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Walkthroughs of Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield Guide

Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield Guide Walkthroughs

Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield Guide

by Alasdair Lo
System: PC, CD-ROM
Date: 24 November, 2003
Version 1.6
1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Story
4. Basics
5. Tips and Tricks
6. My Favorite Weapons
7. My Preferred Operatives
8. The Campaign
9. Conclusion
Appendix I. Feedback Information
1. Introduction
Well, I have not been writing guides for a while since school began, but
as I am waiting for the release of another game that I would like to have,
I might as well write a guide on one of the games which I enjoyed playing.
I admitted that I used to hate Rainbow Six, as the people tend to die
instantly when exposed to gunfire. However, by learning how to plan and
execute commands properly, I finally got the hang of it, and began to enjoy
the pace. Well, it's time to begin anyway. This guide makes the assumption
that you are playing as the Recruit Difficulty, after all, things won't
be very different if you choose harder difficultly settings, as the
terrorists only shoot faster, after all.

Please note that the contents of this guide are merely SUGGESTED ANSWERS
to your problems. If you want to play and experiment on your own, DO NOT
READ THIS GUIDE. Apart from this, this guide MAY spoil the plot, so again,
if you do not want to know the ending before you start playing, DO NOT
READ THIS GUIDE. Is that clear? OK, let's begin.
2. Updates
Version 1.6:
Added Mission 9: Added my comments to each and every mission.

Version 1.5:
Added Mission 8.

Version 1.4:
Added Mission 7, added many alternate lines in the planning section to
allow for easier reading, as it is rather difficult for people to read

Version 1.3:
Added Mission 6.

Version 1.2:
Added Mission 5.

Version 1.1:
Added Missions 2, 3 and 4.
3. Story
In the year 1945, the Allies were getting victorious in the Second World
War, and the Nazis were getting defeated. Fascist regimes all over the
world crumble and those people who took advantage of the chaos to loot
holocaust victims dive desperately for shelter. This included the Nazis'
allies in the Ustache Regime in Yugoslavia. In the First National Bank
of Croatia, Zagreb, 2 men, Peja Sicic and Dejan Blazlevic are busy shipping
gold from Montenegro to other countries, and the documents detailing their
theft were hidden where no one can ever find them.

Or is it? 60 years later, in 2005, a bank staff stumbled into those documents
out of those old archives. He was busy reading them when some terrorists
busted into the bank, killing a female clerk, a security guard as well
as that man. "The building's clear, are those the documents?" One terrorist
entered the room and asked. "Some of them, not all." The leader replied.
"What do we do now?" "We destroy them and leave and wait for our next
orders." Now, note that the terrorists only managed to destroy PART of
the evidence, but not all, and Rainbow is there is recover the rest and
find out what's going on.

4. Basics
Default Controls: (Keyboard and Mouse)
W, S, A, D: Move forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right respectively
Z: Reload Weapon
X: Stance Down, press once while standing to crouch, another time to crawl.
C: Stance Up
B: Change Rate of Fire of weapon
Q: Lean to the left
E: Lean to the right
1: Arm Primary Weapon, if any
2: Arm Secondary Weapon
3: Arm first extra item
4: Arm second extra item
5: Activate Infrared Vision
G: View the action from the map
R: Commands other ream members to Hold / Fall in
H: Commands all teams to hold / Move on
J: Alpha Go Code
K: Bravo Go Code
L: Charlie Go Code
Shift: Zoom in / out
Home / End: Switch between operatives
Page Up/ Page Down: Switch between teams

Health system:
Rainbow Six is famous (or notorious depending on which way you put it)
for its "One shot one kill lethality system". In this game, they represent
an operative's health by a circle. When it is full, then the operative
is ready. If it is half full, the operative is wounded, and he moves much
slower, and the reticule recovery time decreases. If it is empty, then,
well he's either dead or incapacitated, and will be out of action in the
missions to come. Note that not all shots will wound you, some will just
kill you immediately, so be careful, and I advise you retry action if even
one of your team members are killed, otherwise, they will be replaced by
inferior back-ups later on.

The importance of crawling: (Snipers, Recons)
Note that for some sniper rifles like the powerful and long range M82A1,
the reticule recovery time is really long, and if you try to take out someone
while you wait for the recovery, you most certainly will be killed. However,
if you crawl, the reticule is really close to the center already, and hence
a rather short time for the reticule to converge, so you can kill enemies
much quicker and without them knowing.

Same goes for Recons, if you want to avoid detection by patrolling guards,
it's sometimes to crawl and stay hidden behind a table rather to be seen
when standing up. After all, you WILL lose immediately when a guard sees
you in a Reconnaissance mission.

Breaching: (Demolitions)
The Demolitions specialize in planting and disarming explosives. They can
set up breaching charges on doors faster than most operatives. When you
place a breaching charge on a door, and set it off, the terrorists behind
it are either likely to be killed or stunned by the explosion, and you
can make a surprise entry into the room.

Seeing what you cannot see: (Recons)
In a Reconnaissance Mission, the goal is NOT to be detected by the enemy.
If you are unsure if a guard is patrolling around the corner. Whip out
your Heartbeat Sensor. Electrical signals made by heart beats will come
out as little circles on your screen. If the guard is real close, you can
hear the beep. Follow the movement of the circles, and you can guess the
guard's patrol route.

Purpose of Go Codes:
The purpose of Go Codes is to make a synchronized assault, if you want
all 3 teams to storm into a facility at the same time. Set up identical
go codes at the desired positions. And when you see Waiting-Alpha on the
other 2 team's status bar, and you yourself are waiting for the Alpha Go
Code, press the required button, and all 3 teams will act at once.

5. Tips and Tricks
Grenade! Take Cover!
There are 4 types of Grenades: Flashbang, Fragmentation, Tear Gas and Smoke

The Flashbang Grenade explodes with a flash, and causes the enemy to have
a concussion, and you can kill them while they are blinded. They are most
useful when you want to save hostages, and you do not want to kill them

Fragmentation Grenades are just the typical explosive grenade. Use them
to blow your enemy to bits.

Tear Gas Grenade: Yes, these grenades makes the enemy cry! However, they
can also make your team members cry as well! To negate the effect, put
your gas masks on. The principle of this weapon is the same as that of
the Flashbang Grenade.

Smoke Grenades create a large smokescreen, and you can kill the terrorists
while they are wondering what's behind the smoke. This is important if
you want to give the sniper time to set himself up without getting killed.

When using Grenades, always try not to let the enemy see you, as it takes
a rather long time for you to throw the Grenade, and when you are face
to face with a terrorist, don't even think about it! Instead consider to
open doors a crack, throw the Grenade in, and then close the door
immediately. Destruction guaranteed!

