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Walkthroughs of Uru - Ages Beyond Myst - Expansion Pack 1

Uru - Ages Beyond Myst - Expansion Pack 1 Walkthroughs

Uru - Ages Beyond Myst - Expansion Pack 1

.:. Uru: Ages Beyond Myst .:.
Expansion Pack 1: To D'ni

- Walkthrough by Coelho Buda (aka Orlando Soares, the.hare@zmail.pt)
- Version 1.2

--- A. Table of Contents ---
A. Table of Contents
B. Version history
D. Walkthrough
1. Relto
2. Bevin Neighborhood
3. Nexus Room
4. Ae'gura
5. Teledahn Age
6. Phil's Relto and Kirel Neighborhood
7. Ae'gura and the Great Zero
8. Great Shaft
9. Final considerations
E. Expansion Pack Features
1. Bahro Stones
2. Short Guide to Relto Pages
3. Hats and Clothing
4. Easter Egg Mode
F. Contributors
G. Legal Stuff

--- B. Version history ---

(21.06.2004) - Added a correction to the placement of canyon alley balcony
link page in section 7. Updated Easter Egg mode with a few
suggestions. Updated contributors list.

Version 1.2 - (19.04.2004) - Added Relto bookshelf list. Added link list for
Nexus room. Changed wording on some sections of Easter Egg mode
to make it more clear. Some corrections throughout the
walkthrough. Updated contributors list. Updated sites list with
permission to post the walkthrough.
(07.04.2004) - Added alternate way of getting the marker behind
the Library. Corrected some errors throughout the walkthrough.
Updated contributors list. Updated sites list with permission
to post the walkthrough.

Version 1.1 - (26.03.2004) Corrected the location of a marker. Added
alternate way of getting to the other side of the prison cell
in Teledahn. Added an Easter Egg section. Corrected grammatical
and orthographical errors.

Version 1.0 - Full walkthrough created on 23.03.2004.

--- C. FAQ ---

Q: Where can I get the expansion pack?
A: It's available for download at www.gigex.com, www.3dgamers.com, via ftp
courtesy of Ubi and it has been mirrored by several fans (search the Guild
of Greeters or Uru Obsession forums for the links). Also, it will be
packaged on CD when expansion pack 2 comes out.

Q: How big is the download and how big is the game?
A: The download is 173 MB and it becomes a whooping 2 GB after installation.

Q: How do I save the game?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way for an user to save the game when he wants
to. :p The game automatically saves any change you make to the Ages, and
the Journey Cloths save your position within an Age, enabling you to return
to it by linking from Relto. By default the game always loads to Relto Age.

Q: I really want to make a backup of my progress. What can I do?
A: In the Uru install directory there's a subdirectory called 'sav'. Whenever
you quit, make a copy of everything in that directory and place it in
another location. When you need it, delete whatever is in the original
directory and then copy in the stuff you last saved before restarting Uru.
This causes it to restart with everything as it was when you last started
the game.

Q: Where is ? / What does do?
A: See my short guide for Relto pages at the end of the walkthrough. That
way you will not read any major spoiler.

Q: Can I change my Avatar's name/sex after I have started a game?
A: No. You are bound to the Avatar you created. If you want a different one,
you will have to start a new game.

Q: Why are there no coordinates on my KI device?
A: The coordinate function only activates after the Great Zero has been
calibrated. Coordinates are only visible in Ae'gura areas and the

Q: I want to return to the beginning of an Age but I can only see the Journey
Cloth marker in the book. What can I do?
A: Look to the bottom left or bottom right corner of the Age's book. There is
a bent corner that you can press to turn the pages. This allows to select
whether to return to the last touched Journey Cloth, the beginning of the
Ages or other places within the Ages.

I will post more if I come across any more frequent questions.

--- D. Walkthrough ---
Hello. Well, here we are again. Although Uru Live is no more, the first
expansion pack is out and ready to be fully enjoyed. This is my second
walkthrough, and I hope I can make it as good as my first one was. That being
said, any contributions will be gladly accepted. ^_^

Questions, contributions, corrections and general praise ^_^ can be sent to my

Warning: As before, this walkthrough contains major spoilers. It could
seriously affect your enjoyment of the game. I do not give out hints or
nudges. I simply state how a given puzzle should be solved. That said, read on
at your own risk.

