks. And, please, don't send me the questions of what is already in
this document. Some information is credited to people who sent me it, so watch
carefully when reading this document and don't send me the questions about it
because they can be mistaken. If you want to correct it than I will be pleased.
Please put "NWN SoU" subject when emailing me. The latest updates of this
guide are available at www.gamefaqs.com . I am sorry if I don't respond to the
letters because I read my mailbox twice a week. I can respond to the letters
lately. I've received a lot of letters about my previous NWN walkthrough, so
I'm very grateful.

v0.7 The beta version of the NWN SoU FAQ/Walkthrough (July 9, 2003)
v1.0 The full version (July 11, 2003)
Corrected some information. Fixed some errors. Added some information.
The walkthrough is complete and full.
V1.1 The current version (July 24, 2003)
Fixed some grammar and spell errors. Added some information. Part 4
Reference created. TOP 10 Funny NWN FAQ and statements. Major updates. More
prestige classes information.
Finale version (September 26, 2003)
Fixed some grammar and spell errors. Added and corrected some


1) classes
2) skills
3) feats
4) arcane spells
5) divine spells
6) my characters
7) others
1)Chapter 1
3)Chapter 2


PART 0 Introduction
Well, at last, the expansion pack of NWN is in my hands. I've already written
FAQ/Walkthrough of original NWN, so in this document I will continue the story
of Neverwinter Nights game. The expansion pack is called Neverwinter Nights -
Shadows of Undrentide. The story differs from original NWN story and it don't
have any connections. Part 1 explains what's new in expansion pack and my
opinion about this changes. Part 2 contains general information and strategy
(it differs from original NWN game). The walkthrough is already in Part 3. I've
played in D&D Hardcore rules difficulty mode (I can't accept that fireball
spell damages only enemies and can't damage allies or enemy half-orc fighter
with greatsword can't do critical strikes or attacks of opportunities so D&D
Hardcore is my choise). And I repeat: read the game manual for more information.



1) classes
There are 5 new classes in NWN SoU. They are called prestiges classes. It
means that you cannot access this classes at the beginning of the game. You
must meet some requirements in order to multiclass to the prestige class. Each
prestige class has individual requirements for multiclassing. The developers
wrote that those prestige classes are powerful but I don't think so. Some of
them are good and some of them are not so good. Here are this classes. For more
information see game manual.

1. Arcane Archer
Hit Dice: d8
Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor
and shields
Skill points: 4+INT (intelligence) modifier
REQUIREMENTS: elf or half-elf, base attack bonus +6, feats: weapon
focus longbow or weapon focus shortbow, point blank shot, ability to cast
arcane spells.
Abilities: Able to shoot arrows with increased precision and damage
(for more see game manual)
My opinion: I think that this class is the best archer in the game. But
unfortunately the requirements are very restrictive. If you don't want to lose
XP then you must be half-elf bard, sorcerer or wizard or elf wizard in order to
multiclass without XP penalty (see NOTE). The ranger is a good choise to
multiclass but he can't cast arcane spells. I think that the best candidate is
half-elf bard with high DEX (dexterity) but unfortunately half-elf race is less
useful than other races. So the choise is yours.

NOTE (by Dmarine): I have one correction to your Arcane Archer
section.There is no xp penalty here. The prestige classes don't count for
calculating xp penalties. I too thought I would get creamed with xp penalties.
But, I took 6 levels of fighter, one level of wizard (elf favored class) then
started leveling as an arcane archer and incurred no penalties. Others on the
GameFAQs board confirmed my findings (thank to Dmarine).
NOTE (by me): Well, that's good. So, it seems that the elfs are the best
candidates because of DEX bonus.

Class skills: Craft trap, Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Spot.

** Class ** BAB ** Fortitude ** Reflex ** Will **
** Level **(Base Attack Bonus)** Save ** Save ** Save **
** 1 ** +1 ** +2 ** +2 ** +0 **
** 2 ** +2 ** +3 ** +3 ** +0 **
** 3 ** +3 ** +3 ** +3 ** +1 **
** 4 ** +4 ** +4 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 5 ** +5 ** +4 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 6 ** +6 ** +5 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 7 ** +7 ** +5 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 8 ** +8 ** +6 ** +6 ** +2 **
** 9 ** +9 ** +6 ** +6 ** +3 **
** 10 ** +10 ** +7 ** +7 ** +3 **

Note (by me): Well, Fortitude and Reflex saving throws are primary for arcane
archer and will is secondary saving throw. So, be careful.

2. Assasin
Hit Dice: d6
Proficiencies: simple weapons, light armor
Skill points: 4+INT modifier
REQUIREMENTS: evil alignment, skills: Hide(8), Move Silently(8)
Abilities: see game manual
My opinion: Well, this class is more close to rogue. Assasin's Death
attack works as rogue Sneak Attack and in addition it has a chance to paralyze
enemy but the limit is level9 (+5d6 damage). Some illusion spells are also very
useful. The rogue can't use any spells without scrolls or wands but the assasin
is more magically oriented. The disadvantage is the lesser skill points. The
rogues or monks or rangers are the best candidates. The assasin's death attack
stacks with rogue's or blackguard's sneak attack (this is good). The DC for
paralyzing effect from death attack grows with assasin's level. From unofficial
sources there is also information that INT modifier also has the effect on
increasing paralyzing DC.

Class skills: Appraise, Craft Trap, Disable Trap, Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore,
Move Silently, Open Lock, Pickpocket, Search, Set Trap, Spot, Tumble, Use Magic

** Class ** BAB ** Fortitude ** Reflex ** Will **
** Level **(Base Attack Bonus)** Save ** Save ** Save **
** 1 ** +0 ** +0 ** +2 ** +0 **
** 2 ** +1 ** +0 ** +3 ** +0 **
** 3 ** +2 ** +1 ** +3 ** +1 **
** 4 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 5 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 6 ** +4 ** +2 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 7 ** +5 ** +2 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 8 ** +6 ** +2 ** +6 ** +2 **
** 9 ** +6 ** +3 ** +6 ** +3 **
** 10 ** +7 ** +3 ** +7 ** +3 **

Note: Reflex save is primary for assasin, fortitude and will are secondary
(same as a rogue class).