My preference of the Grenades are as follows:
Flashbang > Frag > Smoke > Gas

Sandwich Theorem:
The Control always advocates you to synchronize a multi team entry into
a certain area to generate an element of surprise. This is true because
the terrorists tend to be confused when your operatives enter the room
from several directions at once. This is best achieved by the usage of
Go-Codes. Of course, breaching 3 doors and making rapid entry is the ideal
way to do it.

Observer Mode:
If you select Observer Mode, you will just let the computer control all
the teams, and they will simply follow the waypoints like machines. In
my opinion, this is the best way to find out why a certain team keeps getting
killed all the time; and thus can help you correct your planning mistakes.

6. My Favorite Weapons
Before I start about which weapons I prefer, I will give a brief
introduction to the statistics of a weapon.

There are 5 different statistics of the weapon.

Range, which tells you how far the gun can fire.

Damage, which tells you how much damage a bullet does to the enemy.

Accuracy, which is the convergence limit of the aiming reticule, and the
more the reticule converges, the more accurate is the weapon.

Stability, which determines how much the gun is shaken up by its recoil
while firing.

Recovery, which is the speed of which the reticule reaches its convergence

Different Peripherals for the Weapons
Each weapon has a wide variety of different peripherals for you to add
to your guns. These peripherals have different effects on your weapons,
and their drawbacks and advantages are stated below.

High Capacity Magazine:

M14 Assault Rifle without peripheral:
Bullets per Magazine: 21
Range: 49
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 76
Stability: 40
Recovery: 83

M14 Assault Rifle with High Capacity Magazine:
Bullets per Magazine: 101
Range: 49
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 76
Stability: 40 + 22 = 62
Recovery: 83 - 10 = 73

The High Capacity Magazine significantly increases the bullets loaded into
the gun at once, as there are more bullets loaded, the gun becomes heavier,
so the stability is increased, however, this increased weight also
contributes to a decrease in reticule recovery time.

Mini Scope:
A Mini Scope allows you to aim at the targets more accurately from a longer
range. There really are no drawbacks for this peripheral. So, this is my
personal favorite peripheral, particularly if you are using a shotgun.

Sound Suppressor (Silencer):

M14 Assault Rifle without peripheral:
Bullets per Magazine: 21
Range: 49
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 76
Stability: 40
Recovery: 83

Silenced M14 Assault Rifle:
Bullets per Magazine: 21
Range: 49 - 41 = 8
Damage: 100 - 82 = 18
Accuracy: 76 + 15 = 91
Stability: 40 + 52 = 92
Recovery: 83 - 5 = 78

When you silence a weapon, it makes much less noise than before. However,
the usage of special subsonic rounds can significantly lower range and
damage of these weapons, reticule recovery will also be slightly reduced.
Fortunately, this is offset by the increased accuracy and stability. Use
these if you would like to save hostages that are in open areas, such as
when there are no doors separating you from the hostages and their takers.

My Favorite Weapons
Sub Machine Guns:
In my opinion, these guns are useless, as they never have the range or
damage I desire. In fact, I never use them!

My Favorite Assault Rifle:
M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope
Bullets per Magazine: 21
Range: 49
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 76
Stability: 40
Recovery: 83

This has got to be the all rounded Assault Rifle. It has the best range,
best damage and is quite accurate. Although it may be rather shaky when
you fire many rounds at once, it is still the best! After all, the US has
the reason to use this rifle since 1957!

My Favorite Pistol:
Desert Eagle (.50 caliber) with High Capacity Magazine
Bullets per Magazine: 15
Range: 20
Damage: 70
Accuracy: 76
Stability: 1 + 6 = 7
Recovery: 81 - 1 = 80

Best range, best damage and quite accurate, really. Sure, it has got to
be extremely shaky, but who cares? After all, pistols are meant to be
one-shot weapons. But still, as you can notice, the High Capacity Magazine
sort of increases its stability by 6 times! Ha ha ha! This 70 damage can
really guarantee a 1 hit KO, I am sure.

My Favorite Machine Pistol:
SR-2 with High Capacity Magazine
Bullets per Magazine: 33
Range: 12
Damage: 20
Accuracy: 26
Stability: 59 + 4 = 63
Recovery: 85
For a machine pistol, the SR-2 has the highest Range, Damage, Stability
and Recovery! What else could be better? If your operative's primary weapon
is a shotgun, I suggest you use this as a support weapon, as it can help
a lot when you have some enemy far away that you cannot shoot easily.

My Favorite Shotgun:
USAS - 12 with Mini Scope
Shells per Magazine: 21
Range: 8
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 1
Stability: 46
Recovery: 77

Although all 3 shotguns have the same range, damage and accuracy, I choose
USAS - 12 to be the best for one reason: It has the highest ammo capacity,
and it reloads more than one shell at a time compared with the other 2
types of shotguns! After all, it's an auto shotgun. Feel free to equip
this to the demolition specialists. Good hunting. I recommend using the
Slug shells as they have increased range compared with the 00 Buck.

My Favorite Sniper Rifle:
M82A1 with Thermal Scope
Bullets per Magazine: 8
Range: 100
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 89
Stability: 1
Recovery: 9

In my opinion, a good sniper rifle MUST have a good range AND damage. Only
then it can always achieve one shot kills. Although it is extremely shaky
and has slow recovery time, such effects can be negated if you crawl.

My Favorite Light Machine Gun:
Bullets per Magazine: 100
Range: 49
Damage: 99
Accuracy: 54
Stability: 61
Recovery: 62

For a Light Machine Gun, the 21E has the best range and accuracy, and is
2nd for damage. Sure, it may be shaky and have a relatively slow recovery
time, it really is not that far behind in those department. Besides, this
gun just looks so awesome!
6. My Preferred Operatives
Before I begin on which operatives I prefer, I must explain the different
statistics of each operative before moving on, as different types of
operatives are dependent of different statistics to ensure good
performance. The bracket following each statistic shows which types of
operatives that particular statistic is most important to.

Assault: (All Operatives except Snipers)
The Assault Stat affects how fast an operative's aiming reticule reaches
its convergence limit. For maximum reticule recovery time, choose an
operative with 100 Assault Stat, and then use a weapon with a high recovery

Demolitions: (Demolitions)
This is basically the speed of an operative in planting or defusing
explosives. If you want to minimize the time taken to defuse bombs or place
breaching charges, use Lars Beckenbauer and equip him with the Demo Kit.

