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Walkthroughs of Wartimes

Wartimes Walkthroughs


It started in Poland.
_ _ ______ _______ _______ ______ ________
| | | | /\ | ___ \ |__ __||__ __| /\ /\ | ____|| ______|
| | | | / \ | | | | | | | | / \ / \ | | | |
| | | | / /\ \ | | | | | | | | / \/ \| | | |
| | | |/ / \ \| |___| | | | | | | |\ /| || |____ | |______
| | /\ | || |__| || __/ | | | | | | \ / | || ____||______ |
| | / \ | || __ || |\ \ | | | | | | \/ | || | | |
| |/ \| || | | || | \ \ | | | | | | | || | | |
| /\ || | | || | \ \ | | __| |__ | | | || |____ ______| |
\__/ \__/ |_| |_||_| \_\ |_| |_______||_| |_||______||________|

Where will it end?

Copyright 2004, 2005 - Staley, Deuce ex Defcon. Any site that wishes to host
any of my guides is free to do so, provided you contact me prior to posting the
guide(s), as I like to know where they're being used.

I cannot guarantee any site other than GameFAQs will always have the most
current form of my guides, so if there's ever any doubt, always check GameFAQs.
If you find an outdated form of any of my guides on any site, please contact
me, and I will contact the site to get it updated.

All questions, comments, and so forth concerning this guide can be posted on my
site, found here:


Otherwise, you can drop me an email at cmstale@ilstu.edu or try me on AIM at
"Deuce ex Defcon".

Note: I'm just writing about the methods that I personally used to win these
missions. Don't be surprised if you find a strategy for some missions that is
far better than the ones I've written down. Hey, at least I tried, right?




0.00) A Few Notes Before You Get Started

1.00) Axis Campaign
1.01) Into Poland
1.02) The Three Bridges Will Be Ours
1.03) The Meuse Pass
1.04) The Battle of England
1.05) Eagle Day
1.06) Operation Mercury
1.07) Operation Barbarossa
1.08) Tobruk
1.09) The Retreat of the Afrika Corps
1.10) Operation Market Garden

2.00) Allied Campaign - British
2.01) Operation Dynamo
2.02) The Battle of England
2.03) Protect Tobruk
2.04) Target: The Bismarck
2.05) Alamein, The Last Initiative
2.06) Staving Off Defeat

3.00) Allied Campaign - Soviet
3.01) Operation Moscow
3.02) Operation Barbarosa - Stalingrad
3.03) Kursk - The Ponyri Conflict
3.04) Kursk - Prokhorovka Will Be Smashed
3.05) Koniev Hammer Blow
3.06) Leopold Must Fall

4.00) Allied Campaign - America
4.01) Palermo Awaits
4.02) Montecassino Abbey
4.03) The Normandy Landing
4.04) Something Terrible Lies In Wait
4.05) The Battle of Hurtgen Forest
4.06) Panzers Emerge Through the Fog
4.07) We Will Not Forsake You
4.08) Onwards to the Rhine

5.00) Allied Campaign - The Final March On Germany
5.01) The Seelow Hills
5.02) The Fall of Berlin

6.00) Buildings
6.01) Buildings - Germany
6.02) Buildings - Britain
6.03) Buildings - Soviet Union
6.04) Buildings - America

7.00) Units
7.01) Units - Germany
7.02) Units - Britain
7.03) Units - Soviet Union
7.04) Units - America

8.00) Other
8.01) Nation Comparisons
8.02) Patches
8.03) Version History
8.04) Ending




I) The game starts your camera at an angle for every mission. I always switch
it so that the larger part of the cone is facing directly north. I suggest you
do this too, seeing as my directions will be slightly confusing if your screen
isn't the same as mine. (Right click and hold it on the map, and then move the
mouse to adjust the camera. Let go to fix it in place.)

II) The game will start your camera about half way zoomed in. I have a lot of
trouble playing like that, so I always zoomed all the way out as soon as I got
the chance. (Roll your mouse wheel towards yourself to zoom out.)

III) The "hold position" button is your friend. Units will run out to attack
things that get in range, and then they'll move to the spot where the enemy
got destroyed. This can be extremely bad for your units, so always make sure
to keep the Hold Position button clicked if you need units to defend something.

IV) This game uses a "Supply Store" system that most mainstream RTS players
have never seen before. Each unit takes a certain number of Supply Points.
You must build Supply Stores to increase the amount of points you're allowed
to have on the screen in a certain mission. You won't be able to start
building a new unit if you don't have any available supply points. You will be
able to keep what you already have if they get destroyed during the mission
though. Also, the limit is 200, so you can never go far beyond that.

V) Be careful as you select things. The game has a tendency to select
something different than what you intended to select if you are still moving
your mouse when you select it. This can be very frustrating and annoying.
Also, be VERY careful when you adjust the speed setting of your game. If you
try to do it too fast, there is a good possibility that a nasty little glitch
will cause the speed selection box to vanish completely for the rest of that
game. That really sucks if you end up stuck playing on 1X speed for the rest
of a long mission.







Take the Polish Town.

1) Obtain Reinforcements.
2) Get to the Town.
3) Eliminate Polish General.
4) Your General Must Survive.


Start off by heading due East towards the flashing goal marker. Eliminate any
infantry you might come across along the way. Your General is fairly
powerful, so don't be afraid to use him.

After you get to the reinforcements, add them to your group and backtrack to
the spot where the game zoomed in on the tank. Destroy it and head East,
following the railroad tracks North until you can head West above the hills.
Continue heading West, eliminating any soldiers that get in your way.

Once you get to the town, head directly to the General and kill him. Once he's
dead, you'll win the mission.





Take the Bridge.

1) Retake the Base.
2) Train 6 Paratroopers.
3) Release Paratroopers.
4) Eliminate Bridge Troops.


