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Walkthroughs of X-Com Interceptor

X-Com Interceptor Walkthroughs

X-Com Interceptor

Game Walkthrough
by Brian Stewart


II. CopyRight Information
III. Walkthrough
3.1 Maps
3.2 Base Setup
3.3 Ship Setup
3.4 Game Play
3.4a Arms Dealer
3.4b Corporate Reconnaissance
3.4c Pirate Base Rescue
3.4d Rogue Freighter
3.5 The Final Mission
IV. Combat Tips
4.2 The Shade
V. Making Money
VI. Friendly Ships
VII. Enemy Ships
VIII. Closing Remarks


I am writing this faq to help others with this great game. As with the others
in the X-com Series this game is a fight to the death with aliens, but what
makes this game so cool is that it is a flight sim and not a combat sim like
the others. The object of the game is to end all alien activity in the
frontier. Plain and simple; kill them before they kill you!

Version 1.00
10:17 PM 12/13/00
any updates can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
II. CopyRight Information

X-Com and X-Com Interceptor are registered, copyrighted trademark of
MicroProse Inc.

Unpublished work Copyright 04/1/2000 by Brian Stewart email rbs70@yahoo.com

I have worked vary hard on this walkthough so I will not authorise any
additions or subtrations. This is for personal use and not to be used for
profit. I will allow this walkthough to be use on web sites but please give
credit where it is due. Also if you intend to use my work for a news letter or
other electronic or paper duplication please let me know and I will gladly give
you permission but if you dont get my permission I will sue you for copyright
violation. Now with that all out of the way on to the walkthough.

III. Walkthrough

3.1 Maps
This game starts you off in a different location on the same map every time
so I cant possibly be able to know your exact situation so really there are no
real right or wrong answers.

3.2 Base Setup
Your first base is in sorry shape. The defences are almost nonexistant and
you dont even have enough ships to go around. You start with 3 intorceptors and
5 pilots so first things first buy another hanger so you can order more ships
and build atleast one if not two more cargo bays because you WILL fill the
first one up fast; also a priority is to build the other two datalinks ASAP.
The research is the longest part of the game so anything that can speed it up
is definitly a plus. The next thing is to add more weapons, aka laser turrents
and X-winder missiles turrents as money permits But read Ship setup FIRST!!!
One thing to remember is to upgrade don't let your bases become obsolete!!

3.3 Ship Setup
Well this is an easy one at the get go but as the game goes on it is just
your own personal preferences, but what I can tell you is that replacement
parts are a must. They can't repair your armor if its destroyed so always carry
more and that goes double for shields. I can't tell you how many times I've run
out of both and had to let the aliens go or die fighting them all, because I
forgot to have them is stock at the base. So you should start with about 5 of
each. Also another thing to watch is your missile count you should try to keep
it up to around 50 so in that crushal battle for your base you not running out.
I know to do all of this will cost alot but remember when I told you to build
the cargo bays all of this takes up room and one isn't enough because you will
also need space for all the alien goodies you will find. If you run out of
cargo space you will have to throw anything you bring back from battle away and
that becomes very costly. My personal setup is : 2 Tracking Traser Cannons and
2 Techeon pulse cannons for missiles I think the side step missiles are the
best dog fighting missile. This configuration isn't avalable till late in the
game....too bad. Next are special systems you will definitly need a tractor
beam but not until you get a Techeon pulse cannon to disable ships. You will
need a repair system too. This saves lives trust me. You can have the ecm
jammer but I never use it. The Cloaking divice has a fatal flaw it uses your
weapon systems power so that when you decloak you can't fire for long or at all
so I don't recomend it but like I said its all personal preference.

3.4 Game Play
I assume that you read the manual. So with that out of the way shall we
begin? This is a game of action and reaction, at the start you need to protect
your base (number 1 priority you lose it, its all over) and you corporate
interests (ranking from the one that pays you the most protection money to the
least.) once a corporation pulls out they will not come back so guard them
well. As the game goes on and you can both protect your interests and search
for aliens do it because if you can find a alien base and destroy it then
things should calm down for the time being but be warned they rebuild them with
amazing speed so be careful. Also if you take one out and alien attacks are
still coming fast and hard then you know that there is another out there and
close. They do seem to know where your radar ends and take full advantage of it
so watch out for more than one base just outside you radar ring. There are
times in the game when you will get sub-missions so I will go into more detail
for them. They are in no real order because they can happen at any time and

3.4a Arms Dealer
In this mission there is an Arms Dealer that is selling your X-com/Alien
Weapons back to the aliens so take this guy out. In the first transmission they
tell you that he has been seen in such and such a place. You need to send a
probe in and find him or even better a partrol if you can spare it. Now this
guy is well protected so prepare for loses. This mission is timed so hurry up
or he will move and become a threat again.

3.4b Corporate Reconnaissance
Now this mission is fairly easy a corporation wants you to check out a star
system for them. Ok so just send in a probe and more than likely there will be
aliens there so go kill them and thats it. This mission is also timed.

3.4c Pirate Base Rescue
You might say let the aliens solve your problem and why not!
Here's why, because if you let them destroy the base the pirates will harass
you until you save their base and why have two enemies. If you do save it they
will repay you by leaving your ships alone. Another timed mission.

3.4d Rogue Freighter
This mission I dont know if you lose what you ordered or not but any way you
are informed of the freighter and it must be destroyed so go get it. For
completing this mission you get money. Also timed.