Electronics: (Electronics)
This is the speed of an operative in planting electronic devices. That's
it. As the one and only one electronics mission of the game is a stealth
mission, and no electronics specialists have decent stealth ratings (that
is, above 90), you better make use of the electronics kit to speed things

Sniper: (Snipers)
This affects how fast the aiming reticule reaches its convergence limit
when using sniper rifles. If you want to use high powered sniper rifles
like the M82A1, always use an agent with a high sniper rating.

Stealth: (Recons)
This is how quiet an operative is when moving.

Self Control: (All Operatives)
This determines how patient a computer controlled agent is to wait for
the reticule to reach its convergence limit. Therefore, an agent with
good self control can shoot more accurately.

Leadership: (All Operatives)
This determines the response time of your fellow teammates when you issue
orders. The better the leadership, the faster the teammates respond.

Observation: (All Operatives)
This determines how observant an agent is, and how easily can he or she
detect other enemies.

My Preferred Operatives
I really have no personal favorites for these agents, as you will be using
at most 8 of them in a mission. So, I could not care less.

Homer Johnston
Sniper: 100
Stealth: 100
This American Sniper from the novel is definitely the best sniper in the
game. After all, he is the only sniper to have a sniper rating of 100.
The stealth rating of 100 is also paramount if you don't want to be spotted.

Lars Beckenbauer
Assault: 76
Demolitions: 100
Lars Beckenbauer is the only agent in the game to have 100 in Demolitions.
Although he may have a mediocre assault rating, I still prefer him, as
Demolitions Operatives tend to use shotguns, and these are weapons that
Recovery is not an issue.

There are only 2 Electronics Operatives in the game, and the only mission
where planting bugs is necessary is a recon mission, this makes the
Electronics agents useless in this game.

Antonio Maldini
Stealth: 100
Yes, the invisible man is in the house! Although Ding Chavez and Homer
Johnston both have stealth ratings of 100, such recon work is best left
to the specialists.
7. The Campaign
Date: 30-11-2003
Time: 23:00

Terrorists have seized control of an oil refinery in Amuay, Venezuela.
They have rigged much of the compound with explosive and are threatening
to detonate them unless their demands are met. Your mission is to neutralize
the terrorists.

John Clark:
The terrorists are demanding the end of deportation proceedings against
a senior citizen named Peja Sicic. It turns out that Mr. Sicic was a
high-ranking official in the Yugoslavian Ustache Regime during World War
II, working for the bad guys. That piece of his past just caught up with
him. (1) However, members of a neo-fascist organization called the People's
Social Nationalist Party (PSNP) (2) don't see anything wrong in what he
did back in the forties. They've seized the refinery in response to the
deportation hearings, and if Sicic isn't released within twenty-four hours
they threaten to blow the entire facility sky high.

All the information we have on the terrorists indicates that they're
neither well-organized nor well-armed. (3) Intel's analysis is that their
bombs are most likely home-made, which means that there's a chance that
they could go off at any moment and take the surrounding landscape with

(1) Peja Sicic was the man you saw in the intro movie with the hat on in
the 1940s. It seems that the Venezuelan Government does not like people
who stole millions from Jews in the Second World War. Hence, well, they
are considering to deport him. In fact, South America was the paradise
for some high-ranking fascist officials to take refuge. Adolf Eichmann,
a high ranking SS official for instance was one of them, and he was caught
by the MOSSAD in 1961 in Argentina, and was executed a year later after

(2) You call yourselves People's Social Nationalist Party? Sounds like
a Socialist Party to me.

(3) These guys are not very good at using guns, but still, don't
underestimate them, as this game taunts a "one-shot kill lethality".

Kevin Sweeney:
What we are dealing here is a lot of bloody dangerous amateurs sitting
on top of a powder keg. These lads are affiliated with the so-called
People's Social Nationalist Party, which got itself booted from the far
right coalition for being too extremist. Neat trick, that. They've had
a number of scraps with the police, usually after seven or eight of them
get together to introduce an immigrant to the finer points of a mass beating.

Nothing in their profile indicated that they're well-organized or well
supported, so you can most likely expect a lot of small caliber arms.
They're erratic, politically fanatical and by all accounts, not that bright.
Right now, they're sticking explosives over a few million barrels of crude
oil and gasoline, and they don't seem to care if they get incinerated,
so long as they get their point across. (2)

(1) The People's Social Nationalist Party has all the typical racist
policies of a fascist organization. Sigh...

(2) Yes, and these terrorist don't mind dying as a martyr for their cause.

Planning Tips
My Comments about this mission:
This is just the typical search and destroy mission, really. Your only
goal is to kill all the terrorists inside the oil refinery, and hence you
should have a plan that involves your teams covering every square foot
of the refinery. This mission is rather easy, and within one try or a few
more, you should be able to beat it without any loss of operatives.

Your Teams:

Red Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Green Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Gold Team: 2 Assault Operatives

Primary Weapon:

Red Team: M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope

Green Team: M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope

Gold Team: M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope

Secondary Weapon:

Red Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Green Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Gold Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)


Red Team: Heavy Black Camo

Green Team: Heavy Black Camo

Gold Team: Heavy Black Camo

Other Extra Items:

Red Team: As you wish

Green Team: As you wish

Gold Team: At least 3 Frag Grenades

The vague rundown of the plan:

Red Team will begin at the Eastern Insertion Zone, and will start by
circling the courtyard once before waiting outside for a Alpha Go-Code
outside the door next to the ladder.

Green Team will Begin at the Western Insertion Zone, and will start by
circling the area with the train cars and tracks in an anti-clockwise
direction once before going up the 2nd westernmost ramp to engage any
possible any enemies before going through the southernmost door in that
courtyard, going east until they reach the door at the end of the hallway,
where they will wait for the Go-Code.

Gold Team also begins at the Western Insertion Zone, and will circle the
train track area in a clockwise direction before climbing up that ladder
next the tracks and waiting outside that door for the same Go-Code.

When given the Go-Code, Red Team and Green Team will bust into the same
oil processing room from their respective doors, having scanned the room
once, Green Team will go through the northwestern door, while the Red Team
goes through the door to the northeast and goes upstairs. Gold Team will
Frag the room in front of them, killing everyone before going through the
eastern door.

Now, Red Team will just continue west on the upper level, engaging enemies
as they go. Meanwhile, Green Team just circles around the lower level of
the complex in an anti-clockwise direction, making use of as much cover
as possible and visiting every room they find.

Gold Team will also circle the upper level in an anti-clockwise direction.

When planning, make sure that all rooms are visited, then it can ensure
that all terrorists can be hunted down. (Provided no team was wiped out
in the process, of course.)

As Gold Team:
As soon as you start, turn around the corner, they may or may not be
Terrorists in the distance. If there are, whip out your scope and kill
them, as they can barely see you.