To achieve the first goal, simply grab your troops and slaughter the few
infantry guys to the East. Don't worry about the guard towers in the area.
They're yours. My first time through, I was like, "How the hell am I supposed
to take out two guard towers with a few guys?" So (being the sensible person
that I am) I ran at them suicidally, and what do you know? Nothing happened.
Anyway, send your troops to the flashing mark on the ground to finish the first

There are four guys in front of the building where the marker used to be.
Select them all and send them to collect Minerals from the mine to the West of
the building they start in front of. This is how you collect money in War
Times. Once you've got them mining, select your Barracks (two rectangular
brown buildings with a flag between them) and build six Paratrooper units.
Once the sixth Paratrooper is finished, you'll get a warning about Supply
Stores. Feel free to ignore this warning for this mission, seeing as you can
easily finish it with only these six paratroopers. And if you do manage to
get them killed, the problem will solve itself. So just don't worry about it.

Select your six Paratroopers and Right click with them on the Airfield. They
will automatically board the plane. Now select the Airfield. Left click on
the plane icon to launch the Paratroop Plane. Highlight the plane as it's
leaving the runway. Left click on the DROP_TROOPS button, and then LEFT CLICK
on the flashing spot to the South. I'm emphasizing the Left Click part because
deploying things is one of the few times where you'll need your Left button to
do anything, and I kept getting frustrated because I would cancel stuff on

Now that you've got your troops landed, start heading West and follow the paths
between the trees. There are a few AA guns along here, but you don't need to
destroy them if you don't want to. Just keep your six guys close together and
kill the Belgian troops as they appear. Once you make it to the bridge, kill
the last three guards and you will win the mission.





Take Frontier Point.

1) Locate General Guderian.
2) Establish a Base.
3) Take the Hill.
4) Your General Must Survive.


Start by highlighting all of your troops and your Sidecar. Head West between
the tree lines a toast the troops you run into, including the light tank.
After you've gone South for a bit, head North to the flashing objective symbol.
One of the four tanks in this group is your General. There's a visible
difference, and you can also tell by highlighting each tank and seeing which
one says Guderian.

Take whatever forces you have left and head South again. I recommend leaving
the tanks behind for now, seeing as I got some of them quite destroyed by a
group of grenade guys right after I started heading South. But if you have
plenty of infantry left over, you can sacrifice them to kill the grenade guys
and keep your tanks for later. Once you take out the grenade guy pile, head
farther South. Take your tanks this time, seeing as you're going to run into
three light tanks. Once you destroy them, head East. Take out the infantry
you run into, then head North to the flashing mission objective symbol.
Destroy the tank and the infantry here. Now Left click on the terrain so you
won't have any forces selected. Left click on the Headquarters icon, then Left
click it on the terrain to start building it. Try to keep it as close to the
Mines as possible. Once it is completed, you will need to build several Supply
Stores. Start off with three. Be careful not to build too much stuff, or you
will run out of funds, and I haven't been able to find a way to sell buildings
yet. Once the supply stores are done, highlight the Headquarters and train at
least six Workers. Send them to the Mines as they are ready.

Next, build a Pump Jack on the oil spot. If you have extra Minerals, start
building a Barracks and a Defensive Quarters building. Once the Defensive
Quarters building is done, you will be able to build Defensive Towers. I
suggest building several of them along the Southern edge of your base, just so
the random rushes of enemy units don't run in and kill your workers. You will
need to build a Power Plant, then a Light Vehicles Factory, and then a Light
Tanks factory. Once the light tanks factory is done, you can produce Panzer II
tanks. I simply built about eight of them.

Tank your new Panzer II's and any of the old ones that are left (it's best to
leave Guderian behind, just in case something unfortunate were to happen).
Head South to the Right of the flashing mission objective. Take out the forces
you encounter on the road. Now head up the hill to the left where the
objective is. Take out the tanks first, and then take out the Guard Towers.
Destroy the remaining buildings and you will win this mission.





Neutralize Enemy Harbor.

1) Take Enemy Base.
2) Establish a Base.
3) Build an Airfield.
4) Destroy Enemy Convoy.
5) Destroy 6 AntiAircraft Guns.
6) Sink the Destroyer.


Rather than attack those two pillboxes from the same direction as the beginning
forces did, highlight your five Panzer II's and head South. There is a second
entrance to the base that is unguarded. Destroy the enemy buildings and the
pillboxes using the Panzers. Don't bother using the infantry, since they'll
just get killed anyway, and the Panzers are more than enough. Once the base is
destroyed, you can move your other forces into the area. Now build a
Headquarters building.

Once the Headquarters is done, start constructing your base. Build a Pump Jack
or two, several Supply Stores, a Barracks, Defensive Quarters, and so forth.
You start this mission with plenty of Minerals, so you should be able to build
everything very quickly. As soon as possible, place a few Defensive Towers at
both entrances to your base. The enemy will land forces and rush at you many
times. You will need a Laboratory, but you will not need either of the vehicle
buildings. Once the Laboratory is done, build an Airfield or two.

Once you have an Airfield, build four Messerschmitt 109's. When they are
ready, launch them from the Airfield and send them to attack the truck near the
flashing mission objective symbol. Once the truck is destroyed, some
Paratroopers will arrive. You can easily win the mission with these forces

Take your troops and head East along the road. Wipe out any infantry you might
happen to encounter. Once you reach the water, head North along the edge of
the City. Continue killing infantry along the way. (Either avoid the two
Guard Towers to the West of the City, or simply destroy them with your planes.)
Once you are at the far Northern edge of the city, head directly West until you
can head North again. Continue heading North, and kill the tank you come by.
Now turn East and destroy the AntiAircraft guns. There are three above the
Destroyer and three below it, and the only things guarding them are a few
infantry men. Once the guns are destroyed, some Stukas will automatically
fly in and sink the Destroyer.





Neutralize the RAF.