3.4 Game Play Continued
One way to save ships and money is to save often! Sometimes you get in over
your head and there is nothing you can do so save at the beginning of every
mission so you can restart and dd out of there if need be.
One thing you need to remember is to make sure that as your fleet grows that
you dont grow too fast. I can't stress that enough, make sure that you have
your bases well stocked and within striking distance of any vital intrest they
will throw wave after wave at your bases and if that base's ships are on patrol
then you need others to save the farm.

3.5 The Final Mission
Buckel up and lock and load boys its going to be a bumpy ride. This is a
nasty mission!! First it has two parts.

Part One outside the black hole:
You need to clear a path for the Mcarthur to go though the black hole.
this isnt going to be easy... yes you can complete this part fairly easly but
the hard part is to do it without losing a ship because you will need all the
help you can get on the other side. Yes ladies and gentlemen it is alot harder
on the other side. Also keep away from the black hole it can and will kill any
ship that gets to close.

Part Two The Bee Hive:
I call it the bee hive because in alien space the fighters are thick and all
over! First take out the base and then worry about the fighters. Note that all
fighters should be destroyed before you fire any nova bombs. You can not
destroy the doomsday weapon and its not a threat so leave it alone. Watch out
so your fighters don't go chasing enemies and forget to protect the Mcarthur
(your way home) I will warn you there is a shade out there and if you made it
this far you how troublesome they are. When the coast is clear then fire the
nova bombs and get back to the Mcarthur. It is posable to lose the Mcarthur
here and still win only you die in the blast.

IV. Combat Tips

When dog fighting always remeber to stay together. There is one word that
describes going off alone. DEAD.
Help your teammates out.
It is fun but also a waste of valuable time to taunt the enemy so avoid it.
Late in the game turn full power to shields when you dont need the tractor
It may sound dumb but it happens. Dont shoot friendlies. They will
shoot back!!
Dont take on the Phantasom head on... you'll get a headache.
Psi combat was never affective for me so I dont use it

4.1a The shade
The Shade in my mind is your most leathal opponent. It has the acumulator
shilds, tracking traser cannons, vector control thrusters, Ecm jammer, and
most importantly a Cloaking device. With all this he is a formitable
opponent. It lies in wait for you and normally attacks from behind. One minute
you are flying along fine and the next you have no shields over your rear. He
is cloaked most of the time and only decloaks to shoot and cloaks right back
up. I have found a way to beat him. When you first enter a battle scan though
your opponents find him and hit him as hard as you can maybe you can get him
before he can do anything. If not you should at least have damaged him so if
you look hard you can see a sparky vapor trail while he is cloaked. Now this
takes alot of skill, ok watch the trail and let him calm down a bit and when
he flies straight fire at the head of the trail you should hit him. Also it is
good to have a friend around as bait...um...er...cover.
If you dont hit him at all you have two options try and damage him to get the
trail or retreat and hit it again. Any other thoughts are welcome.

V. Making Money

Most of your money comes from the sell of captured weapons. So have cargo
space!! Alot does come from protection but if you want the money fight for it.
Also I have found that if you disable enemies rather than destroying them you
will get more stuff to sell.

VI. Friendly ships

X-com has 3 main fighters they are

X-1A Lightning II
For me one who doesn't have a joystick or controler and has to use the
directional keys this is a very hard ship to fly. All ememys can out fly you.
Compared to the other X-com ships it is way out classed. Ok it only has 4 hard
points for weapons 2 for beams and 2 for missiles thats it.

X-2 Fire Star
Now this is a better more stable ship. I cant say too much about it because
I dont use it much maby 4 or 5 missions and then I get the Super Avenger.

X-3 Super Avenger
This is your best ship. It is easy to fly. It has 9 hard points 4 for beams
and 4 for missiles and 1 for the doppleganger missile. And this ship is vary
durable only its not as evident because the enemy is using more powerful
weapons by the time you get it.

VII. Enemy Ships

The Aliens

This is a fast and nimble ship lightly armored it can be a tricky target.
The Wreath has 2 plasma pulse cannons and 2 elerium torpedos. This is the
cheapest ship for them to build so you will see alot of them.

The Spectre is the next generation fighter. It is less nimble then its
predicesor but what it lacks in speed it makes up in firepower. Depending how
far you are in the game its weapon systems differs. Still not that big of a

This ship is very slow and unminuverable, though it doesnt get the name base
buster for nothing. The main thing to remember is not to get too close. If you
go head to head with it your going to come out damaged if you come out at all.
Even with the Super Avenger it is still vary powerful. Psi Lords are the
pilots of choice for them. These ships will try to stay back in a fight and
let the smaller ships attack.

The Shade
Read my special section on the shade in combat tips.

The Drone
The only reason I am includeing the drone is for completeness. The
Drone is
the defence of the alien freighters. They have no armor, but are extreamly
fast. No real threat.

VIII. Closeing Remarks

I can't tell you how much fun I've had with this game. It still gets a lot of
use. Now I may make some changes to the walkthough later like I'm still
gathering info for an item list, maybe a research tree and a more indepth look
at inflight battle techniques. If you want to just drop me a line. I also will
try to help you with any problems you may have with the game but please double
check the walkthough before e-mailing me.

Brian Stewart rbs70@yahoo.com


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