Circle around the area with the tracks, and give Green Team a favor by
killing the Tango up the ramp and the lone one on the catwalk above. When
you have finished circling around the tracks, climb up that set of steps
by the tracks and climb up the ladder. Walk across the catwalk to the door
and wait for the go-code. When all 3 teams a ready, give the Go-Code. Then
Most likely, the Tangos in that oil processing room will be a bit surprised
when Red and Green come in at the same time, and most likely, no operatives
will be killed.

Tension Zone! Heavily Guarded Control Room
Get back to business, open that door slightly, and throw a Frag Grenade
in, and quickly close the door. The Grenade should kill 2 of the 4 Tangos
inside. Those 2 survivors will be too confused to fight back when you bust
in and kill them.

With that Tension Zone taken care of, it's just a matter of following the
waypoints and killing anyone that gets in the way. There are about 25
Terrorists in the Refinery, when you have killed them all, the mission
is complete.

Date: 2-12-2005
Time: 16:00

Terrorists have taken hostages in the village of Lamoura, Switzerland.
Among them are several delegates to the current IMF conference in Geneva.
Swiss security forces have sealed off the area in preparation for your
arrival. You mission is to liberate the IMF delegates.

John Clark:
Normally we'd leave something like this to the Swiss authorities, but the
profile of the hostages is high enough that we've been called in. There
were at least five IMF conference delegates present in the village when
it was stormed. I say "were" because we don't know how many are left alive.
(1) The terrorists hit the local bank first, then rounded up hostages when
they realized they were pinned down. They've issued a few demands, but
they haven't identified themselves. (2)

Something about all this stinks, but figuring out what is Intel's job,
not yours. Yours is to go in there, clear our that village and make sure
both the delegates and the locals who have been taken hostage come out
in one piece.

(1) Some of the hostages may have been killed by the terrorists already.
(2) We don't now who and where the terrorists come from. From outer space,

Kevin Sweeney:
There's something odd about this operation. At first, the terrorists seemed
unaware of the identity of their captives (1), as though they'd been
planning to hit the town anyway and the presence of the IMF officials was
a lucky accident. Apparently the delegates were taking a day's ski trip
away from the conference in Geneva. They'd have been better off if they'd
kept their minds on business. Still, there's something here that doesn't
make any sense. There's certainly nothing else in Lamoura worth mounting
an operation like this over. (2)
(1) The terrorists have absolutely no idea that their hostages were IMF
(2) There is nothing else of interest in Lamoura for the terrorists if
they do not know about the IMF delegates' presence in the village.

Planning Tips
My Comments about this mission:
This is the first hostage rescue mission of the entire game, and you are
to rescue two hostages hidden inside some houses in a village. There is
no need to make use of any silenced weapons here, but multi-team entry
works in some areas. Not a difficult mission at all, just watch out for
the houses near the extraction zone.

Your Teams:

Red Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Green Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Gold Team: 1 Assault Operative and 1 Sniper (Homer Johnston)

Primary Weapon:

Red Team:
Leader: 21E Light Machine Gun
Remaining Operatives: M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes

Green Team: M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes

Gold Team:
Assault Operative: M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope
Sniper: M82A1 Sniper Rifle with Thermal Scope

Secondary Weapon:

Red Team:
Leader: SR-2 Machine Pistol with High Capacity Magazine
Remaining Operatives: Desert Eagle .50 Cal

Green Team: Desert Eagle .50 Cal

Gold Team:
Assault Operative: Desert Eagle .50 Cal
Sniper: SR-2 Machine Pistol with High Capacity Magazine


Red Team: Heavy Winter Camo

Green Team: Heavy Winter Camo

Gold Team: Heavy Winter Camo

Other Extra Items:

Red Team: As you wish

Green Team: As you wish

Gold Team: As you wish

The vague rundown of the plan:
Red Team starts by going along the left path of the first junction down
the ramp. They follow the path, until they reach an opening in the wall
at the other end past a door leading to a cabin, then they turn back towards
the cabin and enter the door. They climb up the ladder, go through the
door and wait for an Alpha Go-Code. To be precise, that door leads to the
area above the room the first hostage is held.

Green Team and Gold Team starts by taking the right path of the first
junction. They reach a cabin with 2 doors in. Green Team storms the cabin
from the northwest door while the Gold Team enters from the southeast,
after the 2 teams have circled round the cabin once, they climb down the
ladder that is in the far eastern side of that cabin, and go through the
door below and go over to wait for the Alpha Go-Code outside the lower
level of that cabin with the first hostage.

After the go code, all 3 teams bust into the cabin, and secures the hostage.
Gold Team will proceed to a balcony on the upper level of that cabin where
they will stay there for the rest of the mission to snipe at the east.

Red and Green Teams will go down to the basement, and Green Team waits
for another go-code in the door to the south. While Red Team heads for
the second hostage and then goes through the door to the north of the
hostage's room. After heading out of the door, Red turns to the east and
moves along the path until they reach a large open area by a door to their
west, at that point, they will issue the go-code.

Green Teams heads east to explore a few more houses with terrorists inside,
while Red Team heads for the extraction zone in green, killing any more
Tangos they find.

Playing as Red Team:
OK, it's time to start our first hostage rescue mission. Go forward and
turn right, there may or may not be 2 Terrorists at the windows. Get into
a crouching position and take them out with your Light Machine Gun if you
see them. Then, follow the path and engage the enemies as you go. There
is an opening in the wall to your right hand side, and there are several
tangos hanging around there, so take them out anyone you see. Then move

Up to 2 Tangos are behind the opening in the far end of this path, and
they have to be taken out, to ensure no one can sneak up from behind you
later. Then go to the door between the 2 openings and open it. There may
or may not be a terrorist right in front of you as you open the door. And
there will always be a Tango right above you, on the top of the ladder.
Kill them, and I suggest you open the double doors to kill any more
Terrorists that spring out. Only then, you can climb up the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, get into a crouching position and look out the
window. There is a lone terrorist in that window to the house opposite.
Kill him before he can see you, as he is a sniper. Then go through the
door and wait behind the next door for your go-code.

When all 3 teams are ready, take a deep breath, you'll need it! CHARGE!

Tension Zone! First Hostage Rescue
With all 3 teams charging through 2 different entrances, the Terrorists
most likely will be very confused, then you can take all 3 Tangos down
with minimal resistance. Make sure that the Hostage follows YOUR Team
instead of the Green or Gold Teams.

At this point, it may just be safer to let the Green Team go down to the
basement to kill the Terrorists down there for you before you head to the
second hostage room. This is because the 2 Tangos down there are just so
well hidden and it is extremely difficult to see them even if you whip
out your infrared vision goggles.