1) Destroy 2 Radars.
2) Destroy 2 Airfields.
3) You Cannot Lose 30 Aircraft.


Start by selecting all four planes and flying North-East, so you are South-East
of the first radar tower. Then simply target the tower and let the planes
destroy it, which they will. Once it blows, send the survivors down to the
rest of your planes. Now it's best to wait for the next four planes to arrive.
Once you have at least eight planes, fly them North-West so they are South-West
of the second radar tower. Then simply target all of them on the tower. Fly
any survivors down to the new planes at the bottom of the map.

Highlight as many planes as you can. Fly them directly East to the edge of the
map. Now fly them North until they are North-East of the flashing mission
objective symbol. Target one of the airfields and send all of the planes at
it. Once it's destroyed, target them on the second Airfield. If it survives,
repeat this attack pattern with the reinforcements that appear at the Southern
edge of the map. If done correctly, you shouldn't lose more than fifteen





Settle in Crete.

1) Destroy the Enemy Base.


If you're anything like me, you've been starting to wonder if this game will
ever get difficult. Well, this mission sure was for me. It took me a dozen or
so attempts to win, mostly because I was actually trying to listen to the
game's advice about the additional resources in the South-East. Just ignore
that advice, seeing as it's unnecessary (and damn hard) to get those resources.

You'll start off with an intro event that will leave you with thirty-six
infantry guys. Make them into three groups for easy access, and move them all
North. Now head due West across the top of the map. See the flashing mission
objective symbol? To the left of the oil field, there is a Guard Tower.
Position your troops above this point, and then rush at the guard tower to
destroy it. Then eliminate the enemy troops in the area, and finally the

Place your Headquarters as close to the mine as possible. While that's
building, take what's left of your infantry and head to the Northern edge of
the gap in the mountains below your base (the gap is about in the center of the
mountains). Once they're all there, rush them to the opposite end of the gap.
As soon as you can see the massive stationary gun, target all of your men at
it. If you destroy it, you're lucky. But the point isn't necessarily to
destroy it, just to weaken it as much as possible. Plus, those infantry were
taking up valuable space in your supply stores. That space will be badly
needed for tanks later.

Your Headquarters should be close to being done by now. When it is done,
build about six workers to start raking in some Minerals. Then build a
Barracks, a Pump Jack, and as many Supply Stores as you can afford (you will
need nine of them in all). You will also need to build a Power Plant, a Light
Vehicles Plant, a Light Tanks Plant, and a Laboratory. Upgrade both the Light
Vehicles Plant and the Light Tank Plant once you have the money. You will want
to build at least two Sdk 7's and station them on each side of the mine for air
protection. I suggest four of them. (Also, make sure you select the Hold
Position button [bottom left button on the bar] on all of your Sdk 7's. This
will keep them from foolishly chasing after planes as they fly overhead.)

Once you've got all of that done, you should be able to start building Panzer
IV tanks. If you've followed my instructions carefully, you should be able to
build nine of them before you run out of Minerals. Once the first one is
ready, take it down to that big gun near the South part of the mountain pass
and destroy it and anything else that might be left down there. The Panzer
will get damaged, so once that stuff is destroyed, take the Panzer back to your
base and let it sit there to repair itself.

Once all nine Panzer IV's are ready, take them all through the mountain pass.
Head West so that your tanks are positioned directly North of the entrance to
your target. Now, simply rush your Panzer IV's down through this base,
destroying anything that gets in your way. Priority goes to those big
defensive guns, if they have any. Then take out guy hordes if there are any,
and then Guard Towers. Destroy the buildings too. If you managed to do
everything fast enough, you will win the mission. If you got all of your tanks
destroyed somehow, you might as well start over. You'll be ran over within a
few minutes anyway, especially since there's hardly any source of funds.





Break Through The Soviet Front.

1) Build 2 Pump Jacks.
2) Destroy Enemy Base.


Start the mission off by making sure you have six Workers mining in each of the
two mines. Now group your six Panzer II's together and position them on the
West side of the bridges to the North-East of your base. Move the Leopold to
the shore below those bridges and deploy it (bottom-right button in its menu).
It will lob shells at the enemy units on the other side. Once an enemy unit is
hit, it will run to cross the bridge. Use the Panzer II's to crush anything
that makes it over the bridge.

Quickly take all six of your Panzer II's all the way to the North-East corner
of the map. As soon as you get there, start building a Headquarters building
and let the tanks destroy the Soviet oil rigs. While this is building, start
placing Defensive Towers in a line at the edge of your reach by the bridge
where the Leopold is. Then deploy the Leopold behind the wall of Defensive
Towers. This is a very effective defensive stance, and the enemy will be
sending hoards of crap over those bridges. Also, build a row of Defensive
Towers on the South edge of your base, by the other bridges. This one won't
have the luxury of a Leopold though.

Once the North-Eastern Headquarters is done, build Pump Jacks on all eight oil
fields. Don't bother building any other buildings, since you're not likely to
be able to defend this area. The goal is simply to absorb enough of it to use
for the rest of the mission, which should be easy.

Run your Panzer II's back to your other base if they're still alive. Now
simply use your hoards of supplies to construct ten or so Panzer IV's. This
should be enough to finish the mission with, but make sure that you don't let
your base get destroyed.

Once you've got the Panzer IV's ready, head over the Southern set of bridges.
If you still have the Dirigible, you can use it as a scout. Simply use the
Panzer IV's to crush the Soviet base. Once the Headquarters building is
destroyed, you will win the mission.


1.08) TOBRUK



Take the Enemy Base.

1) Destroy Enemy Headquarters.
*30 Minute Time Limit.


Start by building two more Workers and sending all six of them into the mine.
Then build a Pump Jack on the oil next to your Headquarters. Next, build a
Light Tanks factory. Place two more Defensive Towers on the East side of your
base. You'll need several more Supply Stores too. Once the tank factory is
ready, crank out five more Panzer II's. When they're done, group them with the
other three and head North toward the other mine and oil field. There's an
enemy tank up there. Make sure all eight of your Panzers attack it at the
same time, or it will single handedly destroy all eight of them. Seriously.