So without further ado, on to the expansion pack.

1. Relto

This walkthrough assumes you have finished Uru: Ages Beyond Myst before going
on to the Expansion pack. If you haven't done so, some of the things I have
written below will not make sense. If you still haven't finished Uru, and need
help, my other walkthrough is available on the Internet.

You begin the game in your Relto. Go inside the hut. On the bookshelf to the
right is a new book written by Yeesha where she comments on the restoration
efforts and on its sad results. After reading it, go to the left bookshelf and
click on the blue book with the golden spiral on its spine. Turn to the first
page of the book and link to the neighborhood. Welcome to Bevin.

Here's a list of the books on the left bookshelf and where they link to
(numbered from left to right)

01 Desert Cleft (Tan book with green slit)
01. Rainy
02. Dry
02 Gahreesen (Pale green book with Maintainer's
01. Gahreesen
02. Gahreesen Prison
03 Teledahn (Orange book)
01. Teledahn
02. Tree Stump
03. Dock *
04 Kadish Tolesa (Purple book)
05 Eder Gira (Red book)
06 Eder Kemo (Green book)
07 Ae'gura (1) (Brown book with stylized tree)
01. Great Zero Observation Room *
02. Great Shaft Antechamber *
03. Spy Room *
04. Baron's Office
05. Kadish Gallery
06. Canyon Alley Balcony view
07. Kerath Arch Balcony view
08. Tokotah Rooftop
09. Tokotah Alley *
10. Palace Alcove *
11. Library Courtyard *
12. Concert Hall Foyer *
08 Bevin Neighborhood (Blue book with golden spiral)
01. Fountain Plaza
02. Balcony view
03. Classroom rooftop view *
09 Nexus Book (Yellow book with green motif)

Links with an * are available in To D'ni expansion pack and will only appear
after you have linked there at least once after using the appropriate Bahro
(1) This is the final configuration of this book. During the game, pages will
be in different positions depending on what links you already have.

2. Bevin Neighborhood

You will arrive on Bevin near a fountain. There are some cones lying around
along with a beach ball. Turn left and go down the stairs to the Garden of
Lights. There is some wreckage from the broken Aiyoheek Table on the left.
Once on the Garden of Lights, go to the right, near the small outcropping next
to the windows. Jump onto the outcropping and turn slightly to your left. On
the right wall of the left window there's a small sliver of white. Click on it
to add a Relto page to your Relto book. This page let's you add small islands
around Relto. Climb down and return to the fountain area. Climb the stairs
behind the fountain to a raised area and enter the corridor. Go through the
inner corridor doors to reach the Community room. There is a pedestal with a
button at the bottom center of the room. Touch it to hear a garbled message
that seems to be someone speaking D'ni.

Return to the fountain area and go through the middle passage. On the left you
will see a set of three buttons which control the lights. You can try them out
if you want to, to see how the Garden of Lights looks when it is all lit up.
When you are ready to go, continue forward to a small plaza. There is a Dn'i
clock here and three doors: two metal ones and a wooden one. Only one of the
metal ones works and it leads to the Classroom. Enter the Classroom to find a
note written in D'ni. Exit the Classroom. The other metal room leads to what
is known as the Egg Room, but it isn't working right now. Open the wooden door
and enter the Linking Room. Before going to the wood stand in the middle of
the room, open the wooden door across from the first one. Now go to the middle
wooden stand. Before touching the book, insert your hand in the slot next to
the book. This will calibrate your KI and add an address to the Nexus room.
You will go there in a minute. Touch the picture in the book to link to Nexus.

Note: for accessing Bevin Egg Room, please refer to Easter Egg Mode section of
the walkthrough.

3. Nexus Room

The Nexus room is a way station: it will contain all the links to Ae'gura (the
city) as well as the Great Zero and the two neighborhoods. For now, it should
just have two: Ferry Terminal and Bevin. To work it, approach the KI slot and
insert your hand there. A holo screen will appear with the available links at
the moment. To select a link click on it. A circular button will protrude and
light up in a yellow motif. Click on this button and the Nexus will spin
around and produce a link book. Click on the image shown there to link to the
desired location. As you have already been to Bevin, you should now go to the
Ferry Terminal. Click on the name, then on the yellow button and then on the

Near the end of the game, Nexus should contain the following links:
01. Ferry Terminal
02. Tokotah Alley
03. Palace Alcove
04. Library Courtyard
05. Concert Hall Foyer
06. Rezeero
07. Bevin
08. Kirel

provided you remembered to register your KI in each of the KI stations that
led to a particular place, with the exception of Ferry Terminal and Rezeero,
since these are automatically added.