3. Blackguard
Hit Dice: d10
Proficiencies: all simple and martial wepons, all armor and
Skill points: 2+INT modifier
REQUIREMENTS: Evil alignment, Hide(5), feats: Cleave, base attack
bonus +6
Abilities: see game manual
My opinion: Blackguard is some kind of evil paladin. I've called
him antipaladin. It has the most of the paladin abilities but unfortunately he
doesn't have immunity to fear and desease unlike paladin but has other unique
abilities. Smite good is useless in single campaign because the most monsters
are evil. He also has some evil divine spells. The best candidates are fighter,
barbarian or bard and sorcerer (with 13+ STR?). I think that paladin is more
useful (why those requirements?) but blackguard is not bad too. Interesting
multiclass option: Paladin/Blackguard (is it possible?). Yes, it is. Dark
Blessing stacks with paladin's Divine Grace. This means that Paladin/Blackguard
with for example CHA 18 will get +8 bonus to all saving throws (+4 for each
class). I've received the letter from Brad Bonsall who proved the possibility
to become the paladin/blackguard with some of my advices (he was the first).
First create the paladin character than after some leveling up go and kill some
villagers to drop your alignment to evil. Now you can multiclass to blackguard
but cannot level up as a paladin. All your previous paladin abilities will be
with you. Very simple. Same with other classes with alignment restrictions. But
be careful: it is more easy to drop your alignment from lawful to chaotic than
to increase your alignment from chaotic to lawful so it is more effective to
begin the game with lawful good alignment if you want for example to multiclass
from monk to barbarian.

Class skills: Concentration, Craft Trap, Discipline, Heal, Lore, Parry,
Persuade, Taunt.

** Class ** BAB ** Fortitude ** Reflex ** Will **
** Level **(Base Attack Bonus)** Save ** Save ** Save **
** 1 ** +1 ** +2 ** +0 ** +0 **
** 2 ** +2 ** +3 ** +0 ** +0 **
** 3 ** +3 ** +3 ** +1 ** +1 **
** 4 ** +4 ** +4 ** +1 ** +1 **
** 5 ** +5 ** +4 ** +1 ** +1 **
** 6 ** +6 ** +5 ** +2 ** +2 **
** 7 ** +7 ** +5 ** +2 ** +2 **
** 8 ** +8 ** +6 ** +2 ** +2 **
** 9 ** +9 ** +6 ** +3 ** +3 **
** 10 ** +10 ** +7 ** +3 ** +3 **

Note: Fortitude is primary save for blackguard and reflex and will are
secondary. Same as fighter classes.

4. Harper Scout
Hit Dice: d6
Proficiencies: simple weapons, light armor
Skill points: 4+INT modifier
REQUIREMENTS: non-evil alignment, feats: Alertness, Iron Will.
Skills: Search(4), Persuade(8), Lore(6), Discipline(4).
Abilities: see game manual
My opinion: The requirements are very strong. Only rogue
oriented classed can exceed this requirements with some benefits lately. This
class is more close to ranger but more magically resisted. But hit dice is low.
So try to experiment with this class on your own or forget about it. May be
this class is more weaker than other prestige classes.

Class skills: Appraise, Craft trap, Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move silently,
Persuade, Pickpocket, Tumble.

** Class ** BAB ** Fortitude ** Reflex ** Will **
** Level **(Base Attack Bonus)** Save ** Save ** Save **
** 1 ** +0 ** +0 ** +2 ** +2 **
** 2 ** +1 ** +0 ** +3 ** +3 **
** 3 ** +2 ** +1 ** +3 ** +3 **
** 4 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +4 **
** 5 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +4 **

Note: Reflex and Will are primary and Fortitude is secondary saving throw.

5. Shadow Dancer
Hit Dice: d8
Proficiences: simple weapons and light armor
Skill points: 6+INT modifier
REQUIREMENTS: Skills: Move Silently (10), Hide (10), Tumble (5),
Feats: Dodge and Mobility.
Abilities: see game manual
My opinion: Shadow dancer is some kind of bard mixed with rogue
. He has more useful abilities than bard but the requirements are available
only by rogue oriented classes with some benefits lately. He receives a lot of
skill points which is plus. He is also the most stealthy class. Useful and
deadly class. Try to experiment with him.

Class skills: Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Persuade, Pickpocket,
Search, Spot, Tumble.

** Class ** BAB ** Fortitude ** Reflex ** Will **
** Level **(Base Attack Bonus)** Save ** Save ** Save **
** 1 ** +0 ** +0 ** +2 ** +0 **
** 2 ** +1 ** +0 ** +3 ** +0 **
** 3 ** +2 ** +1 ** +3 ** +1 **
** 4 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 5 ** +3 ** +1 ** +4 ** +1 **
** 6 ** +4 ** +2 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 7 ** +5 ** +2 ** +5 ** +2 **
** 8 ** +6 ** +2 ** +6 ** +2 **
** 9 ** +6 ** +3 ** +6 ** +3 **
** 10 ** +7 ** +3 ** +7 ** +3 **

Note: Reflex is primary and Will with Fortitute are secondary saves for Shadow

2) skills

Well, some new skills has been added to NWN SoU game. For more info see game
manual but there is only my opinion.

1. Appraise
You can save some money with traders if this skill is high but I prefer
another skills. SoU is money dependent game so it is useful to increase this
skill if it is your class skill.
2. Craft Trap
Not bad but I prefer my weapons and spells
3. Tumble
Very useful. Every 5 points will add +1 to AC and you have the chance
to avoid hit in some situations with high Tumble skills. If it is your class
skill than increase it as high as possible.

3) feats
There are a lot of new feats. Some of the feats are familiar from Icewind
Dale 2 game. Beware, some of the feats are only available at 1-st level.

1. Arcane Defense
Not bad, especially for Evocation School

2. Artist
Bards, bards, those bards...

3. Blind fight
Not bad. Useful in some situations.

4. Blooded
+2 to initiative is good but no more.

5. Bullheaded
Useful in multiplayer against taunts

6. Circle kick
Monks be prepared to take this feat

7. Courteous Magocracy

8. Dirty fighting
Cannot be used with power attack feat. Useful for rogues or assasins.

9. Divine Might
Useful for characters with turn undead ability (cleric, paladin and

10. Divine Shield

11. Expertise
Useful for fighter classes with low AC

12. Extra Music
Bards get stronger

13. Extra Stunning Attacks

14. Great Cleave
Very useful against the crowd of enemies

15. Greater Spell Focus
Mages, get ready. Greater Spell Focus: Evocation.

16. Greater Spell Penetration
Beware, spell resistant creatures

17. Improved Expertise
See expertise

18. Improves Initiative
So, so

19. Lingering Song
What the hell is going on with those bards?

20. Luck of the Heroes
This is my choise at the beginning of the game

21. Rapid Reload
Crossbow RULEZ!!!

22. Resist desease
I prefer to be deseased and healed with healing kit

23. Resist poison
Why is feat? Potions, potions and spells.

24. Resistance to Energy
Not a bad idea. It depends on situations so this feat is risky.

25. Silver Palm
Why, why, why?

26. Snake blood
Lighting reflexes feat is more useful

27. Spring Attack
Not bad but expensive

28. Stealthy
I prefer to increase skills

29. Strong Soul
Useful for rogue but Luck of the Heroes is more useful.

30. Thug
not bad

31. Zen Archery
Cleric archer. Not bad. New possibilities.
4) Arcane spells
Well, some new arcane spells. Here we go.

Level 0:
1. Flare
no, no, no
2. Acid Splash
no, no, no
3. Electric Jolt
no, no, no