Once the tank is destroyed, build another Headquarters next to the mine. Make
sure you remember to build six more Workers when it's done, and send them into
the mine. It's not necessary to build another Pump Jack, seeing as you most
likely already have enough oil to finish the mission. Also, don't worry about
defending this base. The enemy has never attacked it before in any of my times
through this game.

Now upgrade your tank factory and build more supply stores. Once you can start
building Panzer IV's, do so. About ten to twelve of them should suffice. You
might also want to consider building the Improved Medium Tank Speed technology
from the Military Laboratory.

Ignore the fighter that flies over your base. It can't really hurt you unless
it starts killing your Workers. If it does, simply replace them. Make sure
you keep your Defensive Towers repaired.

Once you have twelve or so Panzer IV's, group them together with any surviving
Panzer II's from earlier. Now run them all through the North-West gap in the
mountains. Any defensive guns you come across should get your first priority.
Destroy any tanks you run into next, and then any Defensive Towers. Once
you're done with that, simply blast the Headquarters from the West side so you
can avoid the rest of the enemy's stuff. Once the Headquarters is destroyed,
you will win the mission.

Don't try to be smart and attack through the South-East entrance to the base.
The path is mined, and it will devastate your tanks. It's also fairly narrow,
and it will cause your tanks to do really stupid things.





Flee to Tripoli.

1) Find General Rommel.
[1.5) Liberate Trapped Forces.]
2) Rommel Must Survive.


Use your tanks to destroy the Matilda to the West. It's a flame Matilda, so be
careful, and definitely don't take the infantry with you. Send the Panzer IV
at it first, and then send the three Panzer II's. You might take some damage
on the IV, but you will lose a II if you send them first. Now head West along
the mountains, and be careful not to go North at all. There's a crapload of
enemy stuff up there that you will never be able to destroy. Continue West
until you get a message on the screen about a Leopold to the South. Head down
through the gap in the mountains and destroy the light tank. Then head East
across the bottom of the screen and kill all of the infantry. Get close enough
to the Leopold and it will become part of your team.

Head back West until the next passage through the mountains. Creep towards the
gap in the mountains until you can see some enemy infantry. Place your tanks
in front of the Leopold and then deploy it. Defend the Leopold from anything
that rushes you. Once everything's destroyed, head through the gap and turn
South, following the edge of the mountains. When you get to the bottom of the
screen, head West. There are some German infantry and a pair of Panzer II's
waiting for you there. Add them to your groups.

There is a group of enemies near the third pile of rocks under the power lines,
counting from the bottom of the screen. Head over there and destroy everything
with your tanks. Now turn West again. Position your tanks in front of your
Leopold just like before, and deploy the Leopold. Now just blast anything you
see and defend the Leopold at all cost. Be especially careful when dealing
with the Matilda that's up there. Once everything is destroyed, head towards
the flashing mission objective symbol, which is where Rommel is.

You will be warned about a mine field, and they're not kidding. Head East and
go through the second gap in the mountains. (You want to end up ABOVE the
lake, not below it.) Clear out the infantry and light tanks you come across.
Be careful as you head North, since there are several Defensive Guns on the
hills that will promptly destroy your tanks. Use the Leopold to eliminate the
ones on the edge of the hills, but ignore the others. It's too risky to mess
with them. There's a mine field blocking the paths to the East, so take the
path through the West instead. Don't head South, seeing as that's where the
other mine field is. Even though your next objective is to liberate your
forces in this area, don't do it. Instead, use your Leopold to destroy three
of the four enemy defensive structures (and the destroyed bunker thing), and
purposely leave the fourth target standing. This will prevent you from
achieving the next goal immediately.

Now, take your tanks and infantry North and start to wrap East above the
mountains. Mow down the infantry and light tanks that you encounter, and be
very careful with your Leopold. Stay away from the edge of the mountains.
There are still several defensive guns that will rip you up if you get too
close. Once you're all the way to the East mountains, head South. But be
careful. There are two defensive guns that can reach this path. Make sure to
use the Leopold to blast them before they do any serious damage to your

Continue heading South. There are two tanks down here, as well as many
infantry. Use your forces to destroy everything in this area, all the way from
the bottom to the top. Once there's nothing left, leave Rommel next to the
sign in the ground. Take the Leopold (or your other tanks, if you have enough
of them left) back to the flashing mission objective. Destroy the fourth
target that you purposely left behind earlier. Now simply go back to Rommel
and send him to the West a little where the flashing mission objective symbol
is. This will end the mission.

Why the indirect way of finishing this mission? Well, it's easier this way.
Once you free your forces in that base, a large group of British forces start
to chase you down. If you haven't already cleared the path to Rommel's
evacuation point, you'll most likely find yourself losing several times in a
row. Instead, this little bypass maneuver eliminates that problem.





Protect the Rhine Pass.

1) Defend Arhen.
2) Destroy British Troops.


Start by building six Workers and send them to one of the mines. While those
six are building, build your Light Vehicles factory. Build a Laboratory too.
Once the first six Workers are done, build and send another six to the other
mine. If you are ready to build a Light Tanks factory, start doing so. While
it's building, scroll around the map and set all of your base defense
structures to auto-repair by clicking on the wrench icon in their menus. (You
can skip all of the ones to the East of the bridge. They will never come into
play.) Don't worry about your defensive structures on the other side of the
bridge. There's not much you can do to keep them from being destroyed. But if
you keep the second one set on auto-repair, it can last for quite a while.