4. Ae'gura

Welcome to Ae'gura. You link in near a wooden stand with a KI slot and a
linking book. This book will link you back to Nexus, so there is no need to
try it out right now. As you already have the Ferry Terminal link in your
Nexus, there is also no need to use the KI slot. You can explore a bit if you
like, but for now city access is limited. If you go to the right and then
through an opening in the side wall, you will arrive at the Ferry Docks, an
area with a few peers and some sunken boats. Climbing the stairs will get you
to an area with a tent and some barricades blocking the Great Stairs. As I
said before, for now the city access is limited. Return to the link in spot
and go to the left. You will see a broken metal gate hanging by its hinges.
Enter this opening to a small tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there is
another metal gate, but this one is shut and you can not open it. To the left
of this gate there is a stone with a Bahro Stone on top of it. Touch the stone
to link to a new small area in Teledahn and say goodbye to Ae'gura for now.

5. Teledahn Age

This area is known as Teledahn Dock. You will be on a broken wooden walkway.
There is a broken feeder here and a Relto Page at the end of the dock. This
page allows the addition of a wooden dock to your Relto. Click on it to add it
to your Relto book. After that, link back to Relto. Take a moment to admire
the islands and the wooden dock. It is possible to jump to some islands and
see Relto from some new perspectives. When you are ready to continue, enter
the hut. Notice that there is a new book on the shelf, a yellow one with a
green lacy circle motif. This is the Nexus book and it allows you to travel to

What we need to do now is go to the Baron's Office. You can link there
directly via link page on the Ae'gura (brown) book or via Teledahn. The
Baron's Office is located in Ae'gura and accessible via the link book hidden
in the aquarium in the room above the control room in Teledahn. When you get
there, go to the desk. Read Douglas Sharper diary (the 2004 one) to gain some
information about what went on during the restoration shutdown: you will learn
a set of KI coordinates (2175; 58; -81) and that there was a Spy room link
book in Teledahn accessible via the Prison room. After you are done reading,
return to Teledahn via the link book in the previous room. After arriving at
the bedroom above the Control room, take the elevator down to the Control room
and from there down to the hut in the cistern. Exit the elevator and go down
the ladder inside the hut. When you arrive at the bottom of the cistern, climb
down the other metal ladder to get to the very bottom of the cistern pipe. Now
climb the pipe until you arrive at a section with a hole on your right. Exit
through this hole and climb the stone stairs. You will arrive at the Prison
room. Remember Sharper's diary? He said that when the main door was closed a
book would appear. What we need to do is close the cell door leading out of
the Prison and keep the inner cell doors open. To do this, make sure at least
one of the buttons on the panel is showing a gold panel and the others are
grey. The sequence I used was the original one: buttons 1, 3 and 5 down (grey
panels) and buttons 2, 4, 6 and 7 up (gold panels). Depending on whether you
had weights on the pressure plates or not, this will make the outer door close
and the inner doors open. Look through the outer cell door to the left. You
should see a niche on the wall with a book in it. Now you will have to go
around to get to the book. As long as you remembered to lower the small wooden
bridge near the first feeder and to jump on the metal walkway near the huge
metal dam, that should be no problem because you have an alternate way to that
niche (that is, take the long way around, which I did). You can also link out
of Teledahn and using a Journey Cloth Marker link into the Dock area which
will get you closer to the prison.