Level 1:
1. Shield
Those annoying magic missiles. Good, realy.
2. True Strike
Well, cast a spell and fight, fight, FIGHT!!!
3. Expeditious retreat
low level Haste, well, well
4. Balagarn's Iron horn
Bards have unique spells, its interesting
5. Amplify
Level 2:
1. Tasha's Hideous Laugher
I remember this spell from Planescape Torment game. Not bad but be careful
2. Continual flame
3. Balagarn's Iron Horn
useful against weak creatures
Level 3:
1. Gust of Wind
Weak creatures, beware
2. Displacement
3. Wounding whispers
not bad for bard
Level 4:
1. Isaac's Lesser missile storm
Interesting name. Who is Isaac?! Useful spell.
Level 5:
1. Bigby's Interposing hand
Very useful against fighter classes
2. Firebrand
Very useful
Level 6:
1. Bigby's forceful hand
Useful for fighters
2. Isaac's Greater Missile Storm
Well, Isaac becomes stronger and stronger
3. Dirge
Very useful for bard
Level 7:
1. Bigby's Grasping hand
Bigby can hold the enemy
2. Banishment
beware, summons and familiars
Level 8:
1. Bigby's clenched fist
Well, Bigby's fists are dangerous.
2. Sunburst
Very dangerous
3. Greater sanctuary
Are you a scout or mage? Or maybe scout/mage?
Level 9:
1. Bigby's Crushing hand
So, if you are not forced or clenched by Bigby then you will be crushed.
5) Divine spells
Some divine spells are also arcane spells (see Arcane spells section). Some
spells are only available by one class such as Druid or Cleric.

Level 0:
1. Inflict minor wounds
no, no
Level 1:
1. Bane
Antiblessing spell
2. Inflict light wound
More good
3. Divine Favor
This is very useful for paladin or blackguard (blackguard's armor has
this spell).
4. Endure Elements
Arcane spell becomes divine
5. Shield of Faith
AC is important, isn't it?
6. Entropic shield
Beware, archers
7. Magic Fang
Animal companion becomes stronger
8. Camouflage
Level 2:
1. Inflict moderate wounds
2. One with the land
Your skills are low. No problem.
3. Blood frenzy
Druid like a barbarian. Interesting.
4. Aura of glory
Good for allies
Level 3:
1. Inflict serious wounds
yes, yes
2. Greater magic fang
Animals are not so weak as seems but they are not so tough.
3. Spike growth
not bad for druid
4. Quilfire
more useful
Level 4:
1. Inflict Critical wounds
yes, yes, yes
2. Mass camouflage
Level 5:
1. Circle of Doom
Necromancy is dangerous for all exept undead
2. Owl's insight
well, owl's wisdom is history for druid
3. Inferno
Level 6:
1. Planar Ally
Not bad
2. Drown
Level 7: none
Level 8:
1. Earthquake
Yes, quake. Useful spell.
2. Bombardment
yes, yes, 10d8 yes
Level 9:
1. Undeath's ethernal foe
Useful but expensive

6) my characters
character 1:
name: Orest
gender: male
race: human
class: fighter
alignment: lawful evil
STR 16
DEX 13
CON 14
INT 10
CHA 13
Hide +2 , Discipline+4, Persuade+2
feats: default feats, Iron Will, Weapon Focus: Great Sword, Power Attack

My henchman was Dorna. I trained her as a both cleric and rogue (more
cleric). At level 7 I multiclass to Blackguard. There were no problems with
Heurodis in final battle with my greatsword Shining Light of Lathander.

Note (by Nick Ljungblad a.k.a North):
The Church of Lathander is a wealthy
institution, and makes no secret of its
affinity for adventurers. In their eyes,
these people dare to bring light to the
forgotten and secret places, and therefore
they will always find a safe haven in a house
of the Morninglord. On occasion the church
will grant a boon to a particulary favorable
person, a weapon that will serve to light
the dark paths ahead. (what darker path than that of the blackguard?;)
(thanks to Nick)


7) others
There are also some other changes.

Now your henchman is not a piece of meat (piece of sh.t). You can control
henchman's inventory and attacking/defensing behavior. You have some minor
access to henchman's spells. Your henchman can warn you in dangerous situations
and he interacts with NPCs. His alignment can be changed in some situations
(for example when fighting innocent people).

Alignment change:
Now your chaotic/lawful alignment meter can be changed too. Good and evil
as before.

New items.
Yes, there are new items such as Blackguard armor.

New monsters:
Yes, there are new monsters.

Class spells:
The bards and paladins have some new spells which are not available by other

There are a lot of other things just watch them with your eyes.



Mystra's ring tip:
You can use it to teleport to Drogan's house but you can't return back
through teleportation. This is only available in Chapter 1.
NOTE (by Fredrik):
Just talk to Ayana, or whatever her name is. She'll teleport you back to where
you came from, for free. (thanks to Fredrik)

Druids and Rangers tip:
This classes can talk with animals. This will make walkthrough more
interesting but I didn't play with this classes, may be later.

Appraise skill tip:
Sell the items to traders who are favourable to you. The money problem is
more actual than in original NWN.

Fighters tips:
Choose Cleave feat as quick as possible. Choose the weapon of your choise
(Weapon Focus and Specialization). Always keep some healing potions or healing
kits. Use Bull's Strength potion and Barskin potion in some situation. If you
have very low will saving throw then use Owl's wisdom potion or Potion of
Clarity. Same with reflex saving throws. Choose Improved Critical feat for your
weapon. You have a very wide varieties to multiclass then other classes. You
cannot use Dirty Fighting feat with Power Attack feat. Great Cleave feat will
help you when you are surrounded by a lot of weak enemies. An item with damage
absorbtion or spell absorbtion effect will be very useful. Divine favor spell
is useful too. Using healing kits is more quick and effective then potions
(increase your Heal skill). Use heavy armor and some two handed weapon for more
damage or use some one handed weapon and shield to increase AC. Increase your
AC as high as possible but remember that shields are only for one-handed

Experience tip:
For more experience you can dismiss your henchman then receive EXP and hire
him again.