Upgrade your tank factory. Once it's done, build two Panzer IV's and two
Jagdpanzers. When they're done, take them North of your base and head East to
the spot where the oil fields are. You'll encounter a few light piles of
enemy troops, but there won't be anything too troublesome until you get to the
oil fields. Directly South of the hill they are on, there is a tank. Destroy
it. If the Jagdpanzers are still in good shape, send them up the West side of
the hill and send the Panzer IV's all the way back to your base. Wrap around
the hill with your Jagdpanzers and destroy the tank you saw up here earlier.
Now start a Headquarters building here. Send the Jagdpanzers back to your base
once the Headquarters has been started.

If you haven't already been attacked at your base, you will be soon. Many,
many, many times in a row, too. Continue building Jadgpanzers and Panzer IV's.
Position them at the North-West entrance to your base, seeing as that's where
the enemy likes to attack from. When the headquarters is done, build two Pump
Jacks on the oil fields.

This is where things can get frustrating. All you can do now is defend your
base. I just used piles of well-positioned Panzer IV's and Jadgpanzers.
Once I had some extra cash, I upgraded my tank factory to a Heavy Tanks
factory. I built three Leopolds - I stuck two behind the North-West wall of
the base and one behind my line of Jadgpanzers at the North-West entrance.
This should be a tremendous help. Then, I built an Airfield and two
Dirigibles. Once those were done, I built three V2 factories. Then I used the
Dirigibles and the V2's to devastate the enemy units around the flashing
mission objective symbol. With three of them, it didn't take long.

Just remember to build some Tiger tanks to keep your defenses strong, and
remember to keep the Dirigibles a safe distance from the V2 explosions. Also,
it seemed like the American rushes from the West kept getting bigger and
bigger as the game went on. So make sure that you don't get overly confident
in your defenses.

All you have to do is destroy all of the enemy forces near the flashing mission
objective symbol. Once you've done that, congratulations. You've finished the
Axis Campaign.







Evacuate British Troops.

1) Defend the Harbor.
2) Embark 180 Soldiers.


Simple mission. Start off by building two more Workers and sending all six to
the mine. Now place your Barrack's rally point to the North of the hill East
of your base. Begin building normal Infantry when you have the funds to do so.
Go around the map and set all of your defensive structures to auto-repair by
clicking on the wrench icon in each of their menus.

Now just sit back and wait for 180 soldiers to embark. You'll get attacked
from the East, so send a pile of Infantry over there next to water. The only
other place that you should get attacked is right where your rally point is.
As long as you keep building Infantry and make sure your defensive structures
are auto-repairing, you will win this mission easily.





Keep Your Defensive Lines.

1) Rescue 2 Radars.
2) Destroy the German Air Force.
3) No Radar Can Be Destroyed.


Start by building two more Workers, and make sure all six are headed for the
mine. Build an Oil Rig once you have enough Minerals. Once it's completed,
build four more Workers and send them to it.

Now construct a Defensive Quarters building. Once it's done, place three
Defensive Towers on the East side of your base. Set them (and the Northern
one) to auto-repair. This will be all of the defense you will need for this

Build a Barracks and a Vehicles Factory. Once the factory is ready, build
about ten MK I's. Attack the enemy units around the North-West Radar first.
(Always target vehicles first when you fight.) Once it's been liberated, head
for the other one and destroy everything around it. Now some planes will come
onto the screen and take care of the rest for you. Just make sure nothing
sneaks up and destroys one of the two liberated Radar towers while you're
waiting for the planes to finish.





Resist In Tobruk.

1) Defend Your Base For 26 Minutes.


This map will look familiar if you have already played the Axis Campaign.
Start by sending the four Workers to the mine, and build two more to send up
there too. Build an Oil Rig, a Barracks, and a Defensive Quarters building.

Build four more Workers and send them to the Oil Rig once it's ready. Build a
Laboratory, and go around to all of your defensive structures to set them to
auto-repair. Deploy the truck that appears West of your base and be ready to
use the Infantry that come out of it to defend the closest Tower. As you get
more Minerals, build two Defensive Towers and two Defensive Cannons near the
West entrance of your base. (Make sure the Towers are as far West as possible
so they can gun down troops as they try to get through the wire.)

Build two Defensive Towers at the East entrance to your base, and another two
at the South entrance. Now start building mass amounts of Defensive Cannons
along the mountains West of your oil field. Also build a few behind the
Eastern Defensive Towers. Build several AntiAircraft guns as soon as you can.
Planes will destroy you extremely quickly if you're not ready to stop them.

The enemy will send insane amounts of crap at you in the last five minutes.
Just keep building defensive structures around your Headquarters with any
Minerals you get. Also, remember to have all of your structures set to
auto-repair. If you have the time and Minerals, you might also consider
getting the Defensive Structures Health improvement from the Laboratory.

This mission is all about speed and effective placement of structures. I never
even bothered building a unit during this mission, I just used defensive





Locate The Bismarck.

1) Rescue Your General.
2) Reach The Hydroplane.
3) Your General Must Survive.


There are tons of ways to win this mission. I will describe a way that can
allow you to win it without a single casualty if you're good enough at it.
You'll need some patience though...

Group the Mortar and Rifle troops together and send them to the South-West
corner of the map. Send the Spy and Sappers to the North-West, and then head
East through the trees just below the mountain. There's a group of enemy
infantry between the first mountain and the trees, which is why you're
bypassing that gap. Or, if you want to, you can use the same method I'm about
to describe to get rid of them.

Use the Spy's invisibility feature to scout ahead and find the group of enemy
infantry at the entrance to the mountain pass to the East. Once you know where
they are, retreat the Spy to a safe distance (remember to turn his invisibility
skill off too). Now use your Sappers to plant a mine field West of the
infantry pile. The trick is, your infantry can walk through the mine field,
but enemy infantry will blow up if they walk on it. So, highlight your spy and
approach the enemy infantry. Get close enough so they start to chase you, and
then run to the other side of your mine field. Do this trick enough times
until all of them are blow up.