Tension Zone! Second Hostage Rescue
Charge through the door, and immediately kill the Terrorist who is pointing
his gun to the hostage, there is another terrorist to his right. Take him
out quick!

With the second hostage rescued, you can continue on your way to the
extraction zone, as you move towards the extraction zone, you will notice
a Terrorist or 2 inside a window, trying to shoot at you. It is advisable
to take them out. It is also optional that you give Green Team the go-code,
as all they will find in those cabins are a couple more Tangos, as the
mission objective is to rescue all hostages, there is no need to send Green
Team in and risk their lives, as they often lost a man here or there while
storming those cabins.

Mission Complete.

Date: 2-12-2005
Time: 19:00

Several Terrorists managed to escape Lamoura with hostages before your
arrival. At the mouth of a tunnel on the N90 highway, the lead car skidded
into the tunnel wall, producing a multiple car pile-up. The surviving
terrorists have retreated into the tunnel with their hostages, using the
wrecked cars for cover. Your mission is to rescue the remaining IMF

John Clark:
It looks like the Swiss didn't bottle up those terrorists in Lamoura as
well as they claimed. A handful managed to sneak out with hostages, while
the local authorities were still sealing the perimeter. Near as we can
tell, they had vehicles waiting downslope for their getaway (1). Those
who slipped out headed for the French border, but got mixed up in the storm
and took the wrong turn on highway N90.(2)

That's the good news. The bad is that they wiped out about fifty clicks
from Lamoura. The ones who can still walk have fallen back into a tunnel,
taking their hostages with them. They're using the wrecked cars as a
barricade and firing at the Swiss police as we speak. The other end of
the tunnel is blocked of, so we're going to have to go in the front door.(3)

(1) It seems that the terrorists had planned their operation well enough
to have some sort of "contingency plan" in case things went wrong. Things
did go wrong when you stormed the village, and some terrorists escaped
in the cars waiting for them downslope.

(2) Fortunately, they had a little car accident (It happens all the time!)
and they are now stuck at the mouth of the tunnel, and you can go get them.

(3) Actually, there is a sneaky way into the tunnel that allows you to
take the terrorists by surprise, so you need not go through the front door.

Kevin Sweeney:
Back luck on this one. The tunnel the terrorists have holed up in isn't
just a cheese bore through a pile of rock. Instead, the whole thing's
connected to an old bunker system someone carved back in the 1930s. It's
a rat maze, and those rats have sharp teeth. (1)

We have confirmation from several of the rescued hostages that our
terrorists went for the bank first, and that once inside they looked for
old bank records before they went rummaging for cash. (2) Hopefully, you'll
be able to bring someone in who can shed light on this mess, because right
now Intel and I are stumped.(3)

(1) See? You can get into the middle of the tunnel through that bunker
system to engage the terrorists at the mouth of the tunnel from behind.
God knows why someone would want to carve such a sophisticated Bunker system
back in the 1930s, perhaps they are preparing for the Second World War?

(2) The searching for the Bank Records inside the bank is a lot like the
action of the terrorists in the opening FMV, is there a connection?

(3) Even Intel has no idea what's going on in Jura Canton. They will have
to interrogate one of the terrorists to find out what are their motives
and so on.

Planning Tips
My Comment about this mission:
This is the second hostage mission in a row. There are 2 hostages, and
they are both in the same room, and silenced weapons are NOT required,
as the terrorists tend not to hear you if you are behind doors. But of
course, breaching the room to the hostage is quite a good idea really.

Your Teams:

Red Team: 3 Assault Operatives and 1 Demolitions Operative (Lars

Green Team: 4 Assault Operatives

Primary Weapon:

Red Team:
21E Light Machine Gun
Remaining Operatives:
M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes

Green Team: M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes

Secondary Weapon:

Red Team: SR-2 Machine Pistols with High Capacity Magazines

Green Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)


Red Team: Heavy Winter Camo

Green Team: Heavy Winter Camo

Other Extra Items:

Red Team:
Assault Operatives:
As you wish
Demolitions Operative:
Demo Kit, 3 Breaching Charges

Green Team: As you wish

Vague Rundown of the Plan:
Both teams start at the Insertion Zone on Level #2. They both go through
the door to the northwest of them, and climb down the spiraling flight
of steps, reaching a hallway at the bottom. They go along the hallway to
the other end, and go through the exit to the northwest. Having walked
behind a parked car, they will both go through the door to the north.

At the T-Junction that follows, Green Team turns to the west, and waits
at that small room there for a Go-Code. Red Team goes east, along the
corridor, and then going up the ramp, and towards the room where the hostage
is kept. Red will breach the door to the hostage's room to surprise the
lone terrorist inside. After the hostage is rescued, Red Team gives the
Go-Code to Green Team, which will go up the ramp and explore the remaining
areas of the bunker above where Red will not explore, eventually making
their way to the Extraction Zone.

Red Team will herd the hostages back to the extraction zone by the same
way they came in.

Playing as Red Team:
Go through the door according to the plan, and there may or may not be
a Terrorist right behind the door. Kill him if he's there. Make your way
down the stairs, killing any enemies you find. When you reach the bottom,
consider going into a crouching or crawling position, then you can use
your Light Machine Gun to kill those 3 to 4 Terrorists while making yourself
a smaller target.

Continue round the corner, and kill the Tango behind the barrels if he's
there. Then, you will reach a door to your right. Get into a crouching
position, take a deep breath as you are going to have the experience of
your life!

Tension Zone! Terrorists caught from behind
As soon as you open the door, kill the terrorist behind it, and then fire
as rapidly as possible, and all the terrorists at the mouth of the tunnel
should be killed. Then close the door, and wait for any survivors to show
up for your 21E! Lovely massacre, eh?

Now, go through the other door, taking out any terrorists near the parked
car and any that comes from your right. Go through the door in front of
you. At the next junction, turn right and kill that lone Tango there. Then
move up the ramp, there is another patrolling Terrorist directly in front
of you. Take him out! There are several more Terrorists waiting for you
to the right, using the crates and barrels as cover. Kill them carefully,
and head for the door to the hostage's room.

Switch to Lars Beckenbauer. Place the Breaching Charge on the door and
detonate it. BOOM! Command your teammates to move into the room. The
terrorist most likely will be a bit too shocked by the explosion, and will
only react when one of your men put a bullet in his head.

Congratulations! You have secured the 2 hostages! Now, move them back to
the extraction zone the same way you came in, and the mission is complete.
There ends your Swiss Adventure.

It is entirely optional to give your Green Team the go-code, as you will
be risking their lives again if you send them up to that room above.

Date: 5-2-2006
Time: 03:00

Terrorists have seized a shipyard in Bergen, Norway. When authorities were
alerted by a premature bomb detonation, the terrorists fell back to the
central ship completion area. They have rigged much of the shipyard with
explosives. Your mission is to prevent the detonation of further explosives
and eliminate all terrorists.