Henchman's tip:
Control the henchman's inventory. If you are overloaded then give some items
to henchman or use magic bags. Choose henchman's training at the beginning of
the game. Give him some healing potions if he is out of them.

Resting tip:
Now you cannot rest in all areas. You must find the closed room (close all
doors) and rest here (sometimes you can't rest in such rooms too) or kill all
monsters in area.
Note (by Kimberly):
I thought you'd like to know about cheat/trick I found out. You were
saying about the resting in rooms reminded me of something I stumbled on.My
henchman as down, hurt and needed to be heal before he would
fight again, but I was in a room off to the to the side trying to have him
follow and saved. Then I when to get him and died. When I loaded my game up
again, my henchman was lying next to me not in the mess of enemies. It was
very helpful so I could rest before attacking again. (thanks to Kim)




1) Hilltop west
1.1 Drogan's house
1.2 Other places
2) Hilltop east
3) Hilltop foothills
3.1 Elven crypt
3.2 Other places
4) Nether mountains
5) High Forest
6) Finale
6.1.Nether mountains (revisited)
6.3.Drogan's house


1) Hilltop West
north: Drogan house
west (more north): Drogan's Barn
south: Herbalist, Smithy, Community Hall and tavern
east: midtown gates to Hilltop East

1.1 Drogan's house

Well, the story has begun. You are an apprentice of a dwarven(?) wizard
Drogan. (Note by Doan Tran Nguyen: Drogan is Wizard/Cleric of Mistra, not just
wizard). You'll appear in his house on the upper floor in your room. Take the
equipment from your chest and don't forget about the Mystra's ring which can
teleport you to his house (remember the stone of Recall from NWN, forget it).
The teleporting process will be useless if you have not have the focus crystal
in your inventory. But don't teleport now. Exit your room and listen the
dialogs between other apprentices Dorna, Xanos and Misha. Now search the other
rooms on this floor for some items and use the ring to teleport to Drogan or go
What? Some creatures named kobolds attacked the house and poisoned Drogan.
Fight monsters and then speak with all survivors. Now there are two henchmans
available: Xanos (sorcerer or barbarian) and Dorna (rogue or cleric). Now go to
Drogan's lab and try to reach the lab. The trap cannot allow you to do this.
Speak with Drogan's familiar Riisi. Riisi tells that kobolds stole some items
from the lab. If you want to get some items from the lab than you should answer
Riidi's questions correctly. There are three riddles: Children's riddle (the
right answer is yes), Prisoner's riddle (the right answer is I will be hanged)
and Wizard's riddle (the right answer is 6 wizards). Very easy riddles. Now you
have the key to Drogan's room upstairs. Go there and you'll notice the
alchemist's table. You can create focus crystals for your teleporting ring. You
need a quartz crystal and two of the following gems: phenalope, aventurine,
fluorspar or amethyst. Just place them into grinder. There are also other
recipes for alchemist's table just experiment (for example mix practice sword
and quartz crystal on table). Now you are ready for adventures. Hire your
henchman or go alone. Xanos is some kind of charismatic half-orc sorcerer
(barbarian) with megalomania. Dorna is a common dwarven thief with cleric
abilities who loves money. Exit the house.

1.2 Other places in Hilltop west
main quest:
The Missing Artifacts
how to get: you have it from Drogan. Speak with Ayana near Drogan's body.
situation: The kobolds attacked Drogan's house and stole some artifacts
from the lab. You'll need to find them all.
difficulty: hard
solution: see other Chapter 1 main quests for all of this four artifacts.
Find all four artifacts to complete this quest.

special quest:
The Cure for Drogan
how to get: you have it from the previous circumstanses
situation: Drogan is poisoned and must be cured
difficulty: easy
solution: first go to herbalist Farghan and speak with him about cure for
Drogan. He gives you some ingredients. Now go to tavern and complete the quest
Kobolds in the kitchen. Take helmthorn berries in the kitchen and return to
Drogan. Now Drogan is healed but very weak.

secondary quests:
1. Kobolds in the kitchen
how to get: go to tavern and speak with Lodar or Hurc
situation: The kobolds are barricaded in the kitchen and taking the
local cook as a hostage. Their leader wants to escape but Lodar sieges kobolds.
difficulty: easy - normal
solution: There are a lot of ways to complete this quest. You can kill
Lodar and his people in order to help kobolds to escape. You can persuade Hurc
to leave the kitchen without kills (more lawful points if you keep your word).
You can persuade Hurc to take you as a hostage and then kill kobolds. You can
also lie to Hurc and kill kobolds (more chaotic). Or you can kill both Lodar
and Hurc and continue your adventuring (chaotic evil choise).

2. Excess of Prophet
how to get: go to commision hall and speak with Haniah
situation: There is a man called Piper in town. He is some kind of the
mad preacher man who frightens people with his stories. Get rid of him.
difficulty: very easy
solution: speak with Piper near commision hall in town and persuade him
to leave this town to another town (for example Neverwinter town with plague
problem). Or kill him. Then return to Haniah.

NOTES (by Doan Tran and Tomi K.): you can also give him his sword from
blacksmith and he will become a guard. There is a way to solve it without
killing and with low persuade.Just talk about Hol and the way he was
killed.Piper seems to have some part in his death (thanks)

2) Hilltop East
center: halfings caravan
north: old farm
south: gates to Hilltop Foothills
south-east: Blakes house

main quest: none

secondary quests:
1. Not playing with a full deck
how to get: speak with halfing Katriana near caravans
situation: A group of Kobolds raided caravan and stole some goods.
You must find the deck of cards which is important for halfing leader Daschnaya
difficulty: normal
solution: go to the Old farm to the north and enter the house. Kill
some kobolds in cellar farm and search the fortune card in cellar. Return to
Katriana and take the key to wagon. Enter the wagon and receive the reward from

2. Thayvian Enclave
how to get: speak with wizard Szaren on the road near caravan
situation: wizard Szaren is a representative of Red Wizards
factions. He wants to establish enclave here and needs mayors permission.
difficulty: very easy
solution: return to commision hall and speak with Haniah. You can
persuade her to give the permission or you can decide to get rid of Szaren
because the Red Wizards are evil faction (more lawful choise). Then return to
Szaren and tell him the results. If you allowed Szaren to establish enclave
then you can buy some goods lately from him in Hilltop West (unnamed house).