Exit the Prison and go down the stone steps to the cistern pipe. Enter the
hole and climb down the pipe to the metal ladder. Climb up the ladder to the
cistern. Climb up the other ladder to the cistern hut. Exit the hut to the
metal walkway outside and keep going forward. Turn left at the fork and climb
up to the solar generator. Continue forward and to the right, down a broken
metal walkway to a fallen mushroom. Climb up the other metal walkway to get to
the metal dam area. Enter the corridor that leads past the Journey Door and
continue to the Dock room. Exit the room to the Dock area. Climb down the
stairs to the left to a wooden walkway. Cross the wooden drawbridge and go up
the wooden steps. Enter the corridor that leads to the outer Prison cell door.
To your right should be the open niche. Approach it and click on the link

You are now in Sharper's spy room. There is a linking book to the bedroom
above the control room in Teledahn, another linking book (belonging to Phil
Henderson) that links to a night time Relto, a telescope and Sharper's Hat
that you can collect to add to your wardrobe. Look through the telescope to
gain an important clue that you should write down. It looks like a name but it
is not. Write the sequence BOBOGOOBO. Now go to Phil's Relto book and click on
the image.

6. Phil's Relto and Kirel Neighborhood

This is Phil's Relto and it is very somber. It appears to be nighttime. You
will arrive inside the hut. The left bookshelf is filled with linking books.
The wardrobe is inaccessible. The right bookshelf has a new clothing item, a
DRC vest, on the lower shelf. Click on it to put it on and add it to your
wardrobe. Phil's journal is also here. Read it if you want to. When you are
done, use the Neighborhood book, which is the only one with an up tab on the
bookshelf (blue spine with yellow spiral motif). This will take you to a new
neighborhood, the DRC neighborhood, called Kirel.

Upon arriving on Kirel, you will notice that the layout is all changed. Walk
around for a while to get used to the new surroundings. When you are ready,
proceed to the Community room. On this one, the pedestal with the button plays
a recorded message from Dr. Watson. Hear it to learn about the state of the
restoration effort before it was shut down. When you are done, return to near
the fountain and proceed to the Nexus room. Be careful not to link out of
here, you just want to acquire the link, because you are going to do a lot of
linking in and out of here in just a moment. Place your hand on the slot next
to the book to add the link to your Nexus. With that done, locate the controls
for the Garden of Lights.

Remember the sequence you saw through the telescope in Sharper's spy room?
BOBOGOOBO? You will need to input it here. B stands for Blue light button, O
for orange and G for green. Press the buttons in the sequence and the door to
the room next to the classroom (the Egg Room) will become powered up. Go there
and open it. This room has five central small rooms and in each one of them
you will find a Bahro Stone to a different portion of Ae'gura. Once you have
visited all links and added them to your Nexus, the barriers in Ae'gura will
be opened and allow you to run free through it. The Bahro Stones are
distributed like this:

Great Zero Observation Library Courtyard

Concert Hall Palace Alcove

Tokotah Alley

With the exception of the Great Zero Observation (GZO) each time you visit a
location within Ae'gura insert your hand in the slot next to the link book to
add that link to your Nexus. Once done, return to Kirel until you have all
five locations. As these were discovered via Bahro Stone, they will also be
added to the Ae'gura book on your Relto bookshelf.

7. Ae'gura and the Great Zero

When this is done you can begin the task of calibrating the Great Zero. To do
this start by going to the GZO, either via Bahro Stone in Kirel Egg Room or
via link in Ae'gura book. Once there, read the journal to learn a bit more
about what you need to do and why you need to do it. Well, the why part is
linked to the clue left by Zandi and found by reading Sharper's journal: you
need to know where the location corresponding to the 2175; 58; -81 set of
coordinates is and to do that, you need a minimal functioning KI device.

The quest to calibrate the Great Zero asks you to find 20 markers. A first set
of 5 represented by Green squares on the KI and then a set of 15 represented
by Red squares. The ones you pick up for the Green set will not be available
for the Red set. When you collect the first 5 markers, you need to return to
the Great Zero Observation to calibrate those and proceed to the next 15 set.
To collect a marker, click on it when you see it on screen: it's a white ball
with a red angled line. Your KI will flash and you will hear a beeping sound
when you are near a marker.