John Clark:
Imagine the refinery operation in Amuay? Imagine that scenario, only this
time you're going up against pros. (1) That's basically what we're dealing
with here, ladies and gentlemen, but we actually caught a break on this
one. It seems that one of the charges the terrorists were setting on the
ship hulls detonated prematurely. (2) It wrecked the hull, but alerted
local police forces, and they were smart enough to call in the heavy
artillery. Once the Norwegian anti-terrorist units arrived on the scene,
our playmates fell back to the central ship finishing facility and started
issuing their demands. (3)

There's a lot of long sight lines in the shipyard, and a lot of good sniping
points. Advance slowly and carefully or you're going to find yourself
chewed up and spit out a hundred yards from your objectives. (4)

(1) This is another of those missions where you have to prevent Terrorists
from blowing up oil related facilities. This time, it's a shipyard building
oil tankers that you will have to deal with.

(2) The Terrorists sort of gave themselves away when they accidentally
blew up a bomb too early.

(3) This "accident" attracted the police's attention, and they called in
some advanced squad to take care of business. That's when the terrorists
retreated to the main ship building area and started to issue their demands.

(4) There are many snipers watching over the shipyard. Therefore, you will
have to send in a sniper yourself to snipe at those sniping snipers,
clearing the way for our bomb squad. Get the pun?

Kevin Sweeney:
Here's the latest we know on your Swiss adventure, and it isn't much. All
that we've got from the bodies is that they were traveling on Argentinean
passports. (1) We did manage to bring in one chap who got himself trapped
in an overturned car, but he hasn't said anything useful yet. I suspect
that will change with time. In any case, the Argentine government is
promising a full investigation and will grant us access to their findings.

Today you've got oil tankers to deal with. The Bergen shipyard's in the
middle of a contract with PDVSA, the Venezuelan oil company. They're making
a fleet of new tankers, and those are the hulls the terrorists are targeting.
The ships are insured, but that's not the point; if those hulls are wrecked,
it's going to cost PDVSA millions from the delays.(3)

The Terrorists' demands are very interesting. They want the release of
some paramilitary types convicted of blowing up oil company offices, the
American oil facilities in Venezuela nationalized (4) and the usual safe
passage and money. Someone's got serious issues with the Venezuelan oil
industry it would seem. (5)

(1) The Terrorists you met in the 2 missions in Jura Canton, Switzerland
are most likely Argentineans.

(2) Intel has got what they wanted, they managed to catch a terrorist alive,
and bring him back for questioning. The Argentine Government will help
Rainbow investigate the case.

(3) The whole point of setting the bombs of the ship hulls of the oil tankers
under construction is to delay the PDVSA's use of the tankers, causing
them to lose a lot of money due to this delay.

(4) They want the companies nationalized? That sounds rather communist
to me.

(5) This is the second time terrorists have tried to attack the Venezuelan
oil industry.

Planning Tips
My Comments about this mission:
The first mission requiring the disarming of bombs is finally here! I am
sure you are going to have fun. Although all you have to do to prevent
all the bombs from detonating is to destroy the leader by the ship hull,
you have to destroy every single terrorist in the shipyard, so it is always
a good idea to make your 3 teams to cover the entire shipyard. Red Team
and Green Team will be responsible for defusing the bombs, and Gold Team
will help clear the way by sniping at various points of the mission.

Your Teams:

Red Team: 2 Assault Operatives and 1 Demolitions Operative (Roget McAllen)

Green Team: 2 Assault Operatives and 1 Demolitions Operative (Lars

Gold Team: 1 Assault Operative and 1 Sniper (Homer Johnston)

Primary Weapon:

Red Team:
Assault Operatives:
M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes
Demolitions Operative:
USAS-12 Shotgun with Mini Scope

Green Team:
Assault Operatives:
M14 Assault Rifles with Mini Scopes
Demolitions Operative:
USAS-12 Shotgun with Mini Scope

Gold Team:
Assault Operative:
M14 Assault Rifle with Mini Scope
M16A2 Sniper with Thermal Scope

Secondary Weapon:

Red Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Green Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Gold Team:
Assault Operative: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)
Sniper: SR-2 Machine Pistol with High Capacity Magazine


Red Team: Heavy Euro Camo

Green Team: Heavy Euro Camo

Gold Team: Heavy Euro Camo

Other Extra Items:

Red Team:
Assault Operatives:
As you wish
Demolitions Operative:
Demo Kit, Primary Magazines for Shotgun

Green Team:
Assault Operatives:
As you wish
Demolitions Operative:
Demo Kit, Primary Magazines for Shotgun

Gold Team:
As you wish

Vague Rundown of the Plan:
Red Team starts at the Insertion Zone to the west, while Green and Gold
Teams start at the east.

Red Team moves a little bit forward along the side of the truck, and waits
for an Alpha Go-Code behind the door. Green Team goes up the ramp and waits
for the same Go-Code just before the corner.

Meanwhile, Gold Team also goes up the ramp, and turns to the north, and
snipes there for a short moment, and then turns to the west between some
containers, sniping to the west, then they circle the containers in a
clockwise direction, through the short way round, and heads for the eastern
door into the warehouse, waiting for the Alpha Go Code.

The go-code is given at this point. Red Team and Gold Teams enter the
warehouse, and Red Team tries to take cover from the crates while they
head for the bomb, and having disarmed it, will go north then east, through
2 doors to another storage area, that is where they will wait for another
Alpha-Go Code next to the door leading north. At the same time, Gold Team
moves west, and towards the ladder at the far end, and climbs up to the
catwalk above, and moves along it, reaching a control room before
continuing to the main offices through the southern door. Gold will circle
around the office in an anti-clockwise direction, and will snipe at the
window to the north. That is where they will stay. Green Team will circle
the container area the long way round in a clockwise direction before
heading into the storage area from the south cautiously. They will then
circle that room in a clockwise direction before heading down the stairs
to the east. Once they are down, they will just go east cautiously, and
making use of the crates for cover. Then they quickly head over to the
room with the machine room bomb and defuse it, and then quickly head back
up to where Red Team is waiting. They also wait for an Alpha Go-Code.

After the Go-Code is given, both teams will get through that door. Green
heads down the stairs in front of them and waits for a Bravo Go Code in
the Corridor just before the opening, while Red Team takes the long way
round through the completion area also cautiously, and storms the office
for any more tangos to the west before heading down the stairs next to
the office. In the basement, Red Team goes through the first opening they
find in the corridor and moves to the north, then east, at the second room
(The room next to the room with the final bomb); they wait for the Bravo
Go-Code. When the Go-Code is given, Red Team storms that room in a blitz
from the northwest, while Green Team does it from the south. The 2 teams
converge at the bomb.