3. Rescue my family
how to get: speak with Nora Blake near her house
situation: Kobolds are in Blakes house. Rescue Nora's family
difficulty: very easy
solution: enter the house. Kill some kobolds and notice the corpse
of Adam Blake on the floor then go upstairs. Speak with kobold and persuade him
to give the baby to you or try to snatch the baby from kobold. You can also let
him go. Then return to Nora with baby and tell her bad and good news.
NOTE (by Doan Tran): You can revive Blake and sell the baby for Thay (maybe
only if you killed the mayor) (Thanks)

NOTE (by Doan Tran): The herbalist : you can talk to his wolf tohave the
location of a ring (rangers ang druids only) you cant have it unless you talk
to it. (thanks)
NOTE (by me): If you are a ranger or druid than first talk with a simple dog
on the streets to know more about herbalist's wolf treasure. Than go to
herbalist and talk to wolf about treasure. The ring is somewhere near
blacksmith's house.

3) Hilltop Foothills
south-east: to Hilltop East
east: to Elven Crypt (corpses trail)
south: to High Forest
east: to Blumberg
north-east: Hurst Farmhold
north-east (more north): Nether mountains (corpses trail)
north-west: Rumgut's cave

3.1. Elven crypt
Before going to eleven crypt speak with elf archer Fenran near crypt. There
is also wounded brown bear a little north from south-west exit to Hilltop east.
You can heal him. Now go to the crypt.
main quest:
The Missing Artifacts: The Mummified hand
how to get: The Mummified hand is one of the four stolen artifacts which
must be found
difficulty: normal
1. Enter the crypt: upper level. Go north. To the west there is a
elven statue. Pray here to heal yourself and receive some good points. To the
east there is a locked door. You can open it lately. No go north to the lower
2. Lower crypt. There is a spirit of Nilmater in south-west tomb
who can give you some secondary quests. Completing them will be helpful in your
journey. Destroy the block and go north. Explore the crypt until you find the
room with a lot of kobolds and their leader Urko. There is a trick here which
you can use to kill kobolds without problems. You can also persuade Urko to
give you mummy hand but you must have high persuasion skill and CHA (this is
really difficult). The other trick was told by the spirit of Nilmater after
completing his secondary quest with spiders. You must find find the secret door
in the south-east corner of the tomb south from room with Urko. Then enter the
secret room. You will see a chest and a lever. Pull a level and take the
protection helms from the chest. Equip yourself and your henchman with helms.
Now enter the room with kobolds. You will see a metal plate on the floor near
the door. Step on the plate to activate the trap and destroy all kobolds. Then
search the corpse for Mummy hand. Now exit the crypt. The mummy hand is the
unique item which can be used in your inventory. Use it to see your next step.

secondary quests:
1. Spiders infestation
how to get: speak with the Spirit of Nilmater in south-west tomb
situation: Spirit wants to get rid of spiders in west tomb
difficulty: easy
solution: go to the west and kill all spiders. Then destroy spider egg
sacs here. Return to Nilmater.

2. The Lost Sword
how to get: speak with spirit in the north tomb
situation: some tomb robber stole the ancient sword from the spirit
tomb. Find this sword
difficulty: easy
solution: Search the corpse for ancient sword in the central tomb (the
entrance from the east side)

3. The Elven Test
how to get: complete Spiders infestation quest and speak with
Nilmater to receive the key
situation: only brave and clever adventure can pass the elven test to
obtain the magical cloak
difficulty: easy
solution: Take the key from Nilmater and return to upper crypt. Open
the locked door here and you will see some red lights and beams from pedestal
in the centre. The pedestal is surrounded with squares. Some of the squares are
traps. The squares with red lights on them (not beams) are safe. Follow such
squares to reach the pedestal. Take the cloak. Are you remembered the right
sequence? If no, then quickly run to the north side of the tomb and exit the
NOTE (by Doan Tran): The elven test : If you are a paladin, you can get
special rewards (armor, helmet, shield) at the exit (thanks)

3.2. Other places in Hilltop Foothills
main quest:
The missing artifacts: The tower statue
how to get: speak with kobold Deekin near exit to High Forest
situation: The tower statue is the one of the stolen artifacts. Deekin
has it. He wants to get rid of the influence of his master dragon Tymofarrar.
This dragon is in the Nether mountains region and his kobolds pursue Deekin.
difficulty: hard
solution: see another main quest sections in Nether mountains and High
Forest. Now you go go to Nether mountains or High Forest. I recommend to go to
Nether mountains first.

secondary quests:
1. Horn of the Shadow Hart
how to get: speak with Fenran
situation: Fenran wants the horn of mysterious beast Shadow Hart
difficulty: hard
solution: I've found his tracks at night in south-west region near
exit but I couldn't reveal this creature (my character had low Spot skill). You
need a high Spot skill to find this creature and kill it then.
Note (by Rob Kroll):
The "Shadow Hart" quest, in Chapter 1, Hilltop - Foothills area. This
quest does not require the "spot" skill at all. There's 3 triggers. One of them
is before you spotted the tracks in the southeast corner of the map, it's in
the area where the trees jut out next to the exit. You walk past it (didn't
seem to trip when I was running), and see an emote "You hear the sounds of a
strange animal somewhere nearby". Then there's the tracks you found. There's a
3rd set of tracks by the entrance to the great wood. It's next to the big rock
by the river. Once you spot that set of tracks, the Shadow Hart spawns on the
other side of the river. It's an easy kill: my rogue henchman did a sneak
attack, hitting for 22 points of damage, and the stag was dead. It dropped
"Heart of the Shadow",which occupies 4 squares in inventory, and is square, and
"Horns of the Shadow", which the arcane archer seeks. (thanks to Rob)
Note (by Ekim Notwen):
bout the Shadow Hart... There are three places on the map where the tracks
appear: The alcove next to the ranger, in the corner near the town, and on top
of the hills (near/above the giants cave). If you "spot" all of these tracks,
the shadow Hart will appear near one of them. When you try to kill it, it will
teleport to another one of it's set of tracks. Keep walking around the tracks
until you kill the thing. It teleports to different tracks at random, but
doesn't heal anything. (thanks to Ekim)

NOTE (by me): I've received a lot of letters about shadow hart so some
people wrote that you don't need high Spot skill but some wrote that you need
high Spot skill. The most of them wrote that he is somewhere in random place in
this region. He is some kind of deer. The reward is his horn which you can use
on alchemist's table with quartz crystal or create some item with the help of
blacksmith. Druids and rangers can warn the beast to become more good. That's
all, the topic is over.