The locations for the available and known markers are the following:

01 - Great Zero Observation
02 - Great Zero Courtyard (1)
03 - Ferry Terminal near link in spot............................ (Ae'gura)
04 - At the end of the Ferry Terminal tunnel, near Bahro Stone .. (Ae'gura)
05 - Near the very end of the Ferry Docks........................ (Ae'gura)
06 - Inside Pub main room (2).................................... (Ae'gura)
07 - End of the ledge above Tokotah link......................... (Ae'gura)
08 - To the left side of the Museum entrance when facing it...... (Ae'gura)
09 - Inside the Museum, right side near the barricades (3)....... (Ae'gura)
10 - Barricade to the Guild Hall................................. (Ae'gura)
11 - First hole in front of Canyon alley (4)..................... (Ae'gura)
12 - Stairway to Concert Hall Foyer, first landing on the right.. (Ae'gura)
13 - Suspended wooden bridge..................................... (Ae'gura)
14 - Left of fork after suspended wooden bridge.................. (Ae'gura)
15 - Right of fork after suspended wooden bridge before stairs... (Ae'gura)
16 - Inside Library, bottom of spiral staircase (5).............. (Ae'gura)
17 - Close to the Waterfall...................................... (Bevin)
18 - Neighborhood balcony........................................ (Bevin)
19 - Inside Classroom............................................ (Kirel)
20 - Center of Garden of Lights.................................. (Kirel)
21 - Right side of inner corridor, before the Community Room..... (Kirel)
22 - Tokotah Rooftop near telescope.............................. (Ae'gura)
23 - Tokotah Rooftop near slit without telescope................. (Ae'gura)
24 - Small balcony overlooking Tokotah, near Palace stairs....... (Ae'gura)
25 - Baron's Office.............................................. (Ae'gura)

(1) This location and marker will only become available after the first five
markers have been collected and introduced at the Great Zero Observation
chamber calibration machine.

(2) The Pub is a location in Ae'gura accessible when you reach the middle
landing of the Great Stairs. Look for an opening with rubble on the left side
of the landing with a path leading down. Go down to reach the Pub.

(3) While inside the Museum, take a moment to grab a Relto page that adds star
objects to Relto. It is found on a stand on the left side of the Museum.

(4) This one forces you to Relto out of the City after collecting it, so do it
only when ready to leave the City. It is advised to do it walking, not
running, so as to avoid falling and missing the marker.

(5) The only doors that are open are the bottom doors. The upper Library doors
will not open. Once inside, you can take this opportunity to read a set of
three journals that are on a table near the entrance to the Library.

Collecting the first 5 markers adds a new location to the Nexus, Rezeero, also
known as the Great Zero. Collecting 20 markers opens the glass doors at the
back of the Great Zero.

Once you have access to the Great Zero, check behind a column to the right of
the stairs when coming down from them. You will find a Relto page that adds an
Imager to the island.

With the first part of the calibration done, now comes the second part:
getting the Toran, Distance and Elevation attributes online and then
activating the Great Zero itself. To activate these, you will need to find 4
markers. You can only search for one at a time, so you will need to do four
round trips to the Great Zero.

There are three ways you can discover where the markers are: understanding how
the coordinates and the Great Zero work (not my cup of tea), having been on
Prologue and done marker missions while writing down every coordinate you
found for the markers (I knew the effort would pay off) or wondering around
all over Ae'gura, related areas and neighborhoods trying to find them by luck.
There is a fourth way: continue to read the walkthrough and I will tell you
where to find them. ^_^

Go to the very back of the Great Zero. You will find four calibrating machines
there. All of them have a set of coordinates, a drawing and a blue button.
Only three have active blue buttons for now. Start with the left side of the
room and with the farthest one, which corresponds to the Distance attribute. A
coordinate set is composed by a Toran value, a Distance value and an Elevation
value. To start a mission, click on the blue button while the calibrating
machine is open.

To activate the mission, approach the machine, click on it and then click on
the blue button. A wheel will start spinning on the right of the screen. The
coordinate set for this marker is 61131; 71; -84. This corresponds to a place
within Kadish Gallery. Link to your Relto and from there to Kadish Gallery,
via link in brown thick book. Get the marker and return to the Great Zero. Go
to the back room, insert hand in machine and Distance will now be available.

Next, insert hand on the machine next to the Distance one. This is the Toran
attribute. Coordinate set for this marker is 59863; 57; -77: canyon balcony
here we go. This balcony is the one that overlooks the canyon alley in
Ae'gura. Canyon alley is also known as shopping district. Once again, link to
Relto and from there to canyon balcony via brown linking book. It's the page
after the one that links to Kadish Gallery. Once on the balcony, click on the
marker. Return to the Great Zero, and to the back room. Insert hand on machine
to activate Toran attribute which will then become available.