GO back and highlight the Rifle and Mortar troops now. If you eliminated the
first pile of infantry between the mountain and trees, then you can just send
them directly to your Sappers and Spy. If not, then use the same bypass route
through the trees to the North. Position these guys at the entrance to the
mountain pass. Send the Spy and Sappers a little farther to the East, but not
too far. Send the Sappers East slowly until you can see the flashing red signs
of a mine field. Use the Sappers to defuse the mine field. Now send all of
your infantry East to the next junction of mountains.

The screen should automatically pan to the East and show you a Mark IV tank.
Take this tank West to the mountain pass. Below your infantry pile, there are
two Panzer II's and a Panzer IV. The Mark IV can easily handle these three.
Just make sure you don't charge right into the middle of them. Stay on the
Eastern edge of their range and pick them of one by one if possible.

Once those three are destroyed, send the Mark IV, the Sappers, and the Spy to
the flashing mission objective symbol. Leave the Mortar and Rifle troops
behind so they can pick off the enemy infantry that will appear from the West.
Once the Mark IV gets to the flashing symbol, use its bridge feature to launch
a bridge over the river. Send the Sappers and the Spy over the bridge. You
can send the other infantry over too if you want, but they will not be
necessary to finish the mission.

Use the Spy's invisibility feature to locate the pile of enemy troops and tanks
at the gap in the mountains to the North. Deploy a mine field East of this
pile, and make sure it's fairly big. Now use the same trick with your Spy that
I described before, and make all of the infantry and tanks destroy themselves
on the mine field. Once they're all destroyed, make your Spy invisible and
him all the way to the flashing mission objective symbol. Then send him to the
West side of this base to take control of the Panzer IV, and then to the East
side to take over the four Panzer II's. Use the Panzer IV to slaughter the
Defensive Tower and the infantry, and then send the tanks, Spy, and General
to your Sapper pile.

Send everything West, and make sure that you keep close to the water. If you
get too close to the mountains, Defensive Cannons will slaughter you. Also,
make sure to head slightly North when you get the chance. There is a pile of
enemy forces at the West side of the water, but you can avoid them entirely if
you're careful. Use your Spy's invisibility to see exactly where they are.

Once everything you have is West of the next gap in the mountains (just South
of the flashing mission objective symbol), deploy a mine field. Use your Spy
to get the infantry guarding the pass to chance him over the field. Then head
to the objective symbol and get the Panzer to follow you to its doom as well.
Make sure you don't go too far East in this area, or those Defensive Cannons
will kill you. Send your General to the flashing symbol, and the mission is





Control the Alamein.

1) Destroy Enemy Headquarters.


So many options on this mission...I'll describe the way that I've beaten it the
fastest, since I doubt too many people have the patience to sit around and wait
for Minerals to collect.

Immediately send your four Workers to the mine. Then build a Supply Store, an
Oil Rig, and a Defensive Quarters building. Once the Supply Store is done,
build two more Workers for the mine, and build another four to send to the oil
rig. Now build four or five Defensive Towers on the northern edge of your
reach, just above the mine and palm tree. If you were too slow, the enemy will
crush you instantly, and you will have to start over already.

Make sure your Defensive Towers are set to auto-repair. Build them along the
perimeter, and make each one touch another one. The enemy will be attacking
that spot in large numbers, so they will be ineffective if you spread them out.
Make sure you stick two more towers to the East of your oil field too, or
you'll have some serious problems.

Build a Laboratory and a Resource Center next. Once the Laboratory is done,
build four or five Defensive Cannons directly below your line of towers. You
might want to consider a few more towers, too. Once you've got these placed,
build a Barracks, a Vehicles Factory, and a Tanks Factory. Once the Tanks
Factory is done, build six regular Matildas. Just keep an eye on your defenses
during this time to make sure the enemy doesn't cause a hole to form.

Once the tanks are ready, take them to the far East of the map. Now head up to
the flashing mission objective symbol. Take out any tanks you encounter first,
especially Panzer IV's. Then just hammer the Headquarters. Once it's gone,
you win the mission.

If you need or want to, you can invest in the Defensive Structures Health and
the Medium Tank Speed upgrades before you attack the base. Even though the
game suggests going after the other mines and oil fields, it's really not that
beneficial. The enemy will immediately attack you at your new locations, so
you'll have to waste a lot of money and time defending them. You can win the
mission easily with what you start with, so only go out of your way if you're
bored and want something to do.

Interesting Note: Four Lancasters can take out that Headquarters by
themselves, even with all of the AntiAircraft the enemy has.





Force Rommel to Retreat.

1) Take the Enemy's Base.
2) Destroy the Enemy.


Load all of your infantry into the trucks. Now take all four of your units
North, and send them above the enemy Headquarters, completely ignoring the
Defensive Towers along the way. Start building a Headquarters above the enemy
one, as close to it as possible. Now deploy the infantry from your trucks and
destroy all of the enemy's buildings, but be careful of the Defensive Towers.

Build four Supply Stores as soon as you can. Once they are done, send six
Workers to the mine. In the mean time, use all of your units to attack the
South-East Defensive Tower, and then the one directly to the West of it. You
should be able to kill them both. Now place an Oil Rig in both oil fields,
and send six Workers to each one.

Build a Barracks, a Defensive Quarters building, and a Resource Center. When
you can, build a Laboratory, upgrade it, build a Vehicles Factory, build a
Tanks Factory, and then build the Medium Tanks Speed ability if you want to.
Once these buildings are all done, you should be able to build Flame Matildas.
Make sure you have enough Supply Stores, and start cranking out Flame Matildas
in large numbers.

Put the first two up by the North-Western oil field to protect your base. Take
the next seven down to the other two mines, and eliminate any opposition on the
way. Build another Headquarters directly between these two mines, and send six
Workers to each of them when it's done. Continue building Flame Matildas until
you have sixteen of them, not counting the ones guarding your oil field.