Playing as Gold Team:
As soon as the mission starts, switch to Homer Johnston, get into a crawling
position just before you go around the corner, then crawl out and pick
off any Tangos in front of you, then look up through your scope, there
is a Tango sniper up there in the window, kill him. Then crawl to your
right between the container and the pile of crates, there may be a tango
in front of you, but he cannot see you yet. Take him out as well, next,
look above to your left, there is another sniper on top of that crane there,
you know what to do.

With such threats eliminated, switch back to the assault operative. Follow
the route as planned until you reach the door to the warehouse as mentioned
in the plan. Give the go-code and CHARGE!

Tension Zone! Warehouse Bomb
Strafe to the ladder, keeping your eyes to the right, as there are tangos
on the catwalks, there may be another one above the ladder. When all the
tangos on your side of the warehouse are killed, climb up the ladder and
follow through to the door to the office.

There are 4 tangos on this floor of the office. Pick them off, then switch
to Homer Johnston, and get into a crawling position. See that Tango on
the ship outside the window, with you crawling, he cannot see what is going
on when you shoot him dead. Then crawl until you reach the wall under the
window. Then stand up, as you can see there are several tangos down there,
play Duck Hunt and pick them all off.

When both the Red Team and Green Team has assembled and are waiting for
the go-code, give the go-code, and let them finish the job. You may have
to assist Red Team by shooting that lone Terrorist in that window in case
he shows up.

When the Red Team and Green Team are both at their positions surrounding
the room with the final bomb, give the go-code and the 2 teams will charge
in and sandwich the terrorists inside.

Mission Complete.

Date: 10-03-2006
Time: 13:00

A joint American-British drug bust in Cayman Brac has failed, leaving
several agents down and others taken hostage. The kidnappers have taken
refuge within a private airport complex and are threatening to execute
their hostages. Your mission is to rescue the captives and eliminate their

John Clark:
Pack your swim trunks, you are going to the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately,
it's not a pleasure cruise. A joint drug intercept between the American
DEA and British Customs went haywire at a private airport and since the
defense of the Caymans is still under British control (2), we've been put
on the spot. (1)

The local police were mart enough to block off the runways so that the
terrorists can't take off. What that means in practical terms is that we
have a squad of angry, heavily armed drug dealers somewhere in the airport
complex itself. Even worse, they got ticketing agents with them as

According to witnesses, someone or something must have tipped the smugglers
off, because they were toting more ordnance than usual. When the DEA and
Custom agents went to make their move, they got a nasty surprise. (3)

(1) Apparently, the British and Americans were yet to deal with another
instance of drug trafficking in the Cayman Brac, but their plans went
terribly wrong.

(2) I guess that means that the Cayman Islands are still a British colony
or something like that.

(3) The smugglers somehow knew about the British and Americans' plan to
stop their trafficking. They were heavily armed, and they really caught
the unsuspecting agents off guard.

Kevin Sweeney:
Cayman Brac's the easternmost of the Cayman Islands. It's got a lot of
money, a lot of big houses and a lot of people who like their privacy.
(1) The airport where the hostage-takers are holed up is small and private,
with a short strip. Mostly, it handles Gulfstreams and the like, wealthy
people jetting in for the weekends (2). It's also a major drug distribution
hub, mainly marijuana and cocaine, and the local police have made several
busts there in the past. (3) However, there's never been a hostage situation
before. Don't kidnap the police was always one of the unwritten rules,
but it seems that rule's been changed.

(1) Cayman Brac houses a lot of wealthy people, and is a rather private
residence for people.

(2) A lot of rich people living along the Persian Gulf like to fly over
to the Cayman Islands for vacations, and this airport serves their private

(3) This airport has a record number of drug smuggling incidents, maybe
its privacy favors all this.

Planning Tips
My Comments about this Mission:
This is the third mission in the game to require the rescue of hostages.
In this mission, the usage of all rounded weapons is a must. It is always
wise to make use of Silenced Weapons, as they have extremely god accuracy
to pick off terrorists from obscure angles, and the sniper rifle I use
is good at indoor combat as well as outdoor combat.

Your Teams:

Red Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Green Team: 3 Assault Operatives

Gold Team: 1 Assault Operative and 1 Sniper (Homer Johnston)

Primary Weapon:

Red Team: M14 Assault Rifle with Sound Suppressor

Green Team: M14 Assault Rifle with Sound Suppressor

Gold Team:
Assault Operative:
M14 Assault Rifle with Sound Suppressor
VSS Vitorez with Thermal Scope

Secondary Weapon:

Red Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Green Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)

Gold Team: Desert Eagle (.50 cal)


Red Team: Heavy Green Camo

Green Team: Heavy Green Camo

Gold Team: Heavy Green Camo

Other Extra Items:

Red Team: As you wish

Green Team: As you wish and at least 3 Breaching Charges

Gold Team: As you wish, Primary Mags for the Sniper.

A Vague Rundown of the Plan:

Red Team starts at the Southern Insertion Zone, while Green Team and Gold
Team starts at the Northern Insertion Zone.

Red Team moves into the building directly to the northwest of them. (The
one with the first hostage) through the eastern door, and enters, circling
the lower level in a clockwise direction, through a few rooms behind the
fire engine and the ambulance. Then they go up the stairs, into the
hostage's room and rescue the hostage, and they head back to the extraction
zone. That's all the Red Team does in the mission.

Meanwhile, Green Team proceeds to the door to the hangar directly to the
west of their insertion zone and waits there for an Alpha Go-Code, while
Gold Team waits for the Charlie Go-Code behind a fuel truck on the tarmac.

When the Charlie Go-Code is given, Gold Team will move cautiously across
the tarmac to the west, before entering the door to the hangar from the
north, they move up to the second floor of the hangar, and enters the room
overlooking the actual area where the planes are kept. They snipe there
for the Bravo Go-Code.

At this point, the Go-Code is given, Green Team circles the hangar before
exiting through the door to the south, and then heading out of the hangar
through the north door and then going south to wait for another Charlie
Go-Code behind a tour bus.

Gold Team then exits the hangar through the southern door on the upper
level of the hangar, and snipes there until the Charlie Go-Code is given.
After they have finished, the go-code is given, and Gold Team heads to
the main terminal building, and enters via the northern door, they walk
cautiously and circles the rooms on the lower level in an anti-clockwise
direction, before waiting for another Bravo Go-Code behind a door that
leads to the lobby of the building. Meanwhile, Green Team heads for the
southern entrance of the lobby and places a breaching charge on the door,
waiting for the Bravo Go-Code as well.