Now let us go to the right side of the room and activate the Elevation
attribute. Insert hand on machine and press blue button. The coordinate set
for the elevation marker is 60143; 1001; -70. This means you will have to go
to the top of the classroom in the Bevin neighborhood to get it. Thank
goodness you will not have to do the balcony jump. If you have not gotten the
link to the rooftop from Eder Kemo, do so now. It is behind the rotating
obelisk. Once you have it, link to the rooftop. Collect the marker and return
to the Great Zero. Activate the Elevation attribute. Only one more to go and
this one will activate the Great Zero itself.

Insert hand on fourth machine. Activate mission with coordinate set 57325;
110; -79. Not so good, this location is in mid air behind and to the right of
the Great Library in Ae'gura. You will have to suicide jump to get it and
click on it while falling.

Note: several players have emailed me with the alternate way of getting this
marker. It is possible to get really close to the edge of the courtyard making
use of first person and third person view modes. Turn off the running mode. It
is a work of patience, but then again Myst players are nothing if not patient.
Get as close as you can to the proposed coordinates, and then inch along until
you get as close as you can to the edge without falling. You will probably
have to use the sidestep keys. Put the cursor over the marker, and click on it
when the KI indicator turns red.

When you manage to get the marker return to the Great Zero and insert your
hand on the final machine. A small scene will play out with a beam of light
coming from the outside and jumpstarting the Great Zero. KI is now functioning
and will give you exact coordinates for locations within Ae'gura, near it and
on both neighborhoods.

While returning to the Nexus link in the Great Zero take a moment to look at a
holo picture above the arch outside and opposite of the room with the four
calibrating machines. You will see Yeesha's new journey symbol (a shell) and
an image of Tokotah Alley. Well, it seems that Zandi's set of coordinates must
be near that then. Go to the Nexus and link to Tokotah Alley.

8. Great Shaft

Zandi's set of coordinates was 2175; 58; -81. When you link to Tokotah Alley
you will be extremely close to it. All you need to do is to walk to the
precipice at the end of the Alley and wait for the blue swiping ray of the
Great Zero to come by. When it does, the new Yeesha's symbol (Path of the
Shell) will form in midair. Jump towards it and you will be transported to a
new location. If you need to return here after, a link is added to the Ae'gura
(brown) book.

This is the Great Shaft room. There is an empty bookstand with Nexus link
here, a non functional KI dispenser, a cot in the middle of the room and
several cots inlaid into the walls. Near the cot in the middle of the room is
Dr. Watson's journal. It is a very interesting read. The rightmost cot on the
left wall, with your back to the non functional KI dispenser, has the final
Relto page: the music player. Don't forget to add it to your Relto book. To
finish the expansion pack, go outside and follow the spiral ledge down until
you fall or simply jump into the middle of the shaft. You will see the final
message for the game and be transported to your Relto.

9. Final Considerations

After seeing the message that states perhaps the ending has not been written,
don't forget to check out for any goodies you might have missed. See the
section entitled Expansion Pack Features for a comprehensive guide.

I will try to update this walkthrough as I discover new features or new
information comes out. Please send me any corrections/contributions that I
might have missed.

That is it.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and the expansion pack!

--- E. Expansion Pack Features ---

1. Bahro Stones
Ferry Terminal tunnel, links to Teledahn Dock

Eder Kemo
Behind rotating obelisk, links to Bevin classroom rooftop

Kirel Egg Room
One inside each small room linking to:
Ae'gura - Tokotah Alley
Ae'gura - Palace Alcove
Ae'gura - Concert Hall Foyer
Ae'gura - Great Library
Ae'gura - Great Zero Observation chamber

2. Short Guide to Relto Pages
A sliver of white on the right side wall of the left window, in the
Light Garden. Adds a lot of Islands to your Relto.

End of a wooden dock in Teledahn, only accessible by linking in through
Bahro stone in Ferry Terminal tunnel. Adds a wooden dock to Relto.

Inside the Museum, on a book stand on the left wall, adds star objects
to Relto

Great Zero
On the back of the niche to the left of the Great Zero stairs when
Facing them. Allows the addition of an Imager to your Relto.

Great Shaft
Link in room, on cot near broken KI dispenser, adds a music player to
Relto. Will play any .wav or .ogg sound file that is placed inside the
Uru MyMusic folder.