Now, simply take the sixteen Flame Matildas West to the enemy base and level
the place. It should be simple, as long as you're not careless. Avoid the
mountain area completely, because there are a lot of heavy vehicles up there
waiting for you. Once you destroy all of the buildings around the flashing
mission objective symbol, you will win the mission.








Defend the Soviet Line.

1) Defeat the German General.


If you haven't experienced any frustration by the stupidity of your units
when you tell them to go somewhere, I'd prepare myself if I were you. The
paths on this mission are tiny, and your idiot infantry can sometimes get stuck
or go to stupid locations.

Start off by selecting the six infantry on your screen at the beginning of the
mission. Send them slightly East to that clearing. Now go down and send the
infantry below you to that same spot. Also go around the entire map and send
every last infantry unit you can find to that spot. There are some in the town
areas, many in the hills, and a few by some of your guard towers. Eventually,
you'll get a notice saying reinforcements have arrived to the north. Go up to
them and send them down to the pile of infantry.

By now you should have enough to make two groups of sixteen and a few extras.
Make them into three teams and send them to the gap in the mountains to the
South. Send them through carefully, one group at a time, or they will get
stuck and confused. Also, don't send them too far past the West part of the
end of the mountains. You don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.

A tank and a group of infantry should attack you. Destroy it all, and be
especially careful of the flame infantry, as they can cause serious damage to
your guys. Once all of that stuff is destroyed, make sure you still have your
groups set and send them all up to the flashing mission objective symbol.
Immediately target all of your groups on the General. You should be able to
win using just those infantry, since all you need to do is kill the General.

Although if you want, you can sit back and wait for more reinforcements to show
up to the North. You'll even get some light vehicles. But they are not needed
to win the mission.





Cut German Army Supplies.

1) Rescue Soviet General (In the First 15 Minutes).
2) Destroy All Oil Rigs.


Start by moving your infantry to the West a little, towards the two mines.
Build your Command Center there as soon as possible, directly between and
slightly to the East of the mines. Once you place it, send the infantry up
North to the oil field. As soon as the Command Center is done, build a Pump
Jack on the oil field. The good things about the Soviets is that they do not
need to build buildings close to a Command Center. All they need is a unit.

While that's building, go suicide your infantry on a Defensive Tower. They're
taking up valuable Supply Store space. Build six workers for one mine, then
build a Supply Store. Once you've got the money and Supply Store space, get
another six workers ready for the other mine.

Once you have the funds, build a Power Plant, a Barracks, a Light Tanks
Factory, and a Laboratory. Build three SU76's once all of these buildings are
done. Take them to the North-East and take out the Defensive Towers there.
There is just enough room above that bridge to take units between the bridge
and the water. Do so, and go free your General by killing the guards and then
getting close enough to him.

Take your units back to your base. Continue building SU76's, and put up a few
Defensive Towers around your Eastern perimeter to deal with the infantry
they'll be sending at you. Once you get sixteen SU76's, take them to the spot
where you rescued your General. Carefully cross the bridge, and eliminate
anything that gets in your way. Once you level the place, you win. Keep
building more SU76's if you need them, which you most likely will.





Defend Ponyri.

1) Protect Indicated Points.


Start by using some infantry to wipe out the German paratroopers that land near
the warehouses. Now spend some time gathering all of your troops and piling
them in the center of the town. GO around the north edge of your base and set
all of your bunkers to auto-repair.

Take one infantry guy down to the mines in the south-west and start building a
Headquarters. Once it's started, run him east to the oil field. Once the
Headquarters is done, start building Supply Stores until you have enough to be
able to put six Workers in each mine. Keep in mind that you will have to fend
off attacks on the town while you continue to build your base.

The first attack will come from the north-west, and will be a large group of
infantry. It's best to sit your infantry behind your bunkers, and simply let
the Germans destroy that first group of buildings. Then, when they get closer
to the rest of the town, your bunkers will shoot at them. Run your guys up
there and attack the Germans to protect the bunkers. Make sure you target the
flamethrower guys first.

The next attack will be from the east. They'll hit your farm animals with some
infantry. This should be a fairly small group, so don't worry too much. The
third attack will be an SDK 251 and two Panzer II's. They will come down from
the north-east and attack your bunkers. Be ready for it, and destroy the SDK
first, then the Panzers. (Note: These two attacks can sometimes happen at the
same time, and sometimes the tanks will be first, then the guys.) I recommend
keeping one group of your infantry stationed near your bunkers, and the other
a little bit east of the warehouses.

You will have a decent amount of time before the next attack. You should
already have your twelve Workers going, and you should have already started
your Pump Jack. Build a Barracks, a Power Plant, an Academy, a Laboratory,
and a Light Tanks Factory. You might have to fend off a few more small rushes
while you're building your base.

As soon as you get your Lank Tanks Factory built, start mass-producing T37's.
The Germans are going to land a rather large paratroop group right on top of
your Headquarters, and you'll need the machine gun capabilities of the T37's to
stop the attack. Plus, they'll be useful for the rest of the mission too.

A few big rushes are going to come from the north-west. You'll most likely
what's left of your northern infantry in these attacks, but that's OK. It'll
give you more room in your Supply Stores. Once you have eight or so T37's,
send them down to protect your Headquarters. Continue building about ten more
of them, and then switch to SU76's. Once the paratroopers are dealt with, send
that group of T37's to the east side of the town to defend against future
attacks. If you want, now is a good time to invest in the Improved Tank Health
technology from your laboratory.

Use your other group to fend off attacks from the north and west. Your base
should not be in danger of being attacked, so don't bother keeping anything
down there. Eventually you will have to deal with Panzer IV's and a Leopold,
so make sure you've got plenty of SU76's.

Continue building a fairly balanced amount of T37's and SU76's, and split them
up to protect the three victory objectives. All three of them have to be
destroyed before you lose, not just one. Continue fighting, and after a while
the mission will end on its own.