2. Rungut need wife
how to get: speak with Nathan Hurst near his farm
situation: The local stupid ogre Rungut kidnapped Nathan's daughter
difficulty: easy-normal-hard
solution: Go to the Rungut's cave (see locations above). Speak with
Rungut about Nathan's wife. You can persuade him to release the wife (very
difficult to persuade). You can kill Rungut (Rungut is very tough opponent).
There are other advanced ways to complete this quest. First, persuade Rungut to
speak with Nathan's daughter. Then speak with her. Now you can speak with
Rungut and drink with him some alcohol until he is down (you must cheat while
drinking because Rungut has a very high CON). The other way is to exit the cave
and then return here again. Rungut will be sleeping. Activate move silently
skill. Steal the key from Rungut and release the woman. The other way is to go
to the cage with the Nathan's daughter. There is a hidden tunnel entrance to
the surface from the cage. Now return to Nathan for reward.
Note (by Mirko Christ):
There is another way to complete the quest than those you mentionend.
If you have a flask of "Choking Powder" with you, you can give it to the
imprisoned women when speaking with her, she will put it into his food. If you
exit and reenter the cave you will find Rungut laying dead on the floor.
(thanks to Mirko)

4) Nether mountains

south: to Hilltop Foothills
north-west: cave entrance (some orcs here)
north-east: Kobolds cave

main quest:
The missing artifacts: The Mask
how to get: you have it
situation: The mask is one of the stolen four artifacts. The tracks lead
to Kobold caves
difficulty: hard
solution: Go to Kobolds caves. There is boulder near the cave but it
cannot be used now.
1. Kobolds caves
Go north. Clear the caves from enemies (kobolds). There are two small
shining chests in the cave. Why? Take the note from the shining big chest and
read it. Wow, the kobolds have some sense of humor. Kill them all and go to the
locked door to the north. There are also four levers in the nearest rooms.
Watch the sign near locked door and find the room with the same signs and lever
in the middle (north-east lever). There are four locked doors with different
signs. The right sequence is north-east lever, south-west lever, south-east and
north-west levers. Continue to explore caves. You will find some neutral
kobolds. Near one of the passages there is a sign: "To master - authorized
kobolds only". This passage leads to blocked entrance to Dragon caves. Return
to the central hall with neutral kobolds and choose another passage which leads
to prison cells. Kill kobold warden and take the key from his corpse. Release
Master Jumper Klumph from prison and talk to him. He tells that the passage can
be freed with his help but he needs The Rod of Ruler. It is in possesion of
chief Arzig. Find and speak with chief Arzig. You can also find Hurc here if
you relesed him from tavern (as I did). You can kill Arzig and take the Rod
from his corpse or convince him to give the Rod to Klumph (you need to
compromise with both of them). Return rod to Klumph and go to the blocked
passage. Speak with Klumph there and wait until jumpers will do the work for
freeing passage. Then enter Dragon caves. (If you killed Klumph then you should
use the Rod of Ruler manually )
2. Dragon caves.
Explore the caves. In the Oxen Den there is a tough kobold Klonk the
Freezer. Kill him. He has useful short sword. The passage to kobold's master is
well guarded. Open the door to release the Oxes and the battle will be easy. Go
north and speak with dragon Tymofarrar. Tymofarrar is an evil, dangerous,
intelligent and clever dragon. He was responsible for Hilltop raids and he
commanded the kobolds to steal the artifacts. He has The Mask artifact. The
Tower statue artifact is in possesion of Deekin who escaped from Tymofarrar.
The dragon's tooth artifact is in possesion of sorceress J'Nah who leads
gnolls. Tymofarrar is in war with J'Nah so you can make a deal with him and he
will give you The Mask (after completing his quest). You can also persuade him
to release Deekin from his influence but not now. If you are a suicider then
try to kill him. Tymofarrar wants you to kill J'Nah and he gives you the
magical item (the flask of powder) which you can use on J'Nah to weak her if
you agree to help him. My character was evil so I agreed to help him. Whatever
you choose your next point is High Forest.

special quest:
Tymofarrar's revenge
how to get: speak with Tymofarrar and let him owe you
situation: Tymofarrar bertrayed the alliance with JNah and wants her dead
difficulty: hard
solution: see main quest in High Forest


5) High Forest
south-west: to Hilltop Footsteps
east and west: cave with mummy and some good items
north-west: cave with bandits
north-east: cave with dragon egg (you can sell it to hermit)
north: The Hermit's house (hermit lives here and can trade with you)
north-east (more north): Gnoll caves

main quest:
The missing artifacts: Dragon's Tooth
how to get: you have it
situation: Dragon's Tooth is one of the stolen artifacts
difficulty: hard
solution: Go to Gnoll caves
1. Gnoll caves
Explore the caves and clear it from gnolls. In the central part there
is a slave dan. You can free slaves. There is slave with name Glendir. Free
him. In one of the rooms there is a goblin wizard with some good loot. His book
has some information about some ritual. Go to Animal's Den and kill the
beastmaster. Take the horn from his corpse and use it on animals. The animals
can help you to fight. In the north-west part there is a prison and kobold
prisoners. Free them. Then find and talk to chief Gishnak. You can kill him or
ally with him to kill the sorceress (the battle with her will be more easy).
Take the key from him and go north to underground ruins.
2. Underground tunnels
Search the goblin's bone for note. There is a lever on the floor but don't
pull it now. There is a magical pool here but you don't need it now. Notice the
four doors with shining lights. Each light has its own color: air - gray, fire
- red, water - white, stone - green. The central door is locked. The labirynth
(maze) is traped by four kinds of traps: fire, water (cold), air
(electricity), stone (acid). Your character can be immune only to one kind of
damage. Notice the lever. It has its own shining light color too. So pull it.
So the color of the lever shows you: what kind of damage cannot hurt you (for
example if you don't want to be hurt by fire then push the lever until the
color will be red on the lever). In this way you can explore the labyrinth. You
must kill four elementals in labirynth: south-west room - Hall of Fire (Fire
Elemental), north-west room - Hall of Water, north-east room - Hall of Air,
south-east room - Hall of Earth. After killing all four elemental you will
receive magical token and the big door will be opened. Now you can use this
throw a token on magical pool to receive some summoning item (I prefer
summoning Stone Elemental). Now enter the Ancient Hall.
Note (by Hans Behrens): Also, you made no mention in 1.5.2 about the
possibility of getting two
tokens by casting a certain cantrip (diff for each element) on the
special things in each hall(column of air, pillar of earth, etc) which
will give you a second token, besides the one you get for killing all
the elementals. If you place the two in the pool and press the
4-element button, you get a pretty good robe of elemental resist (thanks to
Hans )
3. The Ancient Hall
You can find J'Nah here. Speak to her. You can make a deal with her to
kill Tymofarrar. In return she will give you the Dragon Tooth artifact which
you need. My choise was to kill her. But before killing her I recommend you to
cast some protective spells and summon some elemental (item from previous
location). If you have the magical item (the flask of powder) from Tymofarrar
then use it on J'Nah to disable her spellcasting ability temporary. If you have
allied with Gishnak then the battle will be more easy. Take the Dragon's tooth
from her corpse. She also has the magical potion which will help you to fight
Tymofarrar. Exit the ruins.