After the Go-Code is given, the 2 teams storm the lobby at once, and Gold
Team explores the northern part of the terminal while Green Team explores
the lower part. Both teams will go-upstairs via their respective staircases,
and then wait outside their respective doors to the 2 hostages' room for
the final Alpha Go-Code, with Green Planting a Breaching Charge on the
door. Then when both teams are ready, they storm the room from both sides
and that's that.

OK, in this mission, you will have to switch between teams. We begin with
the Red Team.

Playing as Red Team:
Enter the warehouse in a crouching position. It is important to keep your
head down, otherwise, the Tango in the room above may see you coming and
execute hostage. Kill the 2 Patrolling Tangos, and head through the first
door you see in front of you. Go through room by room, killing the tangos
as you go, then climb up the stairs.

There are 2 Terrorists inside guarding the hostage. It is best to play
it safe, and open the door a crack. Then throw in a Flashbang Grenade.
You will hear the hostage whimper, but that's OK. As soon as the grenade
explodes, the 2 Tangos inside will be blinded and will be bagging for
Tylenol! Then, feel free to charge right in and kill those 2. The hostage
is yours. Get back to the extraction point, and that's all the Red Team
will do for this mission.

Switch to the Gold Team.

Playing as Gold Team:
Immediately give the go-code, and switch to Homer Johnston, have him crawl
sideways, with the scope in hand. Then, you should be able to see a lone
Terrorist Sniper among some boxes on the other end. Pick him out, I suggest
you stay for a while to pick any terrorists who are foolhardy enough to
run out from the hangar building.

Then you can make your way across. Enter the hangar building, and go through
the corridor. You will pass by a lone door to your left, do Green Team
a favor and consider killing the Tango inside by throwing a Frag Grenade
through a small gap in the door. Then go upstairs, still playing as Homer,
go over to the second door to your right, and quickly kill the 2 Terrorists
inside, as you can see, the VSS Vitorez is an automatic sniper rifle, so
you can fire bullets in quick bursts, making it an effective indoor as
well as outdoor combat weapon. Crouch, and look out that glass window,
there are tangos down inside the Hangar, pick them all off, then you can
give the Go-Code, and have Green Team enter and finish off any stragglers
you may find inside.

Then, go back out of the room, and look out of the window, there may be
a Terrorist behind a window in the main terminal building. Take them out
as well. Then head out of the door found in the other end of the corridor,
get into a crawling or crouching position. There are a couple more Tangos
in the parking lot. Take them out, then crawl and look to your right, there
is a terrorist behind a window on the lower level and a sniper on the catwalk
above. Take them down. Then you can give the next Go-Code, and have Green
Team wait outside the door. Enter the Terminal Building fro the other door,
move over to the door right in front of you carefully. See that opening
by the staircase? You should be able to see a Terrorist or 2 through careful
viewing of the scope. Zoom in and take them out before they know it. Just
watch out for another patrolling Tango coming down the stairs and the
possibility of another Terrorist coming over through the door I just
mentioned. After that, go through the door, killing the Terrorist, then
turn left, and you will come to 2 more doors, go through the one on the
left, and give the Go-Code, your men should be able to cover the entire
lobby relatively easily.

Then head upstairs as planned. Wait outside the room with the hostage,
eliminating any more patrolling Tangos that get in the way, when the 2
teams are ready, CHARGE! Have some lovely Tango Sandwich!

Mission Accomplished!

Note: If a Tango is foolhardy enough to open either door to see what your
teams are doing, open the door immediately with guns blazing. This should
take care of them before a single hostage is killed.

Date: 19-4-2006
Time: 13:00

Narco-Terrorists have taken members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police
Force hostage at a private estate on Cayman Brac. The Governor's offive
requests you assistance in resolving the situation. Your mission is to
secure the estate and liberate the captive officers.

John Clark:
It looks like the hostage-taking is the latest fad on Cayman Brac. (1)
What we're looking at is the island estate of a man named Nikola Gospic,
whom the local police wanted to ask some questions about the run-in at
the airport (2). It was routine stuff, just "Did you see anything?", but
they got a non-routine response. Gospic wasn't at home, but somebody else
was. When they saw the police they panicked and opened fire. (3) The
officers who weren't hit in the first exchange fell back and radioed in
for back-up, but two men were already down and a couple more were taken
hostage by whatever's in the house.

Since we were still in the vicinity, the Governor specifically requested
that we help resolve this situation. Fortunately, Gospic likes his privacy,
because the estate is walled and out in the middle of nowhere. (4)

(1) This is the second hostage rescue mission you encountered on the Cayman

(2) This private estate belongs to Nikola Gospic, and the Cayman Islands
Police intended to ask him some questions about the hostage situation at
the private airport.

(3) However, instead of finding Nikola Gospic in the house, the police
instead ran into a large group of gunmen in the house, and those gunmen
were assuming that the police are coming to arrest them, and opened fire.
What paranoid people.

(4) If the estate is in the middle of nowhere, most people would not know
about this island mission, and the activities of Rainbow here can be kept
in secret. After all, Rainbow is supposed to be an elite task force that
is not known to the public. Read the novel by Tom Clancy and you will

Kevin Sweeney:
The estate you'll be liberating belongs to a man named Nikola Gospic, one
of the most well liked man on Cayman Brac. Gospic is in his 80s and is
something of a philanthropist. (1) He's also got extensive business
interests throughout Argentina and Brazil, and according to Intel he's
currently in Buenos Aires tending to some of them. (2) He picked a smart
time to be out of the house.

We can safely assume that the men holed up on Gospic's estate are ties
to the narco-terrorists you took down at the airstrip. The bullets the
local ballistics experts dug out of one of their police cars match the
ones the terrorists were using. (3) Furthermore, the Cayman Authorities
have a positive ID on two of the shooters at the house. They're small time
drug runners who'd been overheard bragging about a big score they were
about to make. (4)

(1) It turns out that Nikola Gospic is a wealthy VIP on Cayman Brac. Gospic
is more than 80 years old. I don't know what a philanthropist is. Must
be some kind of a perfectionist or something.

(2) Nikola Gospic is a busy man. He does a lot of business in Argentina
and Brazil, and is currently in Buenos Aires doing something.

(3) The terrorists in the house must be linked to the terrorists at the
airport as the bullets they use are the same.

(4) It turns out that 2 of the gunmen in the house are serial killers.

Planning Tips
My Comments about the mission:
Well, it seems that you are legally breaking into someone's private
property by the front door. The good thing is that, many of the terrorists
can be taken out from obscure angles and outside the house. The Terrorists'
hearing is excellent, and sometimes will execute hostages even if they

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