3. Hats and Clothing
DRC vest
Phil's Relto: bottom shelf on right bookshelf.

Hard Hat
Tokotah Rooftop: basically everywhere you look. There are two versions:
a white one with a DRC logo and an orange one.

Pith Helmet
Eder Gira: last of the waterfall caves, below seventh Journey Cloth.

Sharper's Hat
Teledahn: to left on the telescope in Sharper's spy room.

Tie Dye Shirt
Teledahn: on crates in room with the seventh Journey Cloth above Dock

Zandi's Shirt
D'ni Riltagamin (Rainy version, also known as Rainy Cleft): hung on
metal brace supporting trailer awning.

4. Easter Egg Mode

There's an Easter Egg mode in the expansion pack. To activate it, you first
need to open up the Egg Room in the Bevin neighborhood and then do a series of
specific actions. Let us start by opening up the Egg Room in Bevin.

Link to the Bevin Neighborhood, and go to the rail that has the controls for
the lights in the Light Garden. Press the sequence GOOGGO, where G = Green
button and O = Orange button. The Egg Room door will now have power. Go there
and open the door (it's the door near the classroom door). Don't know why this
code works or why it is the correct one. I found it out in the forums, and it
seems that the person that originally discovered it just got lucky. I also
don't know the name of the person that discover it, but if said person
contacts me I will add that person's name to the contributors list.

Once inside you will find five encrypted messages, one in each of the five
niches. I have reproduced them here, as well as the decrypted version:

First paper (one message)

Wjyzws yt ymj qfxy ltfq tk jijw lnwf. Return to the last goal of eder gira.
Tshj ymj qnlmy mfx gjjs qny. Once the light has been lit.
Yzws tkk ymj qnlmy. Turn off the light.

fghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcde offset +5

Second paper (two messages)

Wvkm gwc'em kwuxtmbml itt Once you've completed all
Wn bpm abmxa, Of the steps,
Twws qvbw bpm zqemv zmuvivb. Look into the riven remnant.

Moo uihm qa amb Egg maze is set
Wvkm gwc tmiem bpm lmamzb, Once you leave the desert,
Moo uilm dqtt zmamb. Egg maze will reset.

ijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefgh offset +8

Jmrh xli tmppeu vssa mr oehmwl xspiwe. Find the pillar room in kadish tolesa.
Wxerh riev xli tvizmsyw ipizexsv. Stand near the previous elevator.
Xyvr sjj xli kpsamrk jpssv efszi. Turn off the glowing floor above.

efghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcd offset +4

Third paper (one message)

Iq vq vjg icjtggugp rqxgt tqqv. Go to the gahreesen power root.
Vjg rqxgt owuv dg qp The power must be on
Uvcpf qp vjg rnceg vjcv tckugu Stand on the place that raises
Vjg uvqpg The stone

cdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzab offset +2

Fourth paper (two messages)

Hqwhu wkh whohgdkq sulvrq. Enter the teledahn prison.
Fohdu rii jhkq'v idzrulwh Clear off gehn's favorite
Sodwh frpsohwhob. Plate completely.
Vwdqg rq lw. Stand on it.

defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabc offset +3

Rotq zu kjkx qksu. Link to eder kemo.
Mkz euax romnz yuaxik. Get your light source.
Ktzkx znk juux ul znk puaxtke. Enter the door of the journey.

ghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdef offset +6

Fifth paper (two messages)

Nv av aol klzeya pu aol yhpw. Go to the desert in the rain.
Svvr ha aol slma zftivs vm aol Look at the left symbol of the
Vypnpuhs jvkl. Original code.
Zla hss mvby vm aol pthnly av pa. Set all four of the imager to it.

hijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefg offset +7

Xfbs uif sfxbse pg zfftib. Wear the reward of yeesha.
Lffq ju po voujn zpv'sf epof. Keep it on until you're done.

bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyza offset +1

The order in which you should do these actions is linked to the offset used
for encrypting each message, which means you start off in Relto and end in
D'ni Riltagamin (Rainy version of the Cleft). I have included the keys and
offsets of each message to explain how to get to the solution. For those of
you wondering, the offset is the distance between the normal position of a
letter in the alphabet and its relative position in the encrypted alphabet.