secondary quests :
1. The gnoll slaves
how to receive: see main quest above
situation: The gnolls slaves want be free (what you are expecting?)
difficulty: very easy
solution: see main quest above

2. Rescue Glendir
how to receive: see main quest above
situation: rescue Glendir
difficulty: very easy
solution: see main quest above. You can talk with smith in Hilltop: West
about Glendir

3. The Kobold prisoners
how to receive: see main quest above
situation: situation is clear
difficulty: very easy
solution: see main quest above


6) Finale

6.1. Nether mountains: Dragon caves (revisited)
main quest:
The Mask
Talk with Tymofarrar about J'Nah's death. Retrieve the Mask from
dragon. Now you can also persuade him to leave Deekin in peace. If you want to
kill dragon then use the magical potion which you obtained from J'Nah. You will
be transformed into giant (really, giant) and can kill the dragon. Take the
Mask and loot his hidden treasure. The Mask has useful ability: immunity fear.
Now go to Blumberg.

6.2. Blumberg
main quest:
Find Deekin in his house. Tell him that Tymofarrar is dead or that
Deekin is free. Obtain the Tower Statue. Now you have all four artifacts: The
Mummified Hand, The Mask, The Dragon's Tooth and The Tower Statue. Return to

6.3. Drogan's house
Drogan will speak to you. You must give him The Tower Statue. The other
three artifacts are not so important but you must give them to him if you don't
want to be more chaotic. Drogan tells about some crystal in tower statue. Your
next mission is to identify this crystal. It seems that this crystal contains
some power and you must know more about it. The only person who knows about
crystal is Garrick. Go to the halfings caravan. So the caravan moves to the


1) Anauroch: Night Camp
2) Oasis of the Green Palm
3) Ao Encampment

1) Anauroch: Night Camp
Speak with Catriana. Defend the camp from Stingers. Then speak with all
members of caravan. It seems that Zidan is missing and the caravan cannot go
further. Now you have the new henchman Deekin (yes, he is an unusual
intelligent kobold). He is a bard (rogue). The Mystra's ring is useless now.
main quest:
Rescue Zidan (no, this is not a football)
how to get: you have it
situation: after attacks Zidan dissapeared. You must find him or the
caravan will not move.
difficulty: normal
solution: Enter the underground tunnel (My DEX was 13, if not enough
try to raise it with potions). Clear the way from stingers and enter Stinger
1. Stinger Caves:
Explore the caves. There is a creature named Manticore in the centre
of the caves. He is tough but his lair has some useful items. Search his body
for diamond. To the south there is a treasure room. Destroy the statue to
disable the trap. If enough exploring, go to lower caves (south-west).
2. Stinger caves: Temple
Go north. Quickly destroy the altar to free Zidan from the trap.
Kill all stingers here and talk to Zidan. Return with him to caravan. Now the
caravan can go further.


2) Oasis of the Green Palm
west: Catacomb of Al-Rashid
east: house of Morninglord (Lathander)
north-west: tomb of Kel-Garas

main quest:
The Oasis of the Green Palm
how to get: speak with Catriana
situation: The caravan is out of water. Find some water to supply the
difficulty: hard
Fight some zombies here. Speak with Ali Ibn-Musud. He tells that his
people suffer from undead priest Kel-Garas. But Kel-Garas is immortal. The only
way to kill him is to kill his physical body and take the Rod of Blight from
his body and place it on altar of Lathander in the house of Morninglord.
1. Catacomb of Al-Rasid
You don't need to go there but this tomb contains the powerful
weapon against undead. First kill zombies here and destroy the statues. You
will see 16 floor platforms (4x4). If you want to unlock the sarcofagus then
you must solve this puzzle. The shining signs are hints. There are also 7 rune
stones here. If you drop the rune stone on platform or step on platform then it
will be activated. You need to activate 8 platforms in following order:
activate don't activate don't activate activate
don't activate activate activate don't activate
don't activate activate activate don't activate
activate don't activate don't activate activate

Once, it is done you can take Desert's Fury (+3 enchancement against undead).

2. Tomb of Kel-Garas
Explore the tomb and kill undead monsters. Zombie Lord here has some
good loot. In one of the room the mummy of Kel Garas will appear. Fight him
until he escapes. There is a skeleton Blackguard with useful Blackguard armor
and helm. Clear your way and go down the stairs (south-east).
3. Inner Catacombs
There is a statue and altar of Jergal, the evil god. You can pray
on altar to heal wounds (my character was evil). Touch the statue of Jergal and
fight it. Take 2 rubies from corpse. Now its time to confront Kel-Garas. He has
strong aura of fear so protect yourself (immunity: fear or potion of clarity).
Kill him and take the Rod of Blight from his corpse. Return to surface. Go to
the house of Lathander.
NOTE (by Doan Tran): The holy avenger : there are a passage in the Kel-garas
tomb that are block to all but the paladin (thanks)

4. House of Morning Lord
There is an altar here but Kel-Garas is here too. He will speak
with you. If you want to destroy him then fight him again, kill him and place
the rod into altar to destroy him forever. Now talk to Ali and return to
caravan. There is another evil choise. You can make a deal with Kel-Garas. he
will supply you with water and you can obtain powerful item. Make a deal with
Kel-Garas to kill Ali (DO NOT GIVE HIM THE CRYSTAL) and you will receive a
dagger from him. Fight Ali and kill him. Then place the dagger to altar of
Lathander, the dagger will transform to Jergal's Claw weapon (very useful for
evil characters especially assasins). If you killed Kel-Garas then you'll
receive good staff (only for clerics). Now return to caravan and travel further.
Note (by Helen):
You don't have to go all the way killing Kel-Garas. When the
blade-spell expires in front of the altar, you can run and place the rod in it
and Kel-Garas will be destroyed even if he is still standing. (actually I think
that the henchman is giving you a clue about that. Dorna said "If you're going
to do something do it now" when the way to the altar was clear. (thanks to