Free Prokhorovka.

1) Protect the North Base.
2) Destroy Enemy Base.


You start with seven infantry, four of which are Workers. Send all four of the
Workers to the mine in the south-east corner. Send the soldiers up to the blue
base. Start a Headquarters at both locations. Build six Workers for the one
in the north, and two for the one in the south (don't forget to use the four
you started with). Build Pump Jacks on all three of the oil fields.

Concentrate all of your buildings around the southern base, as the northern one
will be attacked soon anyway. You'll most likely lose your Headquarters and
Pump Jack too, but that's OK. The purpose was just to get as much money and
oil from them as possible. If you can, run the six Workers down to your
southern base when the northern one attacks.

The blue Soviets will have already built a new Headquarters in your base,
luckily. They're very annoying though, as they take up your space and jam
ridiculous amounts of Workers into your mine.

Build pretty much everything you can by the southern base. You'll need most of
the buildings before you can upgrade your Tank Factory, including an upgraded
Laboratory. Once you can, start pumping out T34 medium tanks. When you get
five or six of them done, head back up to the northern base and retake it.
Build a new Headquarters, and send your six Workers back up there if you still
have them. Don't worry about the Pump Jack, you shouldn't need any more oil
than you're already getting from the other two.

Continue mass-producing T34's. Keep an eye out for a message about
reinforcements. A group of T34's will appear for you, but they'll run directly
at the enemy if you don't stop them first. Group them with your others at the
southern base and prepare to fight off a huge German attack. It'll come from
the west, and there will be many Panzer IV's and tank destroyers.

Once you've beaten that rush back, you can attack the enemy base. It's barely
defended, so you might have enough to take it out already. If not, just build
some more.





Siege Brody.

1) K II Tank Must Resist.
2) Lead the K II Tank to the Indicated Point.


Start by sending all of your stuff to the two oil fields in the south-east.
Use the K II to destroy the Panzer II's and infantry around them. Leave your
infantry unit near the oil fields, and now take the K II and BT5's over to the
mines in the west. Use the K II to destroy the Panzer IV's and infantry here.

Build a Headquarters, and then build some Supply Depots so you can get six
Workers into each of the mines. Also build a Pump Jack on both of the oil
fields where you left your infantry unit. All of the enemy attacks will come
the north, right along the water's edge. Set up your BT5's in a line, and
stick the K II behind them. Build a Defensive Tower or two next to your line.

Now start building your base until you can build T34's. You might want to
invest in both of the tank upgrades from your Military Laboratory, as well as
the K II AntiTank Gun upgrade from the Research Laboratory. You can build
repair vehicles, so use them to keep your defensive line of tanks in good

Build an Airfield, and then build four bombers for it. There are two AA Guns
and a Leopold on each side of the mountain pass up north. Use the bombers to
get rid of this stuff. Once you've done that, take a group of T34's, your
K II, and some repair trucks (just in case) up to the mountain pass. Use the
K II to bust down the gate thing in front of the pass, and then go clear out
the town. It should be easy, but remember not to get the K II destroyed.





Protect Allied Conference.

1) Destroy the Leopold.


Don't worry about the timer, it shouldn't be a factor. Start by loading your
infantry into the transport ship and heading west towards the flashing mission
objective symbol. Disembark on the shore, and head to the small group of
structures. take out the German infantry unit you run into, and then take out
the destroyed bunker at the top of the group of buildings. Walk up next to the
Workers to get control of them, and then send them to the ship.

Take the rest of your infantry north to the V2 facility. Take out the two
German infantry units, and then destroy the facility. If you want, you can use
a Detonator unit (you should have two of them with you) to plant a bomb on the
V2 facility to make short work of it. When it is destroyed, load all of your
infantry onto the transport with your Workers. You'll have to leave a unit
behind if you didn't lose one yet. I suggest leaving a Detonator behind, as
they will not be much help for the rest of the mission.

Take the transport back to your base, unload the Workers, and have them start
mining. Build a sixth worker and send it to the mine too. Now load your
infantry back onto the ship and send it to the center of the island with the
oil field. Once the boat is close enough to the oil field, place a Pump Jack
on it. Now take the transport all the way to the east. Keep away from the
shore though, because there are a lot of bunkers that will destroy you.

Unload the transport on the far eastern part of the shore. Take out the German
infantry unit, and then head up to the right. Walk around the small bricked
area, heading west when you can. Head south when you get to the end of it, and
take out the two German soldiers there. Head inside the bricked area and take
out the third German guard. Get close enough to the tanks to take them over,
and then move them and your infantry outside of the base. Don't go west, or
you will have to deal with an assload of bunkers.

Build a Power Plant, a Laboratory, and then upgrade the Laboratory to a
Research Laboratory. As soon as it's done, build two Air Fields inside the
bricked area. Build as many bombers as you can from now until the counter
reaches zero. (You should be able to build six.)

When the counter reaches zero, take all of your bombers all the way west to the
conference building you're supposed to be defending. Head north from here
until you see a Leopold making its way south. Bomb it until it's destroyed to
win the mission.

You can try using the Mass Production Facility like the mission suggests, but
it's extremely hard to do. There's a huge mine field in the way, and you have
to go through a bunch of tight valleys. There's also a huge group of Panzer
IV's and tank destroyers to deal with. So instead, I just went the cheap-ass
way and used bombers.








Arrive at Palermo.

1) Locate British Spy.*
2) Lead General to the Indicated Point.
3) Your General Must Survive.

*The crap about the Spy and so forth is completely optional. You don't need to
do it to win. It's not hard to go up there and rescue him or anything, but it
is time consuming and annoying.


Start by taking your eight infantry down through the valley. Carefully take
out the German infantry you encounter. There is a bunker in the clearing at
the end of the valley, so don't go too

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