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arma 2 gameplay FR raid on town Airstrikes Watch Online Game Trailer

arma 2 gameplay FR raid on town Airstrikes

Arma 2 mission where I raid a village controlled by hostile forces and militia. The raid did not go as planned and air strikes were called in. All media is property of bohemia interactive from ARMA 2. This video is supposed to give you an idea what your average gameplay will feel like in ARMA 2. You can make huge battles but the core game play still revolves around small squads for the most part. You tube compression really makes the colors look pale, the actual game play looks fantastic with anti strophic filtering turned up to very high you really get some good motion blur and visual effects as well.

ARMA 2 Legal Copy German version

MODS: VOPSOUNDS, English PBOS as Addon

Settings 1600 by 1050 Most settings high to very high

Q6600 3gb DDR3 memory, ATI 4890 1gb GPU

Note some people have been asking me about PERFORMANCE. I usually get minimum 30fps and most times closer to 50fps. Fraps caps my frames at 30 and also causes my game to lag more when recording. Performance in the game seems to be, for the most part, lag free.

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