3. AO Encampment
south: desert (not available)
north-west: temple of AO
north-west: Valley of the Winds

main quest:
Identifying the Crystal
how to get: you have it
situation: The crystal from tower statue must be identified
difficulty: hard
solution: Go to the Temple of Ao. Speak with Garrick there and he will tell
you more interesting stories. You next mission is to go to the Valley of Winds
and enter ruins. There is a portal here. Learn more from Garrick about Heurodis
and go to the Valley of Winds. Enter Excavated ruins.
1. Excavated ruins
Explore the ruins. There is a shield guardian in south-west room and
spell orb in north-east room. The central room marked as Crevice contains the
entrance to Formian Hive. Before going to Portal I recommend you to explore
Formian Hive.
2. Formian Hive
Clear your way and enter the Queen's chamber. You can kill Formian
Queen or ally with her to fight with chaos creatures. She will give you Formian
crystal which can be used once in dangerous situation. The entrance (boulder)
from Queen's chamber leads to secret room with some useful items. Now go north
to Portal.
3. Excavated ruins: The Portal
Watch the cutscene and fight slaads. Grey slaad is tough. Then go to
portal and speak with Drogan. He tells you about sorceress Heurodis who
entered portal before. The portal leads to some strange place where Heurodis
can gain power and become unstoppable. Before activating the portal, touch the
crystal ball near portal. It will show you the secret door (west corridor from
Crevice). Enter secret room and you'll notice some strange machine in
south-west room. Try to translate some notes from columns here. There is a
machine and two urns near machine. You can create a powerful item here. You
need 2 dragon blood or 2 fairy dust, or 10 slaad tongues, or 4 beladonna or 2
rubies. I've used 2 dragon blood (just place dragon blood in each urn and
activate machine) and created damage absorbtion item. The rubies can create
spell absorbtion item. For other items I don't know. The choise is yours.
Note (by Helen):
You don't have to use the same kind of item in both urns when
using the machine. You can put different kinds and create combinated item. I
used belladonas and dragon blood if I remember correctly and got haste and
flame arrow spells (thanks to Helen)
Note (by Hans Behrens):
You also didn't mention the sphinx in conjunction with the strange
machine (2.3.3). If you cast stone to flesh on the sphinx, it tells you
about the machine, and asks you 3 riddles. The answers are Fire, Pride,
and 10 males 6 females, respectively. That is for 300 xp, and it's
possible though hard to persuade the sphinx to also give you a ruby. In
the same section, you might want to flesh out the spell sphere section:
if you cast three defensive spells on the sphere, it will give you a
staff that can cast those three back on you all at once, 1/day. A good
combo is Stoneskin, Haste, Endurance.
(thanks to Hans)

Now its time to activate the portal. Notice the six columns around the portal.

north-west column (1) north-east column (4)
west column (2) east column (5)
south-west column (3) south-east column (6)

The right combination is 4, 2, 3, 6, 1, 5.
Now enter the portal.
4. The other side of the portal
Go south to the ruined temple. The enemies here are weak. There are a lot
of stone statues here. You can stone to flesh some statues but they are hostile
unfortunately. Speak with Hooded Figure (she is Heurodis) on the top of the
Ruined temple. Soon you and your henchman will be turned to stone. Watch the
cutscene and prepare for Chapter 2. ... DARKNESS...

secondary quests:
1. Torias's Request
how to get: speak with Torias (caravan)
situation: There is a Ao's wine which Torias wants
solution: Go to the Temple of Ao. You can go to the Sturdy table and
swipe the bottle when no-one is looking (DEX check) or complete Musharak's
quest and then buy from Musharak (more lawful way).

2. Ao's wine for sale
how to get: speak with Musharak (on the street)
situation: Musharak wants the access to Ao's wine
solution: Go to the Temple of Ao. Speak with Minister of AO. Tell him
that Musharak wants wine. Then return to Musharak and persuade him to supply
the temple with his goods in exchange of wine. Then return to minister.
Minister has also some riddle for you: "Lighter the air...", the right answer
is "life" (I've answered at first attempt). After that you can take some items
from Ao followers, if you agree . Musharak can also sell you some item for
40000 gold (or lesser if persuade) but I didn't have enough gold.

Note (by Chris):
He sells a ring that gives you an extra spell slot for levels 2,3,4. I
bought the ring for 23000, but I didn't get an extra
slot because my intelligence was already 20. So be careful, it can be a
waste of money to buy that ring. (thanks to Chris)
Note (by Helen):
You can complete Musharak's quest by talking to the beduine woman that
makes the wine as well (thanks to Helen)
Note (by Hans Behrens): You didn't mention the other answer to the
Minister of Ao riddle; you said it was life, but it can also be thought. If you
answer thought, the other worshippers think you are the avatar of ao and offer
you magic items, either a ring of protection and an amulet of protection or a
cloak of dam absorb (not sure on the exact specifications, though). At least,
if you talk to him before, ask him how to become a worshipper of Ao, ask to
take the test, and answer thought that's what happens. It's the same riddle,
though, so I assume it is the same result (thanks to Hans)


1) Undrentide: Asabi camp
2) The Three Winds
3) The Temple of the Wind


Well, some strange creatures found your statue and you are brought to
another place to decorate the environment. Ashtara, the merchant frees you but
you are the slave now. Fortunately, your equipment is in your possesion.
First, I would like to note you that persuasion skill in chapter 2 is
useless and Ashtara is the only important NPC here and trader. Unfortunately,
there is no secondary quests here and the main quest consist of a lot of
crossed quests.

1) Undrentide: Asabi Camp
east: to Undrentide: East fragment
north: to Undrentide: North fragment
west: to Undrentide: West fragment
centre: to Temple of the Winds (outer sanctum) (not marked on the

main quest:
The Lost City of Undrentide
how to get: you have it after Heurodis turned you to stone
situation: Heurodis wants to reburn the flying cities of ancient
Netheril from the magic power called mythal. She must be stopped.
difficulty: hard
solution: this quest will be completed after beating the game. It
consists of a lot of other quests. Here we go.
So, you are free again. Enter next room and you will see your
henchman's statue. You must

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