"Wear the reward of yeesha.
Keep it on until you're done."

Go to your Relto, open the closet and choose Yeesha's shirt. You have to
have it on from beginning to end.

"Go to the gahreesen power root.
The power must be on
Stand on the place that raises
The stone."

Open Gahreesen book from the book shelf, turn to the page with the initial
location of Gahreesen and link there. Go to the second floor and once there
make your way to the power room. Stand on the pressure plate that you used
to solve the power puzzle and while standing there link to Relto.

"Enter the teledahn prison.
Clear off gehn's favorite
Plate completely.
Stand on it."

Link to Teledahn and go to the Prison. Gehn's favorite number was five, so
make sure plate number five (see diagram below) is completely cleared of any
weights and stand on it. Link back to Relto.

|---| |---|
| | 4 | | 2
|---| |---|

|---| |---|
| | 7 | | 6
|---| |---|

|---| |---|
| | 1 | | 3
|---| |---|

| | 5

"Find the pillar room in kadish tolesa.
Stand near the previous elevator.
Turn off the glowing floor above."

Link to Kadish Tolesa and go to the pillar puzzle room. Go to the blue
button near the elevator that takes you to and from the hexagonal tile room.
This is the button that resets the hexagonal tile puzzle, not the pillar
puzzle. Press the button and link back to Relto.

"Return to the last goal of eder gira.
Once the light has been lit.
Turn off the light."

Link to Eder Gira (red book) and go to the last cave where the Journey Cloth
was found. Turn off the steam light generator and link back to Relto.

"Link to eder kemo.
Get your light source.
Enter the door of the journey."

Link to Eder Kemo (green book) and go to the brain tree forest. Collect a
swarm of fireflies and make your way to the Journey Door. Open it and enter.
Fireflies will go away but don't worry. Continue onwards until you link to
the Bahro Cave. From there drop into the hole to link back to Relto.

"Go to the desert in the rain.
Look at the left symbol of the
Original code.
Set all four of the imager to it."

Link to the rainy version of the Cleft. You will appear in the projection
room. Look to the drawing on the wall with the four symbols. Input the
leftmost symbol in all the positions of the projector. You don't need to
press the blue button.

"Once you've completed all
Of the steps,
Look into the riven remnant.

Egg maze is set
Once you leave the desert,
Egg maze will reset."

Climb out from the cleft and make your way towards the fallen Riven
telescope behind the volcano. If all went well, you will be able to look
through it, hear Zandi saying "Another one?" and see a picture of the Cyan
staff. It is also possible to jump to the other side of the fence using the
metal plate to the left of the projector (with your back to the volcano and
the fence in front of you). While on the other side of the fence, make your
way back and to the left. Continue to do so until you arrive at the fence
part that has the gate. Turn your back to the gate and start to go forward.
You will eventually spot something at the distance. Keep running towards it
to find Zandi on his Zamboni. When you get close enough to it, you will get
to drive the Zamboni. Just be careful not to crash because this will end
your experience.

Also, when you are done and link out of the cleft, the puzzle will be reset
and you will have to do it all over if you want another go at driving. ^_^
Doing it all over includes resolving the hexagonal tile room puzzle in
Kadish Tolesa and relighting generator in Eder Gira before you start
resolving Easter Egg mode.

Note: Upon linking out of Easter Egg mode, the avatar will appear back on
Relto, frozen in mid air like it is running somewhere. This is a bug that
hasn't been fixed. You will need to exit from Uru and reload it to have the
Avatar come back to normal.

--- F. Contributors ---

- Me. ^_^
- Dadguy for bringing the Bevin Egg room code to everyone's attention at the
GoG forum.
- MrM3FaN for the clues on decrypting the messages.
- Pyromethius for noticing an error in my Kirel Egg room code.
- mistwolf26 for pointing out one of my usual mix ups with the Eders.
- D. Vaughn Jr., E'nitra and Elara for telling me of their alternate way of
getting the marker near the Library.
- Michael Sebek for sending me corrections to some errors throughout the
Walkthrough and suggestions about Easter Egg mode.
- Minihane for the suggestion about the list of books and where they link to.
- shadowcats for sending me the correction to the location of the Canyon
Alley balcony view link in the Ae'gura book.
- Andy Hairston for his suggestion on a more precise location for Zandi's

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