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Final Fantasy 7 - It is my Life AMV Watch Online Game Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 - It is my Life AMV

Stratovarius is a legend, that's so obvious that i guess i dont have to say anything more. Eagleheart is the fist song of them i listened to, and untill now it still brings me very strong feelings.

well as for this vid, the vid doesnt have anything special except for some hidden scenes. i wish i could have put Starcraft' scenes in it too but too bad Starcraft fmvs' quality is quite bad and after rendering, the pixels were broken a lot, so i had to remove all of Starcraft here, sorry T.T

and to be honest i dont really like Orc. 1 reason probably because they have the script "my life for Orc" which is actually mimic of Starcraft's Zealot : "my life for Auir" and since i have loved Zealot in Starcraft so much, i disliked everything in Warcraft III that actually copied from Starcraft. but well it has nothing to do with the heroes in Warcraft, so they deserve places in this vid, as well as an obvious thing that people admire what are inside them rather than looking at their appearance.

Some people may ask why I dont put Cloud here. Well the only reason is because I dont like Cloud. One of the things that irritated me the most when I played FF7 was Cloud. Thats all

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